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  • Place Oum Saad, Laayoune
    Place Oum Saad, Laayoune
    by maykal
  • Dunes, Laayoune
    Dunes, Laayoune
    by maykal
  • Tarfaya : walking for hours in sand vastnesses.
    Tarfaya : walking for hours in sand...
    by JCBsouthFrance
Map of Western Sahara

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Laayoune Plage



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Ad Dakhla

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  • From Dakhla to Mauretania

    Ad Dakhla Transportation

    There is no public transportation from Dakhla to Mauretania, the Hotel Sahara near the Souk offers a shared taxi to Nouadhibou for 300 Dirham and to Nouakchott for 600 (7 am, 10 hours drive and 2 hour waiting at the border).Supratours (close to hotel Sahara, 150 Dirham) would have a bus at midnight to the Moroccan border (returning maybe after 6...

  • Go Kitesurfing in Dakhla

    Ad Dakhla Things to Do

    The northern end of the lagoon is a excellent place for Kite surfing.http://www.auberge-des-nomades-du-sahara.com/ (french only)Staying in Dakhla is cheaper but you will have a transportation problem.If you come with a camper there is also a trailerpark.

  • Fish stalls

    Ad Dakhla Restaurants

    Dakhla is a fishing port, so you'd expect it to be big on seafood. The man from Meknes thought so too. Qasim, his name was. He'd travelled down on the bus with me from Laayoune. Having spent 40 years in Belgium, he'd decided it was time to see his home country from top to bottom. So he'd got to Dakhla on a Sunday evening shortly before sunset, and...



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  • Politics

    Laayoune Warnings and Dangers

    Laayoune has been under Moroccan occupation since 1975, and as far as you are concerned, you are in Morocco. This is not the place to come and wave your Western Sahara flags, as you will get into serious trouble. The Sahraouis do occasionally demonstrate against the occupation, but if you hear of this happening, go elsewhere. If you don't, the...

  • More on the dunes

    Laayoune Things to Do

    Things to look out for on the dunes are the lakes in the distance, flamingoes (apparently...I didn't see any), swimming dogs, snakes (I was told by one person that these can be deadly, but several others told me there were no snakes in that area...who to trust?), military installations (be careful when up on the ridge...there is a large army camp,...

  • Grand Taxis

    Laayoune Transportation

    Grand taxis are useful for points north and east. There are frequent taxis heading to Tan Tan (3 hours) and Smara (2 hours), fewer going to Goulimime (5 hours...if things look a bit slow, try going to Tan Tan and changing there), some land rovers going to remote outposts in the desert (as a foreigner, i doubt you'd be allowed to travel on these),...


Laayoune Plage

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  • moroccan-style pizza

    Laayoune Plage Restaurants

    A small hole in the wall and not the best pizza in the world, but for sure the friendliest pizza place... The owner (and chef) was obviously excited about having two italian customers eat his pizzas... I thought I could not disappoint him by telling him only one of us was Italian. He told us he learned to make pizzas by watching movies... We had a...

  • a sweet tooth

    Laayoune Plage Local Customs

    There are two things that are defnitely not missing in laayoune... the first is pharmacies (there are dozens of them) the second - and most important - is patisseries... hudreds. Definitely people living there have a sweet tooth.There's plenty of cakes and sweets to be bought, and all look delicious. Hard to buy only a few pieces of them, we...

  • getting there - by air

    Laayoune Plage Transportation

    Unless you are heading into mauritania, maybe it's worth considering flying into western sahara... sometimes, if you book well in advance, royal air maroc has affordable tickets, there. I think we paid about 80 euros for our return trip from casablanca.However, we found that the airline is not really to be trusted too much - so do yourself a favour...


Cabo Bojador

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  • Patisserie Casablanca

    Cabo Bojador Restaurants

    This is a typical moroccan patissery which serves along with some fresh fruit juices fresh bakery stuff. chocolate croissant, orange juice or a panache (orange juice with banana and avocato) humm, bread and mint tea.you can also eat some moroccan eggs with spices.

  • Boujdour Coast

    Cabo Bojador Things to Do

    I took this wonderful text from this folowing website:http://www.bluegecko.orgThe conqueror of the sea and its legends was Gil Eanes, equerry to Prince Henry the Navigator of Portugal (in whose honour Boujdour's ancient lighthouse is dedicated). In 1434, enticed by rumours of a legendary 'Golden River' that lay further south, Eanes became the first...

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Bir Gandus

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  • Dont give rides to stragers!!

    Bir Gandus Warnings and Dangers

    police in morocco advert that in western sahara you shouldnt give rides to local people in your car. there are reports of many people getting robbed while giving rides to nice local people. you have to understand this is a very problematic region full of bandits.year 2003 a french girl gave a ride to a moroccan guy which came with her to no mans...

  • no petrol stations

    Bir Gandus Tourist Traps

    from dakhla to bir guendouz (aprox. 400km) you only have one petrol station that sometimes can be out of gasoline or diesel.this is located i think 80 or 180 (hehehe sorry about the 100km difference) from bir guendouz!!

  • Border closes from 6pm to 8:30am

    Bir Gandus Tourist Traps

    Border closes from 6pm to 8:30am If you come here you have to make sure you dont pass these times. the border in north morocco never closes but this one here has this special schedule. when i was coming from mauritania to morocco (western sahara) for the first time i had to sleep on the mauritnian side cos the border here was closed. and it didnt...


Guelta Zemmur

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  • Sun Set

    Guelta Zemmur Nightlife

    due to the problematic situation in the field and the risks we had and the problems we had, uff, this was a memorable sun set!

  • Old Spanish Road

    Guelta Zemmur Things to Do

    This is what is left of the old spanish road inside wetsren sahara. Now the majority of the road is full of holes and the army even prefers making (in some parts) sand going out of the actual road instead od ruining car suspension.

  • Desert Mountains

    Guelta Zemmur Things to Do

    Gueltat Zemmour is located on a strategiuc point right on top of this big hill. The rock mountains will be the landscape youll see trhu the way from the protection wall to the army building complex of Gueltat Zemmour.


Ad Dchira

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  • The Spanish fort

    Ad Dchira Things to Do

    If you ever wantd to know what had happend since Spain abandone Western Sahara, or even if you have been wondering if they had been there, then you should come out to As Dchira. There is what is left of a Spanish Fort, now in ruins, with none to look after it.it's a bit of an eerie sight, all left alone with a few pink houses in proximity... a...

  • Ad Dchira

    Ad Dchira Favorites

    Ad Dchira, located about 25/30 kilometres east of Laayoune, on the Smara road, is possibly one of the most boring places on eart. A handful of pink houses (20 at the most), a half-paved road, and the Spanish Fort... nothing more, nothing less. Nothing basicallt. My fondest memory ought to be the fort, since it's the only sight in the village......

  • getting to Ad Dchira

    Ad Dchira Transportation

    Getting to Ad Dchira, although it is only about 30 kilometres from Laayoune, is not very easy if you don't have your own vehicle. I think that there might be grand taxis going there (if you ask) since the village is onther Smara road - however the place is really not somewhere you'll like to be stuck at... middle of nowhere, with enough to do to...


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