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  • Nampan
    by euzkadi
  • Nampan
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    Our arrival at Nampan
    by herzog63

Nampan Things to Do

  • Nampan Market

    The scene at the market was just awesome. I was there on the biggest day of the week so I got to witness plenty of action. Buying and selling big bags of potatoes and onions is what is going on here in this photo. Hopefully you will arrive early! The early experience is so worth it! Hopefully you will be the only foreigners here also! My son and I...

  • Dried Lake weeds

    These are probably delicous! I may have had some in a soup a couple of times but I'm not sure. I didn't recognize alot of the "weeds" and ingredients of the food that I was eating but they sure were delicous.

  • No customers...Let's gossip!

    I'm only guessing! LOL For situations like this I wish I would have had an audio recorder with me. The way they were talking was very fun to eavsdrop on even though I didn't understand a word they were saying.

  • Crispy edibles

    I don't know the name of these things but I ate them a couple of times and they are pretty good. It was amazing to see stacks upon stacks of this things in the Nampan market though. These ladies must've been wholesalers for the vendors in Naungshwe and other big towns.

  • Early morning tomatoes

    Ah the delicous tomatoes of Inle Lake. These are grown on Floating Gardens! You can read about the floating gardens on some of my other pages. They are an amazing feat me anyways. These tomatoes are used in so many of the local dishes. Yummy!!

  • Another market scene

    I just couldn't get enough of this place! The locals seemed to enjoy it too. As they bargained for the produce they seemed to engage in general conversation also. It seemed like a happy time.

  • Get the money counted

    After the bags are weighed the money changes hands and it is counted again. I don't know if it's out of mistrust or just making sure that it was the correct amount. But the transactions that I watched all counted the money twice.

  • Gotta get everything weighed

    It takes 3 Men to operate this scale. 2 to hold up the bamboo stick and one to read the scale. It must be the same tradition of weighing the produce that hasn't changed for a long time.

  • Mother and child

    The people of Myanmar really love children! I experienced this first hand as they were so nice to my son on this trip!


Nampan Restaurants

  • The Finished product

    This is a shot of the finished product just before we ate it. This seemed to be a common breakfast for the locals.

  • Great Breakfast

    We had our breakfast here which consisted of long donut tasting things and then some fried flat bread with an onion garbanzo bean mixture that was pretty good washed down with sweet Tea and chinese tea all for US$.30cents for the 2 of us!

  • Nampan Hotels

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Nampan Transportation

  • Hire a boat

    I hired a boat for the day in Nyaungshwe I paid 7000 Kyat for and 11 hour day on the water. Which is around US$8.00 That included a side trip to Indein also. That price is for the whole boat so if you meet up with people that have the same interests you could share the boat. A boat can carry 5-7 passengers.

  • The parking lot is full!

    Most people seemed to show up in Nampan by boat although I did see a couple of trucks located in the back of the market.

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Nampan Shopping

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    Nampan Market: Touristy Souvenirs

    by herzog63 Written Apr 2, 2003

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    There are a couple of rows of vendors selling all kinds of stuff that tourists like. Hand carved buddhas, Nats, and other religous icons, Hand woven Shan bags, Hand woven Longyis, Fake antiques, Maybe some real ones too but I doubt it. I'm sure that alot of stuff is produced then buried in the ground to make it look old then they dig it up after a couple of weeks and they have instant antiques. I bought some wooden buddhas that that a starting price of $10 each and got 4 for $10. I wasn't intending to buy anything there as I still had some time left to my trip and didn't want to carry anything. But when the vendors would ask "what I would pay and they would't get mad at me for saying a low price" I ended up with a bag of stuff. I even bought my son a hand carved small guitar type thing for $3.

    What to buy: There are also jewelry items some cool items I'm just not into alot of souvenirs. I like to take photos as my souvenir.

    Souvenir Stall
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Nampan Local Customs

  • Calf head

    You will see all parts of the animals being utilized so there isn't any waste. I'm not sure if the eyes are eaten. I was waiting around to see how the guy dismantled the head but he was talking to much and didn't really get much done. Or maybe he noticed me watching him and didn't want to continue?

  • Smiling Vendor

    She seemed happy to be selling! Business must've been good! Actually alot of people smiled as they spotted my son. He was very popular in Myanmar! If you have the chance to travel with your children you will be well awarded in Myanmar!!

  • How much for these fish?

    Fish is quite popular in this area as it is on a Lake. Most of the fish that I saw was some sort of catfish. I know that Catfish Currie was one of my favorite dishes that I ate in Myanmar.


Nampan Warnings and Dangers

  • Beware of the sun!

    The afternoon sun can fry you on the water! I got fried! Even alot of the locals use and umbrella. The boat that I hired had umbrellas to use but I didn't open it until it was to late. Sunblock could be quite useful too. Most boat rides take 10-11 hours on the lake so you know how the sun can reflect off the water.

  • Don't fall out while the boat is moving

    That prop is not protected. Simple enough but if your balance isn't that great don't stand up while the boat is moving.

  • Watch out for the engines on the long...

    Be careful if you are sitting in the last seat closest to the engine as there aren't any safety covers on the flywheel and belts! So if you trip and fell into the engine it would be quite a mess!!


Nampan Off The Beaten Path

  • Preparing the rolling leaves

    This lady was preparing the leaves for the rolling process. Every part of the Rolling of the cheroot was done by hand here in Nampan. Mechanical rolling hasn't made it to this part of the world yet.

  • How have you been? I haven't seen you...

    A couple of guys having a friendly discussion. Probably talking about the cows that they were going to buy from old man Witherspoon. Or maybe just discussing the weather which was really beautiful the day that we visited Nampan.

  • Medicinal roots

    I guess if you had some ailments you could get all fixed up right here. Some of these mixtures have amazing mixtures of rare roots that the locals will use before they use all of the chemicals that the westerner will bring to them.


Nampan Favorites

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  • Snack Bar

    You could sit down here for some tea and breakfast but I had already eaten. I ate so much in Myanmar. I was hoping to drop 15 Lbs pounds on the trip but I think I only lost 2 lbs. I just kept eating and eating.

  • Cauliflower and Baskets and sun in the...

    These are some fresh cauliflower!! I love the hats these ladies are wearing. Quite useful for keeping the sun out their eyes while sitting in the market. Those same hats are worn by field workers too.

  • White eggs or Brown eggs....Your choice!

    This lady has plenty of eggs and choices too! I am always interested in the color of the eggs...Sounds weird but I rarely saw a White egg growing up in Maine. But when I moved to Alaska I couldn't see a Brown egg. Sorry, just one of my weird things that I look for.


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