Burma Off The Beaten Path

  • More ancient stupas of Sankar
    More ancient stupas of Sankar
    by EchineTeo
  • Bagan - local food market
    Bagan - local food market
    by Belsaita
  • Off The Beaten Path
    by Belsaita

Burma Off The Beaten Path

  • Buddhist meditation in Burma

    There is one near Mount Popa. So far they only once had a German guest as they told me and this place should be quiet enough.Please keep in mind, that you need a permission from the government to do it. But my guess is that with the necessary patience and time you would be able to get it.You can see two pictures of it in my Mount Popa report and...

  • Drive to Mt Popa

    Mount Popa is a one and a half-hour drive, 50 kms, southeast of Bagan. It is an extinct volcano which dominates the area with its imposing expanse. It is surrounded by thick jungle teeming with natural springs, butterflies, monkeys, medicinal herbs and exotic flowers. At its foot is a magnificent rocky outcrop, a table mountain topped with...

  • The slow life in Mingun

    Mingun is a fascinating township that can be reached by a riverboat in about one hour from Mandalay or a couple of hours by vehicle. It contains a number of beautiful pagodas and good tourist stalls. It is a quiet town with few if any cars or motorbikes as the locals use ox carts for transport.The Mingun Pahtodawgyi is a monumental uncompleted...

  • The Road to Mandalay

    The capital of the Burmese kingdom before the colonial era, Mandalay is Myanmar 's second largest city. It is still considered to be the cultural capital as well as the economic and religious centre for Upper Myanmar . Highlights include the Shwenandow pagoda which has some exquisite woodcarvings adorning its walls, the Mahu Muni Buddha image...

  • Boat travel along the Irrawarry upper...

    there is a regular servivce from Mandalay up the river.. nearly two days and a bit later you would arrive at Bhamo and you could go by taxi to Mytykina. the accomodations are rudimentary but most burmese would live on the deck cook and there is a place you can buy some food on boat, once again very basic. but it passes through some fantastic...

  • Irrawaddy-Trip: Stay in Sinbo for...

    Most people who do the boattrip from myitkiyna to katha or further to mandalay have to stop overnight in in small village called sinbo - if they do their travel by public boats. thats your chance to leave the less beaten track and discover the totally unknown. because the local authorities dont`seem to care about travel restrictions you can leave...

  • The Perfect Trekking destination -...

    For the adventurous traveler, we would like to suggest some trekking spots in the country. Though, there are many but prime spots are Mount Popa (Kyaukpadaung Township), Mandalay (Kyaukhtiyo Township, Mon State) and Tayaw Mountain Range (Kalaw Township, Southern Shan State).The trekking in Tayaw village is famous for the adventures and sight-seeing...

  • visiting northeast Shan State from north...

    As above, if you're wanting to visit most of central Burma, then it's best just to fly budget flights offered by Thai Air Asia roundtripping Bangkok to Yangon. But if you're wanting to visit the northeast Shan area near the 'Golden Triangle' then it's best done as a separate trip from northern Thailand before/after visiting Laos. You can get a...

  • Crossing the border with China

    Last time i asked it was supposedly about $200 for everything (help at the border crossing, a guide and driver till Lashio) and whatever paperwork they need between the border and Lashio.... Up to Ruili you are on your own (not difficult, there are overnight sleeper buses). The flight might seem a little cheaper (i think it is somewhere between...

  • Burma from China overland

    While you may enter Myanmar from China via the Ruili-Muse border, you will have to arrange for an escort/guide to take you from the Myanmar border to the town of Lashio (east of Hsipaw). I don't know the cost but have heard that it's not cheap. From Lashio, you can travel by bus or train to Hsipaw, the next major town, on your own. There may even...

  • Travel or not to BURMA

    We will agree to disagree. I know what I saw and what I KNOW. What I stated about BURMA is not conjecture. From what I know I have, yes, formulated my opinion about the country and the JUNTA. You sound as if you are defending the JUNTA and what it stands for. My opinion, but there is no defense for how they have treated their people overthe past...

  • The Burma Road

    One of the nicest ways to enter Burma is to 'do' the Burma road. For one thing, it is the only border crossing you can use without having to fly part of the way to get to the rest of Burma. Secondly, this border is usually open to foreigners who want to visit Burma instead of doing a 'visa-run' for Thailand. The borders with Thailand are very...

  • Kyaukme

    Kyaukme is a sleepy town between Pin Oo Lwin and Hsipaw and very few travelers go here. Which is a pity. It has a nice ambiance (nicer than Hsipaw i personally think) and like in Hsipaw it is a good place for walks and hikes. But since there is no 'Mr. Charles' who organizes everything, you'll have to do much yourself. There are a few 'guided' in...

  • Kekku

    We had an extra day at Inle Lake and we wanted something else. So we went to beautiful Kekku. It is not very far from Inle lake and well within Pa-O territory. You have to pay $5 p.p. for admission at the Pa-O administration office in Taunggy But with that money they keep the site up (and make repairs since it is an active religious site) and you...

  • Hpo Win Daung Caves

    These caves are near Monywa (but still quite a ride away). We took a tuk-tuk like vehicle to get there across the bridge instead of going by ferry and arranging transport on the other side. It took us almost an hour to get here. But it is worth it. The caves are quite a sight. Though many are in bad shape it is really nice to go in and have a look...

  • Novice ceremony

    Buddhism play great role in live of all Burmese people. From childhood parents send their kids both boys and girls to monasteries for a while few months for studying basis of Buddhism. We have a luck to see in one village near Bagan novice ceremony. It was procession of parents and another family members that escort their kids to monastery with...

  • Botanical Garden in Pyin Oo Lwin

    As I learned by reading tips from Burma's travelers not so much of them visit the Botanical Garden in Pyin Oo Lwin, but it is indeed nice place with gorgeous flower lawns tropical trees and picturesque ponds. There is also good collection of orchids.

  • Namhsan

    Namhan isn’t a place where many tourists get to. For one thing, it just takes way too much time to get there. We took the bus from Kyaukme even though we were told we could get on in Hsipaw as well. But we were very glad we’d taken the time to get to Kyaukme although it meant quite a few extra hours in the bus. It is 80 miles and supposedly it...

  • Thanboddhay paya, Monywa

    When i first laid eyes on this paya i thought i was looking at some fairytale disney thing. It is very brightly coloured. Gold, red, pink & orangy dominate. Inside it is even more impressive. Little buddha statues fill every part of this huge building. Only very sometimes you can find an empty spot where there is still room for an additional...

  • Bring make-up to Burma

    I loved Burma/Myanmar and had the most fun at the amazing temples of Bagan. The temples of Bagan are a must see for everyone going to Burma. And, if Burma isn't on your itinerary than...just maybe...you should change your travel plans to include it! Anyway, my little tip is to bring make-up with you to Bagan! The Burmese love it and have mastered...

  • Being invited to a strange religious...

    Across from my hotel in Mandalay, there was a small family owned convenience store. Stopping in to buy drinks, I spoke with some of the family members for a while. They asked me if I would like to watch a religious service going on upstairs. Intrigued by the prospect of seeing something new and interesting, I accepted. I was taken upstairs where...

  • Armenian church in Yangon

    There is one armenian church in Yangon.One of sponsors is the Embassy of Russian Federation...They prey there...

  • Visit on Myanmar brewery Ltd.

    To visit Myanmar brewery Ltd. is free and easy. It is located in Yangon`s suburb . Singapore investments , very good management.Tennis court , football and volleyball fields.They produce Myanmar Lager , Tiger beer and ABC stout in bottles and cans, and also Anchor beer only in cans.My favourite is Myanmar Lager.Thanks to Mrs. Win Win Thant for her...

  • 2. Mawlamyine distillery

    I was lucky and could see how local people are working on the burmese plant .Of course , this is not hi-tec , but they are easy in their mind and out of nervous...

  • 4. Mawlamyine distillery

    And now please take a look on equipment of this distillery and it`s condition...What do you think ?It`s still working !

  • 3. Mawlamyine distillery

    This man is retired professor of history U Ank Gyaw from Mawlamyine University (a well popular person who is a Mawlamyine specialist, nobody knows about Mawlamyine like that professor). He is an academic researcher about an perfect history of Mawlamyine as well.We had an agreement to visit Mawlamyine distillery because we were interested in it`s...

  • 1. Mawlamyine distillery

    Mawlamyine ( Moulmein ) city , the capital of Mon state , is also former British colonial capital. There is distillery plant in Mawlamyine , established in 1876 by one French business man JE Limouzin as ` Phoenix distillery ` , who then sold it in 1884 to chinese man by name Leong Chye , and now producing ` Mawlamyine rum ` and also using `...

  • Visit on Mandalay brewery

    To visit on Mandalay brewery is not easy , because you need permission for this . Brewery belongs to the Government. I got the permission. I had meeting with general manager major Mr. U Thaung Myint , who works there already twenty four years.In spite of cordiality ,everything was very strictly. To make photos was prohibited. Only after I beg for...

  • Pyin Oo Lwin

    A pleasant little town North of Mandalay where you can chill and explore some nice waterfalls in the vicinity.It is also quite popular for it's strawberries. Don't forget to try the strawberry wine!!!

  • Mandalay

    While walking along the Ayeyarwaddy river I met a group of people (abt 200) from a truck they were giving water but obviously they were not here for the water.I'm by nature very curious so I tried to found someone who may explain me.Mostly by gestures I understand that a monk died. I just looked at the riverside and saw that they were preparing a...

  • A Good Guide can make all the difference

    We would have literally been lost with out our guides in Burma. Tour Mandalay are an authorised Tour Operator and Travel Agent.Khin Zaw Nichols is the Managing Director. For more information visit www.tourmandalay.com.

  • Trekking between Kalaw and Inle Lake

    The wonderful rolling countryside between Kalaw and Inle Lake shelters some of Asia's most unspoiled minority villages, including Palaung , Pa -O, Taungthu and Danu communities. Well off the beaten track and far from any road, the best way to explore is by a three-day trek, nothing too strenuous with a porter to carry your luggage. The two...

  • Cruise the Irrawaddy

    Throughout Myanmar 's history, river travel has been an important part of everyday life. Today is no different and I recommend incorporating a river journey into your itinerary. There are local ferries that make the journey on the Irrawaddy River between Bagan and Mandalay in one day, or if you have a bit more time and want to enjoy the journey in...

  • children with face paint

    the Burmese children had there faces painted with yellow paint. I was told that this protects against the sun.

  • Myeigo Archipelago

    The Myeigo Archipelago consists of approximately 1,000 uninhabited islands, adorned with white sand beaches and cloaked with lush rainforests. The archipelago is visited by only a handful of fisherman and sea gypsies. Currently lampi island is the only protected island in the group. Lampi island has been designated a national park by Burma. Lampi...

  • Irrawaddy Riverside villages

    The side of the Irrawaddy River is home to many poor families, eking out an existence by fishing and taking in laundry. Many small bamboo huts line the riverside, currently on semi-dry land, but at high tide will be floating.

  • Golden Rock Pagoda (Kyaiktio)

    This pagoda in Mon State was off-limits to foreigners until 2000. Though it's only 165km from Rangoon you will still need two days to visit, because the bus ride takes at least 5 hours. You will be dropped off at Kinpun base camp, where you have to take a truck (along with hundreds of pilgrims) to the second platform. From there it is another 45min...

  • Hilltribes: the value of contact...

    Tun Ti spoke the local language perfectly and he translated now and then between us and the local people.Besides a great sense of humour and curious questions about our personal lives I will never forget what the chief said.He told us that, when he goes to the market in town, he sometimes notices white people walking around and taking photos. He...

  • Chaung Tha Beach

    Chaung Tha is a good spot just to unwind and relax on the beach. If you love seafood, it's a place to be!

  • We came up that?

    This is scenery to die for. Unfortunately the picture doesn't do the actual experience much justice. We had just come up the long and winding path in an American WWII 1942 jeep. The only thing missing to distinguish it so was the "Star In A Circle" emblem that I see so often painted on the bonnet in Combat. The combat movie starring Vic Morrow in...

  • Ngapali Beach

    Surprisingly few travelers make it to Ngapali Beach, even though it is the most famous beach resort in Burma, with a relatively good tourist infrastructure. The reason for this may be the two gruelling, long bus rides to get there from either Pyay or Rangoon (if you do not want to shell out 75$ for a flight).Those who do visit will find heaven on...

  • Hsipaw

    Quite a few backpackers make it to this remote Shan town in search of relaxation.Hsipaw offers the opportunity to visit an authentic Shan market, hike to hilltribe villages or to do a boat trip on the river.There is actually nothing special to see or do, the attraction lies in the remoteness and nativeness of the region.

  • Pyin Oo Lwyn (Maymyo)

    Another former British hill station with a pleasant climate and a large number of inhabitants from the Subcontinent.The town is famous for its Wild West-style horse carriages, very colorful vehicles, still used for public transport.The Anisakan Falls, not far from town, are stunning.For more info see travelogues.

  • Kalaw

    Former British hill station, located 1300m above sea level. It can get quite chilly here at night, even in hot season. The town is attractive due to its location, some remaining colonial architecture and its overall relaxed atmosphere.There are some interesting places to visit around town, as well as good trekking opportunities.See travelogues!

  • Hilltribes: go for low impact tourism

    Sam's policy is to change routes all the time and visit "his" villages with tourists only few times a year...although I'm pretty sure that the village we were up to (Htito) was visited about every 6-8 weeks. Still it's a kind of low impact tourism that I highly appreciate. To reach Htito, we walked a very long distance, mostly a bit up and down on...


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