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  • Gorilla trackers
    Gorilla trackers
    by Africancrab
  • Kampala matatu station
    Kampala matatu station
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  • Boda boda drivers outside Kampala Casino
    Boda boda drivers outside Kampala Casino
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Kampala Things to Do

  • Sipi Falls

    Sipi Falls is located in Kapchorwa near Mbale district and at the edge of Mount Elgon. The Sipi River is named after the ‘Sep’, a plant indigenous to the banks of the River. Resembling a type of wild banana, Sep is a medicinal plant; the translucent green frond with a bolt of crimson rib is used for treating measles and fever. Sipi is an ideal...

  • Lake Mburo National park

    This is a smaller park located about three hours outside of Kampala. It is the closest national Park to Kampala, known for its Zebras. Besides the zebras it has other animals and primates like baboons. Crocodiles in the lake, so be cautious when you get to the lake.Topis, deer and Impalas are plentiful, you will be able to see them, I recommend...

  • Mount Elgon national Park

    Mount Elgon is located in Eastern Uganda within the Mount Elgon Forest. Once the highest point in Africa, even higher than Kilimanjaro, the now extinct volcanic mountain is one of Uganda's popular tourist destinations. Due to continued erosion through the years, the mountain is not as tall standing anymore, at about 4000 ft, it is a much safer and...

  • Uganda Equator

    The Equator is an imaginary line that divides the earth into two. It crosses the earth running latitudinal, East to West. The Equator crosses through particular countries along it’s path: Uganda Included. I grew up in Uganda and crossed the equator more than a dozen times as a child and as an adult. In Uganda, one has a chance the experience the...

  • Lake Victoria & Ssese Islands

    Lake Victoria is the largest lake in Africa and one of the largest fresh water lake in the world: it is the main reservoir of the Nile with a larger portion of it in Tanzania and Uganda respectively. Among the freshwater lakes of the world it is exceeded in size only by Lake Superior in North America. Its waters fill a shallow depression in the...

  • Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary

    This is a primate sanctuary for Chimpanzees. It is located southeast of Uganda’s International Airport, Entebbe and about 23 kilometers from the capital Kampala. This Chimpanzee sanctuary was constructed in 1998 to protect orphaned chimps. Most of the chimps become orphaned as a result of poaching. Even though poaching is illegal, you still find a...


Kampala Hotels

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Kampala Restaurants

  • Pure Veggie

    Proper Hare Krishna joint this. Nice atmosphere to eat in excellent food.This place seems to get better. I spent far too much time eating here. Buffet lunch is excellent loads of pure vegetarian dishes plus chas for 8,000 UGX. On Sundays the meal will cost you 10,000 UGX as they throw in dhokla and a desert usually Gulab Jamu! Had a shock last time...

  • Kampala Nightlife

    Rock Gardens is a open pub in the heart of the city, it is run by the Speke hotel management. It used to be one of my favorite nightlife spots. It does get pretty busy over the weekends, it is located right in the heart of the city center and right next to the restaurants and across from the Sheraton Kampala Hotel. Part of the club is actually a...

  • A SOHO experience in Africa

    Recently while driving around K'la city i Stumble across a Soho sign on a new building along the golf course area, curious i ventured inside. Having looked over the drink menu that was handed to me at SoHo Cafe and Grill on Yusuf Lule road in Kampala and with the encouragement of the Manager I opted for an espresso sundae.As the name suggests the...


Kampala Nightlife

  • Your Choice of Drink and sports

    There are famous places to hang-out in Kampala where the crowd is much more appealing and of a certain class. “Just kicking” is one of the few on the other side of town (well more like the residential, high market, diplomatic place to be. One of the co-owners of Just Kicking, Michael is a good friend of mine, infact he hosted my undergraduate...

  • Black Angel

    As a Ugandan, I will tell you right at the beginning of this review that the social scene in Kampala is dazzling and the night life hectic yet quite interesting, I should know, I did it all: from the discotheques to the only Casino in town, from theaters to live music performances to private parties organized by the foreign delegates and the...

  • Rock Music

    This is the one place in Kampala that is considered by the locals as the “forbidden apple”. It is a little difficult to describe Al’s bar because it is not your ordinary bar or pub nor restaurant. How do I describe this place? If you want to party till you drop dead in the company of a drop the music is very western but the bar style fits in with...


Kampala Transportation

  • Cheetah Safaris Uganda Ltd

    We used Cheetah Safaris Uganda Ltd for all our safaris and tours within Uganda. The owner and safari/ tour consultant Robert is a former safari driver I had employed. Robert adds personal touch to the tours/ safaris because he is the one driving you and if he is not available, he will give you someone as qualified.I had contacted Robert while in...

  • Akamba bus

    Sadly Aklamba are no longer in business Good old Akamba bus safe and reliable and possibly reassuringly slow now have a website whose information I found contradicted what I was told at the office.I always thought paying the extra for the royal service would be a bit of a rip but I was well impressed with the no messing drivers and the veg samosa...

  • Queens Coach

    Nairobi to Kampal overnight Bus- Price 2,400 Kenya Shiling Departure 8.00 PM from Nairobi River RoadArrival Kampala at Yusuf Lule Road/Nakumatt Oasis Kampala next morning 8.00 AMAir Conditioned Bus with Reclining Leather Seats, Audio and Video Entertainment, Coffee, 1 Small Bottle of Water and Soft Drink is provided.Kenya Uganga ticket from Kipepeo...


Kampala Shopping

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  • fashionable dresses at Kyalingoza

    My friend and I each bought two dresses at Kyaligonza on Kibuli road in Kampala. The store is run by the ladies who made the dresses, and they altered them while we waited, and we got to chat with them about men & fashion ... one of the most authentic cultural experiences in Kampala! these dresses were gorgeous! $50-$70 USD for a full length...

  • Owino marked in dowtown

    Owino marked is one of the biggest markeds in Africa with a lot of items. Even if you should not buy something, it's worth visit the place.The marked for second hand and used clothing is famous due to its sice and the number of customers. Since most of the people in Uganda are poor they can not afford new clothes. Bargaining is the way to the...

  • Best rates for the £

    Out of all the FOREX bureau's in Kampala the best rates this time (May 2009) were at Dollar House. The next best rates I found were at Half East and they are conveneintly next to each other at King Fahad Plaza. It's worth asking if you get a better rate for changing large amounts. It has worked for me in the past.


Kampala Local Customs

  • Steamin in the sauna

    I still find it surprising the amount of saunas you see in Uganda and especially in and around Kampala. A sauna appears to be a place where the Kampalan middle class will go to straight from work before going home.Any hotel of a decent size has a sauna and a steam room. The idea of being totally naked for a sauna would be quite offensive to most...


    The very colourful flag of Uganda is one of the most striking national flags of the world. It is comprised of 2 stripes each of Black, Yellow and Red and Red with a crested crane in full colour on a white disk in the middle. Black represents the African people, Yellow stands for sunshine and the Red symbolizes the brotherhood of man. The 3 colours...


    Uganda sits right on top of the Equator. That makes it hot every day of the year. Every day. Because Uganda is mountainous the temperature can vary a little bit. The highlands o the South West experience a cooler average temperature of 16° C while the North East temperatures exceeding 30° C about 254 days per year! Except for the North East corner...


Kampala Warnings and Dangers

  • Be Cautious of your surrounding.

    Kampala Ghetos are very unsafe and do not try to walk at night in these places, from petty crimes to murder occur. Kisenyi is one of the slums in Kampala, these areas are unsafe especially for tourists and i don't recommend to get cheap guest houses from here. do not take your mobile phone as thugs move in groups and Violently beat you up to...


    Kampala is a Malarial area. It only takes one bite from one mosquito to contract malaria and die. We have already lost one member of VT in Africa to malaria. Please don’t be the second. If you do get malaria and live, at the very least your travels are over and your adventure ruined. You need to start most anti-malarial drugs weeks BEFORE you go....

  • Malaria

    Kampala is in a malaria zone, even though the city is located above 1100 metres. It is imortant to take anti-malaria drugs, even in the dry season. There are more mosquitos during the rainy season.I have good experience with Doxycyclin tablets, and have never been sick on my trips to several African countries. 1 tablet a day, and no side effects. I...


Kampala Tourist Traps


    This is not only a Tourist Trap – it is a trap for local people as well and is sadly true in many places in Africa. When you go to the pharmacy (chemists) to get some pills for a cold – they charge you for each individual pill! Despite the fact that the manufacturer never intended this to be so. Then you often have a 100% import tax on the...

  • Special

    What one need to know when in Kampala, Matatu is a taxi while sallon car is called "Special". "Special" has special prices too, especially for mzungus (whites). No car has visible sign for taxi service or taxi-meter but they are available virtualy all over the town. One cannot know wether sitting in a private car or in a special.Rule number one is,...

  • Crafts stores

    There are many crafts shops, both government and privately owned. In my opinion, the products there are grossly overpriced for a budget traveller. If you are planning on travelled to other parts of East Africa like Tanzania and Kenya, then you are better off buying stuff from small stores there than buying it from the crafts stores in Uganda. If...


Kampala Off The Beaten Path

  • Tropical Bank

    Not off the beaten track but in the middle of Kampala road is the Tropical bank. I have written this tip here coz i think most people pass this place by unless you had like I do an interest in banknotes and coins. The front of the building is covered in a mural depicting various coinages used throughout the world since the year dot, sadly some of...

  • Naalya

    This is Naalya, suburb of Kampala where I stayed for almost two weeks. Apart of bad weather conditions I spend pleasant time here surrounded with nice people in my neighborhood. They called me "mzungu" (whiteman) and I almost felt like being a part of their community......

  • Owino market

    I've read somewhere that Owino is the biggest market in whole Africa and there was also a documentary made about this market titled "Heart of Kampala". Market plus adjoining area around both taxi parks is full od stals and shopping arcades and whole "shopping" area really is huge. I've enjoyed my walks around there immensely. You do get tired of...


Kampala Sports & Outdoors

  • muguruki's Profile Photo

    by muguruki Written Oct 30, 2007

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    Ugandan cricket is ever improving. Earlier this year the national team was promoted to World cricket league Division 2 after beating Argentina and in October 2007 beat Bermuda who had apeared in the last world cup.

    Emmanuel Nakaana of Uganda under 19s

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Kampala Favorites


    COUNTRY INFORMATION:Visa: 50 USD for visa on arrival at the airport. You can stay up to 90 days. Mobil phone: Good roaming in the cities and the main roads.Recommended language: English.Infrastructure: Good in Entebbe and most areas in Kampala, else very poor.Friendliness by the people: Curious people, but some rude desires to tourists.Attention by...

  • Visa on arrival to Uganda

    Visa on arrival to Uganda can be obtained on arrival for stay up to 90 days. The procedure is very simple. Just fill an application and deliver it together with your passport and 50 USD. You must write a name or an address of where you shall stay during your holiday in Uganda. If you don't have a hotel, just write a hotel name. No question is asked...

  • The weather in Kampala

    Uganda is located in the tropical equator line of Africa, and the weather change quickly here. I experienced a heavy rain weather a day I was at Muyenga club. I had just arrived the swimmingpool area when dark clouds came from Lake Victoria. It rained for 40 minutes, and then the clouds disappeard as quick as they came. June 2010.


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