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    Wonderful house

Tunisia Restaurants

  • Tunisian fast-food

    To my regret I miss some of images from Tunisia because I misplaced somewhere one of my memory card. If you are wondering whether in Tunisia there is a fast-food, the answer is yes because it exists. Unlike the notorious McDonald, Tunisian fast-food is sold on the street corners with the fact that consumer looks at the whole process of...

  • An old house at the Medina, now it's a...

    It was a rich house indeed. Where we can eat the real tunisian food! The brick (or brik) is an experience in tasting. Ask for it! The tunisian couscous is delicious. And the place is so beautiful you have to make a sigh seeing! Certainly the BRIK (or brick).

  • great food english home cooking

    great food from fab english cooking a great full english breakfast after all the beer and drink from the night before to great steak meals and great sunday dinner proper gravy oxo egg and chips and yes home made chips the best lovely, basically anything you fancy pasta meal burgers steak chicken what ever when ever dawn the owner cooks everything...

  • Tip of my tongue! Enveloped my taste...

    Love the food. Seafood. Couscous! Chicken. Squid. Lamb. Veggies.Awesome service. Felt at home. Many of the people looked like my relative See food! Pick a fish.

  • Great couscous, great service

    Chucked away on a little courtyard along one of the main axes in the Medina. It looks nice, has great couscous (and much more) at normal price. Also visited by locals. The serving by the chef and waiter is excellent and we were not bothered by irritating men. The nice waiter is deaf, so you'll have to look at him when talking. but the communication...

  • All the best in Sousse

    It is well known for its exciting and adventurous tunisian and hungarian menus (some might say 'gourmet menus'), and its legendary dumpling - Nokedli - in hungarian. Verry good fish - Daurade and Loup - the most famous in this country.They are open 7 days a week from 1200 till 2200. They serve lunches from midday till about 1430.It is good...

  • To eat Saharan food is to eat Bio!

    In the Fifties the Douz oasis area was difficult to access. The first tarred road to the north started in Gafsa about 120 km from there. People of this region lived almost in autarchy. They nourished only what they cultivated under the palm trees: spinach, carrots, tomatos, peppers, marrows, salad, chick-peas, broad beans…They did not have eaten...

  • Caffè Vert: Good fish at La Goulette

    La Goulette is the best place in Tunis to eat fish. And if you ask people to recommend you a good restaurant in La Goulette to eat fish everybody will answer "Le caffè vert!". Fish is fresh,good and very well cooked. You have a good selection of wines too. Its a pity its not in front of the sea... :-( In summer time, its always very crowded so its...

  • Il Ritrovo degli Artisti: "Real" Italian...

    Ennasar is a "fashion suburb" where all the young couples want to live (i would not live there even if they pay me the rent but this is only my personal opinion...). Its on a hill so the main street looks like (well, keeping the distances) San Francisco and its full of cafés, restaurants and pubs.Having lived in Italy for some years im very...

  • Tunisian patisserie

    This patisserie is located on the main Ave 7 Novembre streets within the Medina and specialises in selling sweets, biscuits and cakes including makhroud, a date-filled semolina cake soaked in honey. Pop in and sample some of the delights on offer.

  • Lunchtime option in the Medina

    This small snack restaurant is located on Ave 7 Novembre which is the main shopping street that runs north to south within the Medina and is one of the few places to eat within the Medina itself. The menu is a typical lunchtime one with salads, soup, briqs (crispy pancake filled with an egg and various fillings), grilled meats, spaghetti, kebabs,...

  • Opposite entrance

    There are a few places to eat beside the Colosseum and this place is on the southern side right opposite the entrance so you have a great view. They do lunchtime food such kebabs cooked on a grill, pizza's, sandwiches, omlettes etc.

  • Great little place for lunch

    This is a great little option perched up just inside the southern Medina wall beside Bab Briqcha. I came here for lunch and had a great Merquez (spicy sausage) baguette sandwich plus they also do tuna, cheese sandwiches etc, grilled meats and pizzas. This is a popular place with the young. Excellent service.

  • Good popular place

    This place is just along from La Marmite on Rue Remada. The food and service here are good with some nice ambiance which is why it's a popular place, especially with local buisnessmen. I had a nice chicken and shrimp supreme (in white sauce) for TD13 and their other dishes include fish, steaks, cous cous, spaghetti, pizzas (TD7,500) and hot and...

  • Nice atmosphere

    This place 1s excellent. There's a couple of really good restaurants along the same road (Rue Remada) which is just off Ave Habib Bourguiba which runs north from the Medina to Boujafaar Beach. The decor inside is peach and sandstone with a strange tree like structure as well. It's got a posh feel which is evident by the waiter service when he laid...

  • Nice little place!

    This small restaurant is located just across the road from where I was staying in Sousse at the Hotel Abou Nawas Boujafaar. It serves steaks, lamb chops, cous cous and fish dishes. Service was good and reasonably quick and friendly so if I recommend it.

  • Good options

    There are about half a dozen similar type/feel/priced restaurants opposite the north-eastern end of the Medina overlooking Place Farhat Hached. None of them were busy at all when I visited and in fact this kind of put me off them but then again it was the winter so it was out of the main tourist season. I did go to one on the far right hand side as...

  • Great cafe

    Yam's is a typical Tunisian cafe opposite the Monoprix supermarket near Carthage Dermech station. After I finished spending the day walking around the sights, I came here and sat outside for a rest, cup of good coffee and a fantastic chocolate and banana crepe, which I highly recommend having.

  • Near Carthage Dermech station

    One of only a few places to get any food in Carthage, Baguette is a fast food burger restaurant that is similar to a McDonalds or Burger King with similar food and decor. It's located near the Monoprix supermarket near Carthage Dermech station. It's a good idea to get food either in here or in the supermarket before you set off around the sights.

  • Good place, well priced

    Located to the north of Ave Habib Bourguiba, this is a lovely large place that is well priced. I had a briq chevrettes (prawn crispy pancake filled with an egg) for starter and great 2 thin long pieces of veal for main course at TD12. Service was good but I had to wait a while for the veal to arrive. Beer is TD2.300. This place is popular with...

  • Musical atmosphere

    I came here and entered upstairs where there was live music and singing going on and the place was packed. Managed to find a table where a guy near me (who was rather intoxicated with beer) nearly caused a fight by dancing with someone else's wife! Great start to a meal! But after about 15 minutes the music stopped and a lot of people left...

  • Other Cafes

    Ave Habib Bourguiba is Tunis' answer to Paris' Champs Elysees and like its more famous French cousin, is lined with several cafe where the locals sit out under unbrellas at all times of the day and people watch. A cafe aux lait varies in price rather dramatically depending on which cafe you plumb for. For example it costs TD1.200 at the Cafe de...

  • Small friendly restaurant

    This small restaurant is located a couple of blocks south of Ave Habib Bourguiba on Rue de Yougoslavie near Place Barcelone which lies outside the main train station. I looked at a couple of restaurants along this road which were rather smokey affairs before settling on this one. This was quiet with no smoke and is well priced with some good food...

  • Not quite the one in Paris!

    One of many cafes that lie along Ave Habib Bourguiba, this place is popular as many of them tend to be. You can just sit outside and watch people go by. A cafe aux lait costs TD1.200.

  • Cheap & basic

    This restaurant is well located along Ave Habib Bourguiba and, indeed, you get a good view of the road from its high vantage point. I settled on the set menu at just TD5.800 which had salads and Hors d'oeuvres for starters, cous-cous, chicken and other meat dishes for mains. I had a salad followed by steak Dinine (turkey) which was a slab of thinly...

  • best tunisian fast-food in Tunis Medina

    This is wonderful place to eat cheep and good food. The various dishes from pizzas, hamburgers through sandwiches and plates.Prices:from 1.600 TD (small sandwiches, hamburgers)2- 5 TD pizza3.500 TD chicken shouarma with frites we took chicken shouarma with various vegetables and frites for 4 TD - it was served in a bread - a huge portion we...

  • Le Mediterranee

    This is a better class restuarant for Tunisia and has a smoking and non-smoking section which is unusual for this resort.Excellent menu choices and the chef does a special menu on a Saturday evening. Excellent wine choices too and if you like a red try the Magon - a local Tunisian wine which is great.Closed on Tuesdays I had a seafood taglietelle...

  • home cooked fresh food

    a mixed menu offering local north african dishes coupled with home cooked fresh specials like cottage pie,steak pie etc all served in a freindly way by local and british staff.dawn the owner does the best chips in north afica not to nention her sunday roast.open from 09:00 _ 04:00 in the morning you can start with a good fry up and finish with...

  • Cafes

    Seemingly every street in Tunisia has a cafe, so you never have to walk far to get a caffeine fix. Most of them are men-only affairs, places where men gather to escape the house for a few hours, catch up on gossip over coffee or tea and maybe a chicha pipe, certainly a full packet of cigarettes. Some play cards, others play backgammon. If there's a...

  • Snack food

    All over Tunisia's cities and towns, you'll find stalls and shops selling a variety of snacks, the main one being the humble sandwich. It comes in many different forms...Cassecroute - half a baguette, usually stuffed with some sort of meat or chicken, olives, tuna, cheese and hot harissa sauce.Shawarma - like shawarma anywhere else in the Middle...

  • full a la carte menu

    this is a real restaurant experience serving good food at good prices in a pleasent surroundingyou can eat inside or outside the waiter service is excellent and well deserving of any tips you may like to leave themthey serve everything from fish through to local and steaks in sauces my favourite dish was the steak dianne it just melted in my mouth...

  • Dining out in Tunisia

    Eating out in Tunisia can be extremely good value, especially if you stick to local restaurants. Most of the restaurants we visited were cheap, local places where the average cost of a main course was 4-5 Dinar. Occasionally we went to some of the pricier restaurants, but usually this was only when we wanted wine with our meal or on a special...

  • Simply good

    You can easily find this little restaurant, located in one of the main streets that leads to the center of Hammamet. Local people loves eating here, which is a good sign for the quality of the restaurant. In fact the food is very good and the prices too! Lovely briqs and ojjas, fresh sea food. Briq with tuna; stuffed squid.

  • Great crepe's

    This small Restaurant can be found in the marina in Port el Kantaoui,you can't miss it they cook fresh crepes outside which were lovely.They also do the best coffee i have tasted in the marina.My son had a fruit smoothie and chose the fruit from a basket.They do sell English dishes but pepole were complaining it was cold but why go all the way to a...

  • Fantastic views.

    The floating restaurant in the marina at Port el Kantaoui is great,after walking through the sharks teeth make your way upstairs where you can sit and see some fantastic views of the marina.The food is really good and at a cheap price as well.You can't go on and just order a drink you have to purchase food as well.


    This place is great but can get quite busy in the evenings,the atmosphere here is lovely and you dont have to wait to long for drinks or food.I would say this is the best pub in Port el Kantaoui.The bar staff are lovely and there is music in the evenings.

  • Go taste local food.

    If ever you go to Tunisia, don't hesitate to taste local food "spicy and moreover; hot pepper"people in tunisia are known for their excessive intake of red hot pepper.... starter, Kouskous w/mutton chop, Kefteji...

  • Good Food, Music and Fantastic...

    One of the reasons to visit this place is the music provided by Moez and sometimes Rim, the friendliness of the restaurant owner and the staff, the food and the prices. The brik is excellent, but give the vegetable soup a miss, it was totally bland. Beware when ordering couscous here...its comes in a really large plate which is more than enough...

  • ~ English Food & Beers ~

    The is a great pub with a nice English feel to it, you can buy all the English beers/wines & spirits here if your missing them back home.You can also get proper ham from here & nice cheddar cheese....... They have a full menu with allday breakfasts, steaks, burgers, baguettes, cobs, chips etc.... We had a cheese & ham sandwich with chips & a side...

  • Tips on Tunisian cuisine

    Here are some tips for Tunisian cuisine:- Couscous is the national dish of Tunisia and can be prepared in a dozen different ways. Meat and vegetables are boiled in the lower half. The top half has holes in the bottom through which the steam rises to cook the grain which is put in this part. Cooked this way the grain acquires the flavour of whatever...

  • Les Amirs

    Les Amirs restaurant in Port el Kantaoui is well worth a visit. We ate here twice during our one week holiday and were very impressed on both occasions. I also liked the fact that the waiters didn't try to drag you in as you passed by, the place must have a good reputation or something! It seemed to be slightly more expensive than nearby...

  • Great fried chicken

    We decided towards the end of our stay to try the Hong Kong Chinese Restuarant in Hammamet. We got a taxi passing the hotel. This was a Friday night and there was very few taxis around for some reason. The restuarant was a little dark and empty when we arrived with no customers. The was no-one at the downstairs entrance and we suspected that it was...

  • General comments on eating in Tunisia

    From my experiences in Tunisia nothing you get in a restaurant will be remotely as good as what the locals eat at home.Dining out is not a big thing in this country and so my best advice to you would be to meet some Tunisians and get invited home for couscous the way it really should taste. There are also a lot of dishes that you will never find in...

  • Sidi Bou Said, lovely café

    At the central cobbled square of Sidi Bou Said you can find the very known café des Nattes. Maybe it's a bit expensive to drink your cup of coffee or tea here, but the ambiance in Moorish style makes it worth to go there.I visited the cafe twice. The first time with a lot of other tourists around, but in winter I found out there were a lot of local...

  • Tunisian restaurant

    The restaurant is situated in the top of the medina in Tunis, easeiy finded.It's a great house, with a little garden and you can eat in a cool and freh place. The best "couscous de poisson" I ever eat.Good local wines...And after the coffee, you can drink a "bourrah" on a carpet under a tree...and think that life is very hard...


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