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Burma Favorites

  • New e-Visa

    It looks easy:fill out the formhttp://www.myanmarevisa.gov.mm/application.aspxupload a passport picture, wait 5 (working) day´s for the answer, print it out and arrive at the border with it....So far (9.5.2012) this new e-visa service is not properly working (hopefully soon).Visa fees are not mentioned!Update (October 2014):There seems to be a new...


    This flag was the usual flag that i saw when i visited such places as Mae Sod, Mae Sai on the Burmese border. The flag was introduced by the old socialist government of Ne Win in 1974 and had a small blue rectangle on the upper left corner against the red background. It is actually a cogwheel encircled by 14 stars which represent the seven states...


    A new state flag was unveiled on 21st October 2010 which replaced the old flag which was in use since 1974. The new one is certainly more colorful then the old one, and the yellow, green, and red stripes signify solidarity, peace, courage, decisiveness and tranquility, while the white star signifies the union of the country.

  • How Much Money?

    The million dollar question before entering Burma is how much money should I take into the country. Well I know for a fact that the country is more expensive than the latest guidebooks and based on low mid range guesthouses, occasional luxury with a domestic flight you can get by on around 40 to 60$ US dollars per person. The sky is the limit in...

  • Changing Money

    Everyone tells you that you must enter the country with sharp, crisp US dollar bills that post date 2006. It is 100% true but one thing that has definitely changed in the country is that Mastercard is now in the country (Yangon airport) along with ATMS in city centers. They are not everywhere but they are there and your best bet at getting local...

  • Welcome to magical Myanmar

    I would first take you to the great Shwedagon pagoda which is the landmark of Yangon. Then the reclining Buddha in both Yangon and Bago which is the largest in the world. Then to Bagan where one can get lost in time among all the 2,000 plus pagodas spread out in the plains. Next, to Inle Lake where you can feel the peace and tranquility of the lake...

  • This is Burma, quite unlike any other...

    After reading through this forum I feel that I need to write my thoughts concerning tourism in Myanmar/Burma. I was born in Yangon/Rangoon and spent half of my life there before leaving the country. I still go there on visits at least once a year. In fact, I am going there again on 30th May to visit old friends and relatives.Myanmar is unique in...

  • Green paddy field and Blue Mountain

    If you want to travel to the nay pyi taw,it most interesting place are( Oak Pa Ta Than Ti - Zay Ti Taw , Nay Pyi Taw zoological garden,Water Fountain Garden,Myo Ma Bazzar,Myanmar Jade Garden,Yay Sin Bazzar,Pyin Ma Nar township).There you can hire motor byke and Taxi car.The bus in there are take a large time. Yangon to NPT-by train,By Bus,By...

  • Best time to visit Myanmar Burma

    With the nation of Myanmar (formerly Burma) moving towards democracy and opening up for tourist, now is a good time to visit. Cut off from the rest of the world for several decades, the time-locked South-East Asian country is rated as one of the hot new destinations for 2012/13. So when is the best time to visit? Unless you can only take your...

  • 12 tips about travel to Myanmar Burma

    1. Now is a good time to go to the nation surrounded by Thailand, India and China. Recent reforms moving towards full democracy and the opening up for tourism means you can be one of the trailblazers.2. Next tip is when to go. Not in the monsoon season, or in the heat wave before the summer rains. Plan on going between November and March, when the...

  • Wine in Burma

    Ok I can answer this question. If you like your wine and we DO!! what we did is wrap 2 bottles each in the bubble wrap and packed it in our luggage(not hand luggage). There is plenty of beer and spirits available but we found wine not so much...the only place where we were able to get a reasonable glass of wine was in the Sedona hotel in Mandalay....

  • Money

    Best exchangerates are for US $ in YangoonOnly use US $ witch look freshly printed, no stains, no wrinkles etc.!!! THIS MIGHT BE CHANGING SOONMyanmar is a quite safe and very cheap country. If you prefer to stay in expensive Hotels, you should be able to use you creditcard there, and probably also for booking planes.Hotels (some Hotels can be payed...

  • New Airlines in Burma

    Mingalarbar and have a great time in Burma..http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_airlines_of_BurmaTwo airlines are flying since 2010.. Asian Wings with their two ATRs and Air KBZ which I think is related to a bank of similar name..I have always wondered why none of the private airlines fly to Mawlamayne, whereas they all duplicate the same other...

  • 2011-2012 Burma visa requirements.

    Here ya go:From the Burma Embasy site ,Canberra: TOURIST VISATourist visa application requirementsAll Myanmar tourist visa are issued for a stay of up to 28 days and are valid for entry into the country within three months from the date of issue. Applicants can apply as independent travelers or be on booked package tours.PAYMENT OF VISA FEES MAY BE...

  • visa on arrival

    Mingalarbar. First of all you would need the help of a travel agent based in Yangon to get you visa on arrival at Yangon airport.Visa on arrival was instituted and then rescinded. but Visa available on arrival organized by travel agent MAY still be available. I am hoping that Mr Kyaw who is a regular at these forums sees this post and gives you an...

  • Getting a visa in Thailand

    As for getting a visa it is really easy. We applied for ours in Bangkok, Thailand. We got to the Embassy before it opened. You can get a from down the road (look out for the yellow sign that says fax and photocopy). Do not use the forms that are available online as they are incomplete. You will need a photocopy of your passport, your passport, two...

  • Visa in Bangkok

    At the moment you can get a tourist visa at the Embassy of Myanmar in 2 working days for 810 Baht, express visa on the same day for 200 more.You need 2 pictures with white background ! and a copy of your passport.Entrance for visa is at Thanon Pan near Sathon Nuea.There is a copy and picture shop (a bit more expensive) a 50 meter towards Silom...

  • visa on arrival suspended for now sept...

    The website you gave has conflicting information but they are trying to be upto date but not up to date enough.Visa on arrival has been suspended for the moment. so it is better to get visa in the UK before you leave. I get my Burmese visas in Paris and it is a straight forward affair. you can get burmese visas from eny embassy of Myanmar but...

  • electronics

    You don't need to leave your mobile phone (or any other electronics) with immigration (this question has come up several times in the forum). It just doesn't work here. And laptops are nice but there are only a few internet cafe's that will give you access with your own laptop. Cameras are no problem either. I've walked in and out of this country a...

  • Taveling around Myarnmar

    I think it is doable for 10 days as long as you travel by plane.Initially my sister and I want to try the bus but when we arrivedin Yangon and saw the bus conditions we decided to travel by plane.We picked Air Bagan because it has the best reputation. You can go around agencies in Sakura Building, they usually discounts. Yangon should be minimum 2...

  • Adaptor plug in Burma

    Burma uses 230V, 50HzTypical plug in nice hotels is British 3-pin rectangular blade plug:http://electricaloutlet.org/type-gHowever, many hotels offer multipurpose outlets in their rooms.Almost as common is the European 2-pin:http://electricaloutlet.org/type-c

  • shot every one in Burma..but with yur...

    Photo shooter...so many base on what they shot.so i mean shot to model girls and boys for Advts,What kind of guy you want to see and say and ....here peter is famous for model Advts,and Lwin moe he is now great famous cause of he travel and make photos and broadcast on Television.Like National Geography Magazine and at the same time he is Movie...

  • Change dollars

    Bring Dollars for your Burma Travel. Dollars must be new and perfect (no scratches, no spots). One hundred dollars notes have a better change. Dollars are the only way to pay some visits because local money is not accepted by government in most tourist attractions.

  • return flight from NPT to Yangaon

    Returning from Nay Pyi Taw to Yangon was different experience. On the tarmac was one aircraft waiting and the waiting hall was full. As time passed there was no announcement about the departure. Sitting beside me was a European Lady, staff of one of the embassy and she said that though Nay Pyi Taw is the new capital but most of the Embassies have...

  • Getting Visa for Burma

    you get what you pay for...you guys make it sound so complicated. go to Sun Far Travel (48/5 Pan Road - same street as the embassy), pay visa + service fees, get iyour visa in a day or two, depending on your visa types. they will also endorse you papers for you. does not get easier than that.if you dont want to pay - then, you'd figure you can...

  • Cash or Credit Card

    FEC were abolished in 2000 or thereabouts. unfortunately you need cash, crisp 100 dollar UNITED STATES currency, all the other currencies you dont get such good exchange as you can get for USD.. prices for tourists at hotels and transport are in USD..also in these places you may be able to use credit cards..there is a catch when a travel agent...

  • October in Myanmar ?

    Usually October is a great period for visiting Myanmar. Weather is quite good, although October is at the end of the rainy season, where one will encounter only short downpowers (if any), usually in the evening or during the night.October is yet the season of many very interesting and beautiful festivals, as for instance "Light Festival"around...

  • Beaches and beach customs

    About the beaches. They are nice but they are nothing like Thai beaches. The burmese swim fully clothed. And there are no big parties going on. It is usually a family vacation. If you want beach life, go to Thailand. If you want culture, this is a good country. Plenty to visit and usually not nearly enough time to do so. It can include a bit of...

  • To go or not to go to Burma

    Sorry but I have a different opinion as to if you should go. I almost never encourage people NOT to go somewhere for whatever reason, just because I believe that a bad experience is often a good one in a learning sense. After all, our world if full of good AND bad.I lived and worked in Burma for almost 2 years. I have seen what tourist dollars do...

  • Internet cafe's

    Internet is always an issue with people who come here (or people who live here for that matter). It can be incredibly slow (i've had a few times when just reading an email took me almost an hour and this was not with a dial-up connection). The internet connection is best in the early morning and late in the evening. During the day speed drops...

  • Incredibly useful

    One of the things i find most useful here in Burma is a fan. And it seems almost all women have one with them (and a fair few men). I have one in my bag, one in the baby bag, a few at school (the kids like to use them as well) and i use them on a regular basis to cool of a bit. I use the cheap plastic ones mostly since they're easy to carry around...

  • Weather info

    I thought i'd add these links so you can check the weather for when you get here. Always nice to know what you're in for. The links are for Yangon but other places can be checked as well. http://www.bbc.co.uk/weather/5day.shtml?world=2710&links (forecast)http://www.wunderground.com/global/stations/48097.html (current conditions & forecast) In this...

  • Cost for Myanmar tour

    Hotel .. USD 15~30Breakfast .. Breakfast are include in HotelFlight .. Yangon - Mandalay.87 USD Mandalay- Heho ( Inle)37 USD Heho - Bagan 54 USD Bagan- Yangon 82 USD Yangon- Thandwe(Ngapali Beach) . 62 USDCar Hire .. USD 50~60 per day (2 to 4 pax depend on type of car)Bus ticket - Yangon- Mandalay .. USD 10 Yangon- Taunggyi ( Inle Lake) .. USD 10 ...

  • Most reliable Travel Agencies for...

    Hi,I've been there already 3 times, always via a reliable travel-agency.Besides Diethelm Bangkok, who did a good job but became rather beaurocratic recently, my and my family's experiences are very good with MYANMAR-TRAVEL Ltd, owned by a Swiss Lady (Mrs Miriam Grest). They will custom-tailor your itinerary according to your preferences ,at a good...

  • General Tips

    When I was in Myanmar in December 2005, credit and debit cards were not accepted anywhere or for anything - only cash (U.S. dollars or Myanmar kyats). Fly Yangon Airways within the country. Into and out of Myanmar, I recommend a non-Myanmar airline, such as Thai, Silk Air(owned by Singapore Airlines), or one of the Chinese airlines. Travel agents...

  • Medical assistance

    Burma isn't particularly known for its good healthcare system. But in case you are in need of medical advice, the SOS International Clinic is a good place to go to. We were there with our 3 month old baby for his vaccinations and they had all the vaccines we needed (they are brought over from Bangkok). The place is far from cheap but i'm sure that...

  • Money (makes the world....)

    In every guidebook and everywhere online it is said that the only way to have money in Burma is having crisp dollar bills. Well, it is the easiest way that is for sure. In all hotels and guesthouses you can pay with dollars. And sometimes you can only pay with dollars (for example the 3 dollar 'entrance fee' for foreigners to get onto Inle. Most of...

  • Different tastes of Burmese tea

    Burmese tea comes in different tastes. An average teashop can make at least 4 different teas. If not, it isn't considered a good teashop. so there is a good tasting tea for most people (us westerners included).La Pha Ye' is the name for 'normal' tea. It refers to the burmese tea but you don't specify how strong or how sweet you want it. So you get...

  • Learning burmese

    Learning a little burmese is the thing to do even if it is just the basics like 'Mingalaba' (the standard greeting for foreigners) and 'jei-zu tin ba de' (thank you). Of course there are the LP phrasebook (but i've never found those very helpful except for the extreme basics). There is also a little phrasebook that you can find in Burma called...

  • Be prepared if you come during the rainy...

    The amount of water that you can see on the picture came down in about an 1,5 hour. It started to become really dark and suddenly there was this enormous downpour of water. It was a fantastic view i have to admit but that was easily said since i was standing in the doorway of the hotel and didn't have to go anywhere. It would have been a lot less...

  • Chicken anyone?

    Couldn't resist taking a picture when i saw this along the road. Of course it was in the middle of the rainy season... But still. They looked like very wet chickens for sure. I'm glad i'm a vegetarian....

  • Cigar factory

    There is some kind of cigars or cigarettes that consist of crumbled roots and leafs of some plants and wrapped into taback leafs. Usually there have work women and teen girls.

  • Great Temple

    A place must go is the Shwedagone Pagoda, go during night times, you will definately enjoy the night sceen. I feel so comfortable and serene. I took a few pictures there but unfortunately cannot be captured cleary. So if you are going there, please get a good camera for night sceen. The small gods around the centre, seven of them represent each...

  • Mount Popa

    Mount Popa is the core of one extinct volcano ,last active 25000 years ago.There are several temples of Nats( Gods and Holy spirits) that Burmese peoples worshiped before Buddism.It considered one of sacred places in Burma ,also in present days.From parking lot to summit you have ascend barefoot ,some 900 steps, that have abundant of retailers of...

  • Myanmar kids

    Everywhere in Burma we sought smiling kids that offer us something to bay any souvenirs from wood carving jade or other stones. One girl her name was Pyu Pyu stuck in my memory when we visit Mingun Hisinbyme Pagoda ,she persistently offered there scent sticks , I said her that I don't need it and gave to her 300 kyats ,she refuse to take them and...


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  • The Kandawgyi Palace Hotel

    Kandawgyi Palace hotel is located on the shore of Royal Lake. I hope these pics will help you to...

  • Blue Bird Hotel

    Myatlay St., Bagan Myothit (East), Naratheinkha 10

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Couples

    Hotel Class 4 out of 5 stars

  • Hotel Yadanarbon

    We were traveling for only 8 days around Myanmar and our first and last stop was Mandalay. We did...


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