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    Livingstone Museum
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    Victoria Falls
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  • Warnings and Dangers
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Livingstone Highlights

  • Pro
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     Small city with the biggest attraction and handicrafts as well!!! 

  • Con
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     Lots of folks trying to sell you souvenirs 

  • In a nutshell
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     A convenient base for trips to Victoria Falls and Chobe 

Livingstone Things to Do

  • white water rafting

    white water rafting is claimed to be the best rafting trip available in the world. if it your first time rafting it is scary but you will have a licensed guide and it is highly enjoyable. rafting is done on the Zambezi river where you would see hippos though crocodiles swim away cause of the noise of the paddles. I would recommend it because it is...

  • Elephant Safari

    The Thorntree Lodge makes fantastic use of its riverfront property for these elephant-back safaris. The route goes through the riverside scrub, into the river itself, across a small island, and back through scrub. The river part is a lot of fun – part wading, part swimming, and you’re likely to end up at least a little wet, especially if you’re on...

  • Rhino Walks/Game Walks

    I went with Bwaato Adventures for two walks, and thoroughly enjoyed it both times. Our guide was great, knowledgeable about the park, the animals, the tracks, the dung, alternative uses for various trees, all that kind of stuff. It’s all small groups – one was with five people, one with three – with a maximum of 12. They also do bird watching...

  • Microlight

    What a way to see the falls! Microlights are a hang glider attached to a light tricycle frame with a propeller in back – very light, very agile, and very bouncy in even the lightest wind. Most flights are early in the morning, lasting until the wind gets too strong (they won’t go up when it’s too strong), although I saw them later in the afternoon...

  • Under the Spray

    A completely different perspective of Victoria Falls. You walk down a side gorge, scramble over boulders along the cliff beside a Class 5 rapids, raft a short ways upstream, scramble over more boulders, and, finally, jump into a natural pool under the falls on the Zambian side (Eastern Cataract). It takes some effort to get there, but it’s fun, and...


    I had a good look around town and the best rates were offered by the Post Office once you factored in the commission fee the other exchange places charge. The Post Office does not charge a fee. They do give you a slightly less favourable rate for $1, $5, $10 and $20 U.S. notes. There is a little office in the middle of the post Office, just go and...


Livingstone Hotels

Livingstone Restaurants

  • Excellent Food, Relaxed Atmosphere

    The Green Tree Lodge serves excellent food, from traditional Zambian dishes with nshima to delicious variations on continental-style steaks and pastas (Andrew, the owner of the lodge, is also a chef). Many of the vegetables, spices, and fruits used in the dishes are grown on premises, and all of the sauces, marinades, chutneys, etc., are made on...

  • Thatos beer

    I followed the steps of DAO, and stumbled uppon Thatos Beergarden. The restaurant was closed when I arrived at 9 PM. DAO writes: "Want a quick dip in the pool and an ice cold beer? Sit in or out and enjoy sports on the big screen TV. This is the way bars should be! They do food as well. Paradise found. Drink here, eat here, relax here!". Maybe it's...

  • Rite Pub & Grill

    Rite Pub & Grill looks like an American restaurant. It's a nice place to visit on Wednesday nights for live local music and entertainment. Spare ribs and steaks.


Livingstone Nightlife

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    by DAO Updated May 25, 2009

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Want a quick dip in the pool and an ice cold beer? Sit in or out and enjoy sports on the big screen TV. This is the way bars should be! They do food as well. Paradise found. Drink here, eat here, relax here!

    (Formerly called The Mission)

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Livingstone Transportation

  • From Livingstone to Lusaka with bus

    Two major bus companies and many small ones are offering trips from Livingstone to Lusaka. I took the Mazhandu Family Bus services. A business ticket costs 80000 Kwacha (16 USD). The socalled business bus is a new bus with better space between the seats. The other buses are older and usually more crowded. The normal ticket costs 70000 Kwacha.The...

  • Taxis in Livingstone

    There are a lot of Taxis in Livingstone. You can see the blue taxis in Livinstone downtown or at the Victoria Falls border post to Zimbabwe. I took a taxi from the border to Livingstone and paid 50000 Kwacha (10 USD) for the trip.

  • To Livingstone by road

    Livingstone can by reached by road in several ways. -If you are coming from Botswana, cross the border at Kazungula by ferry and continue east for about 60 km.-If you are coming from Namibia, cross the border at Katima Mulilo and continue east.-If you are coming from Lusaka, take the southbound Kafue Road out of Lusaka. Just after the Kafue River...


Livingstone Shopping

  • Crafts market

    The Mukuni market shopping mall is an open air arcade. The market is open from 7 AM to 6 PM. Crafts are important for Livingstone and the industry relies on local craftsmen. Craft like indigenous artefacts, carvings, leather goods, bead works, drums, spears, and other curios and souvenirs. The sellers are good business men and announce the price...

  • Street sellers

    Street traders gather along the main streets of Livingstone to sell their products. In most cases they sell food, vegetables and fruits. But also CD's, DVD's and crafts.

  • Town centre market

    The Livingstone centre town market is a colourful and lively market for the locals. Groceries, food, fruits, vegetables, and much more.


Livingstone Local Customs


    ‘TRULY ZAMBIAN’ is actually the advertising slogan for Mosi beer. Mosi is the most popular beer sold in Zambia. Despite its humble origins, it seems to strike a chord with local people who are proud of their country. You will see this slogan just about everywhere! MOSI-OA-TUNYA is from the Kololo or Lozi language and means ‘The Smoke That...


    The National Park extends to just outside Livingstone and around Victoria Falls. They have some important rules to follow:Rule no. 1:Animals have the right of wayRule no. 2:Maximum speed 65km/h- and - THE FOLLOWING ARE PROHIBITED:* Entering or leaving the park without registering at the entry point* Carrying firearms, ammunition, bows, arrows,...

  • Locals are used to foreigners

    The local people in Livingstone are used to foreigners. Although they are friendly, you will not receive the same curiosity and obligingness as other more remote areas in Zambia.


Livingstone Warnings and Dangers

  • New Kwacha

    At the moment the governement is dropping 3 zero's from the Kwacha, the new bills look very similar to the old, for instance the old 20.000 had K20 writhen big and then 3 small zero's the new has only K20 writhen, otherwise quite the same. New bills come in 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100, and coins for 1Kwacha and smaller. With the 2 to 50 bills should...

  • Don't fall into the canyons near...

    Along the path leading to the various viewpoints at Victoria Falls, we saw a great sign warning people about the danger of falling over the cliff it they strayed from the paths and crossed the fences. Hopefully nobody is stupid enough to defy the warnings and risk a plunge into the canyon.

  • Baboons

    There are many baboons around the area of the Park. They are quite a nuisance, although the problem is largely caused by tourists. We saw a male grabbing fruit out of people’s hands with some aggression! The problem is that tourists feed these wild animals, and we also saw two kids teasing a baboon which was behind a fence. It took the angered...


Livingstone Tourist Traps


    You are looking at pictures of an idiot. This guy hangs around the Bungee Jumping station on the bridge between the borders of Zimbabwe and Zambia. He will show you a small cloth with a few copper coloured bracelets inside. He will go on to explain that he has hand-made them as his dearly departed Grandfather taught him as a child. He may even...


    If you think that taxi drivers here are any different from other taxi drivers elsewhere – think again. Yes, they lie, cheat and steal. Thieving bastards – every one. They will happily charge you $20-50 to get between Livingston and Vic Falls. I finally jumped in with a taxi that already had passengers and paid less than $5. OK, Maybe there is one...


    If you come to this side of the falls in the dry season, you can walk over them! In fact, you can see the inviting Livingston Island right in the middle of the falls. It has a commanding view over the always wet Zimbabwe side. If you get close enough – you then find out what the problem is. This sign explains. If you go over to the island the...


Livingstone What to Pack

  • Bring your own suntan lotion

    I bought suntan lotion in the Shoprite center in Livingstone. It was not the best brand I have tried. I recommend to bring your own suntan lotion before you travel to Zambia. However good toothpaste and soap can be bought in the shops.

  • A few things to remember to pack

    If you are traveling during Zambia's winter (Jun-Aug), bring layers (sweaters, fleece, windbreaker, etc.), because it can be hot during the day (25-30 degrees Centigrade) and cold at night (10 degrees or less). Also, bring a light waterproof jacket or poncho for visiting Victoria Falls, because you will get wet from the mist. Bring bug spray and...


    You came all this way to see on of the natural wonders of the world. Its 11 kms out of town, it’s hot as hell here all year round and (thankfully) there are no facilities inside the National Park. That means carrying around heavy water bottles all the time. On top of that is the huge souvenir/craft market at the entrance to Victoria Falls National...


Livingstone Off The Beaten Path

  • Zambezi Sun Statue Garden

    I'm putting this tip here because officially speaking only guests at the Zambezi Sun hotel are supposed to visit this area of the hotel grounds:This hotel has a statue garden area. Most of the statues are modern / contemporary art, and all have been made by African artists. Some are bizarre, some are beautiful, and others leave the visitor...

  • Victoria Falls at Sunset

    If you have come to Livingstone, chances are you have came because you want to visit Victoria Falls. After all, that is the primary attraction and the basis of all the other tourist activities in this region.The falls themselves are therefore certainly not an "Off the Beaten Path" activity, but very few people are in the park just as the sun is...

  • The Lookout Tree

    Across the road from the Zambezi Sun hotel complex, there is a road that leads to the Mukuni Village. Driving down this road maybe one hundred yards (meters) after crossing the railroad line, you will come to this huge tree on the right side of the road.This tree is called the lookout tree. There is a small parking area underneath it and there is a...


Livingstone Favorites

  • Post office in Livingstone

    Livingstone has a large post office in Mosi-oa-Tunya Road in the city centre. A bureaux de change and a forex dealer (Western Union) is located in the same hall. A stamp to Europe, America or other Mzungi-land costs 5000 Kwacha (1 USD). The poscards took 12 days to Scandinavia.

  • The highest building in Livingstone

    The highest building in Livingstone is the 8 storey tall "Mosi-oa-Tunya House". It's located in Mosi-oa-Tunya Road, just opposite the Livingstone Museum.

  • Livingstone border and visa on arrival

    Visa on arrival is possible in Livingstone. The border is 400 meters after the Victoria Bridge. The tourist visa at the border cost 50 USD for all, and takes less than 15 minutes if there is no queue. If you already got a visa from an embassy prior to your arrival, there is nothing for you to write. The officer stamps your passport and the...


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