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  • market in Kabul
    market in Kabul
    by rupturedduck
  • turkemen village, near Mazar
    turkemen village, near Mazar
    by rupturedduck
  • from Baghlan to Mazar, NW Afganistan
    from Baghlan to Mazar, NW Afganistan
    by rupturedduck

Afghanistan Favorites

  • Road trip to Kabul

    Bonjour from Islamabad,Some 2 hrs drive to Torkham from Peshawar and 5 to 7 hrs drive to Kabul from Torkham border through Mahiper, a beautiful trip especially Sarobi area and try some fish there from the reservoir.Ciao,

  • Afghanistan Websites

    Hi,I have found some best quality Afghanistan websites which contains only Afghanistan materials free of charge, No Adult are the links of it.Afghan Jokes http://www.AfghaniJokes.comAfghanistan Photos http://www.AfgPictures.comAfghanistan Forum http://www.AfghanistanForums.comAfghan Complaints Board

  • Adventure in Afghanistan, 2008

    I just got back from Kabul, Herat, Baghlan, Mazar and Ankoi. (see my pre-travel post dated December). Kabul and Afghanistan are very expensive. You can thank the NGOS for that. Their company pays the expenses, and no-one seems to care about high prices, or cant do anything about it. And there may be a security premium added to the price. The one I...

  • handy vehicle - sturdy roof!

    I did this at least once a day- often in the middle of a busy marketplace- set up my tripod on top of the vehicle and shoot from there...Looked a bit awkward to those who noticed obviously, but that was the best way to shoot in relatively crowded places...

  • Invasion of the Toyotas

    When coming to Afghanistan you will see Toyotas everywhere. It seems like 30% of the vehicles there are Toyota Corollas and 25% are Toyota Land Cruisers if not a higher percentage for both of them. At one point all taxis were Corollas. A lot of these vehicles are smuggled into the country. After 911 Toyota became uneasy being associated with the...

  • city scenes..

    Men in uniform and Women clad in burkhas is still a common sight.The uniforms come from the various militia and the warlords that still are all-powerful in much of Afghanistan. Its not easy to change that i guess, since Afghan society is very `tribal' in essence. The number of uniformed local militia to be seen on the streets is much lower than...

  • Feel the city and its people

    Walk around the city. Open your mind. Discover the Afghan culture. Its people. I don't know why life here is so special. Hard to believe, but is magic.

  • Getting an Afghanistan Visa (in Peshawar...

    So, I thought I'd share my getting a VISA experience if anyone would find it helpful.The Afghanistan Embassy in Peshawar, is close to Saddar Road (it has recently moved, post Taliban).As a US citizen, the VISA cost $30, which seemed to be what other European counties would be charged as well.You need to drop off the VISA application in the morning...

  • Torkhum border

    This is Afghan side of Pak-Afghan Torkhum border. Most of the travelers are using illegal channels to travel in Afghanistan like from Dera Ismail Khan into Paktia and Paktika as such are bit safe and short distance and as there is no rule of law inside the country so one only need to keep some extra money in the pockets to give to the officials...


    Afghan Refugees Stream Home.Aid Groups, Officials Unprepared for Return of 600,000 Since November.

  • PHOTO : Season Mujahidin...

    PHOTO : Season Mujahidin With Kalashnikov 47. One Of The Best Service Arm, Proofed In V/Nam War By Vietcong. Simple Maintenance, High Fire Power And Accuracy First Class.

  • PHOTO : Young Mujahid (...

    PHOTO : Young Mujahid ( fighter ) On Stand By To Defend His Family And Village. His Elder Brother Far A Way At The High Mountain. His Father Long Time Sahid ( past a way in the fighting to defend a religion ).In 1947, the political status quo in this area was fundamentally changed by the withdrawal of the British from the Indian sub-continent, an...

  • Children at school

    One of the most evident changes after the fall of the Taliban's regime, especially in Kabul, is the quantity of children (mostly girls) who are back to school.You can feel their strong will to learn... to forget about the dark days... and go on...The school buildings are often half-destroyed, and they have almost nothing as supply, so the work to...

  • Destructions

    In large areas of Kabul destroyed buildings are part of the landscape...Reconstruction is going on very slowly, and you can see very clearly the signs left from all the wars that stroke the country.Some of these buildings are used anyway ... and often they host schools...

  • Hard working people...

    People of all sorts work very hard for the reconstruction... but mostly to survive...In Kabul shops and offices open very early in the morning even 7 or 6 am... and they close late at night 10 or 11 pm !

  • staying in touch...

    Cellular service had begun in Kabul when we were there. AWCC is the local service provider there. However, it did not extend anywhere beyond the city itself (though i believe things have changed now), and so its advisable to have a sat-phone handy if you are tavelling and need to be in touch.The system used there is GSM, though the kind of sim...

  • Ruins and Rubbles

    About the single and most important activity in Afghanistan, I believe it's the soccer game held every Friday in Kabul stadium, which used to be the public execution place during Taliban regime. With the arrival of the new administration, however, it has returned to its due function as the public garhtering and sports activities. In 1970s, the...

  • Take a tour of Kabul with...

    Take a tour of Kabul with someone who has lived there for a while, preferably someone who remembers it before it was the shell it is now. It will be fascinating to see through their eyes and will open yours to see what people love about this place. I love this nation, more than i can describe in words, but by far my favourite memory is waking up...

  • PHOTO : Daily Movement Of...

    PHOTO : Daily Movement Of Mujahidin Troop, Without Anti Personnel Carrier And Support From Top.

  • PHOTO :One Of The Mujahidin...

    PHOTO :One Of The Mujahidin *In safe Heaven* From The Group Al Jaamiat-El-Islam With China's Made Rocket Launcher.

  • PHOTO : The Rugged Surface...

    PHOTO : The Rugged Surface Tography Of OneLocation In Afghanistan. Advantage In Gurilla Warfare.At last US have to put their hand there via a *covert source*. This action taken to safe guard their intrests at IRAN and Sub Continent of INDIA...the cold war still at the peak. Marxist-Leninist try to penetrate along Iran and Turkey border. Maoism (...

  • PHOTO : One Of The...

    PHOTO : One Of The Mountains, During End Of Winter.During my first visit, the problem can be seen. USSR can say they are gaining foot hold there. Nearly 50% young officers and army technicians were trained in the USSR. Economy and development of this country running by USSR representatives....further more in educations, USSR shown their color. To...

  • daddygila's General Tip

    The kindness ,dignity, hospitality, and general character of the people. They were completely without pretensions and had an integrity difficult to find today.

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