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  • Downtown Thimpu - Clock Tower Square
    Downtown Thimpu - Clock Tower Square
    by GrumpyDiver
  • Silver smith at the Zorig Chusum
    Silver smith at the Zorig Chusum
    by GrumpyDiver
  • The Dzong courtyard
    The Dzong courtyard
    by GrumpyDiver

Thimphu Things to Do

  • Tschedu Festival

    The Tschedu Festival in Thimpu is the most important festival in the country and takes place in late September or early October every year. The date is based on the lunar calendar, so the actual dates changes from year to year.The festival runs for three days and while the main festival is in the Dzong courtyard, there are associated events that...

  • 08-Royal Textile Academy

    The Royal Textile Museum is an imposing, tall, white, two-storied structure with the traditional curved roof with painted overhangs. Inside, the emphasis is on a minimalist design with a very high roof, giving the impression of spaciousness.As you enter, a shop selling the usual curios is to your right, the reception to your left, the ground-floor...

  • 10- Simtokha Dzong – The Strategic...

    The most strategic location for the defence of Thimpu lies about 6 kms away from the town centre where the three roads from Paro, Thimpu and Punakha intersect. This was where the first dzong of Bhutan, Simtokha Dzong (‘demon submerged in stone’) was built.It was constructed in 1629 by Shabdrung Ngawang Namgyel, the man who unified Bhutan. Its full...

  • 09- National Chorten Memorial

    The National Chorten Memorial is a recreational park for the elderly of Thimpu to visit, pray, relax and meet up with old friends. It has a quiet dignity about it, a calmness associated with “calm of mind all passion spent”. However, that should not deter you from visiting one of the most picturesque of places in Thimpu, nor should the lone...

  • 07- Folk Heritage Museum

    One of the oldest houses in Thimpu has been converted into a Folk Heritage Museum to remind the urbanized youth of the country the simple pastoral lifestyle of their forefathers. This was inaugurated in 2001 and is located in the Kawajangsa locality of the town.It is a three-storied structure made of rammed mud walls, with wooden doors, windows....

  • 06- Authentic Bhutanese Crafts Bazar

    The Authentic Bhutanese Crafts Bazar situated in the centre of Thimpu town is your window of the art and craft of this Himalayan kingdom. It a mile-long row of shops made of bamboo and other eco-friendly material. The shops number almost 100 but the products are hardly replicated. All the shopkeepers are women with the men folk helping them with...

  • 05-Tashichoedzong – The Administrative...

    The Tashichoedzong is placed picturesquely in the Thimpu valley beside the river, Wang Chu. After you park your car and walk towards the main eastern entrance, you may gaze at the Royal Palace on your right but you may not take photos.The original dzong was built by Gyelwa Lhanangpa in 1216 who named it, Do Ngong Dzong, meaning, ‘Fortress of the...

  • 04-Thangtong Dewachen Dupthop Nunnery

    The Thangtong Dewachen Dupthop Nunnery is about 8 kms from Thimpu town centre on the Babesa-Thimpu Expressway. It is one of the last surviving nunnery in Bhutan. Park your vehicle by the roadside and admire the view of the valley below. Thimpu sparkles in the sunlight as the bright red and yellow colours of the houses mingle softly with the...

  • 03-Buddha Point – The point humanity...

    The Buddha Point is about 10 kms out of the town area. A massive statue of the Buddha has been erected on the side of a hill overlooking the entire town. Work is still going on at the site but that does not prevent you from parking your vehicle and walking the few metres to the large cemented courtyard to admire the statue.The Buddha Dordenma...

  • 02-Chuzom - The Confluence

    Some 24 kms and 45 minutes later, we come to a confluence of two rivers – one which had accompanied us from the airport (Pa Chhu) and the other river (Wang Chu) flowing towards us from Thimpu. At Chuzom, the two meet and happily gurgle their way down to the plains of India. We get off and walk across the concrete bridge to pay homage to the three...

  • 01-Tachog Lhakhang Dzong

    Barely 5 kms before reaching Chuzom or Chhuzom (confluence) from Paro Airport to Thimpu, there is a temple, Tachog Lhakhang Dzong or Tachogang ('temple of the hill of excellent horse'), on your left, past an iron chain suspension bridge and was probably built around 1420 AD. This belongs to the descendants of Drupthob Thangtong Gyalpo (1385-1464),...

  • Dochula Pass

    In 2003, Bhutan was pushed towards war. Indian rebels were hiding in Bhutan, and the Indian government had given Butan an ultimatum of either driving the rebels out or the Indian Army would be forced to cross the border and do it themselves. Bhutan's traditions of pacifism and peace wanted to avoid a conflict, with an army of only 7,000 enlisted...


Thimphu Hotels

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  • Amankora Thimphu

    Near Kuenga Chhoeling Palace Upper Motithang, Thimphu, Bhutan

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Couples

  • Taj Tashi

    I was there for a week last month. The hotel is 5* hotel in Thimpu. It is a joint venture project by...

  • Druk Hotel Thimphu

    Thimphu, Bhutan

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Families

Thimphu Restaurants

  • Dont miss the cakes here

    This bakery is really great. They have some great cakes here and i recommend this place to everyone who travels to Thimphu. I loved this bakery and visited it everday that i was in Thimohu. What's best is that you can enjoy a great cup of coffee with some awesome cakes. The cakes are yummy and you should definitely try this bakery.

  • Must try the momos

    This place is popular with both locals and tourists. It's always crowded with people who come to enjoy some great Bhutanese snacks. This place is famous for its Bhutanese snacks and i must say the momos here are just too good. Everyone must try the momos here, they are superb. The momos here are really great. I enjoyed the thukpa and fried rice...

  • Best Indian food

    Okay so my tour guide recommended this restaurant to me as i really wanted to eat some Indian food. I had eaten Indian food earlier and just loved it so once again i had a craving for Indian food and i must say this recommendation was great. The restaurant was great and the people around were really nice and pleasant. I loved the food here and i do...

  • Indian Cuisine in Thimphu

    While there is a lot of Indian influence all through Bhutan, this is one of the few restaurants in town to specialize exclusively on the cuisine of India. It is a richly appointed place, located in the Bhutan Observer building, above Hotel Taj Tashi. The cuisine is a wide variety, some standards of Indian fare while others which I have not seen...

  • Bhutanese Cuisine

    The Bhutan kitchen is one of the go-to restaurants in Thimphu, dealing out traditional Bhutanese cuisine for locals and tourists alike. The decor of the restaurant is simple, spacious, with many low tables and cushions, allowing you to sit on the floor. To drink with your meal, you may sample the local beer (Red Panda, an unfiltered weisen beer),...

  • Delicious!

    We had our first lunch in Thimphu here. It is at the second floor of a building and you can see the famous pointsman, the only police officer controlling the traffic (!) in whole Bhutan from the windows. This café is at the corner of the crossroads. We were a group of 30 people, so all the place was ours that day. An open buffet was ready and...


Thimphu Nightlife

  • Dance your night away

    Bhutan is not what you would think of when you consider good partying/dancing scenes. However, do not doubt the ability and desire of Bhutanese to get down on an evening, and Club Ace is a good spot to loosen up with local Thimpu residents. The club plays a blend of electronic music, with a large dance floor and a good set of lights. The music is...


    Well guys if you think that Pumping house grooves and electrifying music is only to be found at the European Clubs and island Of Ibiza i was shocked to witness the same at a nightclub in the calm Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan.5 mins drive from the main traffic in Thimhu this club has got the best music I heard in Recent time including my visit to...

  • hot gals

    well,if you wannna feel bangkok in thimphu than you better visit this chicks and drinks make u go is adviceable to go with a parter,but if u don't have one.......than NO PROBS...there are so many single ladies out there!!!!!!!!!cheers no dress code


Thimphu Shopping

  • HasTowelWillTravel's Profile Photo

    Nordzin Lam Road: Anything you need

    by HasTowelWillTravel Updated Feb 2, 2011

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Along Nordzin Lam Road, the main street of the capital city, there are shops that cater to virtually any shopping desire you might have. It is a delight in itself to wander through the treets of Thimphu, but especially if you're on the hunt for some item, whether it is a necessity like fruit, toiletries, or a sweet treat, or a gift for someone back home. Some popular items for souvenirs include clothing (Bhutanese weavers have great skill and produce fantastic wares), wood carvings, or Bhuddist symbols. Take a walk and keep your mind (and eye) open!

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Thimphu Local Customs

  • The betel habit

    Betel is a commonly-consumed (well, chewed) nut in Bhutan, as with a good portion of SE Asia. It is a hard nut containing a mild narcotic that is chewed with a pepper leaf (or other, depending on the region) and some lime (calcium carbonate, not the fruit). to help extract the chemicals from the nut. It gives a mild feeling to the mouth and can...

  • Savor the Flavors

    Bhutan has a cuisine that is distinct for the country. If you are to enjoy Bhutan, trying the local flavors are, in my opinion, a must. Two things that Bhutanese have with nearly every meal is cheese and chiles. The "national dish" is known as ema datshi, a concoction of a melting cheese and dried chiles, and is found at virtually every meal you'll...

  • Thimphu Hotels

    14 Hotels in Thimphu

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Thimphu What to Pack

  • wispofcloud's Profile Photo

    Warm Clothes or blow away!

    by wispofcloud Written Jan 4, 2005

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: Bring plenty of layers of clothing. Though it didnt get cold enough to really bother me, a long-time plains person, my sister started getting nosebleed and oedema, sure signs of altitude sickness.

    Toiletries and Medical Supplies: Most are readily available.

    Photo Equipment: If u use a film-based camera, bring loads of film and spare batteries! Though film is available, there may be problems with specific brands, etc.

    Camping/Beach/Outdoor Gear: If outdoors adventure is your reason for visiting Bhutan, make sure that the tour operator has the best and latest equipment or bring your own!

    It's colder than it looks

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Thimphu Off The Beaten Path

  • Hiking the Royal Botanical Garden

    Hiking through the Royal Botanical Garden (which is more akin to a National Park than a garden), the landscape has a wide variety, ranging in elevation over 800 m and covering a diverse array of biomes as well as wildlife, including red pandas, Asian elephants, and even the elusive tiger. Up in the higher elevations, around 2700 m, the moist cloud...

  • Cheers! Take in some Arra

    Arra is a local distilled spirit, often made from one of a variety of grains (maize, millet, barley are most common, rice is possible as well). It is a common beverage especially in the eastern regions of Bhutan, where it often supplements beer as the most commonly consumed alcoholic beverage. Arra is often served hot as well, accompanied by a...

  • The National Stadium

    Its name is Changlimithang Stadium. It is the site of the national archery ground, a large football stadium cum parade ground, basketball, tennis and squash courts as well as the headquarters of the Bhutan Olympic committee. When you are in town, it's really worth a look what is going on there.


Thimphu Favorites

  • anilpradhanshillong's Profile Photo


    by anilpradhanshillong Updated Sep 9, 2013

    Favorite thing: Boddhitsatva=Person who can become truly Enlightened like the Buddha but has decided on his own to to stay back and help others on the path to Enlightenment

    Chorten=Commemorative monument. Also, ‘stupa’

    Chu=River or water

    Desi=Governors or rulers in outlying provinces during the reign of the Shabdrung dynasty (1651-1905)

    Drukyul=Druk=dragon. Land of the dragon


    Dzongkha=National language of Bhutan

    Go=Man’s attire

    Gompa or Gonpa=Monastery

    Kada or kata=white scarf offered to deity or to an official

    Kadrinche=Thank You


    Kira=Women traditional attire


    La=Mountain pass. Also, added after a person’s name to show respect

    Lama=Religious master


    Mandala=Mystical and intricate diagram

    Thangka=Religious drawing or painting, usually a wall hanging. The more intricate, the more costly


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