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  • Bob Hope in Diego Garcia
    Bob Hope in Diego Garcia
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  • Our vessel inside lagoon at Diego Garcia Atoll
    Our vessel inside lagoon at Diego Garcia...
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  • MPS patch
    MPS patch
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Diego Garcia Things to Do

  • old plantation

    This is where it all happen before the exile the Plantation -- The Plantation which is on the east point of the Island has been left as it was from the time of the forced exodus of the Ilois People. The British require you to have a permit to visit and this one can get from the BIOT British authority.However unless you have a reason to officially...

  • the lagoon

    In the main body of the lagoon, and beyond, awaits what is undisputedly some of the best fishing in the world. Tuna, wahoo, snapper, "sweet lips", marlin, barracuda are all the catch of the day. Unfortunately, with global sea temperatures on the rise, the delicate balance of the coral ecosystem is disturbed, causing the coral reef to die at an...

  • check it out

    At the BIOT helm is a man, known to many only as "Brit Rep", who discharges his duties of preserving law, order and natural beauty with fierce loyalty and great dignity. A Royal Navy Commander, his charming nature and positive outlook on life set the tone for an extremely pleasant way of life. He is without a doubt one of the finest human beings I...

  • Beyond "Donkey Gate"

    Efforts on behalf of the Brit Rep to preserve - or at least stabilize - one of the original plantation colonies have been quite successful and give visitors a very realistic sense of life when DG was a coconut oil processing colony at the turn of the century. Most of the atoll lies beyond the landmark "Donkey Gate" and is open for recreational use...

  • the way off

    Birding is a great sport in Diego Garcia there are two types of Shearwaters the wedge tail and Audubon but they are a bit hard to find as they come ashore during the breeding season and than only at night. If you are out on the open ocean you have a better chance of seeing these pelagic birds (Birds that live at sea). Shearwaters are sort of a...

  • The Short Pier

    Located in the downtown area this part of the island is a good place to relax and maybe do some fishing . If you are in the mood for some beach volleyball the court is located in this area.

  • The Plantation

    Diego Garcia was a big producer of coconut oil until WW2. There are use to be 5 plantations but only this one survive the years.the last plantation was close in 1971 In here , you can see an old master's house still standing and it seems like an old church. A lot of people come to this area to have a picnic and also to do some snorkeling.

  • Turtle Cove

    This is a wildlife sanctuary in the island where you see lot of turtles , rays and fishes. They have nice sandy beaches that you can walk along as you observe the local inhabitants.Don not jump in the water or snokel. The island police enforce this rule to protect the local wildlife.

  • Cannon Point

    Located in the downtown side of the island, people come to this area to unwind for the day and watch the beautiful sunset. There are a couple of old cannons that was use to defend the islands back in the days. There are some picnic tables in here so if you and your friends wants to go have a few drinks or just relax this is the place to be.

  • The Marina!

    Marina:1. Snorkling- the most beautiful coral reefs I've ever seen. The sharks swim past you and ignore you completely... if you get offended by that you probably shouldn't get in the water. Losing gear does not upset the staff and it can all be replaced cheaply. I lost two masks, a fin, and a snorkle... and they were still smiling at me.2....

  • Heeeere fishy fishy!!!

    Fun! Shallow reefs surround the island on the ocean side and are scattered inside the lagoon. As you might suspect, the waters surrounding Diego Garcia are home to a vast variety of sea life (over 700 species have been recorded so far). Some of the world's finest fishing is at their doorstep. Many areas are off-limits due to military reasons (we...

  • Where Filipino replace the Islanders

    Life outside the water echoes the tides of the sea, with a mostly Navy military population shifting in and out in one year tours. A stable water table of Filipino and Mauritian contractors, peppered with a handful of stalwart Americans, provide the island's only human stability. It would be impossible to overstate the contributions that these...


Diego Garcia Restaurants

  • Food with a view

    pretty much has the same menu as Peacekeepr Inn but they also offer steaks once in awhile. On certain days they have a live band in the patio so while you are eating your meal you can enjoy the view and the music.

  • Good eats!

    If you want to try some Filipino food head to this joint. I recommend trying the chicken adobo(chicken with soy sauce and garlic) or the pancit(sort of chow mein). For dinner besides the usual menu on certain days they have Mongolian BBQ or make your own pizza nights so this place offers a little bit of variety..Oh yeah they also serve...

  • Lumpias, anyone?

    One of the first places we visited upon arrival was this restaurant, and we did by simply bumping into it. Conveniently located right next to the Turner Club, the Peacekeeper Inn has the best food in the island. Consisting of mainly phillipino dishes (which I never had before, but afterwards couldn't get enough), the only bad thing about the...


Diego Garcia Nightlife

  • terps94's Profile Photo

    by terps94 Written Nov 18, 2004

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    across the hall from the restaurant is pool room where you and your buddies can enjoy a game of pool, darts or even foosball. Right next door is slot machines and the other room they have a karaoke every wed and during the week . The band plays here too.

    When i was here the band they hired was awesome . The lead guitar makes a damn good impression of Jimi hendrix with his playing.

    the local band at the time

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