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  • the old pottery master
    the old pottery master
    by croisbeauty
  • Borj el Kbir
    Borj el Kbir
    by croisbeauty
  • Fadhloun Mosque
    Fadhloun Mosque
    by croisbeauty
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Ile de Jerba

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  • Restaurant Le Maure

    Ile de Jerba Restaurants

    The restaurant Dar Zmen is situated on the main road, in the middle of the Touristic Zone of Djerba. The ambient is in Arabic style and looks very attractive, especially to us Europeans. The terrace of the restaurant is superb and perfect place for a late supper. Well, I have certain predjudice towards hygienical habbits of this people, perhaps it...

  • Park Inn

    Ile de Jerba Hotels

    One of the oldest hotels in Djerba was the first one over the lagoon for years, which could be seen...

  • Djerba Explore Park

    Ile de Jerba Local Customs

    Djerba Explore Park is exposing several type of houses, which are typical constructions for the inhabitants of island of Djerba. These are mainly bungalows of various sizes, which of course depends on the number of household members and their financial status.The two things are very characteristic, front doors adorned even at the slums houses and...



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  • Good value meal

    Midoun Restaurants

    We asked the taxi driver to take us from Aghir to Midoun (6km), to a restaurant. On the way through the town of Midoun he pointed out a "chic" place, as he put it, then he dropped us at this "normal" one. The menu was limited, and even some of menu was not available, but there was a Tunisian family, smartly dressed, looking very "at home" which I...

  • Maritim Hotel Yadis Djerba

    Midoun Hotels

    Route Touristique, Bp 84, Midoun, TN

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Solo

    Hotel Class 4 out of 5 stars

  • Artisanat

    Midoun Shopping

    Places such as Midoun have their own small markets selling handwoven rugs, terracotta pots, spices, copper or brassware and the gentlemannered Berbers are a pleasure to meet.


Houmt Souk

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  • Visit the Basket weaver workshop

    Houmt Souk Things to Do

    My wife bought a hat from a young girl on a stall/shop in Houmt Souk, we were then invited to meet the father. Here we go I thought as we went through the archway, under the belief that she needed to get some change. As we went up the stairs to the workshop I decided that we had fallen for another tourist trap. The father was a nice guy, his third...

  • Sofitel Palm Beach Djerba

    Houmt Souk Hotels

    B P 383-4180-Houmt Souk

    Satisfaction: Average

    Good for: Families

    Hotel Class 4 out of 5 stars

  • Shopping and dining in Houmt Soukh

    Houmt Souk Things to Do

    For shopping, the small island capital of Houmt Souk is a delight. With its white buildings, intimate squares, cafe tables shaded by orange trees, and lanes packed with craft and antique shops (don’t miss Ben Ghorbal’s), it has the atmosphere of an Andalusian village.There are also good eating places like the fresh blue-and-white Restaurant de...



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  • souvenir shops

    Medenine Tourist Traps

    in the main ghorfa courtyard where most of the tour operators take people there are many persistent salesmen asking you to look in their shops/stalls. beware that you MUST haggle the prices down ALOT! one guy offered me a small bottle of sand art for 35TD.....i replied "anna talib" which means 'i'm a student' so he immediately cut the price to...

  • Museum (of traditional life)

    Medenine Things to Do

    this is just behind the main ghorfa courtyard next to the fruit market. it has examples of all aspects of traditional life for the original inhabitants of the area, i.e traditional tent, clothing, tools, etc. aswell as an impressive collection of money from around the world and some ancient coins.maybe worth a quick look if you're interested in...

  • Medenine

    Medenine Favorites

    After visiting a great part of Southern Tunisia, the town of Medenine was our last stop on a way back to the island of Djerba. It was late in the afternoon and we were vary tired spending whole day in hot and semi-desert area of Tataouine, Chenini and Hadada......to be continued



See all 2 Ajim Tips
  • Where

    Ajim Off The Beaten Path

    We didn't stop at all in Ajim, as we had a long journey to Matmata ahead of us. What we saw of Ajim didn't look too interesting but if you're a Star Wars fan, you might be interested in seeing the bar where Luke Skywalker & Obi Wan meet Han Solo in the original Star Wars movie. According to my Rough Guide, you should look for the domed building...

  • From Ajim to Jorj

    Ajim Transportation

    Ferries from Ajim to Jorf are fairly frequent leaving every 30 minutes. The journey takes about 20 minutes and it's very good value at 800 millimes (0.8 of a Dinar) for a car. Foot passengers travel for free and also avoid the hassle of having to wait. We arrived at the port shortly at about 10.20 am hoping to get the 10.30 ferry. No such luck...

  • Ask a Question

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See all 5 Aghir Tips
  • Relaxed Coffee

    Aghir Restaurants

    Not a restaurant but a cafe, and a very nice place to relax for a cafe au lait. Frequented by many Tunisians, as well as tourists, you can sit; in the sun, out of the sun or just lounge in a tent, or of course you can go inside. The staff are friendly, the coffee is nice and in the morning you can get a pastry with it.Pastries no longer available,...

  • Bus or Taxi

    Aghir Transportation

    Buses run from Houmt Souk to Ahgir and cost around 2TD p/p, a taxi will cost around 8TD. To reach Houmt Souk from Medenine/Matmata/etc you can take the louage, or an express bus from Gabes (2 - 2 1/2 hours), the louage takes a little less time but only saves about 10 mins. Both the bus and louage use the ferry at Ajim. Costs for the 2 hour ride;...

  • Mediterranean Vegetation

    Aghir Things to Do

    In Aghir I experienced a combination of a clear-blue sky, shining white houses, clean and well-kept towns, tree-covered countryside and warm, yet not too hot climate. During my stay I saw white sandy beaches, olive and date palm groves, and all the tourist facilities typical of a Mediterranean resort.


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