Rhodes Matopos National Park Travel Guide

  • As we went into Matopos National Park
    As we went into Matopos National Park
    by kentishgirl
  • Matobo Park entrance
    Matobo Park entrance
    by Rusket
  • Rhinos ahead
    Rhinos ahead
    by Rusket

Rhodes Matopos National Park Things to Do

  • Rock formations on Matobo Hills

    Rock formations like this is found around the Matobo hills. They are formed by nature over two thousand million years. Rock paintings can be seen as well.Linked below is a very informative page about Matobo, with links to booking opportunities.

  • Rhodes Matopos National Park

    In this park you can see incredible rock formations and the grave of Cecil Rhodes. It's worth a visit.It's located outside of Bulawayo. You can ride in their with your own car or do a tour with a local company.More information and photos you can find on my travelogue A visit to the grave of Cecil Rhodes.

  • At last......Rhino!

    We finally found the Rhino's again!This time though he was accompanied by his wife and baby!These Rhino were white Rhino which are the most common, white Rhino are in general friendly animals - black rhino are aggresive and so you would never be able to walk with them!Rhino dont have the best eyesight and it took them ages to spot us, we were ever...

  • Rock Formations

    Rhodes Matopos National Park has some fantastic rock formations. One at the main entrance to the park and others scattered throughout the park itself.

  • A Rhino along the road

    Finally just when in the African rain we had all given up any hope of spotting a rhino - who walks along the side the road??!!Amazing. He soon moved on leaving us with just a glimpse of him and even more determination to find him again!

  • It's another Lake!

    Whilst walking through the park we soon came across this other lake.We never saw anymore Hippo here but the lake and surrounding scenery was gorgeous anyway.

  • Walking in Matopos

    The walk we took through the national park was an easy and interesting walk. We enjoyed marvelling at the scenery and looking for wildlife!The walk was relativley flat, I remember there being one steep section but it wasnt difficult.

  • Lakes and Hippo Watching!

    Maopos National Park offers some superb scenery and brilliant landscapes.Our first stop for the day was here at this lake, we stretched our legs and jumped out of the jeep, enjoying a nice little walk by the lake spotting Hippo - of which there were numerous bobbing up and down in the Lake!

  • Crocodiles

    There are two crocodiles in this lake! Difficult to spot in the picture, but I know they are there, cause I wrote it in my diary. The first time we saw crocs irl and not in a zoo, though we had seen alligators in Everglades before :-)

  • Rhino pictures

    I don't know whether these rhinos are black or white. In fact, there is no color difference. We were told that the name white origins from wide, that the difference between the two kinds of rhinos basically is the width of their mouths!

  • Safari

    Drifters, the company we were travelling with, use local experts as guides in all the national parks on the tour. This time we went with an open jeep with 16 passanger seats and one seat on the hood :-)I strongly advise everyone to go with a local tour operator. You learn and see so much more than if you go alone. Our guide was very knowledgeable,...

  • Fauna Found at Whovi Game Area and...

    Animals Spotted:ImpalaBlue wildebeestSableKuduWaterbuckBushbuckKlipspringerSteenbokBurchell’s zebraGiraffeRock HyraxDwarf MongooseWhite rhino (one baby)LeopardVervet MonkeyChacma BaboonBird Sightings:Yellowbill hornbillRedbill hornbillGrey hornbillBlack eagleBateleurHelmeted guineafowlKnobbilled duckWhitefaced duckGrey lourie

  • Whovi Game Reserve

    Fourthly, the fauna here is quite spectacular. There is a game reserve called Whovi Game Area where white rhino may be spotted. But that is not all. This area has the highest density of eagle and leopard in the world. The landscape has not only drawn ancient peoples here but is excellent terrain for the wild life as well.

  • Ancient Rock Art

    Thirdly, the Matobo hills are a treasure trove of ancient African rock art. With some great trails through the granite hills, the rock art if very accessible and are some of the best in Africa.

  • Cecil Rhodes Grave

    Secondly, it the final resting place of Cecil Rhodes, one of the founding fathers of Zimbabwe for good or bad. His grave is situated on top of the “View of the World” at Malindidzimu among a ring of gigantic boulders. The view is amazing!


Rhodes Matopos National Park Warnings and Dangers

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    by Rusket Updated Aug 22, 2005

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    Be careful about where you get out of your car, and do not carry anything that looks like a gun. Poaching is a big problem in the park, and drastic measures are taken. This is for real, some guys were shot a couple of weeks before we were there.

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Rhodes Matopos National Park Favorites

  • Rhodes Grave

    Cecil Rhodes Grave is inside the rocks of Matopos. It was his favourite place in Rhodesia and his last will was fullfilled that he wants to be burried up here......It´s not the worst place for a grave!!!!

  • Everything but elephant

    Theres everything but elephant in the park, the park is too small for them. You do about a 4 hour drive including lunch by a nice lake. You can do part of the tour on foot which is a real opportunity to get close to animals!

  • Rocks & Rhinos

    Although the main attraction of the Park are the rock formations, there are many wild animals to be seen, specially the black rhino (at last count, there were 35 in the park).If you take a 1 day tour, you see the rocks in the morning and the animals in the afternoon, but we arrived at Bulawayo late for the 1 day tour, so did just half day and...


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