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Tunisia Transportation

  • Djerba-Zarzis International Airport

    The Mediterranean coast of Tunisia is a popular destination for Europeans on package tours. The main airport serving the coast is Djerba-Zarzis International Airport (DJE), located about six miles (ten kilometers) from downtown Djerba.Airlines serving Djerba-Zarzis International Airport: Aigle Azure, Air Berlin, Air Malta, Jetairfly, Luxair,...

  • Exploring Tunisia

    Traveling within Tunisia is possible by several means of transport:- by bus but I do not recommend it, use it only for a short inter-city relations- by train if you need to travel on the long route from north to south or vice-versa.However, if you really want to explore the country, both major sights and hidden corners, than you need to rent a jeep...

  • My bus adventure

    I've spend two and a half hours in the plane, flying from Zageb to Monastir, and the distance is more then 2.000km. Traveling from Monastir to Nabeul by bus took me five (5) hours and the distance is less then 100km.The local agent, "Carthage travel", put us in this bus of a very poor conditions and it has to stop every few kilometers because the...

  • Ariving to Monastir

    Well, now I know how the seaman felt when seeing the ground after spending many days in open sea. Outside the plane it was dusty, very hot but I felt very big relief when touching the ground again. It wasn't bad after all.We landed at the town of Monastir, which is situated south of Nabeul so we need approximately one more hour by road to get to...

  • Camel or dromedar

    Arabian camels, also known as dromedaries, have only one hump which stores up to 36 kg. of fat, which camel can break down into water and energy when sustenance is not available. This hump give camels ability to travel up to 100 desert miles without water. When camel do refill they soak up water like a sponge, a very thirsty animal can drink over...

  • City carriage - caleche

    The city of Nabeul is welcoming tourists and visitors with colorful chariots which are richly decorated with flowers, which one can not resist. I don't remember how much the fare have cost, and if was expensive it would be certainly remembered. We drove through the town and peripheral streets to the cape where the city beach is located and then...

  • Tunis-Carthage International Airport

    Located about five miles (eight kilometers) from downtown Tunis, Tunis-Carthage International Airport (TUN) is the main international airport for the country. It handles flights from Africa, Europe, and the Middle East. Airlines serving Tunis-Carthage International Airport: Afriqiyah Airways, Air Algerie, Air Berlin, Air Europa, Air France,...

  • buses in Tunisia

    It is very easy to travel by buses in Tunisia so all backpackers or other people who prefere not-organized travels can easy move all over this beautiful country. In all towns there are bus stations (it is better to have a guide - for ex. Lonely Planet becouse it's easier to find it), even in small towns or villages it is easy to find it - if not...

  • Car Rental in Tunisia

    Well... Tunisia being a cheap country in many ways otherwise I cant realy say that its that cheap when it comes to car rentals, around 300 euros for 1 week is common. And then comes the insurance part. Even though I tolk the best and most expensive insurance I was not fully covered. I dont recommend driving in the cities either... well maybe if you...

  • BUS and TAXI

    TAXIFrom downtown Hammamet to downtown Nabeul (12km), it shouldn't cost you more than 8 Dinars (6,40€) during the day (50% more btw 9PM and 5AM).Allo Taxis : 72 222 444BUSDaily schedules are published in ''Le Temps'' and ''La Presse'', two french newspapers.Rate: Hammamet or Nabeul/Tunis : 3 DT.For more info, see below.

  • Tunis

    Taxi prices are very cheap in Tunis comparing to Istanbul. From Gammarth to the Cartrage airport just costs 10 dinar. The problem is that you should be sure the taxi opens taxi-meter. Otherwise they can ask you any price they want. Or they might begin a city tour without asking you and try showing all around for extra money..

  • Tozeur-Nefta International Airport

    Tozeur-Nefta International Airport (TOE) is one of only a few commercial airports in southern Tunisia, and is therefore a gateway for travelers heading to the nearby Sahara Desert. It is located three miles (four kilometers) from the town of Tozeur.Airlines serving Tozeur-Nefta International Airport: Sevenair, Transavia, and Tunisair.

  • Nice excursion to Cap Bon: Al Haouria

    Going to Al Haouira by public transport and coming back to Tunis the same day is possible (I did it). You can travel by louage (shared taxis). Take a taxi in Tunis and ask the taxi driver to take you to the louage station to go to Al Haouria (there are three louage stations in Tunis but now I don't remember which one is yours). I think the one way...

  • Mini day trips from Tunis: Ain...

    This is an easy trip that takes you few hours, so you don't need to get up very early.*Tunis-Testour-Ain Tounga-Testour-Tunis: take the louage to Testour at Bab Saadon louage station in Tunis until the village of Testour. The trip lasts 1hour 20 min, is very pleasant and the landscape is very green. When you arrive to Testour louage station i...

  • Carthage walking tour

    According to my copy of Lonely Planet Tunisia, "...you will need near superhuman stamina..." to cover all the sights that Carthage has to offer. Although the sights are very spread out, you can visit them fairly easily in one day but, be warned, you will have to walk a fair distance between them to achieve this (about 6km/4 miles). Now, I'm not the...

  • Tunis Metro

    If you're planning on visiting the Bardo Museum (which is a must visit while in Tunis), the easiest way to get there is by tram or Metro Leger as they call it. The museum is near Le Bardo station on line 4. Tickets cost 450 mills but it looked like most people didn't bother and simply went through the barriers. Be warned that the Metro finishes in...

  • TGM to Carthage

    The best way to get to Carthage and Sidi Bou Said is by taking the small suburban train known as the TGM. It travels from the Tunis Marine TGM station at the eastern end of Habib Bourguiba and passes through La Goulette, Carthage and Sid Bou Said before ending at La Marsa. Second class costs about 650 mills and can be quite crowded whilst first...

  • Mini day-trips from Tunis:Thub Majus +...

    This is an "off the beaten path" proposal but i found the two places described below very nice to visit*Tunis-Thuburbo Majus-Zaghouan-Tunis: take the louage at the Bab al Aliaua louage station in Tunis until the village called El Fahs, which is Tuburbo Majus' nearest town, at 3km (50min trip). The louage driver can drop you at the crossroad to...

  • Mini day-trips from Tunis: BIZERTE

    If you choose Tunis as your "camp de base" you can easily do mini day-trips using public transport. Here are some examples:*Tunis-Bizerte-Tunis: Bizerte is only 65km north of Tunis so you can reach it easily from the capital (one hour trip by louage); If you take another louage you can add to this excursion an afternoon on one of the beautiful...

  • Mini day-trips from Tunis: MONASTIR

    If you choose Tunis as your "camp de base" you can easily do mini day-trips using public transport. Here are some examples:*Tunis-Monastir-Tunis: Monastir is about 2,5hours far from Tunis; Its a small city so if you wake up early you can easily visit its main interesting spots (which are all concentrated around the medina) in one journey; You can...

  • Mini day-trips from Tunis:...

    If you choose Tunis as your "camp de base" you can easily do mini day-trips using public transport. Here are some examples:*Tunis-Kelibia-Kerkouane-Kelibia-Tunis: get up early and go to the louage station to take a louage to Kelibia (about two hours trip); From Kelibia take a taxi (negociate the price, don't use the compteur this time) until the...

  • take a taxi.

    prices are very cheap for taxi fares but ask first before journey and if possible compare prices with others. if you hum and arr a bit it will go down.if possible find a driver you like, some speak good english and are very fair. if you find a good one, keep hold of them, arrange your next trip if possible on leaving. they will collect you from...

  • trains in Tunisia

    Trains are very comfortable way to travel around Tunisia. The cost is about the same as for the buses but the qualty of traveling is much better. Even the TGM - the train from Tunis to Sidi bou Said (via Cartagina) is good enough but always go by 1 st class.In standard train the best is to travel also by 1 st class - becouse the confort is only...

  • louages in Tunisia

    the most popular transportation in Tunisia are louages. This are big cars for aprox. 6-8 people and they move from "louage stations" in all towns (mostly from bigger ones). There are special tarrifs for traveling by it so you don't have to "fight" for a good price - you just buy a ticket and get into a car. The Louages goes when all passangers get...

  • Driving in Tunisia

    Look here http://members.virtualtourist.com/m/b2f92/and here www.4x4-travel.co.ukThe roads to Tozeur, Djerba, Douz, etc, are surfaced and well signposted. I've driven Tunisia 3 times now (18 days each time) and have no fear of it at all. The towns can be a challenge but as long as you drive in a controlled manner you will be fine. On the fast roads...

  • overnight train from Tunis to Tozeur

    We went to Tozeur by overnight train and can say it is a very good option to travel on south Tunisia. The train has only 16 seats in Confort class so it is better to book places in advance (better one day before) in other way go by 1st class which is almost as confortable (seats are a little smaller) but also has climatization. The train leaves...

  • Monastir to Tunis travel options

    The timetable that I picked up in April that runs until 30th June 2008 lists only one train from Monastir to Tunis a day, it leaves at 18.00 hours and arrives in Tunis at 20.49. From Sousse there are eleven trains to Tunis per day. Louages are a very cheap and fast way of travelling around between most towns in Tunisia. If you are doing a long...

  • a compass and several maps!

    If you undertake driving off the main (paved) roads, especially if you go on the lowest-grade "roads" (sometimes just following tire tracks in the dirt), you MUST have a compass and a map, and preferably more than one map, as they each have different things to offer in terms of correctness and detail. We had a "Rough Guide" road map and a...

  • know what you're doing with a 4x4 in the...

    Renting a 4x4 to travel through the desert sounds like a great and romantic idea. It IS great! But I HIGHLY recommend that if you want to drive through the southern desert areas off of the paved roads, you have previous 4-wheeling experience. Even driving the paved road from Ksar Ghilane north toward Matmata (pipeline road), it was covered with...

  • rent a 4x4 from CamelCar

    If you want to be able to get into the nooks and crannies of Tunisia and travel independently through the desert areas in the south, you need a 4x4 vehicle with high clearance and low-four gearing. We rented from a local company called CamelCar. They were recommended by another virtual tourist, and I pass along the recommendation. They personally...

  • Mini trains

    There are also the mini trains that take you from Port el Kantoui to Sousse. They are really nice but a bit bumpy but you'll love them.... so don't miss them. They only cost 3.80 dinar two way, but be careful if you buy it with return you have to wait for the same train since they are coloured. There are also mini trains that takes you around...

  • Tuc Tuc

    Try not to miss the tuc tuc, it is a small means of transport and carries around six persons. I went on it several times to go from Port el Kantoui to Sousse.... it is fun. It only costs 2 dinar one way. The driver I met was really helpful and was really funny. You will the tuc tuc near the beach in Sousse and in Port el Kantoui near the Hannibal...

  • Taxis are cheap

    It is really easy to get around Tunisia, since taxis are really cheap. The only thing that impressed is how Tunisian people drive... like mad :)But I always arrived safely to the destination I chose. Taxis are easily found since there are a lot of them and they will stop to ask you if you want to ride, of course always choose the yellow taxis since...

  • If you hire a car...

    It is possible to drive about but maps and roads aren't always what they seem and some places are practically impossible to navigate to (words of experience). For what it costs you are far better to hire a car that comes with a driver!If you hire a car - once you get out of tourists areas to remoter villages the villagers are not necessarily used...

  • busses and trains

    trains in tunisia are very cheap and wherever you are you can easily reach a train stationhotels provide good excursions but nothing beats doing it yourself and it can be done much cheaper plus you have the added bonus of pleasing yourselffor example if you staying in hammamet take a takxi to the station and ask for a return ticket to sousse you...

  • By Train in Tunisia

    We used the train service once, when travelling back from Sousse to Tunis. The rail network covers most of the main Tunisian cities in the north along the coast, though to get to more remote areas, or for any travel in the south, you'll need alternate forms of transport. The trains were nicer than I expected and the price was very good. It only...

  • Car Hire in Tunisia

    Hiring a car to explore Tunisia was one of the best decisions we made on this trip. Though it was fairly expensive (350 Dinars for 7 days), it allowed us to travel independently and see much more places than would have been possible if travelling by public transport. Furthermore, some of the places we saw could not be reached without your own...


    If you need to go anywhere catch a taxi they are so cheap,you can go miles for a few pounds,always agree on a price before you get in.In Tunisia they drive really crazy,but dont worry they are used to it and we felt really safe.The roads do get very busy.We took this picture as it was the only road we saw that was empty.

  • Random Transports

    There are many different ways to see tunisia, camel rides are popular as well as horseback. Quad biking is another novelty way as mentioned in things to do. There are many little scooters in the main resorts, it is unadvisable to ride on one of these as insurance often doesnt cover them. Finally while you can hire cars in tunisia, I am unsure what...

  • Flights

    Flights to tunisia are now reasonably cheap, check out local tour operators sites e.g. tui in europe as there flights are often the cheapest way of getting there. There are two airports monastir and the capital tunis. Most tourist flight fly into monastir

  • Taxi

    The taxis are quite reliable in tunisia and most hotels will book you one. It is relativly cheap about 2 dinar for a 20 minute journey as a rough idea. However make sure you ask the taxi driver for a set price when you get in - a tip I was given by a few locals.

  • Mini Taxi

    In all major cities there are mini taxi stations.The taxis wait until they are full. Then they gett off.Prices are very cheap. It is advisabele to negotiate in advanceor to ask the other passengers.

  • Taken for a ride

    Taxi drivers in Tunis are generally friendly and chatty, especially if you get them onto the subject of the national soccer team and its chances in whatever big international tournament is coming up. On the other hand, like taxi drivers the world over, there are always some who want to take you for a ride both literally and figuratively. When...

  • Trains

    Tunisia has quite an extensive rail network, but is only really useful from journeys to and from Tunis. For example, both Beja and Bizerte have train stations, but are on different lines, and to travel between the two, you have to go via Tunis, doubling the journey time.I used the train to travel to Tunis from Sfax, a journey of 4 hours stopping at...

  • Louages

    A louage is basically a minibus which acts like a bus but leaves only when full. Louages are faster than buses, and only cost a little bit more. Every town has a louage station, often located close to a bus or train station, with louages waiting to speed off to destinations near and far. The best time to pick up a louage is in the morning, although...


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