Khett Siem Reab Tourist Traps

  • Angkor Shopping Centre - Duty Free Shop
    Angkor Shopping Centre - Duty Free Shop
    by Mikebb
  • to top town night club
    to top town night club
    by machomikemd
  • located at a side street of national road 6
    located at a side street of national...
    by machomikemd

Khett Siem Reab Tourist Traps

  • Snake Wines

    Snake Wines are found all across Indochina and here in Cambodia is no different.Snake wine is usually found in vats, with rice wine poured in over the body of a snake and left to ferment for some weeks. It is supposed to have medicinal qualities, such as disinfecting cuts and killing lurking bugs after meals, but its social use is predominant. It...

  • Top Town Night Club

    Cambodia is still a developing Country and was ravaged by the Vietnam war and the Pol pot Genocide in the 1970's and still has scars of those traumatic years where almost 1/4 of the population were wiped out. Due to this, povery is prevalent in Cambodia and it has one of the lowest per capita income in the world that is why the "world's oldest...

  • Touristic shops

    If you arrange your Angkor Wat visit with a local guide, he is likely to take you to some touristic shops located around Siem Reap. The guides bring tourists to these huge shops so that they can get some commission from whatever you buy. If you compare the prices in these shops with local shops in old market and around, you will see how expensive...

  • Tonle Sap Floating Village

    This was a double-edged sword. We took a bus out to the Tonle Sap lake and jumped aboard a motor boat to go and see the floating village. It was amazing to see the river life going on around you. Little boats with small children came up alongside and the children jumped on board to sell you drinks etc. It was an awesome journey, however we stopped...

  • Guesthouse Commission Scams

    Commission scams that involve guesthouses and hotels paying moto and taxi drivers to deliver guests. We didn't really come up against this as we were on a tour. Pre-book transfers or go with the flow and negotiate with the hotel once you get there, if you haven't already booked.

  • Mine

    With the hotel recommendation, we hired a tuk-tuk on the 1st day of our arrival to bring us to Angkor Wat at USD15 (very expensive!!!). We bought a 1-day pass with USD20, then set forth for the journey. It was alright for the 1st half of the day. After lunch, we were brought to Angkor Thom, and the driver was missing when we got back to the tuk-tuk...

  • Avoid Artisans d Angkor for locally...

    this is truly a tourist trap, a commercail enterprise put up with someone and who has contracts with package tourists and tuk tuk drivers. I couldnt stand more than a few minutes there. the quality was not that good either. for silk i would go to somotea near the old market which has much more tastefully crafted stuff rather than this mass produced...

  • Buying Painting

    Central Market, we bought a painting from a seemingly reputable shop, it was still a little wet, so the shop-keeper promised he would deliver it to our hotel, but never showed up....We gave him directions, a map, and hotel phone number...he promised he would deliver but didn't come. We had to catch a flight so we couldn't go back...Be careful, pay...

  • Once You are Up...Know How to Go Down

    Going up the stairs is one of the greatest accomplishments done inside Angkor Wat. The problem lies in going down. The stairs is very steep and the spacing between the steps is smaller than the usual foot size. Even with the hand rails, one could easily slip if one is not careful. Be sure that you are not prone to dizziness. Going down the stairs...

  • Cambodian Silk

    there are a lot of shops selling "Cambodian Silk", there are all selling at usd 0.5 -usd 2. They have a Tag on it written "CAMBODIAN SILK - MADE in Cambodia" on the scarf. I realised there are not cambodian silk after i went to the Silk Farm. all the "Cambodian Silk" selling in the market are all cotton from thailand or china. You don't need to do...

  • To book or not to book?

    During discussions with other guests at the second guesthouse we stayed in in Siem Reap recently, we discovered that while we were paying US20 per night, they were being charged US$45, for virtually identical rooms - they had a bigger bathroom. If you have a prearranged driver, ask him if he has an "arrangement" (as ours did) with a guesthouse,...

  • "Very Cheap...." "No Profit...."

    First encounter was @ stalls outside Angkor Wat. We were looking for mineral water. The lady offered me one 500ml mineral water for USD2. We stunned for a while for such expensive price. Then she offered USD3 for 2 bottles. "No Profit...." she says.Finally settled with USD3 for a carton!This applies to all other things you would have buy from any...

  • Guide at Ta Keo

    Sometimes you'll met some local who speaks decent foreign language waiting at temples and try to be friendly and offer their explainations. Normally they'll start with "Where do you come from?" Of course they'll ask for tips after some 3mins of history. My friend gave them Rels amounting to about USD1++ for their 'kind assistance', and luckily...

  • NO FREE tour guide here- ANGKOR

    Remember there's no free lunch in the world. So, when there's a guy who said to be a FREE tour guide in Angkor or Siem Reap and willing to show you around, simply say thanks and NO. All these TOUR Guides will eventually ask some tips from you after the tour if you take them.

  • Try to support Cambodia - not...

    We were amazed by the local living standards in Siem Reap - in the surrounding of a relatively small country town, with seemingly dozens of high class European hotels. Whilst these hotels must generate much local employment, the incomes of the locals are very meagre. Roughly US$10 per week, have been told. A bottle of water at the side of the road...

  • Book Sellers

    Practically anywhere touristy that you go, your car will be surrounded by throngs of beggars or people selling books before you've had the chance to even get out.At Angkor you will find many children running up to you, all wanting to sell you their books. They will usually start off at around US$2 each if you say you are coming back. They try to...

  • don't give into the burger craving

    I’m not one to get a burger craving often and I never go to McDonald’s, even when I’m home but after two months in Southeast Asia, I found myself wanting just that; a big juicy burger. The Ivy Bar was supposed to have the best bar food in town and it looked like the real McCoy with its big wooden bar and typical clustered tables emanating from it....

  • Artisans d`Angkor

    The EU is funding this school of artisans, sculptors, painters etc and some money they get by selling produced artifacts, such as buddha heads and other stuff. The school was a nice place to visit, but better made buddha heads can be found at the market.

  • The Infamous 'Toilet Stop'

    Our driver seemed to enjoy stopping the bus in little towns which had hard to find toilets. The real purpose seem to be to allow locals to sell postcards, bracelets, etcs. By locals I should say kids. They are bright, funny and have no problems communicating in English. The kids appreciate pens, paper, crayons, stamps, pennies, etc. Of course,...

  • Expensive Exchange!!!

    When you first cross the border your driver will probably take you to an exchange place. DON'T DO IT :) - the rates are outrageous and of course they will tell you to get 'riel' but all local business people seem to prefer American dollars and will sometimes refuse the riels

  • Roads in Angkor don't close

    It was on our second day going around the temples. since we got already tired around late in the afternoon, we told the driver of the tuktuk to bring us to the town center but use the longer way instead so we could pass by other temples that we haven't seen cos we plan to bike the next day. but he said, they close the roads during that time which...

  • Shops you didnt ask for

    Most of the driver asks you to visit some shops so they can get their petroltickets by the shops owner, this is terrible and a waste of time. Alright, I visited some shops because Mr Pidor was really a friend of us, but I told him that after 2 shops it was finished. A bit more expensive Taxi never do this thing, so if You have a lot of money this...

  • Taxidrivers at the airport

    These taxidrivers drag you to their cars, there is no other way to reach Siem Reap from the Airport, no motos, no Tuk-tuk only taxi. Dont pay more than 3$ for the ride, they ask for 5-8$.During the ride the driver is talking and talking.... he want to drive you to the "best" hotel, but remember that those hotels he is showing you are not the...

  • Persuasive sellers

    A visit to Angkor Wat and you will be undoubtedly confronted with children selling various souvenirs and trinkets. Shouldn't they be in school?They make such persuasive entrepreneurs, it is hard to say no to a darling smiling child...and the items are just a few dollars. However, they will appear in every temple attraction so after a while, you may...

  • I went mad for a while

    The things happened once I get down from tuk-tuk at Aranyaprathet border. I reached there about 10.55am. It was hot and humid as usual. Me and Clare was delighted to accross the border as we were planning to be in Cambodia before 12.00noon where I supposed the border gonna packed up with travellers who came with package through Khao San Road agency...

  • Possible problem

    There is a possible problem with the post office. I bought my stamps and applied them to the post cards that I was sending and asked the lady to cancel the stamps but she wouldn't she just set them to the side. (In some 3rd world countries this is a scam to remove the stamps and resell them after you leave.) I didn't check with all of my friends to...

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