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Gabes Things to Do

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    by TheLongTone Updated Oct 28, 2008

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    Yet again as much worth visiting for the building, a seventeenth-century madrasa built from the local pink stone, as for the exhibits, which are largely the usual collection of wedding dresses and jewellry displayed on awful dummies. However there is a good section devoted to explaining the classical 'three-level' system of oasis agriculture (Level one is the palm threes, level two various other trees such as pomegranites, and the third is wheat or animal feed) and some startling arial photos showing how the town has grown in the last half-century.

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Gabes Restaurants

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    by JLBG Updated Nov 13, 2004

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    The restaurant of the hotel Chems (Chems means "sun") serves good local dishes and they have a wide choice. They serve both international cuisine (Tunisian style, though !) and typical Tunisian cooking. They serve wine and other alcohols.

    Favorite Dish: No special dishes, but everything is good though not outstanding.

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Gabes Transportation

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    by JLBG Updated Oct 31, 2004

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    The road from Gabès to Gafsa is mainly lined by olive tree orchards. This is nearly the desert. Trees are wide apart in order to extend as much as possible their roots and catch as much as possible of the scarce water. Because of the dryness, weeds are scarce.

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Gabes Shopping

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  • Dishes, plates etc. etc.

    You'll certainly would buy them all for yourselves or as a gift. Plates, dishes, cups etc. are really very nice and cheap. They exist in various colours and patterns. Bargain, bargain and bargain again !

  • Henna

    Can't get enough of it ?Henna for temporary body decoration is mixed up with water and is used as a paste.It is also part of the tunesian wedding ceremony. Before the wedding the girl has a kind of body painting with the henna paste, especially on hands and feet. It's also used for colouring the hair.

  • All kinds of baskets

    A great idea before doing all your shopping : first buy a local basket to carry on all your gifts. The only problem left is, where to hide them to bring them home ? Luckily as in most of the african countries, we didn't have any problem with the overweight on the plane haha !


Gabes Warnings and Dangers

  • Here is the school !

    Here is the painted wall at the entrance of a Gabès school. It has certainly been painted by the children themselves, with, most possibly, the help of their teachers. Nevertheless, the style says that the children have done the main part.

  • Caution, school

    Caution, school, drive slow, children may be running ! To school or out of school ! I am collecting school road signs and have a good deal of them, from many countries. I will make a travelogue for "school of the world". Soon.

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Gabes What to Pack

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    by aliante1981 Written Jan 9, 2004

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    Miscellaneous: Travels to places like Tunisia involves a lot of fighting the heat, especially if you, like me (I am still surprised as to why I did that), go there right in the middle of the summer. Here’s a list of useful items to take:

    - Hats and other covering: Large brimmed hats that provide head covering and some shade. For women, they are also a proof of modesty, welcomed when visiting old churches and mosques. Scarves and the like covering shoulders and arms can keep the sun off during treks. A cloth hat or scarf can be soaked to help keep the head cool.

    - "Squeeze Breeze": this is a water bottle with a sprayer and a battery-operated fan attached. The beach toy to take with you!

    - Sun block: While sun blocks may be purchased in Tunisia, people tend to prefer sticking with their own favourite brand (the skin, too, ‘gets used’ to it), and there’s not guarantee you’ll find it on the spot. So take your own, if you have preferences!

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Gabes Off The Beaten Path

  • The nets are ready for fishing

    The nets are ready for fishing. The Gabes Gulf is never very deep and fishermen can put their nets even from small boats ; they do not need big nets, even these small one will hang from the surface of the see to the bottom and allow a good crop !

  • Gargoulette fishing

    Gargoulettes are used to fish octopus. The gargoulettes are deposited in the sea in the evening. Octopus hide in it and the gargoulettes are collected in the morning, with the octopus. On all the Tunisian coast, octopus are widly used. They are beaten to make them more tender and dried in the open, hanged on wires.

  • The fishermen port

    In the fishermen port, fisher's boats are awaiting for next sailing. The Gabès gulf is rich in fishes and fishermen do not have to sail a long way. Generally, they go very early in the morning and come back in the middle of the morning in order to sell their fishes at the market. Gabès is one of the main fishing ports in Tunisia.


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