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Ruines d' Angkor Things to Do

  • Preah Khan - Beyond the obvious

    Of course the main attraction at Preah Khan is the temples and sanctuary's. They are beautiful and so much to see. But looking at the complex from the "outside" so to speak, gives a great experience and different perspective of this great place.There is a well worn dirt path that encircles the complex from the outside of the surrounding wall. It is...

  • Phnom Bakheng Temple

    Phnom Bakheng is what people refer to as a "temple mountain." It was built to resemble Mount Meru, a mythical mountain where Hindu gods live. It was built in the 9th century, almost 2 centuries before Angkor Wat.This temple has a very long approach. It is all up hill and shaded for the most part. I walked up late afternoon and had the place to...

  • Bakong Temple

    Bakong is part of the Roluos Group. It is the largest complex in that area. The interesting thing about Bakong is that it was constructed in the 9 century but the single central tower is in the design of construction in the 12 century. There are 5 tiers leading to the top. There are 22 brick towers, not all in good condition, that surround the main...

  • Preah Ko Temple

    Preah Ko is part of the Roluos Group. There is a walkway approaching the temple towers.. There are six towers in all on top of a low platform. Three towers in the front and three towers in the back. The towers are said to be built in the 9th century by the king to give tribute to Paternal and Maternal Grandparents.I enjoyed this visit, especially...

  • Lolei Temple

    Lolei is part of the Roluos Group south of Angkor. It was built if the 9th century and consists of 4 towers. The brick towers have not been restored but some restoration is underway on the main tower. There are some well preserved carvings inlaid into the brick on either side of the doors. There is a modern Buddhist temple right next to the small...

  • Pre Rup Temple

    This temple is of the "Mountain" style, built upward and is relatively a square layout. It has an outer wall and three tiers. The top tier has 5 towers. One tower at each corner and then one tower in the center.Pre Rup is very popular to watch the sunset. Many people go to the top to see the sun set on the horizon. To me the real show is from the...

  • East Mebon

    East Mebon is a temple that was built in the 10th century. The unique thing about East Mebon is that it is actually built on an island. The surrounding area is a now dry man made reservoir called East Baray. When standing on top you have to imagine this entire temple was surrounded by water.The temple has three tiers and five towers on top. Fairly...

  • Ta Som Temple

    Another temple along the Grand Circuit road, Ta Som was built in the late 12 century. The interesting thing with Ta Som is that none of it has been restored. Also the there is a gate tower at the entrance with four faces of Buddha, very similar to the gates at the entrance/exit to Angkor Thom.Through this entrance gate there are three walls to go...

  • Krol Ko Temple

    This is a small temple and sanctuary built is the 12 century. It is very close to the road and easy to access. There are some nice carvings and few people making this an enjoyable little side trip. I always love this small places because of few visitors.

  • Baray of Preah Khan

    This is a reservoir located along the road of the Grand Circuit. The easiest way to see this is when visiting Neak Pean. A dirt walk way and boardwalk through the reservoir has been added and maintain. The main thing of note here is the white water lilies sprouting up in the water. They are sporadic but there are many and quite beautiful. I was...

  • Neak Pean - An ancient healing center

    Neak Pean is not a temple. It sits in the the Baray of Preah Khan. It was constructed as a place of healing. It was believed that soaking in the waters at Neak Pean would balance the individual and therefore cure their illnesses. The center tower is round but the water is divided into 4 quadrants representing Earth, Wind, Fire and Water.Access is...

  • Preah Khan - light of the Stupa

    As you walk through the center of Preah Khan you enter and exit several chambers. One chamber has a stupa in the center with a small alter. If you walk around the stupa and look at the wall/ceiling across the stupa, there is a crack in the wall that shines a through. Positioned just right, it looks like there is a light or flame coming from the...

  • Preah Khan Temple

    Preah Khan is a larger temple complex. It has four entrances by definition, one for each direction. However the main entrance for visitors now would be from the east or from the west The west entrance is closest to the road on the Grand circuit. The east entrance has a longer walk from a side road. My tuk tuk driver dropped me off at the west...

  • Prasat Kravan

    This is a small temple in an open area south of Banteay Kdei and Sras Srang. The temple is a row of five brick towers with the central tower being the tallest. The towers are aligned north to south and are constructed in the Khmer style. Inside the central tower has the best preserved carvings. Much of the carvings at Kravan have eroded. There is...

  • Sras Srang

    This is a man made reservoir just across from the entrance to Banteay Kdei. There are steps going down into the reservoir. Water is here year round. There is actually a trail that goes around the reservoir. I didn't have time to hike it. Seems like a good activity if you rent a bike. There is also a small village here. They sell drinks, snacks and...

  • Banteay Kdei Temple

    This temple complex is located southeast of Ta Prohm. It is not as well preserved as Ta Prohm. Built at the end of the 12th century, the construction material is a much softer sandstone. Bantaey Kdei has not been restored. You will see many halls and towers that have crumbled. However, there is still a lot standing and the mixture gives a unique...

  • Ta Prohm - Temple vs. Jungle

    Ta Prohm is known as the temple of the jungle for good reason. More than any other temple in Angkor, the jungle is battle to reclaim its domain. Many of the structures at Ta Prohm have amazing growth of trees and vegetation sprouting through rocks or growing over doors and windows. Walls are being wrapped by jungle trees like nothing I have ever...

  • Ta Prohm Temple

    This is probably my favorite of all the Angkor temples. Ta Prohm is also referred to as Temple of the Jungle. Much has been untouched by Archeologist other than to clear paths through the ruins. Ta Prohm was built in the late 12 century. It is a fairly large complex of towers and corridors linking courtyards and temples.This temple can become very...


Ruines d' Angkor Transportation

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    Hiring a Taxi

    by Maria81 Updated Apr 25, 2011

    The Angkor complex is quite far from Siem Reap hotels themselves, a – given the heat – the best way to get there is to hire a taxi. I've hired one for the duration of the stay, at about USD30 per day (plus the tip at the end). You can either arrange your own or have your hotel arrange one.

    The complex itself is vast, and the easiest way to get around is, again, the rental taxi. The easiest if to hire the taxi for the day when arranging transportation from Siem Reap to the complex in the morning – or even your entire duration. Otherwise on the busier days it might be a challenge to find a taxi to take you between the more remote of the temples

    The driver will wait for you at each of the temples and then take you to the following one. This would allow you to explore 3 to 5 temples a day, without over-stretching yourself. The driver can also advise you on when it's best to visit individual temples as at least mine was familiar with when the bigger groups would come and go.

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Ruines d' Angkor Warnings and Dangers

  • Don't feed the Monkeys

    There are quite a few Long Tail Macaque Monkeys all around the Angkor complex. They have become very comfortable around humans who insist on feeding them. So now they do get a little brazen trying to get food or water or anything they can play with. Cute at first. But check out this video of a cute situation until the little girl is punched in the...

  • Vandalism at Bakong

    By the time I visited Bakong, I had already been to most of the temples like Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom and nearly every other through Angkor. This was the first temple I saw so much vandalism in the form of people etching their name into the tiers of the main complex. It seemed to be endless. One person does this, then another and other visits see it...

  • Ruines d' Angkor Hotels

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Ruines d' Angkor Tourist Traps

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    Beautiful Begging Kids

    by Mel&Mike Written Nov 6, 2004

    You will often be surrounded by sweet and beseeching children, begging for you to buy things or to just give them money. They are lurking in the most unlikely places. Their English is great and its very difficult to say no.

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Ruines d' Angkor What to Pack

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    Hot weather

    by akikonomu Written Oct 2, 2004

    Toiletries and Medical Supplies: Bring lots of suntan lotion and calamine (in case you get a sunburn). Personally, I think it's better off to have a long sleeve cotton blouse and scarf (especially to cover the nape). Suntan lotion mixed with lots of sweat is not nose-friendly.

    Camping/Beach/Outdoor Gear: Also don't forget the wide brimmed hat and sunglasses. An unbrella will also come in handy for the occasional showers during the wet season. And drink plenty of water. Get a small towel to towel off the excess sweat too.

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Ruines d' Angkor Off The Beaten Path

  • Ta Nei Temple

    The temple is really off the grid although very close to other temples in the complex. So few people visit this temple that not all tuk tuk drivers know exactly where it is. I have included a map. Of all the temples I visited this one is in the most disrepair. A joint 10 year study was done by Cambodia and Japan on the cleaning and protective...

  • Kbal Spean

    Kbal Spean is located about 50 Kilometers from Siem Reap and takes about 1 hour to get there by Tuk Tuk. This location is a series of carved Lingams in a river bed deep in the the jungle. Kbal Spean is known as "River of Thousand Lingams." Lingams are a phallic representation sacred to Brahmanism as symbols of fertility. There are hundreds of these...

  • Bat Chum Temple

    Bat Chum is a small temple with only three towers. They are in line but surrounded by a moat. The towers are now encased in some crude scaffolding as some restoration is underway. It out of the way and not really worth the effort to get out here with the restoration going on.


Ruines d' Angkor Favorites

  • Restoration in action - Bakong Temple

    Some detailed restoration is underway. The erosion at Bakong is quite extensive. Combine this with the vandalism at this location, I can see why this team is hard at work.This group is part of the Stone Conservation Unit for GIZ which stands for Gesellshaft fur Internationale Zusammenarbeit. This work is done on behalf of the German Federal...

  • Lions of Pre Rup

    Pre Rup has more Lion statues than any other temple in Angkor. Nearly every corner of every tower and staircase has a Lion looking out to the open plains below. Some Lions are in very good condition while others are broken apart. The Lions can be seen from any point around the complex. I enjoyed how them seem to be standing guard over the temple.

  • Banteay Samre - Beyond the Walls

    The temples and sanctuary's are enclosed in a surrounding wall that has been reconstructed. The entrances and walls are of different material but for the most part everything is original. The outer wall has a trail that goes around the outside. It is nice to take a walk around. You can see the towers above the wall. There is also a long walkway on...


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