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  • Tozeur
    by Jim_Eliason
  • Dar Cheriat Musuem
    Dar Cheriat Musuem
    by Jim_Eliason
  • Chott El Jerid
    Chott El Jerid
    by Jim_Eliason

Tozeur Things to Do

  • Dar Cheriat Musuem

    Set in a reconstructed palace, this is one of the best museum in Tunisia, showing everyday live in historic times.

  • Eden Palm Museum

    Touzier claim to fame is as one of the largest oasis in Tunisia. Here dates and other crops are grown. the Eden Palm museum demonstrates the agriculture and history of the area.

  • Chott El Jerid

    Chott el Jerid is a large salt lake that is dry most of the year but fills up during the rainy season. its the largest salt pan of the Sahara and is used by locals to harvest salt.

  • Le Paradis

    Le Paradise is a small garden full of a great variety of species of fruit trees and flowers. It is a must for anyone who likes plants. The garden is private but the municipality has also created a zoo beside. In the zoo there are animal species typical of the desert.

  • Dar Cherait Museum

    This museum was withing walking distance of our hotel in Tozeur and opened late, so we decided to have a look.Because it was so late, the museum was empty except for the employees. It was nice because nobody was in our way, but the problem was, an employee decided to give us a private tour.Still, it was interesting. The museum is mainly about...

  • Mos Espa. Planet Tatooine.

    Maybe Lucas was inspired in the Tunisian city of Tataouine located nearby to call the planet Tatooine, but as most of the people know it was the childhood home of Anakin Skywalker.

  • Chott El Gharsa. Yardangs.

    This beautiful rock formations are located in Chott El Gharsa lake. A Yardang (found only in deserts) is a unique sandstone feature, the form of it depends upon the winds, and sometimes they form very unusual shapes. There are different types of Yardangs depending on the size. The Mega Yardangs as these ones we saw can be several kilometres long...

  • 4wd´s Desert Excursion.

    One of the highlight of our visit to Tozeur was our 4wd´s excursion to the dunes near the Chott El Gharsa lake, climbing and jumping the high dunes in our vehicles was a great experience.

  • The White Desert.

    The color of the Dunes of the Tozeur area is almost white, very diffeent from the golden color of the sand of Ksar Ghilane.


Tozeur Hotels

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  • Eldorador Ksar Rouge

    You can tell that once this was a pretty good place, but its just not being kept up. The pool is...

  • Hotel Ras El Ain

    BP 141, Zone Touristique, Tozeur, 2200, Tunisia

    Satisfaction: Average

    Good for: Business

    Hotel Class 4 out of 5 stars

  • El Mouradi Tozeur

    We stayed in el mouradi tozeur for 3 nights during April 2008. Although it is a big hotel and a...


Tozeur Restaurants

  • Tozorous

    On our first evening in Tozeur we planned to eat at Restaurant du Soleil, across the street from the hotel. However, when we entered, the friendly owner explained it was closed for renovations and would be reopening the following night. He recommended we try a different place futher down the street, which was called Tozorous (thanks to Gus45 for...

  • Restaurant du Soleil

    We had more luck at Restaurant du Soleil the second evening as they had now reopened for business. It's a very friendly, family run place. The mother welcomes you at the door while the kids served the (non-alcohol only) drinks. We had a set menu and the food was excellent. At the end of our meal we were given a compliementary mint tea. The...

  • Best quality-price ratio in town

    Food is seldom expensive in Tunisia, but Restaurant Le Paradis is cheap even by local standards. Not only that, but the food is excellent! We both had the lamb couscous and it ranked up there with the best meals of our entire 16-day trip in Tunisia, all for a measly $CAN 5.The restaurant is managed by two very friendly elderly men. While the...


Tozeur Nightlife

  • barryg23's Profile Photo

    The Bar at the Oasis Hotel

    by barryg23 Updated Aug 1, 2006

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    After four days of busy exploring and four nights of eating in restaurants that served no alcohol we finally gave in and relaxed a bit in Tozeur. We went to the bar at the Oasis Hotel, one of the few places you can get alcohol in the centre of town. There are bars in all the hotels in the Zone Touristique near the Belevedere Rocks though Oasis is one of the few similar types of hotel in the town centre. The hotel was full of tour groups - a crowd we usually avoid - though we had a good time. There is a pool table in the bar and seats out on the terrace where you can relax and enjoy drinks. Proces were very good and they had plenty of wine and one type of beer, Celtia, which is a local brew.

    Oasis Hotel

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Tozeur Transportation

  • croisbeauty's Profile Photo

    the old fashion way

    by croisbeauty Updated Dec 25, 2014

    This guys, riding on the cart, at once emerged from the nearby oasis, next to the main road from Tozeur to Chebika. It is actually amazing to watch so little animals like a donkey, that had no problem pulling a wagon with load and three passengers.
    In my country, in the region of Dalmatia, even today the donkey is used to transfer cargo, in the impassable mountains, but is never used for hauling carts.

    donkey cart

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Tozeur Shopping

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  • Small Woollen Carpets

    I don't really have a name, but you find old men selling small woollen carpets on the side of the main square. Nobody forces you to buy anything and people seem to be more like ashamed of having to sell for their living. Very touching - and decent prices. Carpets 1 carpet ca. 50 cm x 100 cm around 20 EUR.

  • Smell the flavor

    When you're in Tozeur, locate the local shops outside in the streets. the fruits they are selling is delicious!

  • ceramics are a great deal

    Along the Route Touristique are a bunch of shops all in a row. They sell everything from Jewlery to ceramics to stuffed camels. There are great deals to be had on some of the traditionally designed dishware, plates and other ceramic items. I had seen similiar items elsewhere in Tunisia but these were the most reasonably priced. Some medium sized...


Tozeur Local Customs

  • Tozeur Doors

    In the older parts of town, around Rue de Kairouan, keep an eye out for the doors of the houses. If you look closely you'll see they contain different door knockers. Typically men, women and children have different ones with different sounds (men on the left, women right and children below). Thus a door with only two knockers indicates a family...

  • Ladies in Black

    Traditional dress for women in Tozeur is a black gown decorated with a single stripe. You'll notice many of the older women in Tozeur wearing these gowns though some of the younger ones do so too. The stripe is broader on the gown if the woman is married. The gowns originated in Nefta, about 20km south of Tozeur.

  • Traffic signs in the desert

    "Attention camels crossing", when you see such a traffic sign it is for sure that you've find yourself in the middle of the desert. The sign is located in the outskirts of the town of Touzer, in front of the huge parking place from where we started our exploring of the desert by the jeep. Though, we haven't seen any camel on the road to Chebika....


Tozeur What to Pack

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    Fighting the Heat - Part I

    by aliante1981 Written Jan 16, 2004

    Miscellaneous: Travels to places like Tunisia involves a lot of fighting the heat, especially if you, like me (I am still surprised as to why I did that), go there right in the middle of the summer. Here’s a list of useful items to take:

    - Hats and other covering: Large brimmed hats that provide head covering and some shade. For women, they are also a proof of modesty, welcomed when visiting old churches and mosques. Scarves and the like covering shoulders and arms can keep the sun off during treks. A cloth hat or scarf can be soaked to help keep the head cool.

    - "Squeeze Breeze": this is a water bottle with a sprayer and a battery-operated fan attached. The beach toy to take with you!

    - Sun block: While sun blocks may be purchased in Tunisia, people tend to prefer sticking with their own favourite brand (the skin, too, ‘gets used’ to it), and there’s not guarantee you’ll find it on the spot. So take your own, if you have preferences!

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Tozeur Off The Beaten Path

  • Camel rides

    While most travel guides say that Douz is the place to try out a camel ride, our experience in Tozeur was hard to beat. While we were at the Belvedere Rocks, our newfound friend Chebbi took us to the owner of the camels who seem to hang around the rocks. We were offered a variety of camel tours and ended up choosing an excursion that would take us...

  • Tozeur brickyard

    After you have seen a few of Tozeur's buildings, it is likely you will want to know more about the bricks that are used to build them. For an interesting look into Tozeur's brick heritage, go to the Belvedere Rocks, where you will find locals able to direct you to the brickyard some 5-10 minutes further away on foot.We were fortunate to meet a...

  • Zoo - the banana flower

    For the first time in my life I saw the banana tree growing out in the nature. It belongs, I suppose, to a palm tree spicies. The banana tree has very beautiful and a bit unusual flower. We never stop learning, that is why I adore travellings.


Tozeur Sports & Outdoors

  • Swimming in Tozeur

    After spending the morning camel trekking in the desert and the rest of the day exploring the Chott el-Jerid in very high temperatures, we were very tired by the time we reached Tozeur. So instead of doing anything too tiring, we went swimming in the Oasis hotel. It costs 6Dinars for non residents though you could easily wnader in and they'd never...

  • Biking in the palmeraie

    One of our favourite activities in Tozeur proper was riding bikes in the town's huge palmeraie (palm grove). According to our guide, there are over 200,000 palm trees spread over 10 square kilometres! Needless to say, trying to cover all that area on foot seemed somewhat foolish, so we rented a couple of bikes for half a day and took off.An...

  • memories of a desert hike

    Hiking in the desert: an experience not to be missed! more than a hike it felt like going back to childhood and playing with the sand - only this time our playground was huge - and from the place we were it even looked infinite: we could see no road - there were no other people - everything was perfectly still and silent. In 3 words "everything was...


Tozeur Favorites

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  • Oasis of Tozeur

    Thick greenery in Tozeur seems almost unreal when one takes into the consideration the location of that city which is in the middle of the desert. We came to Tozeur from direction of Douz, over dried salt lake, while on the other side of the oasis is rocky road to Chebika and Tamerza. Who could have ever imagine that at this point there is a wast...

  • Tozeur

    On the first sight, there is nothing much to see in the town of Tozeur, it looks as a buff low-lying town marked only by three minarets. But as you approach you Tozeur's far more distinctive feature, its brickwork. The town is built in the architectural style which best suited to this oasis: facades, arcades, house-walls and minarets, all of them...

  • View of the Belvédère in 2002

    Since the previous picture was taken, the belvédère has been cropped by bulldozers in order to get more space to build new hotels. Moreover, huge heads have been carved, mimicking USA !This picture was taken from one of those hotels that have been built where was a part of the palm-grove.However, there remains enough space on top for the view-point...


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