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  • War Museum
    War Museum
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  • Cultural Village
    Cultural Village
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  • Wat Thmey
    Wat Thmey
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Phumi Siem Reab Things to Do

  • Catholic Church

    This modern wooden church, built in 2004, is located along the river, to the north of the Raffles Grand Hotel D’Angkor and the Royal Gardens, on the east bank. The church is dedicated to the patron saint St. John, the Apostle and serves a small community of Christians in the town.

  • Aspara Dancers

    Aspara Dancing is a traditional Khmer art and there are several places to experience it in Siem Reap. If you’re looking for a touristy, but free way to see this Cambodian custom check out the free show upstairs at the Temple Bar. This place gets packed, especially with the $5 US dinner buffet. If you’re not hungry you’re still welcome to grab a...

  • Shadow Puppet Show

    I recommend you to attend a Shadow Puppet show at La Noria Restuarant. Shows are on Wednesday's at 1930hrs at a cost of $12 including a meal. The shows are given by street children trained by Krousar Thmey. They operate the puppets and provide the voices for the characters. Programmes include folk tales and extracts from the Ramayana. Your...


Phumi Siem Reab Restaurants

  • Tourists & Dancers & Booze... Oh My!

    After a long day in the heat of the blazing sun, exploring Angkor Wat and Angkor Thom we decided to go restaurant hopping along Bar Street and try appetizers at each restaurant. We didn’t get very far. Our first stop was the uber-touristy Temple Bar. We thought we would stop here for a drink after a long day exploring the temples. A word of...

  • Simple, slow, tasty!

    Mandalay Inn is the guest house I stayed at.The restaurant is very simple and if you go for dinner, make sure to spread mosquito repellent all over you before, but the dishes they cook are definitly cheap, abondant and tasty.Even if you are the only customer, expect to wait at least 10 minuts before you get what you ordred, wich means they do cook...

  • Tonle Chaktomuk Restaurant

    Siem Reap has several really good and grand buffet restaurants (see my VT tips), and Tonle Chaktomuk Restaurant is one of them. Again, you will enjoy the big variety of local and international dishes at around US$15 per person.Great ambience and architecture, plus cultural show with Apsara dance at night. Good and relaxing way to spend one of your...


Phumi Siem Reab Nightlife

  • Bars, restaurants, cafes...

    The vast majority of places to eat and drink are clustered near the centre of Siem Reap, on and around the aptly named Bar Street (also known as Pub Street). There's certainly no shortage of bars along this street - it's not called Bar St for nothing! Temple Bar, Angkor What?, Banana Leaf and Le Tigre de Papier are among those to choose from....

  • Pub Street

    I seem to have taken loads of pics of pubs we visited when we were in Pub Street, but I have managed to misplace/lost them... so I am not very happy about this.... and hence I cannot now remember where we went...However, if you take a wander down Pub Street you are bound to find something that takes your fancy, be it a pub, or a restaurant or both,...

  • Pub Street

    Our driver, Tee, dropped us at the start of Pub street, which is the life of Siem Ream, its laced with lovely bars and restaurants and Angkor Waht? is not exception.Its a lively bar, with nice music, and very cold beers set on pub street.The staff are very friendly and the pub has a nice vibe, especially if you want to sit and people-watch passers...


Phumi Siem Reab Transportation

  • Siem Reap International Airport

    The Siem Reap Airport is small and compact but clean and very modern, more modern than the airport in Phnom Penh even. The airport is located 7km out of town and is easy to access via taxi or tuk tuk. There are restaurants, gift shops and all the amenities you would normally expect at any major airport including Duty Free. Siem Reap and Phnom Penh...

  • Angkor International Airport

    Siem Reap - Angkor International Airport is the second largest airport in Cambodia. It has frequent flights from Phnom Penh International Airport as well as direct flights to/from Laos (Pakse | Vientiane), Korea (Incheon), Singapore, Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur), Taiwan (Kaohsiung | Taipei), Thailand (Bangkok | U-Tapao) and Vietnam (Danang | Ho Chi Minh...

  • From Singapore to Siem Reap

    There are 2 airlines flying this sector:Silkair (daughter company of Singapore Airlines) is the only full service airline to fly direct to Siem Reap from Singapore. The return journey involves a stopover at Phnom Penh, capital of Cambodia.Jetstar Asia (daughter company of Qantas) is the only budget airline to fly direct to Siem Reap from Singapore.


Phumi Siem Reab Shopping

  • Quality handicrafts sold here

    Artisans Angkor is an internationally-funded livelihood program to train poor Cambodians on how to make good quality copies of Angkor-inspired themes like the buddha, apsara, Angkor Wat, etc. Stone and wooden replicas of buddhas, buddha heads, apsaras, etc.; silk clothes and bags; toiletries, paintings and other artwork. Souvenir shirts cost USD...

  • Buy home made sugar candy from the...

    By the side of the road you often see people selling home made candy made from palm sugar.I love buying it and usually take it home to Denmark as a present.It´s very tasty and is usually wrapped in palm leaves.They make it on the spot where you buy it and most of the time you will see the big pot next to the stand where they are boiling more...

  • Cambodian Fine Arts & Crafts

    This is a wonderful shop selling beautifully crafted Angkor arts & crafts. The also offer free guided tours of the workshops, including stone & wood carving, lacquering and silk painting. The have art, crafts, carvings, home furnishings and clothing. Everything is of the highest quality. The goods are more expensive here than at the market, but...


Phumi Siem Reab Local Customs

  • Other Dances

    Besides the famous Apsara Dance, I also had the chance to watch other traditional dance items while attending a meeting at Sokha Angkor Hotel, Siem Reap. Attached are some photos of the dance items, really enjoyed the experience because the dances are so beautiful and graceful!

  • Apsara Dance

    The Apsara Dance is the most famous traditional dance in Cambodia, and not to be missed when you are at Siem Reap. The beautiful and colourful traditional costumes, and the graceful dance movements of the female dancers make this dance a joy to watch.You can catch Apsara dance performances in Siem Reap, especially in some of the famous buffet...

  • People of Siem Reap

    Overall, the people of Siem Reap are very nice, friendly and helpful. They always put on a smile, and the customer service is very good especially at the hotels, transportation, tour guides etc. I have a good impression of the local people of Siem Reap!


Phumi Siem Reab Warnings and Dangers

  • Best Season to Visit

    The best season to visit Siem Reap and the Angkor monuments is during the dry and cool season from November to February. During this season, there are blue skies most of the time, and the weather is dry and cooling.However, it can get warm during the afternoons, but the air is dry so it is not so uncomfortable.

  • Respecting Angkor

    Although guests are allowed the unique opportunity to climb and explore the magnificent and often crumbling structures, care should be taken. It implore any visitor to these unique temples to exercise care and caution during their time in Angkor, it is the only way to ensure that this amazing edifice will remain for future generations to enjoy....

  • booksellers

    many children and disabled adults selling books around the streets and more at the temples. they are polite,not intrusive around seim reap but at angkor its a differnt case.eveing times you find younger kids/babies with parents hanging around at bars,although the security stop them from pestering you whilst eating and drinking its only when u leave...


Phumi Siem Reab Tourist Traps

  • Forget the Sunset on the Lake

    The standard offering if you get a taxi for the day is to see the sunset from the lake or a hill. I picked the boat ride on the lake. First it cost $15, very expensive for Cambodia. Second, it was not worth $2.The boat ride started in a canal that smelled of sewage. We saw very poor people living in houses on the water, kids swimming in it and one...

  • lady boys

    having one/two or three too many drinks and beware as they will approach you,and with beer googles u may think u have pulled a beautiful local female. if in temple bar and a chick thrashes you at pool,shes not a chick(probably one with a d***) most can be found either in temple bar or a small bar on ph sivatha say a polite no thanks ,not for...

  • pay twice

    Be very careful if a lot of kids carrying cakes or breads surrounding you asking you take one or two from them in the morning. They are all by individual, not sharing the amount they earn. So sometimes you will handover the money and grabbed and kept by one kid. Just after you turn around, the other kid claim that you havent paid her. So make sure...


Phumi Siem Reab What to Pack

  • Bring Along A Doctor

    If you or your spouse are doctors, great! Those who do not have that luxury can only do the next best thing, bring along a medical kit. I believe the two common illness on the road are fever and diarrhoea. Bring along your paracetamols and charcoal pills. Jac and I suffered a bad bout of diarrhoea on the second last night and was totally washed...

  • Bring Along Your Shades

    This was one thing that was not in my backpack to Cambodia and truthfully, you will find that the shades will come in handy. I actually had not want to buy a replacement shades as it does not protect your eyes from the UV rays.But if you're a constant tuk-tuk taker, or you just love to walk around town just like me, you had better be prepared for...

  • Insect Repellent - Your Best Friend!!

    You should definitely bring insect repellent. We had the brands - 3M and Off!, both with deet. Spray them on before you start on your daily tours and if it's not too heavy, do bring it along as after perspiring, you will need to respray.On our last day in Siem Reap before we left the hotel for the airport, we thought we'll be safe since it's only...


Phumi Siem Reab Off The Beaten Path

  • "Even Pol Pot had sh*tty days"

    Now this is a really weird sight: Cambodia's former dictator Pol Pot's toilet seat!As you might know, Pol Pot was "Brother No. 1" of the Khmer Rouge and as such responsible for the murder of 2 million people! He formed a communist guerilla organisation and eventually managed to come to power. His idea of communism was that of an archaic rural...

  • Guess what this woman is selling

    At first I thought she was selling a drink of some kind, maybe a local beer like 'bia hoi' in Hanoi. But when I asked our guide, he said she was selling gasoline! Since gas stations were few and far between, enterprising vendors sell petrol to motorcycle owners who usually buy a few liters. Note that the pump here is hand-cranked and is devoid of...

  • Local candy

    On the road to/from Banteay Srei, there are roadside stalls that sell candies made from sugar palm trees that grow in the area. I sampled one and it was VERY sweet, it was like gulping a whole tablespoon of white sugar! Try and buy it if you want, but it's not something I'd bring home as a gift.


Phumi Siem Reab Sports & Outdoors

  • Relax a little...

    After a long day cycling, walking, climbing or whatevering through Angkor's temples, you should get yourself a little reward. All over Cambodia, you'll find Seeing Hands, a massage salon where blind people give you a wonderful massage. Seeing Hands has a branch in Siem Reap, too - on main street, close to the Canadia Bank building, but hidden in a...

  • Baloon rides

    Baloon rides are very popular in Angkor temple area. They offer excellant aerial view of the Angkor Wat temples, specially during sunrise and sunset. The charges are US$15 per ride and each ride lasts for 10 minutes. You can easily view the West Baray (lake on the west), the Tonle Sap lake and Phnom Bakheng. I guess the rates for children below 12...

  • Blind massages

    There are several places like this in SR whre you can get body massages from blind people. Comingo from Bangkok, the word "massage" was at first a bit suspicious to me: touristic place, massage, women sitting at the entrance...BUT no, it wasn't that kind of massage, but a normal one, and I must say a very good one. The place is not very inviting, a...


Phumi Siem Reab Favorites

  • Limosine at Sokha Angkor Resort

    When I was at Sokha Angkor Resort, there was this huge limosine at the entrance of the resort as shown in the photograph. Managed to take a few photos for rememberance.Apparently you can take a ride on this limosine from the resort to the airport, but it will cost a lot of money (I heard it was about US$70 one way).

  • Free wifi at the airport in Siem Reap.

    I was pleasantly suprised to see that the little airport at Siem Reap has free wifi for it´s clients.It´s allready a quite pleasant airport for it´s small size and free wifi just ads to the feel good thing.No passwords or anything was needed in order to log on.Just open the laptop and find the network.

  • Understanding what it's all about

    Visiting Angkor Wat is an amzing experience.A must!!But when visiting all these temple,it is helpful to have an official guideto give you some light on what it is that you are visiting.We were lucky to have Mr. Sokphai as our guide.He was very informativeand accomodating.Mr. SokphaiTel. (855) 17 68 06 99E-mail:


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