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Uganda Off The Beaten Path

  • A walk around Bududa

    1/2 an hours taxi ride away from the centre of Mbale is the small village of Bududa.Bududa is situated to the south east of Mbale tucked just south of the peaks of Mount Elgon. The whole area is surrounded by hills and behind them higher peaks again making this place one of the most beautiful places I've been to in Uganda.In the village of Bududa...

  • crConsult the spirits at the Nakayima...

    This a traditional site that the Bacwezi people have visited since the year dot to consult and make offerings to the spirits. The tree can be reached by walking up or catching a boda-boda to the top of Mubende/Nakayima hill from the centre of the small town of Mubende.Mubende is about half way between Kampala and Fort Portal.

  • Nyero Rock Paintings

    A few Kilometres east of the town of Kumi and just past the village of Nyero is the site of the Nyero rock paintings.No one seems to know when exactly this series of paintings were first painted but was in existence when the Teso arrived in the area around 300 years ago. It is possible that the paintings existed hundreds of years before that and...


    In the shores of Lake Bunyonyi, slovakian Miha Lohar started this sort of N.G.O. project that means "window" in the local language. This is because its main gol is to be a windown for the world to see Africa and for Africa to see the world. They work hard in encouraging the local people to believe in themselves and in their potential, working main...

  • Ruboni Comunity Camp site.

    It is not really and activity. It is about a nice place to spend some nights VERY CLOSE to the Rwenzory National Park. It is idealy situated if you plan to visit the Park.They try to entertain their guest...and that is one thing not many places in Uganda do. They offer "village walks", forest walks, pipeline walk(yes, there is a pipeline made by a...

  • The well head

    In the 1930’s a British company conducted petroleum exploration on the shores of Lake Albert; there were some shows (“oil springs”) and the company drilled a well nearby; this well head is there since the 30’s and shows that petroleum is a protector from corrosion. The oil is very viscous and does almost not flow at ambient temperature. We could...

  • Bukuma Village

    Bukuma village is located a few kilometres from Lake Albert , on the road to Masindi; the pictures here show a rather big village, with very few people present and almost no activity; a weird feeling when walking in the village. And looking at some houses, reading what is written on, gives a more scary feeling. . .

  • Half empty villages. . .

    There are many isolated villages on the Ugandan shores of Lake Albert; at that time the foreigners were not welcomed, and I do not know for today, if things have changed. It is a strange feeling arriving at these very quiet villages where there is almost no life. . .

  • Kybyiro

    Many villages are accessible only by boat or by trails descending the Rift escarpment. Kybyiro is a small and poor village living on fishing and salt extraction; the salt is carried by feet up the escarpment and then transported to the village markets.

  • Fishing village

    This village is quite isolated and people there have their only revenue from fishing , a few cattle and from the salt mines.The poverty in the village was compensated by the friendliness of their people, despite recent suffering.

  • The hot spring and creek

    At Kyibiro, The hot spring form a littles stream which rapidly infiltrates into the soil and deposits its minerals.The small creek has a rather hich temperature (60°) and its water tastes very very bitter, due to the presence of some nitrates among the many minerals it contains; I do not know to which mineral the the colour of the water is related.

  • The salt mines

    The hydrothermal springs near Kybyiro are heavily mineralised; the waters arriving at surface near the main rift escarpment fault impregnate the sands and soils at surface; the minerals concentrate in the soils which are washed to extract soluble salts and then “distilled” in very rudimentary manner; the salts recovered are not only table salt...

  • Meet "real" local people

    If you want to see the "real" Africa, and meet people that have never seen white people (muzungos) you just have to drive some kilometres from Kampala inside the countryside. The place we visited was located in the middle of the countryside, somewhere located between Kampala and The Equator. When we arrived to the first village, all the people...

  • Take in village life....

    I'm not sure if this is really off the beaten path but with our quad bikes we were able to travel through the villages around Jinja that we may not have visited otherwise.

  • Sipi Falls: waterfall trail and rock...

    Sipi Falls are a series of spectacular waterfalls on the slopes of Mt. Elgon, although that's what I was told. I was stupid enough to choose the end of the dry season for a visit and found the Falls not much more than a big shower.The half day waterfall trail is a very nice hike but tough. With a local guide you visit the 3 biggest falls and see...

  • Banda Island: ultimate chill out...

    Dominique fulfilled his dream and bought an island. A handful of staff takes care of the few hassles in the islandlife. Half a dozen of dogs take care of security.Some days a fishing boat comes by to pick up a shopping list or to deliver the ordered goods from the mainland. Only necessary if there are guests. And that doesn't happen every week.Some...

  • visit kyamburge gorge

    Daily walking safaris take you through the beautiful, jungle-like gorge in the eastern corner of the park. Chimpanzees are among the many primates that live here, and can be seen fairly often. You might also spot large game, such as elephant, hippo and buffalo. see also under Queen Elizabeth National Park or accommodation Mweya Lodge


    When going to anywhere you stop in the middle of any small town, your car/van will be quickly surrounded by dozens of vendors of any kind of food avaliable: roasted matoke (small bananas, quite sweet and that cooked taste more like potate than to banana), roasted corns, goat meat ( not the best thing to eat), pieces of chicken (delightful but make...

  • Royal Blood

    Buganda kingdom has the most fascinating and best preserved history of all Ugandan kingdoms. Its no wonder therfore that it has intrigued many Historians to try and find out more about its origins. The year 1993 saw the ceremonious Coronation of Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II as the 36 king of Buganda. King Ronaid sits at Bulange, below in Mengo,...

  • Hard core

    Legend has it that these tortoises are over 300 years old and were brought to Buganda by a chiefs´ son as a present from Seysechells Islands. They are also to be found along the "Royal Mile stretch" at Mengo.

  • House of Lords

    A tour in the Kabakas´footsteps includes a visit to "Kisingiri house". The house is said to be 101 year old and was built in 1896 by 2 Europeans; for Zakaria Kizito Kisingiri, one of the three Regents to the then young King Daudi Chwa the second of 36 kings of Buganda.

  • House of Kings

    Bulange in Mmengo is the seat of government of The Kingdom of Buganda. Here you will be welcomed by the inspiring “kiganda” traditional dance and can have an interesting tour around the complex.

  • The royal Trail

    Explore the fascinating history of Ugandas´revived kingdoms and royal houses. There are a lot of interesting stories to tell and amazing things to see. If anything make it a point to follow the trail of Buganda kingdom seconded by Toro kingdom. Both are centered right in the city.Until its independence in 1962, Uganda comprised of traditionally...

  • Long live the King

    The year 2001 experienced the revival of the fisrt kingdom, Buganda. Since then nearly all kingdoms have been called back to life. The youngest of all kings, his Highness king Oyo of Toro was crowned at 4 yrs.King Oyo sits in his palace at Muyenga.

  • Cultural Trail

    Through all the years heritage has lived on in the hearts of the people, their traditional dress, languages, dances and customs. The cultural trail invites you to explore amazing heritage and tradition as exemplified on Buganda Kingdom. Easy access to the corresponding sights enables a quick tour in the footsteps of the “Kabaka”, the king of...

  • South-western Uganda can be...

    South-western Uganda can be pretty dangerous country (the town we stayed in was shelled with mortars from Rwandan rebels about six hours after we left). It is remarkably fertile country - drop anything on the ground and it will grow. We were offered fantastic vegetables for sale at ludicrously low prices. Indeed, one lad just gave us some of his as...

  • Pure adventure

    Don´t miss visiting Sese Islands on the north western shore of lake Victoria. The Islands comprise of 84 beautiful, green untouched Isles. Probably the best place in Uganda to relax and breathe in nature. You have the choice between Sese´s wildlife: monkeys, hippos, crocodiles, different types of birds and fishing, swimming or just sun bathing.

  • Get out of the main cities and...

    Get out of the main cities and see the local vilage life. If you are white, the locals will be amazed that you are walking. I wandered with my girlfriend (who is Ugandan) through two villages and we caused quite a stir. Seeing a mzungu (white person) walking rather than being chauferred around was something quite new to them!

  • They Miss the rare Mount...

    They Miss the rare Mount Gorillas. Found only in this area of the world.Gorilla The Gorilla is the largest living primate. It is the ape that is most closely related to man. Many people feel they are the most intelligent animal on earth other than humans. Gorillas to known have an untamable ferocity. Their great strength, formidable appearance and...

  • A good way to spend a Sunday...

    A good way to spend a Sunday in Kampala is to go to down to the closest thing there is to a beach, Ggaba or Munyuno lakeside 'beaches'. Munyuno is the more developed of the two and you can get good Lake Victoria Talapia have a drink and watch the numerous activities going on in and around the Lake.


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