Afghanistan Local Customs

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Afghanistan Local Customs

  • PHOTO : Refugees At UNCHR's...

    PHOTO : Refugees At UNCHR's Refugee Camp, Peshawar. The Faces Who Are Longing For PEACE.....Hoping and Waiting which is Never End Story...

  • Keep those nice biceps or great legs to...

    I have written a tip that women should wear shawls/cover their head and chest. I also meant cover your arms and legs. Please, skirts which do not meet the ankle are a big no-no in Afghanistan. Afghan women wear long sleeves in spite of the high temperature. Wearing skirts and sleeveless will mean disrespecting the Afghan culture. They may just...

  • Please respect Ramadan

    In Afghanistan, Ramadan is observed seriously. If you are told that the Afghans are observing Ramadan at the time of your visit, please no matter what, do not drink water, chew a gum, eat anything in front of them or listen to your iPOD or MP3. The Afghans refrain from listening to music, eating and drinking water during daytime. In 2009, Ramadan...

  • Long greetings - don't interrupt them

    You have to know that Afghans have closely-knit families and friends. When you are with your tour guide or with a friend and an acquaintance of the latter comes along, they will greet each other and will be asking "how are you?", "how's your health?". "how's your family?" at the same time and the conversation will go on and on. Please, do not...

  • Covering of head and chest

    Foreign female visitors are expected to wear shawls to cover their head and chest. Afghanistan is a Moslem country where most of its women still wear burqas. Women are not expected to shake hands with men and as female, expect to be ignored while men do their introductory greetings (which involves shaking of hand and kissing the cheeks and hugging...

  • A few safe "Do"s and "Do Not"s

    Despite the history of conflict, this country has so many friendly and hospitable people. They firmly believe that Allah controls everything and that anything that happens is according to His will. Afghans are loyal to their family and stress honor and responsibility.The talking distance is considered to be close by some standards, but don't pull...

  • Time and gifts

    In Afghanistan, there is a very different sense of time. How long it takes to accomplish a task is not as important as long as it does get accomplished. Afhgans sometimes arrive "late" by others standards. When conducting business, it is essential that you meet in person and have much patience in your negotiations.Regarding gifts, you should...

  • Standards of Dress

    Women: In Kabul, there were some women wearing blue burkhas, but there were also many women wearing more contempary clothing/scarves which is becoming popular. Under the Tablian rule, women were rarely seen and when going out, they were covered from head to toe. It seems to be more conservative the farther away you are from Kabul.Men: While 99% of...

  • Key Phrases - Language - Dari and Pashto

    Dari is spoken most widely in Kabul (an urban language / similar to Farsi and Tajik) but Pashto is also used. There are over 30 languages/dialects used in Afghanistan, but most educated Aghans can speak both Dari and Pashto. Writing is right to left.Here are a few key phrases in Dari which would be helpful to know:Hello/Good...

  • multi national country

    Afghanistan is a mutli-national country so there culture varies from place to place. Kabul nowadays is controled and ifluenced by persians however little bit of pashtoons also still there. over all attitude is little bit like iran. mazar sharif is controled by uzbeks and shiites, and one cant observe the true face of society if they find you a...

  • Men - grow a beard

    From my understanding, you are considered "less than straight" if you are male and don't have facial hair. Well, of course I couldn't have people thinking that, so I went ahead and made sure I jumped on that bandwagon.

  • PHOTO : University Students...

    PHOTO : University Students After The War.The peace and happines just only a short while. After the war aginst Russian Armies, the people of Afghanistan facing a kind of power struggle amongst The Afghan Warlords untill the Taliban Group taken over majority of Administration areas. They never have long time peace life here. The differance from...

  • PHOTO : The Sweet Faces...

    PHOTO : The Sweet Faces Rugmakers.QUESTION : Hey Kamal, amongst the Ladies from India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Turkey, Greece, Italy, Swiss, Austria, Germany, United Kingdom, USGA ( United States Great America), Singapore, Thailand, France and Indonesia,which Ladies are most beautiful ?ANSWER : Errr, my mum.QUESTION : Why ?ANSWER : 'Cos, she...

  • Have a tea (chai)

    Get ready to drink huge quantities of tea, usually green tea (chai sabs), in every place you will visit ...!(maybe that's why Afghani people don't sleep too much !!)They offer it without sugar and together with sweets or candies.

  • Burqa

    In spite of what western media told us, burqa is still widely used in Afghanistan, especially in the province. It's something like a curtain that covers the whole body included the face...After the fall of Talibans regime women kept wearing it for security reasons, actually it'a a sort of protection.They usually take it off once they get inside a...

  • Do as the locals

    In Afghanistan, Islam has got a lot of strict rules, such as:Taking off the shoes before entering a mosque or a house.Always eat with the right hand.Dress modestly! Even men should never wear shorts or singlet shirts.Be prepared to shake hands - a lot. Greetings are warm and plentyful.Don't be a woman! They are still a few milleniums away from...

  • so the story goes...

    one afghan to another- A-i shot and killed a man today.B-why?A-his great great great grandfather killed my great great great grandfather...B- why are you so impatient??.afghanisthan is made up of many ethnic groups, and often the enimity between groups of people can last longer than you could imagine.

  • Be very sensitive to what your...

    Be very sensitive to what your host tells you, but here are a few basics. (mostly for women) 1. Never look a man in the eyes, and never attempt to touch a man you are not married to. 2. Always have your head and shoulders covered, and wear longsleeved dresses and loose pants 3. Avoid the religious police and do not travel alone 4. Afghans are...

  • A important part of afghan...

    A important part of afghan culture is the music and my afghan friend used to sing in Radio Afghanistan. Music was strongly restricted from 1992 and became totally banned by Taliban in 1996. Now music is once again allowed.PHOTO: MY FRIEND SING IN THE STUDIOS OF RADIO AFGHANISTAN IN THE 'GOOD OLD DAYS'....

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Afghanistan Local Customs

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