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  • Boats on Lake Kariba
    Boats on Lake Kariba
    by kentishgirl
  • I feel the need...
    I feel the need...
    by RblWthACoz
  • Elephant in our Camp!
    Elephant in our Camp!
    by kentishgirl

Kariba Things to Do

  • Matusadona National Park

    During our time on the houseboat we anchored a few times at different spots around the Matusadona National Park which lies on the shore of the Lake.To be honest we never saw amazing game whilst in this park but we had a delightful morning walk and saw some Buffaloe.The walks we took in the national park were relaxing, at times it felt really eerie...

  • Hippo

    There were plenty of hippo in the shallows of Lake Kariba - there were places you could swim in the lake, by the shore wasnt one of them!I love the Hippo though, congregating in their groups around the edge of the shore - when our boat was coming in they didd'nt want to move!

  • Sunset Over the Lake

    I loved sitting out on the deck of our houseboat with a beer in hand and watching the incredible sunset................always so calm...........always so beautiful.

  • Elephants at Camp!!

    Kariba is a haven for wildlife, just look at the pic of this hungry elephant that came into our camp!The thing that I love about this pic is if you have never seen an elephant in real life before. you have no idea how big they really are - this pic puts them into perspective!We were about to head down to the lake and take a launch across to our...

  • Animal viewing.

    There is a fair amount of game to be seen on the shores of Lake Kariba. I saw elephants, hippos, crocodiles, impala, baboons, kudu, zebra...and a few more that I might be forgetting. The best way to view them is to drive around on a power boat and just keep your eyes peeled for signs of life.

  • Heeeere fishy, fishy, fishy.

    There are fish to catch on the lake. Bream are pretty easy to catch, but if you want something more challenging, go for the Tiger fish. They are a game fish and are much more exciting to catch...if you can. If you get a hit, they will immediately swim away as fast as they can, and then swim right back at you before jumping out of the water and...


Kariba Nightlife

  • Party with the crocs and hippos.

    by RblWthACoz Written Jun 4, 2006

    If you have a power boat, something fun to do at night is to search for crocodiles and hippos. Take your highpowered flashlight along and shine it along the shoreline. If you see a red dot, you found a croc.

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Kariba Warnings and Dangers

  • Wicked water.

    It isn't a good idea to swim close to the shorelines. Crocodiles do inhabit the area and there are some huge ones around that wouldn't think twice about making a meal of you. I was told that the middle of the lake was safe to swim in, but you definitely don't want to be too close to a 16 foot man-eater.

  • Hungry, hungry hippos.

    There are a lot of hippos in the waters of Lake Kariba. In case you didn't know, hippos are the deadliest animal in Africa (after the mosquito) and are not to be messed with. If you see a group of hippos, it is in your interest to stay away. If you happen to suddenly be in the midst of them, you will know it because they will become extremely...

  • Eek-er! A Squeaker!

    If you are fishing on the lake and catch a pink/orangish hued catfish that "squeaks" when it's above water, be careful of it. On it's fins there are spikes that supposedly can pierce through anything. If you get pricked by one, it will be irritated for months - almost like having an itch you can't scratch below the surface of your skin.


Kariba Favorites

  • Hmmm. Don't see no skeeters.

    For some reason there are not a lot of mosquitos around. A lot of people told me that, and I wasn't quite sure how true it would be, but I might have only seen 2 or 3 mosquitos the entire time I was there. Maybe it was because I was there in the winter, maybe not. Either way it made for a nice bonus in being there.

  • Game watching at Lake Kariba

    Lake Kariba is worth visiting. You should make a 2 or 3 days cruise on a houseboat.You see the ghostly skeletal trees etched in the water and at the background the Matusadona Hills.Further more there is a very varied wildlife.

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