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Kalaw Things to Do

  • Trekking from Kalaw to Inle Lake

    Hello my Fellow Travelers,No doubt about it, the 2 day trek from Kalaw to Inle Lake was definitely a highlight of my stay in Myanmar. I recommend it highly and, if she is available, try and get Toe Toe or her daughter as your guide. She can be found through the Dream Villa Guesthouse there. However, there are many good "local" guides in Kalaw that...

  • The Palaung

    Colourfully dressed Palaung is one of the 135 minority tribes of Myanmar with a turbulent history. Don't expect though that everyone in these minority villages are dressed traditionallyA more detailed reference on Palaung can be read in this website: http://www.peoplesoftheworld.org/text?people=Palaung

  • Inside a Palaung long house

    Some of the people in this village live in the traditional long houses: a stilt establishment long enough to house five or six families to a house. Some others live in single family dwellings. We were offered tea on the patio of one of the village’s leading citizens and watched a group of children playing inside and also the family cooking and...

  • Reaching Palaung village

    The first ones to greet us when we reached the village, were children (always smiling and hyperactive).Children though not dressed traditionally were everywhere!

  • Ancending the hills to Palaung village

    We were dropped off at a junction from where it iwas about a 2-hour hike up the hill on a dirt track to the Palaung village, but pleasant. As we moved up the slope, we saw many tea bushes on the almost perpendicular hillsides. Unlike Sri Lanka with endless acres of brightly green tea bushes , here they looked rather miserable… With some short rest...

  • Trekking around Kalaw

    At the hills around Kalaw there are a number of villages that are accessible only by foot. This is the main reason being there: trekking to minority villages. Some of these villages are inhabited by the Palaung people, one of many ethnic groups in Myanmar, which was the only one we visited in our half day trekking. We arranged our trekking through...

  • Trekking

    Hay muchas posibilidades de hacer trekking en Kalaw de un o varios días en las montañas de alrededor donde además de tener una vegetación y paisajes impresionantes habitan las tribus de los Palaung y los Pa-OEn los hoteles te puedes poner en contacto con los guías .Nosotros fuimos con Michael y estuvimos muy contentosNos sorprendió el tipo de...

  • Kalaw, Paya

    Across the Kalaw Main Street you have the big Thein Taung Paya which lies above the street.It's a long walk up there and some monks accompanied us.I took their picture and if you look very good, you'll see the city lights of Kalaw far away.But the contrast of the orange cloth and the dark city is nice, I think so

  • Kalaw, singing nun

    While making the trek, we visited a female monastery where we were invited inside.The monks offered us tea, didn't speak one word English but kept on smiling all the time.One of the younger 'sisters' chanted from their holy book.

  • Kalaw, longhouses

    We visited a longhouse (i.e. a house where more than one family lives) where the weaved beautiful cotton.They were very friendly but of course wanted to sell their products.Catherine had to let herself dress their traditional way....Well, it was nice but not something she'd wear to work in Belgium

  • Kalaw, meet Joseph, our guide

    In Kalaw you can choose between:Mister Sam: the best known who has most of the tourists. He looked too polished, too businessminded. Afterwards, I heard from friends, he does a lot of charity for the local people. Our guide, Joseph is a shy Indian who speak very good English. He is interested in your stories, only tells you what you want to know......

  • Kalaw, local barber

    We passed a few houses where a father was shaving his son's hair off.I was afraid of my ponytail and didn't dare look


Kalaw Restaurants

  • Excellent value home cooked food

    By the end of our half day trekking we asked our guide where he would recommend we have a lunch in Kalaw. Very very modestly he proposed his family restaurant. We had no objectionAnd what a dining experience it was!! Food was freshly cooked after we ordered it. Everything was excellent, tasty and excellent value (for two just 8,000kyats = less than...

  • Muy coqueto Very cute

    Un restaurante muy agradable y asequible donde tomamos comida India y Shan servida siempre por alguna de las hermanas o ya también por alguna de sus hijas A very nice restaurant and resonable on price where we had Indian and Shan food,served by one of the sisters or now also by some of their daughters

  • Kalaw: go for the many, many side dishes

    We had a Mandalay Beer to wet our appetite (cheapest price here) and ordered a mutton curry and a beef curry which tasted as nice as the many side dishes (promised on an outside pancard): veggies, tomatoes, bamboo sprouts, ocra soup, green beans and spices.There was one sauce that smelled very, very bad and we put it on another tableFor this...

  • Kalaw, local food at it's very best

    Right in front of the Cinema is an Indian Restaurant/Tea House where you can have the most delicious pancakes with mutton. You only pay 350 Kyatt and can eat no more than 2.The tea is the best in the city.For starters, you can go out on the streets to the numerous foodstalls

  • the best curry ever

    the 7 sister's restaurant is run by 5 sisters. oh boy did we eat here! all seemed good, but it was here where we finally found olaf's fave curry. and in the middle of burma! long way to come on a saturday night after the pubs have shut.

  • 7 Sisters - Kalaw

    It's called 7 sisters, but there's only 3. They run a tiny restaurant serving food which contains meat and spices, a rarity; we stuffed ourselves silly! and, because kalaw is a hill station, we froze. This is the first time i've shivered (from the cold) in S.E. Asia. A treat to be remembered. Try any of the burmese items, we had the curry. After a...


Kalaw Local Customs

  • Palaung

    Los Palaung visten traje de gran colorido azul y rojo y viven en casas muy largas que comparten tres familias .El te ,los tejidos y el trabajo del campo son sus principales medios de vida The Palauung wear clourful dresses mainly in blue and red and they live in long houses that shear with three familiesTea, woven and field work are their main...

  • Kalaw monks

    Every morning and sometimes during the day, you see hundreds of monks collecting food and gifts in their "begging bowls"

  • Kalaw toilet

    If you've visited other travel pages of mine, you will have seen I always take pictures of toilets.Most of them are inside but this nice example was in the garden of a house.And yes, I tried it. No, it didn't fall down and I could do what I had to do.Beneath, the pigs were waiting... for their food. Yum


Kalaw Sports & Outdoors

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    by elpariente Updated Jan 10, 2006

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    En Kalaw hay un campo de golf de 9 hoyos de la epoca de los ingleses que tiene muy buena pinta , pero lo que mas nos llamo la atencion es que casi todos los cadys eran chicas y ademas habia otras que llevaban la sombrilla para proteger a los jugadores
    Nos quedaron serias dudas si en ese campo podian jugar las mujeres

    In Kalaw there is a nine holes golf course since the days that the British were in Myanmar that looks very well, but what paid our atention is that all cadies were womenand in adition there were another girls that that took the umbrela to protect the players of the sun.
    We doubted if on this field the ladies could play

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  • Paisanos de-Kalaw - People

    Algunos de los personajes que encontramos por los caminos Some of the persons we met in our way

  • Off the beaten track

    Kalaw is out of the way for most tourists, which meant we saw just two other tourists whilst we were here. The town is a great starting point for trecking in the mountains and has an enormous market most days. It's a photographers dream destination. This would be the place I would like to come back to.

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