Tunisia Tourist Traps

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Tunisia Tourist Traps

  • Shopping in the souk

    This site may help you with some basic phrases and give you some ideas.http://www.nomarmiteintunisia.co.uk/tunisianphrases.htmGesture is an important part of language. LA SHOKRAN (no thanks) followed by IMSHEE (go) accompanied with a flicking of the fingers for the more persistent has usually worked for me in Egypt and Morocco.I've heard that some...

  • Dinars

    You can't take any dinars out of Tunisia.At Monastir airport there is a customs man (after passport control) who asks if you have any dinars left. I did have a 10-dinar note...he was happy for me to spend it on a beer/coffee.but I don't know what he'd have said if I had more.The duty-free shop only accepts euro.If you end up with lots of dinar, and...

  • Bargain hard

    We were warned that the vendors would ask high prices for everything. You should pay much less. Do not be intimidated by their hard sell. I walked away when they told me they could not sell me a painted plate for my offer. The vendor chased me down the street and sold it for my price.

  • Fake love - falling in love with a...

    Falling in love with a Tunisian man... Fake love? (also called Bezness)"Bezness” is a term used for describing “local men having relationships with tourists to get money out of them.”Tunisian men have developped a business consisting of seducing Western women to get money and gifts from them and sometimes to get a visa out the country. They often...

  • Bezness - Ladies beware!

    "Bezness” is a term used for describing “local men having relationships with tourists to get money out of them.”Tunisian men have developped a business consisting of seducing Western women to get money and gifts from them and sometimes to get a visa out the country. They often have several relationships at the same time and get regular visits from...

  • All inclusive wristbands issue outside...

    We stayed all inclusive, and were given a wristband that we had to wear all of our stay.It was a plastic one that needed to be cut to be taken off, so no way of undoing it and taking it off and putting it back on again. The wristband showed we stayed at the hotel and were all inclusive.We went down to Sousse town one of the days and came across no...

  • hi i work at your hotel...

    hi i reconise you from the hotel i work there.il show you the best shops to go in, just come here to my brothers/fathers/mothers/daughters/2nd cousins 5 times removed etc..they chat for 10 mins and then demand money for their time.they dont work at the hotel they just check out the all inclusive armbands. say well its nice to see you maybe il...

  • Ancient Roman coins - NOT!

    My first stop at Carthage is the Roman Amphitheatre, where gladiator fights of a smaller scale than probably those at Rome, were held. It was a beautiful Sunday morning and I was loving the clean air, the clear blue skies, the crisp chill in the air and the fact that I was alone at a major tourist destination. Suddenly, an old man steps out of the...


    We were approached in our hotel and informed that there was a trip that was included in the price of our holiday to go to a mosque, a visit to a market and then on to see the local women making carpets. The mosque was near the market and the "guide" pointed at it and said "see the mosque" then we where marched round a food market where there was...

  • Port el Kantauoi

    Haggle hard with some shop keepers and don't let them bully you into buying anything. If you feel threatened, leave the shop. They won't force you to make a purchase but may make you feel awkward to leave.

  • The waiter from your hotel

    On two occasions during our trip we were approached by 'the waiter from our hotel' who offered to show us round free of charge. This is a trick! Luckily we were pre-warned by our tour operator, but should you go on such a tour they will expect a heavy tip and not leave you alone until they receive it.

  • Cheap cigs

    DO NOT buy "cheap cigarettes", why? because they are fake. My husband is the smoker and could not resist the chance to buy 200 for about £10. when he opened a pack of course they were fake. There is a bright side to this (being scots) he took them out to the street outside our hotel and came back with a kaftan. I then sent him back out to ask if...

  • Nabeul street market

    I thought we would do this trip as the big shop for presents to take home. It was not worth the visit, they are ten times worse here than in any medina and they are not even polite. It was very busy and repetative. Rows and rows of the same junk with price variations you would not believe, I actually did not buy anything at all. Believe me it is...

  • The Lezard Rouge

    I know the Lezard Rouge is, for many people, one of the highlights of Tunisia, but I was a little disappointed with the trip. The scenery is very impressive but it's very difficult to enjoy it when you're packed like sardines on a train with hundreds of other tourists, many of whom were of the package-holiday day-trip variety who roll up in their...

  • Dealing with hassle in souks

    One of the main complaints from foreign visitors to Tunisia is about being hassled by shopkeepers in the souks. I've heard things like "Tunisians are horrible people", opinions based on nasty experiences while out shopping. What can I say....um, well it probably is true of some shopkeepers in touristy markets. They drag you unwillingly into their...

  • Ksar Haddada

    Ksar Haddada (Ksar Heddada), used as set in Star Wars movie. Because of this it was used as a hotel for star wars funs but now is empty.When I visited this it was under constraction so I didn't enjoyed it. It is not worth a visit... Visit other Ksar (like Ksar Megabla in Tataouine)

  • Haggle Hassle

    If there is one thing that puts me off is the pushy attitudes of the market traders in the Soux. I found it really difficult to walk through the Soux alone. They had some original lines -- "English?" or "Can I ask question".There was also some concern about pick pockets. I was followed by some fellas here and there. Also the prices weren't all that...

  • Medina madness

    Maybe it was just our poor haggling skills but we did get ripped off here. We ended up paying 40 Dinar for something worth around 10. The guy had started by saying it cost 100 Dinar. In the end though we were glad to pay and just to get out of the shop. They are very persuasive!! If you seem even remotely interested in something they will tell you...


    You’ll see that in many places: Dougga, Carthage… and some museums you’ll be said to pay one dinnar for taking photos (in some places even more). I paid the first time but that was the last time. I think it’s not fair you have to pay for taking photos. It’s up to you. If you don’t pay nothing happens, you can take photos as well, nobody is...

  • Tunis souk

    The souk is one big tourist trap. If you go into a shop it's hard to get out without buying anything. They can be VERY pushy and intimidating so be on your guard. In Sousse souk one seller grabbed hold of my wifes arm to drag her into the shop and we had a sharp exchange of words of the four letter variety.

  • Jewellery

    Considering buying gold and silver in Tunisia? Don't! They sell cheap items claiming that they are made of gold or silver. That's simply not true. Even if they show you the stamp/seal.Besides items are more expnesive than authentic gold/silvwer from other countires. An alternative? There's none. Just don't buy it.

  • Market places in Medinas

    When buying things from a market place never...I repeat NEVER pay the price marked on the objects. Offer one fifth or one sixth and stay there. For an object that was marked 25Tunisian Dinars (DT) in a shop, it was marked 114DT in the market place. I got it for 15DT. If you do not get it for the price you want, leave the stall. They will call you...

  • I think the most popular ones...

    I think the most popular ones are 'be my friend' & then get lead to a relatives shop for the day! Another is people who want you to hire them as a guide around the medina or souks, when you are perfectly capable of guiding yourself. They can be very persistant. Actually sometimes it is a good idea to agree as generally you are left alone once you...


    Everywhere you go the prices the merchants give you will be outrageous. I was quoted 35 dinars for a bracelet I ended up getting for 5. Don't be afraid to bargain, they expect you too! One regret I have, is that I didn't buy a Berber carpet. You can get some good deals on carpets. I thought it would be a logistical nightmare to bring it back on...

  • Not more than 2

    Locals warned us not to eat more than 2 of this cactus fruits. If I would have explaination will and start describing what could happen after 3 or 4 of these delicious bastards, you would probably immediately leave this pages of mine!! :-) Eat just 1 or maybe 2. It's really delicious. Just eat 1! :-)

  • Carefull with shoping

    Sellers are very wise, they could make you buy something that doesn't hold the price. Ask someone about average prices before buying something

  • Taxi drivers

    Djerba : don't trust the taxi drivers , they ask more money if you are a tourist, they are not honest!! Before you get in the car, try to make a deal about the price, so you have no discussion afterwards. Take the bus.

  • All that sparkles are not real Amythest...

    Buyer beware! We went on the 2 day Sahara tour offered by tour operators in Tunisia. Part of the excursion is by 4x4 jeeps that take you up to the Atlas mountains. There you will find hawkers selling rocks with the most beautiful amythest crystals - they are dyed with gentian violet!! They do an excellent job and we were fooled into buying a rock...

  • Money change

    Dinar is local currency in Tunisia and you get approximately 1,53 dinars per one euro. There are banknotes of 30, 20, 10 and 5 dinars. I suggest you to change the money on the airport because the rate is more convinient then in the cities. Before starting to spend dinars, make sure you know what is the worth of it. A bottle of water costs from 0,5...

  • Is local clothing the answer ?

    Always look at how locals are clothed (in European style of course) and clothe at the same time to be yourself and to adjust to the local practice. Don't try to dress in local clothes or for women, to wear a local scarf (very seldom worn in Tunisia). You would draw much more attention that if you were clothed in a regular but decent style.

  • Alone ?

    Don't forget that even in the most remote places, even in the middleof the desert, where you feel you are completely alone, you will most of the time soon have visitors, friendly but curious. It may take a few minutes, ten minutes or sometimes more but there is very little chance that you will not have a visit. Never forget that the desert is not...

  • Photo of individuals

    Do not try to take photos of people by surprise (when YOU are the local, do you appreciate if tourists take a photo of you without asking ?). If you take a general photo, take care that nobody is in the foreground. If you take a closer view (shop), always ask. In touristy areas, the answer will often be negative, unless you have bought something in...

  • Clothing

    First timer often ask ''how should I clothe in Tunisia ?" (especially females). As I wrote in my introduction, “The way of life of Tunisian citizens is not very different from what it is in other Mediterranean countries and is mostly “occidental”. In the bled (back country), the way of life has remained more traditional“.The answer to that question...

  • Tapis

    Tapis (the carpet) is one of the most attractive and certainly the most beautiful souvenirs you can buy inTunisia. Carpet-making is traditional and highly valued local craft. There are, however, a number of shops out on the streets offering tapis of a poor quality. You can buy the hand-made carpet, made in wool or silk, in the specialized shops...

  • Ceramics

    When strolling around Medina's you'll get impression all the ceramic goods are the same, but it isn't so. Most of the ceramic goods are industrial production of, let say, law quality. However, there are also hand-made products and the difference can be noticed in painted ornaments. Take a good look at the ceramic product before buying it,...

  • Medina

    Hm, I can make a very long list of traps you can expected when in Tunisia. First one is regarding clothes, shoes and accessories in Medina's. All this articles, with wide world known trade-marks, are fake. The fabrics are of poor quality and the same goes regarding confection. Knowing that, you can buy this merchandise but don't pay it too much....

  • Shopper Beware.

    When shopping you will be pressured into buying things you don't really want. Decide if you really want an item and then stick to your plan. Be prepared to haggle over price. You'd be amazed how quickly an item can go from $100 dollars to 10.

  • Be carefull with the Hotels.

    When you choose to spend your Holidays, in Skanés, close to the village of Monastir, to be next to the beach be careful whwn you are chosing the Hotel..because some of the Hotels are not ON the beach! Mine was..but there are several that for gt to the beach you have to cross one road to get to beach and walk a litle.There are even a Hotel (Kuriat)...

  • What you bought is not what you thought

    When shopping, you will find many excellent deals concerning saffron. This is just a bluff. There is no saffron to be had in Tunisia. At least not at very affordable prices. So steer clear of those deals. Or call the shopkeeper on his bluff, in a friendly way off course, and he might be willing to make you a better deal on other spices.And when it...

  • The home of Luke Skywalker

    Some scenes from the Star Wars films were filmed in Tunisia. We visited one such place, the home of Luke Skywalker. It is located in a hotel near Matmata. It is little more than vaguely familiar and not really worth a big detour. But if you pass near Matmata, you could always pop in for a look, there is no fee involved. Just stroll on in. May the...

  • have always change at hand

    When entering a state owned museum you should always have change at hand as the supervisors of every room in the BARDO-museum will open some door for you only after they have received their obolus. Here was the worst case: after paying my tribute to the watchman this is what I got to see behind the door ! A view on the street ! Dont give anything...

  • Berber festival camel ride

    Camel rides will more than likely be offered as a "festival game" if they are on the premises. Expect to also see some handicrafts as well. If you do get to "participate" in the Berber "festival", a camel ride more than likely will be included. If you don't mind you can always take them up on their offer. Pay them a few dinar (less is more) and...

  • Berber festivals

    Apparently it draws a lot of curious tourists if someone says "Berber festival". Do not be fooled. Unless you know specifically there will be a festival of some kind trust your instincts. This is what one apparently looked like in Monastir. If you get caught, they will try to get you to look at their carpets or ride their camels. Offering of...

  • Ksar Ghilaine camel tour

    There is a Roman ksar or fort near the oasis. You can see it in the distance and most of the camel rides that you get will take you there. However, if you don't care all that much and you don't ask your guide to take you there, you may just hang out for a while until your "time" is up and you are off riding again. But either way it is still worth...

  • Matmata house tour

    It is what you do when you go there and I don't think there is any getting around it. You have to get taken by one of the local kids to a house so they can show you around. It is neat to see but our group was bombarded by young kids trying to ask us to go to "their" house. We were shown around and we wanted to pay our "guide". With so many kids...


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