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  • on the river
    on the river
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    near Mt. Kinabalu
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    on the road
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Borneo Things to Do

  • Sabah? Sarawak?'s Labuan

    I've been reading around about borneo and all I could see is, people visiting the major parts of Sabah and Sarawak. I'd like to take this opportunity to introduce you to an island off the coast of Borneo, also known as Labuan. If you're after beaches and historical places, you might want to consider this as your next destination. But I'll leave it...

  • Visit Sepilok Rehabilitation Center

    Just a short walk from our lodge was the Sepilok Rehabilatation Center. After a short walk back in the jungle, we arrived shortly before feeding time. They feed the animals twice daily.There is a platform where the wildlife staff put out banana at certain times of the day to feed the animals as they come in out of the jungle.Sepilok serves to give...

  • Visit a wildlife center

    Matang Wildlife Center is part of Kabah National Park and only about a 40 minute drive from Kuching. Although the public can visit the center and see orang utans and other animals, it is not a zoo. Its main function is to rehabilitate endangered species, such as orang utans, confiscated from members of the public who illegally kept them as pets....

  • See a Rafflesia in bloom

    We had hoped to be lucky enough to see a Rafflesia while we were in Borneo. The first thing we did in Kuching was go to the tourist center to inquire if there was one blooming at that time. We were told that there was one at Gunung Gading National ParkThe Rafflesia which can grow up to one metre in diameter is the worlds largest blooming flower but...

  • Mulu is a must see

    Mulu National Park is the largest national park in Sarawak.A visit to the park usually includes going to the caves.There is Deer Cave, Eagle Cave, Clearwater Cave,Wind Cave and Lang Cave.The birding checklist of the park is almost a complete list of the birds of Borneo.There are wrinkled-lipped bats that come out at dusk from the caves by the...

  • Every thing you ever wanted to know...

    In the Malay language, Kuching means cat, so fittingly the town is full of statues of cats.There is also a large museum , that looks like a space launch, dedicated to cats.Inside you will find everything that you can think of that has anything to do with a cat.This is a place for all cat lovers like myself.


Borneo Restaurants

  • Eat on the water

    Eating at the restaurant on Gayana Island was like sitting in an aquarium and having breakfast.The breakfast buffet was very good and as you ate you could look over the railing and see all the fish swim by.Actually lunch and dinner was served from the menu and it was always good also.At any time of day you could go there for a meal or refreshments...

  • Good local food

    The Dukit Coffee House is located inside the Telang Usan Hotel in Kuching,There is a breakfast buffet served to all guests of the hotel.You have your choice of a western or Malay breakfast.Which ever you choose be sure to have some of the local fruit. We happened to be there when the rambutans were in season.They are delicious after you get the...

  • Eat at a hawker centers

    The best Malay food is usually found at stalls in hawkers centers.The main diet consists of rice and curry.All kinds of seafood is available also.


Borneo Nightlife

  • SangAji's Profile Photo

    hasanal bolkiah theatre aka cinema: latest movies

    by SangAji Updated Oct 14, 2004

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    watching latest movies ..
    on hugh screens...
    with your families ..
    and lots of munchies...
    without a single care..
    just like yesterday....

    Dress Code: people are out to watch moviees ..
    dress code? .. who cares!!!

    latest movies in 50's environment
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Borneo Transportation

  • Malaysia Airlines will get you there

    We flew from Miri to Mulu aboard a small Malaysia Airlines plane, in around 15 minutes.In fact, we flew all over Borneo on their planes. We always booked online before we left home.They were always on time and very friendly.

  • Rent a car

    It is very easy to get around the cities of Borneo. If you purchase a good detailed map you have no problem finding your way on the back roads either.We rented a car most everywhere that we went.

  • Take the sea boat

    From the ferry terminal in Palau Labuan there are express boats that leave several times daily for several of the islands. We took one of the boats from there to Bandar Seri Begawan.


Borneo Shopping

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    nameless: durian in bandar

    by SangAji Updated Oct 15, 2004

    located in 50's building....
    sells durian ...
    fortunately not 50's crop!

    What to buy: durian lah..
    and other fruits...
    and flowers ...
    and whatever is being sold....

    What to pay: a few to tens of b$...

    borneo street scene
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Borneo Warnings and Dangers

  • Watch out for thieves

    There are thieves on Gayana Island.They are the 4 legged kind with a long tail.These monkeys will snatch anything that they can find.We caught them in the act, raiding the trash container.

  • Headhunters beware...

    vters might just discover borneo...and start demanding real action ....!in which case heads will start to roll again

  • Borneo Hotels

    0 Hotels in Borneo

Borneo What to Pack

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    Don't forget your walking shoes

    by kyoub Written Sep 29, 2005

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Luggage and bags: Travel as light as possible because you will be in and out of several airports.
    Some smaller planes have limited luggage allowance.

    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: Light cotton clothing is recommended, it is very humid in the jungle.
    Women should keep their arms and legs covered( bikinis are out of the question)
    Men should wear long pants except when playing sports or at the beach.
    However there is a large Chinese population here who wear normal summer clothing so you will see shorts and t-shirts being worn.

    Toiletries and Medical Supplies: You can find these things in the cities but they won't be the brand that you are used to.
    If you must have it bring it along.

    Photo Equipment: It is best to bring your film and batteries from home. You may not be able to find the right size that you need. Don't forget your memory cards because you probably won't find them here.

    River to Mulu Leaving Kuching
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Borneo Off The Beaten Path

  • Coral Reefs and Giant Clams

    Visit the Coral Reef and Giant Clams Rehabilitation Project on Gaya Island.Being one of only 6 such facilities in the world, Gayana offers you the opportunity to observe the various species of giant clam and marine life housed in 19 display aquariums . It is a 5 minute walk to the project from the information center. On certain days they give...

  • Labuk Bay

    One of the highlights of our trip was going out to Labuk Bay to see the Proboscis Monkeys.It is for sure off the beaten path. It is 38KM from the Sandakan airport and it takes a good hour to drive there. The roads are mostly gravel and jeep tracks, not to mention the truck traffic with their loads coming from the palm plantations.When we arrived we...

  • The Billionth Barrel Monument

    Located near the seawall is a monument that was built to commemorate the billionth barrel of oil produced in Brunei..It was designed by a local architect for Brunei Shell Petroleum. it features an arched entrance between two rows of trees and a tiled floor reflecting Brunei's Islamic beliefs to remind visitors of Brunei's Islamic faith.


Borneo Sports & Outdoors

  • rock the borneo

    by pollong Written Jul 23, 2008

    This tour is so special for those who aged 18 years old and above.
    Coz it was so amazing and exiting.
    This type of sports is NOT suitable for those who aged below than 18 years old. But they also can come in on this sports actvity by get the permit from their parents.

    Equipment: the very suitable swiming suits.
    thats all.!!

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