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    view over Tachilek village
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    Dad, Hui and Wen
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Tachilek Things to Do


    Who is Mr. Aung Myint Myat? Well you can find him if you turn right at the major intersection after coming across the bridge, head eastwards along the main road (1.5km?) until you reach the hospital, then take the next left, go up a few blocks, and just before you reach the end of the road you will see Aung's establishment on the right. He is an...


    This place is worth visiting,for the magnificent pagoda and for the view of the surrounding area. The golden pagoda is quite large and one can wander round the compound looking at the various statues. We visited the site at mid-day when it was very hot, probably better to visit early morning. There is a line of golden monks standing with their alms...


    If you leave the local market on the northern side, turn right on the road, a few mteres later you will pass over a small bridge, then immediately on the left will be a small compound with a temple inside and several spirit houses where you will find locals making their offerings such as fruit, drink and money. It's very interesting to see the...


    A walk round the local market is interesting but can be very muddy if it is the rainy season. This is mainly a market for the locals to purchase their every day needs and is very colourful. Be careful as porters rush around with baskets and boxes delivering them to the stalls. Good for photography. Try the dragon fruit if you see it for sale--it's...

  • visit the stupa

    If you pass through the grounds of the Peace Golden Land Nunnery (ask permission first) you will come to a set of steps which you can follow for 15 minutes and you will eventually reach a small road which will lead you to the top of a hill where a stupa is being constructed and you will be able to have a magnificent view of Mae Sai and parts of...


    It is interesting to visit the temple where one can meditate. It is run mainly by the nuns and accepts visitors in their apartment block, most visitors are form Thailand and come for one or two weeks meditation and can stay there free of charge (meals also) but most give a healthy donation when they leave. We were also invited to return at a later...


    We went to visit the long necks who are located at the upmarket Regina Hotel by the golf course. To enter you pay an entrance fee, can't remember how much it was but i thought it was a little expensive because once you are on the premises the representatives from the long necks and Akha are all located in souvenir shops on the side of some steps...


    As soon as you cross the bridge into Tachilek turn right and you will be in a huge marker selling all kinds of goods from Thailand and China, many fake brands, groceries, alcohol, bags, anything you can think of. It is the same products that are available on the Thai side, usually priced in Baht, as are most things in this town. The prices seemed...

  • visit the evening market

    I guess once in awhile to visit local market was fun. Every country has serve different ways of living. Selling and buying things, sell whatever can be sell and all.I was expecting this kind of stuffs when coming to this local market in Tachilek. Most of the market now adays were very clean and hygene. No disgusting creature sells that can be...

  • Quick stop for cheap goods and a...

    Completely on a whim, we decided to cross the border from Mae Sai, Thailand into Tachileik. We obtained the required $5 day pass at the customs checkpoint, and traversed the Nam Ruak River. Once on the Myanmar side, it's almost like another world. There's a bustling marketplace mostly full of counterfeit goods, and plenty of little stalls featuring...

  • Don't bother but then maybe...

    I went bacause I thought it would be quaint to have Myanmar stamped in my passport. My excite ment in crossing the boreder from Thailand was shortlived as Tachilek was like a wild west frontier town without the fun. It was a waste of time. I felt sorry for the people there as there was a mark edcontrast between Thailand and Burma in terms of the...

  • Border Street Market

    Just across the border bridge from Thailand is a large street market. It caters primarily to locals but there are some shops selling Burmese crafts such as lacquer and wood carving. Otherwise, it is mainly interesting from the standpoint of seeing local people going about their daily lives. There are many beggars in the market, and no doubt they...


Tachilek Restaurants

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    by davidjo Written Mar 4, 2012

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    Try eating a typical burmese breakfast from one of the many restaurants that open early. Order the curried veg and chapatis served with a pot of tea. The chapatis are flung into a clay oven where they stick to the wall for a few seconds then taken out and served to you with your curry. Tastes delicious and costs next to nothing. We found a tea house serving breakfast very near the bridge. Once you cross the bridge turn left at the major intersection, walk another 200m or so and you will find this tea house on the left. The owner/ staff were very eager to talk to us.

    ENJOYING A POT OF TEA WITH MY BREAKFAST oven for the chapatis

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Tachilek Transportation


    When i was in Mae Sai i walked to the bridge, got stamped out of Thailand then presented my passport to the Myanmar authorities who relieved me of 500 Baht, kept my passport and issued me with a temporary permit which allowed me to cross onto Myanmar. Your passport is returned to you when you return the temporary permit crossing back to Thailand....

  • Scooter car

    Scooter car is the most economical way to take a look in Tachilek. It has cover to avoid sunshine and has good view to see the border village.

  • Flights in and out of Tachilek

    Flying in and out of Tachikek can be a bit of a hit and miss deal. Flights in or out are often cancelled, due to instability at the border between the Burmese and Thai. The flights are also seriously delayed a lot of the time. You can also not necessarily rely on the accuracy of directions from the airport staff. After being detained in Tachilek,...


Tachilek Shopping

  • Tachilek market

    The market is big. Many shops and vendors gather there. You can find bags, clothes, food, jewelry, electronics, CD, VCD, crispy etc. The most are copies from China. Real Burma made stuffs are rare. Really disappointed.

  • Burma natural cosmetic

    The woman sold Burma natural cosmetic. Tree trunk was grained into powder. With water to mop it on your face. It's natural cosmetic to be white and isolate sunshine. It's routine that in early morning women grain it for her children.Factory made are now also popular.

  • Market is the Allure

    Most of the merchandise at the Tachilek market is said to come from China. The most popular things to buy were probably DVDs - which were very cheap, and, we later found, of very good quality. We bought a few heavy box sets, singles and disks with 8 movies for 80 Baht! All worked, and were good quality. Sunglasses and magnified readers were also...


Tachilek Local Customs

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    by thedouglas Updated Apr 25, 2007

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    There are many ongoing social and medical problems in this part of Myanmar, due to the opium trade and use. We were quite pleased to see the services available in this little town, and the education provided to the locals, encouraging them not to use drugs. The drug education is now commenced in the schools from an early age, in an effort to ensure that the locals make better choices. The impact of opium addictions is widespread in this area, affecting sociological and economic conditions.

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Tachilek Warnings and Dangers

  • Be very sure about your plans

    We have to take some responsibility for what happened to us in Tachilek, as I later found in the Lonely Planet that border crossing into Thailand is NOT permitted from here.We bought our Myanmar visa from the Embassy here in Australia, and obtained what we believed to be authority to cross the border into Thailand from here. This was planned from...

  • Forbidden medicine

    In Burma market you may find some vendors who sell forbidden medicine or stuffs likebear gall, tiger skin, monkey skull (to put cigarette in as decoration/ ashtray) etc. You had better not buy them. It's illegal and you would receive huge fine or be sent to jail.

  • Try to leave your valuables behind...

    If at all possible, I wouldn't take any valuables (like a nice watch or expensive camera) into Tachileik. While the people were all very friendly towards me, it certainly felt much more third world than Thailand, and I doubt there is much protection for tourists who are assaulted and/or robbed. Not that I heard of this ever happening while I was...


Tachilek Tourist Traps

  • More Commission

    Not a good idea to ask for a recommendation for accommodation, unless the agenda of the advisor is evident or disclosed. When we were refused our exit from Tachilek, we had no choice but to trudge down to the travel agency to attempt to purchase flights back to Yangon. Unfortunately, flights were all booked out - and we subsequently learned they...

  • Beware the tuktuk driver with the lack...

    When I didn't think I could get more cheesed off, we finally decided to pile the packs into a tuk tuk, and asked to be taken to a guesthouse which was on top of the steep hill in front of us. So, pointing was all that was required! "Take us there". Lots of feigning no understand, and an obviously strange route later, we were taken to a guesthouse,...

  • Tachilek Hotels

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Tachilek Sports & Outdoors

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    by Rodan44 Written Jun 11, 2004

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    This golf course sits across from a hilltribe cultural center that we were visiting. I didn't personally golf there, as I don't golf, but it looked like a pretty decent course. Definitely exotic with a view of the gold stupa and mountains in the distance.

    Tachilek Golf Course
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Tachilek Favorites

  • Golden Buddha

    They are golden Buddha, gifts from Thailand. The right one's index finger could have water drops. (It depends on your luck with Buddha) Women who have periode are not recommended to touch Buddha statues. For respect you are suggested to follow the rule.

  • Knock the bell

    Tachilek's golden tower has big field. Around the tower there are some interesting figures. This is one of the most interesting statues. You are welcome to knock the bell and it will bring you good luck!

  • Tachilek Luxurious Buddha

    Burma people under army control are arm. However, the government can do their best to decorate Buddha figure. Take the Tachilek Buddha for example, there are several giant rubies on the statue. Impressive that kind Burma people won't stolen them for a better life.


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