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  • Lions- Antelope Park - Zimbabwe
    Lions- Antelope Park - Zimbabwe
    by kentishgirl
  • Lions Drinking - Zimbabwe
    Lions Drinking - Zimbabwe
    by kentishgirl
  • Male Lion on the Breeding Programme at Gweru
    Male Lion on the Breeding Programme at...
    by kentishgirl

Gweru Things to Do

  • Breeding Programme

    Foe something like 5USD you could participate in the breeding programme. Still onsite at Antelope Park this is the sort of place that to me feels like a zoo and I diddn't like it.But here they are doing all of this for good reason, there are so few lions left in the wilds of Africa its heartbreaking - here they are breeding and monitoring them very...

  • Sunsets

    Antelope Park has an undercover area with seating and an outside patio area on the lawns by the river. We loved sitting here and chilling out - especially at Sunset.

  • The Ultimate - Walking with Lions

    Walking with the Lions was one of my African highlights.You are briefed fully before you get out into the game reserve, you have guides with you at all times.The lions were so happy wandering around, growling, playing, drinking - such a wonderful experience which all in all lasted about 90 minutes I think.

  • Elephant Riding and Swimming

    I never did this whilst at Antelope Park but my 2 friends did and they loved it.You ride the Elephants along the river bed and at certain times of the year you can sit on them whilst they bathe in the river too!

  • Lion Cub Viewing

    They call this activity Lion Cub Viewing.In fact you get to go into the pen where the Lion Cubs live, when I say a pen - its a huge pen and there is plenty of room for them to run around and have fun!We spent around 30 Minutes in with the Lion Cubs and it was soooooo amazing! I couldnt quite believe that I had a lion cub sitting on my lap!These...

  • Play with the lions 2.

    You can not beat the rare and unusual experience of playing with 12 week old lion cubs. Their teeth are very sharp and their paws are large and strong, but the feeling of being one with nature is a magnificent expeience that Anne and I will remember for the rest of our lives.

  • Walk with the lions 2.

    It is amazing just how unpredictable these 10 month old lions were. One minute they would be walking beside you just taking in the scenery and the next they were ambushing each other, or practicing their hunting skills on each other. I am just glad that they did not practice on us!

  • Game viewing on horseback 2.

    The species in the reserve include non-predatory animals like Giraffe, Zebra, Wildebeest, Impala, Kudu, Warthog, Jackal, Duiker (and many other species of buck and antelope), as well as 150 species of birds. The three kilometre lake in front of the camp is also host to an abundance of bird life, including the great African Fish Eagle.

  • Game viewing on horseback.

    Because the animals in the Reserve are all non-predatory, this makes it a safe place to explore and view game either on foot or on horseback. If you like jogging every day, what better place to run around than a reserve where you jog past giraffe cavorting in the grass.COST.....US$20.00

  • Game viewing on elephant back.

    Because the animals in the Reserve are all non-predatory, this makes it a safe place to explore and view game either on foot or on elephant back. If you like jogging every day, what better place to run around than a reserve where you jog past zebra cavorting in the grass.COST.......US$25.00

  • Swim with the elephants 3.

    Finally the elephant gets its revenge and dunks you while it maks rumbling noises of great content. The swim lasts for around twenty minutes and costs US$15.00. Anne and I felt that all of the activities were very well priced and we took great comfort in the knowledge that all of the money that we spent here went directly into the lion breeding...

  • Swim with the elephants 2.

    The feeling of being in the middle of a lake, on the back of a very heavy elephant is something that you just can't imagine until you have experienced it. The elephants seem to enjoy the experience just as much as the paying guest. When he decides it is time to go under you just have to hold on.......except there is nothing to hold on to...other...

  • Swim with the elephants.

    Another exciting and fun activity at Antelope game park is the elephant swim. You climb the steps to a platform and easily climb on board your elephant before it trudges down to the lake for a well earned swim.

  • Walk with the lions 5.

    At Antelope Park, where else could you take lions for a walk every day to exercise them and to familiarise them with a game reserve environment? On these walks, the lions are 'free roaming' - no leashes - they romp, they play and they stalk each other as they learn their lifes skills to survive once they are released into the wild.COST.....The best...

  • Walk with the lions 4.

    The walks take on average about an hour-and-a-half. Walking the lions is a big tourist attraction and the lions can be accompanied by no more than 10 tourists at a time on any walk. Because the lions are eventually released back into the wild, some information about them is needed in order to establish which are the dominant lions, the more...

  • Walk with the lions 3.

    Before you're allowed to go out with the lions, you'll be briefed on what to do and, more importantly, what not to do. The entire project will also be a learning process for you and you'll find it fascinating. You are informed how to both react and how not to react with the lions but most importantly....Do not look the lions in the eye, it is seen...

  • Walk with the lions.

    The younger lions, usually cubs ranging from about 3 months to about one year old, need to be taken for a walk every day to exercise them and to reinforce their familiarity with an open, game reserve environment. There are usually around 3 or 4 lions in a group and there could be as many as 4 or 5 groups that are taken out. You'll usually be...

  • Feed the lions.

    The lions in the breeding program are fed approx. every 2 or three days because when they are in the wild they will only kill around two or three tmes per week.Antelope park have safari vehicles which will take you, and a rather smelly carcus, to the lion enclosures that are located away from the main complex. Here you will see how the lions feed...

  • Play with the lions.

    It is a great experience to spend around 20 minutes playing with the lion cubs. They are very young and playful and it is exciting to feel just how sharp their teeth and claws are at this young age. They are very inquisitive and nothing escapes their attention, from chewing on your shoes to pouncing on your camera if you put it down!Cost....US$5.00

  • View the breeding program.

    It is heartbreaking, but the number of lions in Africa is decreasing at an alarming rate.Current patterns indicate that within a very short time there will be no lions left on this continent.Antelope Park have a very unique experince just about everywhere you turn. A lion breeding program is in full swing here and when the lions are a couple of...

  • Give a lion a kiss and a cuddle!

    Not to be out done by my brave nursing of a two month old lion cub, Anne decided it was time to kiss and cuddle a ten month old lion! By the look on the lions face I was beginning to worry that it was moving in on my territory and I was feeling rather neglected and intimidated!


Gweru Restaurants

  • Nothing like grilled cheese, samoosas,...

    The Dutch Oven is an experience in itself. It is an American cafe run by Indians called the Dutch Oven. They serve Indian food, hamburgers, African food, doughnuts, milkshakes, etc. The clientele are generally local and are a very interesting mix of white, black, and Indian Zimbabweans. A great place to meet up with friends, meet some new friends,...

  • Dinner!

    We were there for xmas day and had a fantastic xmas dinner! They do dinners each night and also lunches and breakfasts. All food is really good. you can help yourself all day to tea/coffee and juice. If youre self catering, there are bbq's and wood for fires.

  • Gweru Hotels

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Gweru Favorites

  • littlebush's Profile Photo

    by littlebush Written Feb 17, 2003

    Favorite thing: The Antelope park had loads going on, you can go in a glider, go for elephant rides, horse riding game viewing, truck game viewing, walking with lion cubs, feeding lion pups, kayaking. All this is superb scenery by a gentle river. One of Zimbabwes gems.

    me on lion walk

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