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Kengtung Things to Do

  • Visit a large bar and disco about 8...

    Take the main road out of KT towards Katow village. Go past Harry's Trecking Tours ( he knows the place well and will probably take you there) Head towards Wan Pie vllage and you cannot miss the bar. It's name is Three Become One,adapted from the Spice Girls song. There is a large bar, Snacks and small meals are available on request. It has a very...

  • Visit the Akha tribes

    Visit Ho Kyin village with Akha tribes, stillwearing traditional costumes with silver coils. If an Akhar woman wantsto dress up with her complete costume, it will take about more than one hour.Having immigrated from Chinas Yunnan province about 200 years ago, the majority of Akha-tribes settles now in Thailand, but about one third is situated in...

  • Visit the monks school !

    Right in the center of Kengtung there is a group of striking 19th century Buddhist sites, Maha Myat Muni (Shan/Thai name Wat Phra Jao Lung) and Wat Ho Khong temple and monastery. ( Because of the cultural influence of the Shan and Thai languages, most temples and monasteries have both a Shan and a Burmese name). The interior of the Maha Myat Muni...

  • Visit an indigenous village !

    Getting to Kengtung, in the center of Myanmars Shan-State, is spectacular. By air, the plane flies over an endless series of green mountains and river gorges, interspersed with cultivated fields and small towns and villages. Around the "city" of Kengtung there are various villages of the ethnical minorities, the so called "hill-tribes" within a...

  • Explore

    Spent the best 10 days of my life in this cool town. Dont come on a package tour because you cant do it justice. By the time I left I felt like a resident.Its the ultimate in off the beaten path.if you love Ang Akah and lahu culture this should be your base.If it takes under 3 hours to get to then dont bother as it will be touristy.Hotel Shien tip...

  • The Wall

    The center of Kengtung is all old wall city. The wall and maybe a couple of the gates tis still mostly intact, although it is in disrepair and is overgrown in most places. (Not hard to spot it though, and you can follow it around most of the city if you are so inclined) Of the old gates to the city, the one that is in the best shape is the Paleng...

  • Satu-ratha-sumingala temple on Lwe Mwe

    This temple was built by the coorperation of 4 countries,there 're : Thailand,Burma,Laos and China.In the temple consisted of a stairway to the temple on the hill where located a couple of Lion statues as gaurdian on the entrance.On the hill,there 're a principal pagoda surrounded with small pagodas and Mondop,housed Buddha images on four sides....

  • Funny park around the lake of Lwe Mwe

    I don't know why the Burmese army built some funny sculptures around the lake.But it made this lake more interesting and funny. There're a big sculpture of Dinosaur like Godzilla,play ground with colourful stuffs,some cutie sculptures of water animal and also holy sculpture of Naga Queen.

  • Lake on Lwe Mwe

    This lake use as resevoir for army and villagers on Lwe Mwe.I visited there on a cloudy and rainy day,so the scenery was a bit gloomy and foggy.But I enjoyed there. At the center of lake,the Burmese army was built a colourful zigzag wooden bridge as you can see in the pictures.

  • Lwe Mwe or Mei hill

    Mwe or Mei is a word in Tai Yai.It means dew which harden to be ice.The peak of Lwe Mwe 's high about 4,500 feet from sea level. This place used to be a vacation resort for English governors when they came to ruled Burma.Also English army used this place as military base. They built houses and military camp in European style.All house have chimney...

  • Phra Kaew temple

    Located in the heart of Kentung as one of three main temples. This temple was built in Burmese style around 1922 and finished in 1927 by Jao Rattanakonkeaw-in-thalang,the city ruler of Kengtung. It was renovated in WWII period by Thai artisans.Some interesting things 're Viharn where mixed between Thai Art and Burmese Art.Inside viharn,housed a...

  • Maha Myat Muni temple

    Or so called Phra Jao Luang temple.It located in the city center and stands as the most important temple of Kengtung.The interesting buildings 're viharn, it was built in 1926-1929 by Jao Rattanakonkaew-in-thalang,the city ruler of Kengtung.He was one respected by Kengtung people. Inside a big viharn housed the Buddha image named Maha Myat Muni,the...


Kengtung Restaurants

  • Dont miss the local Snacks !!

    One of the most popular snacks are BAMBOO-WORMS, collected from the inside of bamboo-twigs.After harvesting the bamboo, it is cut in half and the worms collected. Afterwards they are deepfried .They are delicious, tasting like potatoe chips !! Bamboo-worms, deep fried

  • Popular menu in Kengtung

    Roti together with coffee or milk tea 's one popular menu for Kengtung. You can eat as Breakfast or snacks.And it's easy to find in markets or roadside.

  • Roti in a large water jar

    Have you ever eat roti?It originated in India and spread through some countries in Asia. In Kengtung,I 've found roti baked in big jar which similar to the origin.My Kengtung friend told me that there 's just 1 shop where sell roti baked in jar,other roti shops 'll fried in a big pan.The only one shop called "Prince". You can eat roti as dessert...

  • Chinese food and more....

    One delicious restaurant in Kengtung with very service minded waitress. The most popular 's a big hot pot. Hot potChinese food

  • The Ice Cream Man Cometh....

    Sure he is riding a bicycle and wearing a skirt (well a longyi, but you know...) and the stuff in those coolers likely isnt icecream as you and I know it, but....This did appear to be the best avenue for obtaining some cool refreshment on a sunny Kengtung day, so splurgh that 50 Kyat note ($0.06 USD) and try to do your part to help out the local...

  • Plan B

    Good Question!!! I am so glad you asked... Well, it just so happens that Kengtung is pretty much equidistant from Chiangrai Province, Thailand and Yunnan Province, China.And so, it should come as no surprise that the other two beers available here would be the Thai Singha Beer and the Yunnan Guangming Beer..When faced with this option, I thought...


Kengtung Nightlife

  • Starry, Starry Night...

    The walk back to your hostel from dinner or the movies will invariably be in the pitch black due to the un-ending power outages in Kengtung. Also, since winter is dry season, there is almost always a clear sky above.The combination of clear skies and a lack of light pollution makes for some of the best star gazing conditions you are ever likely to...

  • Kengtung Grand Premiere

    Now I was able to ascertain that the movies were in fact pirated by the billboards here. No full colour spreads showing the movie fare for the day, just a poor colour copy of a copy of a copy of a image that they lifted somewhere. (probably not off the internet as there is no internet connectivity here...).

  • The Kengtung Multi-plex

    Though it just looks like a shack from the outside, (actually it looks like a shack from the inside, too) this is actually the Kengtung movie theatre, complete with first run Hollywood movies. Mind you, I don't believe Hollywood is making a nickel off the capacity crowds here. It only seats maybe 30 people, and best I can tell, they are just...


Kengtung Transportation

  • Land Route

    The route to Kengtung by land is whole lot easier than it used to be.This road was just recently sealed, which now makes it a relatively comfortable 3 hour ride from Takchilek. Just a year or two ago, the road was unsealed and it would take 6-12 hours, depending on conditions, and the road was impassible during the worst of the rainy season.To get...

  • Flying....

    Flying to Kengtung is probably the most common way to get here. Last time I flew from Yangon (2001), the only airline that flew this route was MA, which is the government airline. (They of the scary safety record) They only fly the route about twice a week, and they seem to make up the schedule as they go along.We were scheduled to come back to...

  • Walking

    Follow the fine example of the young monk traversing this stream and just do as the natives do.... (a lot of times wlaking about is your only option, anyway...)


Kengtung Shopping

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    Kad Loung or central market: All in this market

    by pattayaraj Updated Dec 26, 2005

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    As central market,so all 're in here.There 're both stalls and shops where sells all stuffs you want.

    What to buy: -Clothes and textiles
    -Home equipments
    -Book and stationery
    -Local restaurant

    entrance market scence food zone Roti stalls
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Kengtung Warnings and Dangers

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    Cow Pies

    by kenmerk Written Jan 30, 2003

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    When attending the Buffalo Market, or while hiking in general, be in the watch for the ever present cow pie (or is it buffalo pie ?) In any case, be sure to look down as you stroll around...

    A Kengtung Cow Pie (Bigger than a breadbox)

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Kengtung Off The Beaten Path

  • Get yourself a water-buffalo !!

    At Kengtung the water buffalo market is held in an empty field outside town 2-3 times a week.You'll have to take a motorcycle taxi to get there and be sure to hold on tight because the road up the hill is rough and full of holes. During the rainy season it can be downright treacherous. The selection of water buffalo is substantial and varied. How...

  • Kentung Cabana Club

    For a relaxing day in suburban Kengtung, grab a cabana down by the river, secure some cold beer, and watch the world go by....

  • Kengtung Waterfalls

    Although I don't know exactly what the name of the waterfalls, there is a series of seven or so cascades in the hills to the west side of town. Located about 15 kilometers from town, the easiest way to get here is by dirt bike, which can be hired in Kengtung..


Kengtung Favorites

  • Redemption

    A festival in a local Shan village near Kengtung... Locals come to clear up their accounts with the Almightly.... (somewhat reminiscent of Catholic confessioin, maybe...)

  • Lunch with the Locals

    Lunch with the locals: The menu was raw meat, bitter root vegetables, coarse rice, all washed down with corn moonshine..(While the listening to the hogs running about under the house oinking and grunting...) I think this is the most memorable meal, that I have had in recent memory....

  • Follow the Signs

    When looking for direction in your travels (or your life), all you have to do is follow the "Signs"...


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