Bangladesh Warnings and Dangers

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  • Warnings and Dangers
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  • Tunnel of fumes - yes this   i s   car exhaust
    Tunnel of fumes - yes this i s car...
    by Saagar

Bangladesh Warnings and Dangers

  • Bangladesh Regent Airways scam

    Bangladesh Regent Airways [] is running a scam with some fraudulent travel agencies like Country Travels [] of BNS Center Uttara. This offer - or - was meant to be sold only from sales offices but this corrupt agency sold unconfirmed...

  • fake wrong!

    truly,that web page is not Bangladesh some little up to in Dhaka no DIESEL Baby taxis. so pollution little,air is some comfortable.''Death from the bay'' its not true. ''Flimsy bridges'' it is a cultural thing. that thing stay in only big pond on a village. now, not 2001.yes, Dhaka city is out of control.....but out of Dhaka...

  • Export of Cash

    It is illegal, under a long forgotten law, to export notes with a value equal to, or greater than, 500Taka. If the customs find the cash on you, then it will be confiscated. There are also limits on the amount of foreign currency (>$5,000) that you can take out, if you did not declare it on arrival.

  • Unreliable airline

    Biman Bangladesh Airlines is not a reliable airline, you might have unexpected delays or even canceled flights (long time ago when you could get only a 7 day visa for Myanmar one was booking Biman for that reason hoping to get a few extra days in Yangoon).

  • Exhaust fumes

    The diesel guzzling engines of threewheelers, trucks, tractors, vans, buses - you name it - aren't too well tuned. And the diesel may be mixed with kerosene to lower the price.The result is that road travel is giving travellers a very unhealty dose of dirty exhaust fumes. Consider renting an air con car with good filters if travelling with children...

  • Political rioting

    This happens every so often; the two main political parties clash and start street agitation and even fighting between themselves by proxy student organisations, labour unions etc.Shy away from political rioting and violence as shots may be fired, stones thrown and general mayhem will almost certainly ensue. Sometimes general strikes are called by...

  • Overcrowded boats

    Major ferry capzises in Bangladesh is a perennial phenomenon, caused by a combination of events; one is overcrowding. Also local boats can get extremely overcrowded.The photo shows the local ferryboat from Cox' Bazaar to Maheskhali Island.Learn to swim first, and then to control your panic, before setting out on these exciting tours of the...

  • Safty first!

    If your are a foreigner, you are almost safe in Bangladesh. Though we have some problems around the hilly borders of the country, but we have enough safty precausions. However, some common tips for the tourist:1. Exchange your money from a safe place. Don't carry too much money with you at the time of exchange.2. Do not show your precious things to...

  • Malarial Parasite

    If you are a trekker Bangladesh is a nice place for there are hills with nice forests and bio will find falls,lakes in the hills..Bamgladeshi hills are mainly located in Cittagong Division and the king of the hills is in the Bandarban..All the top 5 picks are in Bandarban..Trekking in Bandarban must be a great experience...

  • Eating Food at Restaurants

    Be careful what you eat during your trip to Bangladesh. The food at the 5 star hotels is fine BUT be very careful about what you eat when you are dinning at local restaurants. I got sicker that one can imagine and ended up dropping about 20 pounds in a week.

  • Tips to prepare for in Bangladesh

    Bangladesh itself is in alot political turmoil, the bridge between poor and rich is very large and there is alot of fighting.1) If you must come to Bangladesh, Dhaka, you should have a friend in Dhaka or Family before coming, trust me!, Tourists get alot of hassle here. I advise you travel in a small group with your friend/s in Bangladesh, if you...

  • Poverty has a face

    You will encounter poverty in its many ugly forms in Bangladesh. Statistically, Nepal, for instance, is quite a bit more worse off, but you don't see it in the same enormity as in Bangladesh. It can be overpowering for visitors to Bangladesh and hard to cope with (see my culture shock tip).It may be useful to try to gain an understanding of reasons...

  • Dhaka air quality

    If there is such a word as "unquality" it could be used about Dhaka's air. The blend of particulate matter, sand, dust, disintegrating garbage, smoldering trash, diesel fumes, factories, furnaces, street kitchen ovens and general environmental mayhem is taking the better out of any oxygen-rich life-giving air.The locals are increasingly becoming...

  • Flimsy bridges

    Be prepared for that balancing act when you visit the Bangladeshi countryside. With stiletto heel you'd do the plunge here. Appropriate footwear and clothing that can get wet without becoming too revealing - Bombay movie-style clinging wet saris...The photo shows my mom on her 75th birthday celebration trip negotiating a bridge of sorts (wobbling,...

  • Live electric wires

    Ouch!I travelled with an electrician in Bangladesh once, and seeing the faces he set up once in a while was an experience....He decided it would be a good idea to settle in Bangladesh and start a consultancy here if he got laid off in Norway!But this i s a real warning: there is live wiring of electric equipment and beyond that is very unsafe. Take...

  • Cultural shock when visiting Bangladesh

    Each time I visited Bangladesh I have met travellers in a more or less terrible state of culture shock. It takes different forms, but generally it is related to a feeling of uncertainty and insecurity: "everything is just sooo unfamiliar that I am as stranded on a different planet and cannot communicate and cannot satisfy my immediate needs". The...

  • Cockroaches

    This isn't a particular danger, but definitely a sign of a hygienic slippage. The cockroach is the most common pet in Bangladesh and it has also gone wild and grown in size. It is a good idea to close your suitcase/backpack when not using it and lift handbags and anything edible up from the floor to hang. The one on the photo travelled Dhaka...

  • Dangerous driving on the highways

    Once Bangladeshi drivers of any vehicle hits the highway they become maniacs and try to live up the dream of being Michael Schumacher - or the Rambo of the Road.Once speed has reached a certain level the most hairraising maneuvres are undertaken to manage to pass the vehicle in front for no particular reason - you're all in the same queue and jam....

  • Theft from rickshaws

    Small daypacks and handbags may easily be snatched by specialists on this in Dhaka (especially). Two on a motorbike or in a three-wheeler tempo, one stretching out as they pass close by, then weering back into the jam, is a classic.Put on your daypack or strap it to your leg or rickshaw frame when you sit there. Have passport and card pouch and at...

  • Bakshees!!!!!!

    Twice upon leaving Bangladesh for home I have been asked for bakshees (tip or bribe) by those who do the check-in at Zia International Airport's counters. Can you believe it????Once I was told my luggage wouldn't arrive if I didn't pay. I asked immediately for the superviser and got a uniformed policeman's attention, and that helped - but I suspect...

  • Don't drink the water!

    Many rural tube-wells contain high amounts of arsenic. It won't hurt you over a short period of time, but many local villagers suffer from arsenic related illnesses. Drink bottled water only out of the bottle - dishware is often washed in surface water with can contain cholera, typhoid, and dyssentry. Believe me, I found this out the hard way!

  • Moolah

    This is not really a danger if you're prepared for it. There're gonna be lots of financially challenged people asking for some money. It's your choice whether to give them or not. If you do, bear in mind that there're gonna be lots more coming right at ya and they will keep following you for as long as they can.

  • Traffic madness

    I wouldn't never suggest you to drive a car on the crazy crowdy roads of Bangladesh. They are always busy with cars, buses, trucks, pedestrian, rickshaws, tempos, cows, horses, goats, chariots, bikes, chickens and all kinds of transportations.It can be quite dangerous, especially at night (most of the vehicles you may find on the roads are without...

  • Decent dress

    Especially female travellers should dress very conservativde. Headcover is not necessary, but certainly no shorts or tops in public. I noticed a young Scandinavian girl, sitting in a bus wearing bikinitop and tight shorts. She was not only asking for big trouble (fair enough), but also discredited all foreign travellers.

  • Traffic and Beggars

    1. Always Watch the Rikshaws.2. Never give money to beggars, unless you want to be hounded and stripped of everything you have.

  • Be sure food is properly...

    Be sure food is properly cooked. And be certain the water you drink is the original stuff. You can buy let us say Evian there, with a sealed bottle and everything...but it's local water inside. I got sick there, probably from the water. It was a night I remember but wish to forget ;-) The next day the people at the embassy sent me to a doctor where...

  • No alcholic in this country...

    No alcholic in this country since Bangladesh is a muslim country.Do not touch women and ask before you take some pictures.Waters are drinkable at all. Zip your mouth and nose while on the roads, toxic and polluted air are all around the city.

  • 2001 will be an election year....

    2001 will be an election year. We experienced already quite some hartals (political strikes), and some were violent. Read local newspapers every day to find out whether there will be a hartal. It is highly recommendend NOT to travel on a hartal day. Please also read the chapter ´Dangers and Annoyances´ of the Lonely Planet travel survival kit for...

  • Traffic and fumes! Seriously,...

    Traffic and fumes! Seriously, when I went to get vaccinations for this trip the doctor told me that even though vaccination is recommended, the real danger would be the traffic situation. The picture shows a regular day on a Dhaka street.

  • Hartal!2001 has been the...

    Hartal!2001 has been the parliament election year in Bangladesh and political strikes called Hartals very frequent. If they will be also after the elections I am not sure, but check for Hartals before making too rigid plans, or you may find that all your plans fail.

  • Watch out while crossing the...

    Watch out while crossing the streets. It's 3rd world chaos at its best! As you can see in this picture these two happy fellows were to busy watching a white guy point a camera at them to see the bus coming. I happened to snap this photo just moments from impact. They shouldn't have been chewing that beetle nut narcotic but I take solice in knowing...

  • Mosquitos !!

    Protect yourself against the mosquitos, especially after the sunset... use a repellent or at least wear long and light coloured clothes. If you are travelling in a rural areas, the anti-malaria profilax is strongly recommended !!

  • Death from the bay

    When the cyclones spin uncontrollably northwards through the Bay of Bengal they bring death and devastation to Bangladesh. The worst cyclone disaster of the 20th century occurred in November 1970, when an estimated half a million people died. International aid agencies regularly launch appeals to help cyclone victims in Bangladesh. A dollar of two...

  • Baby taxis

    Mention Bangkok and many people remember the noisy, smelly 'tuk tuks' that zip through the horrendous city traffic jams. There are now 50 000 of them in Dhaka, where they are known as 'baby taxis' and where they are causing an increasing pollution problem.

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