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  • Mamma Africa Eating House
    Mamma Africa Eating House
    by PierreZA
  • Victoria Falls from the air
    Victoria Falls from the air
    by mikelisaanna
  • Bungy!
    by PierreZA
Map of Zimbabwe

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Rhodes Matopos National Park






Vumba Mountains






Hwange National Park






Hot Springs



Chimanimani National Park



Rhodes Inyanga National Park



Mana Pools Parks and Wildlife Land






Mount Darwin





Kyle National Park






Victoria Falls

See all 443 Victoria Falls Tips
  • Make sure that you know whether you need...

    Victoria Falls Transportation

    Zimbabwe still has visa requirements in place for many nationalities - Brits and South Africans are notable exceptions.Immigration at Vic Falls airport is rather haphazardly organised, and it is easy for people requiring a visa to join the wrong queue, which is frustrating for all concerned. The cost of a visa appears to be somewhat 'flexible'...

  • Imbabala Safari Lodge

    Victoria Falls Hotels

    Zambezi River, 80 km from Victoria Falls, Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Solo

  • Bring Your own Snacks

    Victoria Falls Things to Do

    You will be looking for snacks and you will not find any snacks in this town. Bring your own peanuts, snickers, trail mix, beef jerky! Also drink only bottle water and use bottle water for washing your mouth do not drink the water. When eating eat cooked veggies! The water source here is questionable so be careful.



See all 56 Harare Tips
  • Birthday Party :-)

    Harare Restaurants

    The Food was fantastic, great ambiance. Waiters sang happy birthday to my friend and it was awesome! They are open Monday when other Chinese restaurants are closed and you can even get a private room if you call ahead to make a reservation. Sweet and sour Pork

  • Meikles Hotel

    Harare Hotels

    Corner 3rd Street/Jason Moyo Avenue, Harare, Zimbabwe

    Satisfaction: Very Good

    Good for: Solo

    Hotel Class 5 out of 5 stars

  • my TAXI driver in HARARE: Mr Cuthbert...

    Harare Transportation

    ..While in Harare for about one week, my preferred TAXI driver was Mr Cuthbert Machiridza.I was very happy with Mr Machiridza service and recommend his Taxi services to anyone visiting Harare.Mário Ferreira, May-2011Contacts:* Mr Cuthbert Machiridza* Cell phone1: (+263) 733 273 749* Cell phone2: (+263) 778 223 119* Email:...



See all 12 Mutare Tips
  • From Mutare to Mozambique

    Mutare Transportation

    You can go from Mutare,by taxi for 10 $ (the hole car! some drivers will tell you when paying it´s per person) or by shared taxi leaving from D Avenue for 2 $ per person. Cross the border, visa on that border is 76 $, walk 100 m further and a Chapas (minibus, very crowded) to Chimoio for 80 Meticais (2,70 $). From there frequent Chapas to Beira for...

  • Leopard Rock Hotel

    Mutare Hotels

    P.O. Box 1322, Mutare, Zimbabwe

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Business

  • Taste of the beast (wildebeeste, that...

    Mutare Restaurants

    A European sounding menu - until you see "braised wildebeeste in red wine sauce"! I was there with a large group, seated in a private dining room, so I can't say much about the ambiance, but the grounds are lush and lovely. That's fortunate, as you'll need a stroll through them to help work off the meal. Or stay overnight - there appeared to be a...



See all 14 Bulawayo Tips
  • Take the long walk to the Matobo cave...

    Bulawayo Off The Beaten Path

    The Matobo hills is one of the richest areas in the world for prehistoric rock art and this form of recorded history is dated from about 25'000 years before the present.This rocky area has numerous of these graphic art forms but unfortunately these paintings are subject to vandalism and this is destroying them faster than weather elements. These...

  • Holiday Inn Bulawayo (Milnerton Avenue )

    Bulawayo Hotels

    service was allright rooms are very basic, clean but a little used the restaurant was a posivtive...

  • The remarkable Matopos 'balancing rock'...

    Bulawayo Things to Do

    On our way out of the national park our guides took us past the Matobo Hills. By this late stage in the day I was very ill and was in desperate need of my bed!!!! The Matobo Hills are remarkable for their unusual scenery and the diversity of their flora and fauna. The hills cover about 790,000 acres and have been eroded from an exposed granite...



See all 28 Gweru Tips
  • Nothing like grilled cheese, samoosas,...

    Gweru Restaurants

    The Dutch Oven is an experience in itself. It is an American cafe run by Indians called the Dutch Oven. They serve Indian food, hamburgers, African food, doughnuts, milkshakes, etc. The clientele are generally local and are a very interesting mix of white, black, and Indian Zimbabweans. A great place to meet up with friends, meet some new friends,...

  • Breeding Programme

    Gweru Things to Do

    Foe something like 5USD you could participate in the breeding programme. Still onsite at Antelope Park this is the sort of place that to me feels like a zoo and I diddn't like it.But here they are doing all of this for good reason, there are so few lions left in the wilds of Africa its heartbreaking - here they are breeding and monitoring them very...

  • Sunsets

    Gweru Things to Do

    Antelope Park has an undercover area with seating and an outside patio area on the lawns by the river. We loved sitting here and chilling out - especially at Sunset.


Rhodes Matopos National Park

  • Rock formations on Matobo Hills

    Rhodes Matopos National Park Things to Do

    Rock formations like this is found around the Matobo hills. They are formed by nature over two thousand million years. Rock paintings can be seen as well.Linked below is a very informative page about Matobo, with links to booking opportunities.

  • Rhodes Matopos National Park

    Rhodes Matopos National Park Things to Do

    In this park you can see incredible rock formations and the grave of Cecil Rhodes. It's worth a visit.It's located outside of Bulawayo. You can ride in their with your own car or do a tour with a local company.More information and photos you can find on my travelogue A visit to the grave of Cecil Rhodes.

  • At last......Rhino!

    Rhodes Matopos National Park Things to Do

    We finally found the Rhino's again!This time though he was accompanied by his wife and baby!These Rhino were white Rhino which are the most common, white Rhino are in general friendly animals - black rhino are aggresive and so you would never be able to walk with them!Rhino dont have the best eyesight and it took them ages to spot us, we were ever...



See all 16 Kariba Tips
  • Matusadona National Park

    Kariba Things to Do

    During our time on the houseboat we anchored a few times at different spots around the Matusadona National Park which lies on the shore of the Lake.To be honest we never saw amazing game whilst in this park but we had a delightful morning walk and saw some Buffaloe.The walks we took in the national park were relaxing, at times it felt really eerie...

  • Hippo

    Kariba Things to Do

    There were plenty of hippo in the shallows of Lake Kariba - there were places you could swim in the lake, by the shore wasnt one of them!I love the Hippo though, congregating in their groups around the edge of the shore - when our boat was coming in they didd'nt want to move!

  • Sunset Over the Lake

    Kariba Things to Do

    I loved sitting out on the deck of our houseboat with a beer in hand and watching the incredible sunset................always so calm...........always so beautiful.


Vumba Mountains

  • Climb the Castle Beacon

    Vumba Mountains Off The Beaten Path

    To find the trail that leads up here is one of the hardest parts of the trip. It was a very narrow gravel path that was leading to kind of a parking..... If we didn´t had four wheel drive we would have stucked there for ages..... Maybe we should have stopped earlier, but we were following signs......Anyway, at last we found the trail, and it was...

  • Vumba Botanical Gardens

    Vumba Mountains Things to Do

    This botanical garden must be wonderful in bloom... I have only been there inwinter and so it wasn´t that colorful.... The arrangements are pretty at any time of year...It´s one of the main tourist attractions around Vumba!

  • Old colonial luxury

    Vumba Mountains Restaurants

    Well, at least we only had a drink at this noble restaurant and hotel. It was nice to sit on the terrace next to the golf green and watch the rich........there was a wedding going on too....



See all 3 Chiredzi Tips
  • Malaria Alert!

    Chiredzi Warnings and Dangers

    Chiredzi is situated in the "Lowveld" and as such has a huge malaria problem, I had it a few times when I lived there and it's not pleasant - alyhough it is a good way to lose weight lol.If your driving in the area, please watch out for stray animals/ children, neither of which have any road sense.It is a Hot hot place, so cover up or coat yourself...

  • Pamushana

    Chiredzi Hotels

    Shop 37 Arundel Village, Quorn Ave, Mount Pleasant, Chiredzi, Zimbabwe

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Couples

    Hotel Class 5 out of 5 stars

  • Out in the wilds

    Chiredzi Things to Do

    Chiredzi is located on the border of the Gona Re Zhou(Place of elephants) National Park. This is about as wild as it gets in Africa - Ammenities are simple ("long drop" loo's), and if you're lucky, a small thatched shelter without walls.I've spent many a time here, often without seeing another person, but plenty of wildlife to keep you busy, and it...


Hwange National Park

  • Saddle-billed Stork

    Hwange National Park Things to Do

    Except for the vultures we did not see many birds in Hwange. I had to search the web to find the name of this one. It has alarge yellow spot on the beak, which is not visible on this picture.

  • Vulnerable position

    Hwange National Park Things to Do

    This is the most dangerous thing a giraffe can do, lucky for him that the lions were full! And lucky for him to have another (the mother?) standing guard (pic 2)

  • Get a local guide

    Hwange National Park Transportation

    As always Drifters had hired a local guide to pick us up and drive us around. All our guides / drivers were very knowledgeable and very concerned about safety. When this lioness passed just a few meters behind our jeep to inspect us, we were told to sit tight and not make a move. Looks like she did not see us as competitors, she lay down, but kept...



See all 7 Masvingo Tips
  • Cheap food in a quiet garden

    Masvingo Restaurants

    Sasda from $ 2,engish breakfast $ 5 in a small quiet garden, closing (like most other restaurants in Masvingo) early Sadza (sort of polenta, in southafrica called pap) with beef

  • Go to Great Zimbabwe

    Masvingo Things to Do

    Great Zimbabwe, 36 km, is the main reason to go to Masvingo, you can go there from Masvingo by taxi, i was quoted 20 US $, or by minibus leaving from the town center before the TM supermarket at Hughes street for 2 $ (1,50 if you have change or if you are 2 or more), it might take half a hour until the bus is full. You arrive then at a turnoff to...

  • Not to miss:

    Masvingo Things to Do

    There are three main musts in the Site:- The Hill complex, is the upper part, up the hill. Was the first built part.- The Great enclosure, at the low part.- The Museum, small, where you can see the National Emblem Bird of Zimbabwe (the one in the bank notes) and some other interesting pieces.To see all this relaxed you'll need all day.


Hot Springs

See all 3 Hot Springs Tips
  • Just relax!!!!!

    Hot Springs Favorites

    The lazyness of life! Just bring your favourite book and relax.... or take a hot bath in between..... There is not so much more to do though....... The darkness at night!

  • Bring a torch!!!!

    Hot Springs What to Pack

    I highly recommend to bring a torch with you.. The night I stayed there I woke up in the middle of the night and it was so dark that I couldn´t see my hand in front of my eyes... I never experienced such darkness before and felt a bit scared and so I hurried to fall asleep again...luckily it worked out ;)There is electric light as long as the...

  • Ask a Question

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Chimanimani National Park

  • Some Things to Keep in Mind in...

    Chimanimani National Park Warnings and Dangers

    No fires are allowed though, and they have had serious wild fire problems here in the park. Bring a stove or just deal with a cold meal if you want to be compliant, but most people are not as you can see evidence of camp fires near the caves. Be very careful if you do have a fire and be smart about not lighting it until after sun set so you don’t...

  • One leg in Zim one leg in Moz

    Chimanimani National Park Off The Beaten Path

    I personally never climbed up to the 2,440 m Mount Binga because my group was very tired. However, I have been told that the views into Mozambique are outstanding and on a clear day it is possible to see the Indian Ocean. We chose a more modest trail to the boarder at Skeleton Pass which is a little more north of Mount Binga. Be careful about...

  • Zimbabwe's Premier Hiking Venue

    Chimanimani National Park Things to Do

    Chimanimani National Park is one of Zimbabwe’s premier hiking venues. The mountain floral is primarily sub-Alpine plants such as heather, lobelia, orchid, aloe. Big game is not here but there are klipspringer, chacma baboon, blue duiker, and leopard. The range is on the boarder with Mozambique to the east and has a maximum altitude of 2,440m at...


Rhodes Inyanga National Park

Mana Pools Parks and Wildlife Land

  • There Are No Supplies Out Here!

    Mana Pools Parks and Wildlife Land What to Pack

    Bring good walking shoes as this park is great for self walks. Pack mosquito spray. Bring plenty of film and batteries. There are no places to buy in the park. You must be self sufficient if you plan on visiting Mana Pools. Bring your own tent and sleeping gear as well as a stove. There are brais available but a stove is definately...

  • Visiting the Pools

    Mana Pools Parks and Wildlife Land Things to Do

    The Zambezi is a great spot to walk along to spot game and birds, however, the pools from which the park got its name is a must. There are four oxbow lakes that are fairly close to the Zambezi and are full of hippo and crocodile, as well as the occasional drinker either bird or animal. In the dry season most of the water around the plain has dried...

  • Your Really Need Your Own Transportation...

    Mana Pools Parks and Wildlife Land Transportation

    You really must have your own vehicle to get to Mana Pools independently. It is requirement upon booking, which must be made at Marongora, the administrative center of the park. Marongora is south of Chirundu. All of the roads are unsealed and in the wet season you really may have difficulty getting around without a 4x4. The dry season is from May...


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