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  • Angkor Wat
    by blueskyjohn
  • Angkor Wat
    by blueskyjohn
  • Sunset at Angkor Wat
    by blueskyjohn
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Ruines d' Angkor


Angkor Wat

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  • Angkor Wat

    Angkor Wat Things to Do

    In Hindu mythology, Devas or deity's and gods where as Asuras or demons. The two are set against each other, although they do work together in the Churning of the Ocean of Milk. Located on the west wing of the north gallery a battle between the gods and the demon warriors is portrayed. The bas relief does not tell the story of a specific battle...

  • Temple Entry Pass

    Angkor Wat Favorites

    We visited Angkor Wat , Banteay Srei and Roluos Complex in Siem Reap, on 25 Dec 2013 until 1 Jan 2014.We booked a tour from Happy Angkor Tour and as soon we reached Siem Reap , we were brought to the Official ticket sales booths located at a checkpoint between the Siem Reap airport to the Angkor Complex. Told that there are other sales booths...

  • Monk and the iPad

    Angkor Wat Favorites

    Not only was I fascinated with the stone carvings of Apsara women throughout the Angkor Wat complex, there were other happenings that intrigued me. The monk in the photo took as many pictures as I did! What I found interesting was that the monk had an iPad Mini!


Siem Reap

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  • Kaya Spa

    Siem Reap Things to Do

    Kaya Spa is located in a nicely painted newly modeled building. I was surprised when I entered that the walls are rather stark. A few painting or other decor would go a long. I requested a foot massage which cost $14 for 30 minutes and $19 for 60 minutes. I opted for the 60 minute massage. While waiting they offer a refreshing cool drink. After a...

  • Victoria Angkor Resort & Spa

    Siem Reap Hotels

    The Victoria Angkor Resort & Spa was our haven during our stay in Cambodia, and it was wonderful!...

  • Sky River

    5 out of 5 stars

    Siem Reap Restaurants

    I really appreciate my diner in Sky River restaurant. I was really suprise by the place, on a rooftop on the riverside. The view was great with a very good panorama of the city. I choose western food and this was very tasty. The service was good and the cocktails too. My best restaurant during my three days in Siem Reap.


Phumi Siem Reab

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  • "Even Pol Pot had sh*tty days"

    Phumi Siem Reab Off The Beaten Path

    Now this is a really weird sight: Cambodia's former dictator Pol Pot's toilet seat!As you might know, Pol Pot was "Brother No. 1" of the Khmer Rouge and as such responsible for the murder of 2 million people! He formed a communist guerilla organisation and eventually managed to come to power. His idea of communism was that of an archaic rural...

  • Siem Reap International Airport

    Phumi Siem Reab Transportation

    The Siem Reap Airport is small and compact but clean and very modern, more modern than the airport in Phnom Penh even. The airport is located 7km out of town and is easy to access via taxi or tuk tuk. There are restaurants, gift shops and all the amenities you would normally expect at any major airport including Duty Free. Siem Reap and Phnom Penh...

  • Angkor International Airport

    Phumi Siem Reab Transportation

    Siem Reap - Angkor International Airport is the second largest airport in Cambodia. It has frequent flights from Phnom Penh International Airport as well as direct flights to/from Laos (Pakse | Vientiane), Korea (Incheon), Singapore, Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur), Taiwan (Kaohsiung | Taipei), Thailand (Bangkok | U-Tapao) and Vietnam (Danang | Ho Chi Minh...


Phumi Banteay Srei

Phumi Tonle Sab

  • Chnong Keas Daily Scenes 2

    Phumi Tonle Sab Off The Beaten Path

    Part two of my off the beaten path tips on Chnong Keas Daily Scenesthis off the beaten path tip is a compilation of assorted daily scenes that you see the local people at the floating villages in Tonle Sap and at the banks of the Tributaries Going to Tonle Sap Lake. You will see assorted scenes like children taking baths, women washing clothes,...

  • Chnong Keas Daily Scenes 1

    Phumi Tonle Sab Off The Beaten Path

    this off the beaten path tip is a compilation of assorted daily scenes that you see the local people at the floating villages in Tonle Sap and at the banks of the Tributaries Going to Tonle Sap Lake. You will see assorted scenes like children taking baths, women washing clothes, shopping for goods in between boats, people riding boats and...

  • Cat Fish Farm at Tonle Sap lake

    Phumi Tonle Sab Things to Do

    Catfish is one of the major fishes that you can catch at the huge tonle sap lake besides another favorite local fish, called the snake fish. Cat Fish can literally live everywhere as their are tough hence is a favorite of Cambodians. There are several cat fish aqua culture farms in the tonle sap lake and there are mini cat fish farms at the...


Angkor Thum

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  • Sunrise at Bayon

    Angkor Thum Things to Do

    While the majority of people flock to Angkor Wat for sunrise, which should be experienced at least once, there are other options. If you are getting a late start and want to avoid the crowds at Angkor Wat, a visit to Bayon Temple for sunrise is a very worthwhile trip.If you are fortunate to have clear skies in the morning, I would suggest going to...

  • Convenient location for breakfast

    Angkor Thum Restaurants

    Across the road from the Leper King Terrace is a large dirt lot with souvenir vendors and a row of restaurants. This restaurant has a number 23 if that helps located it in the row of other restaurants. It looks more like an open public eating area. I ate here last year as well. The breakfast is adequate. They a have an extensive menu but stayed...

  • The Battle Begins - Let the Crocodiles...

    Angkor Thum Favorites

    In very explicit detail, the south gallery naval battle shows clearly the start of the fighting and what becomes of the warriors if they fell overboard. It is quite possible they were forced overboard by their enemy. Crocodiles can be seen biting the torso or legs of the warriors in good detail with exposed teeth and clinching claws. This scene is...


Phumi Boeng Mealea

  • Don't Wait to See Beng Mealea!

    Phumi Boeng Mealea Favorites

    GrumpyDiver told me that when his group was at Beng Mealea in March 2009 that they were the only ones there. When we visited in February 2010 that was not the case. It was not even close to being as crowded as the Angkor temple complex, but there were plenty of people visiting. I have included some pictures of them. Also, the south walkway video...

  • Best Place to Start a Walking Tour

    Phumi Boeng Mealea Things to Do

    Wikipedia has a drawing that outlines a walking tour, but we added more locations on the east side, back (north) and west side. The beginning of the tour is a set of wooden stairs to the right of the unrestored, impassable south gate. The walking tour mostly follows a boardwalk that was originally constructed during the filming of the movie, Two...

  • West Gate of Outer Wall

    Phumi Boeng Mealea Things to Do

    We did not try to go inside through the West Gate. We just went under its platform and continued south. Actually there was a huge building just to the west of the platform. From the Beng Mealea diagram it is the same shape as a structure on the east side. The East Gate was the main entrance in ancient times but is now closed due to dangerous...


Ruines d' Angkor

  • Ta Nei Temple

    Ruines d' Angkor Off The Beaten Path

    The temple is really off the grid although very close to other temples in the complex. So few people visit this temple that not all tuk tuk drivers know exactly where it is. I have included a map. Of all the temples I visited this one is in the most disrepair. A joint 10 year study was done by Cambodia and Japan on the cleaning and protective...

  • Kbal Spean

    Ruines d' Angkor Off The Beaten Path

    Kbal Spean is located about 50 Kilometers from Siem Reap and takes about 1 hour to get there by Tuk Tuk. This location is a series of carved Lingams in a river bed deep in the the jungle. Kbal Spean is known as "River of Thousand Lingams." Lingams are a phallic representation sacred to Brahmanism as symbols of fertility. There are hundreds of these...

  • Bat Chum Temple

    Ruines d' Angkor Off The Beaten Path

    Bat Chum is a small temple with only three towers. They are in line but surrounded by a moat. The towers are now encased in some crude scaffolding as some restoration is underway. It out of the way and not really worth the effort to get out here with the restoration going on.


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