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  • Gorilla trackers
    Gorilla trackers
    by Africancrab
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    Kampala matatu station
    by georeiser
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    Boda boda drivers outside Kampala Casino
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  • Top scran!

    Kampala Restaurants

    sadly this establishment is no longer in existanceNorthern Ugandan food for Southern softies! Malakwang ne lumonde

  • Kampala Sheraton Hotel

    Kampala Hotels

    If you want to stay in a luxurious hotel in Kampala, here it is. The Sheraton is located in some...

  • Indian Veg

    Kampala Restaurants

    Half decent Pure Vegetarian restaurant. This place was known by another name (also a vegetarian gaff) previously and when I went there in March 2015 it had only been open a month There were a lot of sweets and snacks but I plumped for the set meal Thali



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  • The Flag of Uganda

    Entebbe Local Customs

    The very colourful flag of Uganda is one of the most striking national flags of the world. It is comprised of 2 stripes each of Black, Yellow and Red and Red with a crested crane in full colour on a white disk in the middle. Black represents the African people, Yellow stands for sunshine and the Red symbolizes the brotherhood of man. The 3 colours...

  • Sheraton Kampala Hotel

    Entebbe Hotels

    Ternan Avenue, Entebbe, KM, UG

    Satisfaction: Average

    Good for: Solo

    Hotel Class 5 out of 5 stars

  • Best rates

    Entebbe Shopping

    The best exchange rates in Entebbe can now be forund in Victoria Mall at either Metropolitan or DTB FOREX.



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  • Swaminarayan Hindu temple

    Jinja Things to Do

    I was told the main Hindu temple is situauted on the way to the show ground from Jinja town but this temple is a lovely building and the askari on the gate was quite happy to show me around.

  • Better than the average market

    Jinja Shopping

    Better than the average market was Jinja market. It was a crowded friendly place full of friut, veg, spices and all the other usual things for sale at an African market but since my last visit like a few markets in Uganda at the moment it has been bulldozed and and brand spanking new market is being built in its place. In the mean time the market...

  • Akamba Bus and Kampala Coach

    Jinja Transportation

    If you are needing a bus to Kenya from Jinja the place to go is either the Akamba Bus or Kampala Coach bus offices which are pretty much next to each other on the roundabout north east of town. This is not the roundabout near Owen Falls dam it is further along the Tororo highway than this. Both offices are in a block of buildings opposite the Gapco...



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  • Gaagaa Bus

    Lira Transportation

    The best and most hassle fee way to get to Lira is by Gaagaa Bus. They now have thir own compound at Arua Park on Ben Kiwanuka street. they have designated counters for each detination Paidha, Arua, Koboko, Lira, it is all very organised unlike the Qualicel Bus Park.

  • £ $ UGX

    Lira Shopping

    Forex with decent rates in the middle of town. There were not many places to exchange money at all in Lira. This placehad surprisingly good rates considering the lack of competition

  • Avoid White Horse bus

    Lira Transportation

    I'd paid my fare and boarded the White horse bus to LIra. Aftre an hour the bus was full ready to leave. But it didn't! Some real serious repair job was being done under the drives wheel arch. Various bits of engine were being removed in basins and amechnic was sucking out fuel from a pipe and spitting it back in a bottle (mmm nice). Passengers...


Fort Portal

See all 12 Fort Portal Tips
  • You drive me ape

    Fort Portal Things to Do

    Anywhere in this part of Uganda you are likely to come across Colobus Monkeys. In Lake Nkuruba you will see them daily. In Fort portal town it is possible to see them in the trees at the top of town near the Toro club and even on the bus from Kampala it is not uncommon to see a black tail hanging down from a branch of a tree.

  • Walk to the lake of frogs

    Fort Portal Things to Do

    From Lake Nkuruba there are many walks that you can take in a multitude of directions. A fairly straight forward one is to walk to the nearby lake of Nyabikere. This is easy because you follow a track all the way until you come to the paved road near CVK camp on Lake Nyabikere. You set off from Nkuruba and head off along a track heading east the...

  • Possibly the best market in East Africa

    Fort Portal Shopping

    Not a million miles from Fort Portal, well just a few kilometres down the Kasese road is Mugusu home of possibly the best market in East Africa. The market is on every Wednesday. As well a the usual fruit, veg, and goats for sale it may well be the best place to buy mitumba (second hand clothes). Unlike other markets in Uganda the clothes here are...



See all 9 Arua Tips
  • Cool in the Pool

    Arua Things to Do

    I was hot and needed a day by the pool to cool off and relax. I was told about the White Castle Hotel that had a pool "it is 2 km out of town" I was told. So 2km would be quite a pleasant stroll. Anyway after about 5k of walking under the hot sun I was about to give up when on the horizon I spied a sign for the hotel. At last I can relax in the...

  • Rippons Motel

    Arua Hotels

    Looking over the Taxi Park in Arua is the Rippons Motel. This building or two buildings of several...

  • Breakfast Arua style

    Arua Restaurants

    Every day I spent in Arua I would breakfast at the same nameless place just a few hundred metres away from where I was staying at Rippons motel. It was hardly a restaurant more of a small compound that was fenced off by wicker fencing and a roof made up of several pieces of tarpaulin. A jerry can with a plastic tap roughly affixed to it sat on a...



See all 16 Soroti Tips
  • Dont miss the washed bread!

    Soroti Restaurants

    You know when you are crying out for something to eat which you have missed and have had real difficulty in finding. Then you find somewhere that scratches that itch. This was such a place when I was desperate for scrambled eggs on toast. With lashings of Chilli sauce of course. Ahhh that hit the spot! I never got to eat the French toast (2 slices...

  • Ugandan food

    Soroti Restaurants

    All your favourite Ugandan dishes at reasonable prices with Sky news on the box as you eat.

  • mbarabara mzuri

    Soroti Transportation

    Last time I was in this neck of the woods the road from here in Soroti to Lira was terrible. Two different companies were building / resurfacing the road from either end. Both ends of the road were pretty good but by the time you got to the middle in Dokolo it was a right mess. The Soroti end looks all but complete with swanky new road signs giving...



See all 25 Gulu Tips
  • t'net

    Gulu Shopping

    There are a gaggle of internet cafes in Nehru Rd. Non are brilliant and the power does tend to go from time to time but usually the internet cafe will fire up their own generator.

  • Dek ngor

    Gulu Restaurants

    Not sure this place has got a name. It is also not the easiest place to find as it it is situated in the alleyway between two parallel streets Labwor and Awich roads in Gulu. The girl at the hotel I was staying told me to eat here and right she was to do so. I loved the Dek ngor moo yang which I ate with sweet potatoes. The café gets really busy...

  • Dek ngor madam!

    Gulu Restaurants

    Can't remember the name of this place but it is on the right of Kampala road as you walk north.Traditional northern Ugandan Food. Best going at lunchtime, if you go in the evening the choice of food is not as extensive as the menu might suggest. I was disappointed a couple of times in the evening when the malakwang had been eaten so had to go to...



See all 11 Moroto Tips
  • Local scran

    Moroto Restaurants

    Similar to, but possibly less choice than the Friends Hotel/Restaurant. Selling a few Ugandan staples if they are already prepared or you can buy the odd snack. Luckily there is always chai on the go

  • Stools 'R' us

    Moroto Shopping

    In the centre of the main drag in Moroto there is a large tree and underneath this tree during daytime you will see a few blokes selling wooden stools of various sizes. I always fancied one of the small stools that you see Karamojong and Turkana blokes walking around with that they use for pillows/neck rests as well as stools to sit on in the...

  • Watch a match at Old Trafford!

    Moroto Things to Do

    Not the Old trafford Stadium. Well It is actually a video hall that shows Chuck Norris films as well as footie games



See all 10 Mbale Tips
  • Mbale bus park

    Mbale Transportation

    With a few exceptions transport from Mbale in all sorts of directions leaves from the bus park. Buses from here leave to Moroto, Kotido, Nakapiriprit, Kumi, Soroti, Lira, Gulu, and Busia.Some of the early Gateway buses don't enter the park but stop outside Tawfiq restaurant. Elgon flyers have their own office on Kumi Rd with regular buses to...

  • Take a dip

    Mbale Things to Do

    Nothing better to do on a nice hot day in Mbale than to take a refreshing swim in the pool at the Mbale Resort Hotel. In what was once the gardens of the hotel they are now building another even bigger hotel which will have a bigger pool or so I am told! The cost of a swim is 5,000 UGX, but as well as a pool there is also a gym and a sauna

  • Restaurant or Restuarant, you decide

    Mbale Restaurants

    Al the usual Ugandan favourites plus on occasions you can get bamboo shoots Malewa . These are usually cooked together with ground nut sauce.



See all 6 Masaka Tips
  • A Scultpure Park and Arts Village in...

    Masaka Things to Do

    Are you a fun of art and community? while you are in or around Masaka you don't want to miss an opportunity to visit the first of its kind a growing community for the Arts in East Africa. This is in Ndegeya (Weaver Bird), a village located only about 6KM from Masaka town center in the direction of Katwe and the through Ssaza. In Ndegeya you will...

  • Camping in a Ugandan Sculpture Park

    Masaka Things to Do

    I think that there's still a very huge gap between art and Community in Uganda but after the establishment of a sculpture park in Weaver Bird (Ndegeya) , Masaka art lovers can now enjoy a weekend out in Masaka while they get acquainted with sculpture making. Camp Ndegeya Sculpture Park hosts Art camps every 3 months which attracts artists from the...

  • Masaka Taxi Park

    Masaka Transportation

    From the centre of town if you head downhill and in a southerly direction you will I’m sure end up in the taxi park, but it is pretty hard to see until you almost enter the park itself. The park is surrounded by low rise buildings that obscure the usual bustle of all the usual comings and goings. Luckily for me it was right next to where I was...



See all 7 Mbarara Tips
  • Slap up eatery

    Mbarara Restaurants

    Good traditional African eatery selling all the usual Ugandan staples in huge quantities.Service was excellent in this busy local place near the market. Similarly as good and as cheap I found was the Western Hotel right across the road from this place Toast. yeah proper toast I struggle to find a slice of toast in Kampala or else where in UG but...

  • Beer and Dancing

    Mbarara Nightlife

    The place to go to in Mbarara town for nightlife is Bananuka Rd. On this street there are a few bog standard bars such as Sabs Guest house bar, a couple of quite impressively large places to go if you want to dance the night away such as Another life Disco and Vision Empire Night Club. My favourite watering hole on Bananuka Rd and in fact in the...

  • Nice Pizza

    Mbarara Restaurants

    I guess this place is part of the Hot loaf Bakery group that I see in a couple of places in Kampala. The food here is obviously the same as the shops in the capital but the prices were definitely different. I paid 1,800 for a good sized veggie pizza here in Mbarara; it was lovely so good I bought one the next day as well. In Kampala a smaller...


Ruwenzori National Park

  • Make Sure your Porters set off First

    Ruwenzori National Park Warnings and Dangers

    This trip was in 1992 but could still apply. At least it makes sense to be sure your porters go first before you set off as then you know they are on their way with your tents and food. Also set off early so you don't have to climb so fast.We only climbed to the first stage of the Ruwenzoris and the hut where porters are hired was very busy. We...

  • Going it alone - where do you start

    Ruwenzori National Park Favorites

    I organised this trip on my own. You will need to organise a permit with the Uganda Wildlife Authority to visit the Rwenzori Area. The link provided will give you details of prices. This needs to be your starting point.I`d recommend pre-booking but expect them to ignore your e mails, phone calls and lose details of bank transfers. Be persitent,...

  • Security

    Ruwenzori National Park Warnings and Dangers

    You might have heard that bandits/rebels are present in the Rwenzori area. At the time of writing this this was old news.Rebels were active in the late 1990s. But the area is currently safe. The landmines that were left have been cleared away.Each group of porters gets an armed park guard as assurance.


Ngamba Island

See all 35 Ngamba Island Tips

    Ngamba Island Transportation

    Yep – boat. They provide the floatation jacket and wet gear. You are going to get wet. If you get sea sick, sit in the middle of the boat. If you like to have fun and try and hang on for dear life like I did – ride on the back! Only one person has ever fallen out. No it wasn’t me.


    Ngamba Island Things to Do

    These guys eat well and they eat often. They are fed 7 times a day! And their food looks and smells delicious. Ripe, and I mean ripe, pears, bananas, oranges, melons, the works. All this stuff gets thrown at them from a great height, but it ends up being a game. Yep, chimpanzees can catch with both hands and feet and they rarely miss a catch. In...


    Ngamba Island Warnings and Dangers

    Chimpanzees need the companionship of other Chimpanzees literally to survive. They also need a place to live. The main threats to them today are: Deforestation, Snare Hunting, 'Bush Meat' and the 'Pet' Trade. There are many reasons for this from slash and burn agriculture to their meat being prized as an expensive delicacy. Snaring is illegal and...



See all 3 Adjumani Tips
  • Zawadi bus

    Adjumani Transportation

    Opposite Hotel Zawadi is the booking office for Zawadi bus where you can book your journey to Gulu and Kampala or in the other direction to Moyo. I booked a seat on the next day’s bus to Gulu. The Bus was due to leave at 8 and was told “sometimes it is some minutes late”. I knew the bus originated in Moyo so was half expecting a wait but not the 75...

  • Zawadi Hotel

    Adjumani Hotels

    Hotel Zawadi is the biggest hotel in the centre of the small town of Adjumani. Asking around town...

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