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Map of Cambodia

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Phnom Penh

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Angkor Wat

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  • Angkor Wat

    Angkor Wat Things to Do

    So with the waves of people flocking on the west side of Angkor Wat to see if the sun will light up the clouds or break through for a nice orange ball, I decided to try something different. From my experience, I knew the clouds were not going to break and it would not be much of a show this morning. I walked to the east side of Angkor which was an...

  • Temple Entry Pass

    Angkor Wat Favorites

    We visited Angkor Wat , Banteay Srei and Roluos Complex in Siem Reap, on 25 Dec 2013 until 1 Jan 2014.We booked a tour from Happy Angkor Tour and as soon we reached Siem Reap , we were brought to the Official ticket sales booths located at a checkpoint between the Siem Reap airport to the Angkor Complex. Told that there are other sales booths...

  • Attack of the Drone!!!

    Angkor Wat Warnings and Dangers

    For those who have visited Angkor Wat in the early morning can appreciate the tranquility and the sounds of nature. The multitude of crickets and frogs is amazing. I have spent a lot of time in the outdoors camping in all kinds of areas and never have experienced such sounds.The morning I went to watch the sunrise, I walked around the outer wall of...


Siem Reap

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  • Bodia Spa - can't beat a good foot...

    Siem Reap Things to Do

    This is a very nice spa that is tucked away on a side alley street. It is two floors and has two entrances next to each other. One is for a retail store of high end beauty products and the other is for the spa. After a long day of walking around Angkor, I wanted to treat myself to a foot massage and prepare for another day of walking.The front desk...

  • La Residence d'Angkor

    Siem Reap Hotels

    The hotel is simply splendid. The spa is the ideal manner for relaxing after a long sightseeing of...

  • Good Khmer food

    Siem Reap Restaurants

    Stopped in here for lunch one day. Nicely decorated and I noted that on their awning for the restaurant were the logos for Trip Advisor and Lonely Planet. Thought I would check it out. Very nice decor but there was no wait staff around. Waiting for a little bit and someone showed up and sat me. One issue I had right away is the chairs at all the...



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  • Excellent tourist guide, Battambang

    Battambang Things to Do

    We so much want to recommend our excellent guide in Battambang, Sophea Seng. He was born and raised in Battambang Province and knows the region in depth. On top of his local knowledge he is also very well versed in Khmer history and culture. But what is probably his greatest asset is his ability to speak the English language in a way that is...

  • The Rottanak Resort

    Battambang Hotels

    KO Road, Rottanak Commune, Battambang, Cambodia

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Solo

    Hotel Class 3 out of 5 stars

  • Don´t go to the gecko cafe.

    Battambang Tourist Traps

    I was at the Gecko cafe once and i see no reason to return.It´s located on a corner and looked ok at first and i could see the place was rather popular with foreigners.Once i got in and sat down i noticed that the crowd there was mainly a rather sad combination of sex tourists and first time backpackers sitting on skype telling their family "i´m in...


Kampong Saom

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  • Wedding receptions on the beach

    Kampong Saom Local Customs

    Weddings seems to be big in Cambodia. We passed quite a few with their colourful decorations, garlands of flowers and very loud music. In big cities is quite normal to erect a marquee in the street (and block it completely) and in Sihaknouville the thing to do is to rent a beach restaurant for the evening & have entertainers on a stage on the beach...

  • Booze and more on the beach

    Kampong Saom Nightlife

    The beach at Serendipity is quiet during the day and becomes more animated as the night falls.It's close to town and there are many restaurants and bars. Some are 'classic' bars with or without barbecued food option in the evening, others offer more exotic stuff like this one with joints & happy herb pizza for sale.Cambodia has severed drugs laws...

  • Flying Cambodia Angkor Air

    Kampong Saom Transportation

    New company Cambodia Angkor Air flies from Siem Reap to Sihanoukville in one hour. This beats 10 or 11 hours by road!They also fly to Phonh Penh and Vietnam (but we noticed than the flights from Hanoi tend to be cancelled quite a bit! They seems to fly between quite a few places in Asia and are a joint venture with Vietnam AirlinesSmall plane,...


Phumi Siem Reab

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  • Les Chantiers Ecoles and Artisans...

    Phumi Siem Reab Things to Do

    Les Chantiers Ecoles was established in 1992 under a join Cambodian/French initiative. The school trains around 650 young people a year in the production of traditional Cambodian handicraft, and here at the school you can see different workshops like stone sculpturing, woodcarving, weaving, and silk painting.After the artisans have completed their...

  • Shrine to Preah Angchek and Preah...

    Phumi Siem Reab Things to Do

    The Shrine to Preah Angchek and Preah Angchorm is located on the south side of the Royal Garden. Preah Angchek and Preah Angchorm are thought to have been Angkorian princesses, they are surrounded by stories of power and indestructibility, and are very important to the locals. Two statues of them are housed in the shrine (Preah Angchek the taller -...

  • The Royal Garden - and surroundings…

    Phumi Siem Reab Things to Do

    The Royal Garden is located between the Royal Residence and the Grand Hotel d’Angkor in Siem Reap. The Garden is a nice and peaceful place for a walk or for a short rest. The Royal Residence was built after the independence as the summer residence for the King, but not much to see… It is nothing like a big palace and you are not allowed to go...


Mondol Kiri

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  • Crossing the Border

    Mondol Kiri Transportation

    A few days after writing these tips and I have already had e-mails asking if you can cross the Cambodian-Vietnamese border in this area.The honest answer is I don't know, but my guess is that it would not normally be possible.There is a good track to the border near old Dak Dam village. I haven't been on the road the last kilometre or so, but from...

  • Mountain biking

    Mondol Kiri Sports & Outdoors

    Mountain biking is definitely a possibility in the area. To the south of town, the big plateaux create an area which is simply beautiful, and because the tracks generally keep to the ridges (not a single bridge between Sen Monorem and the old Dak Dam village at the border), it makes it an easy ride. If you are looking for the tougher tracks, simply...

  • General

    Mondol Kiri Restaurants

    All the guest houses also provide food, but the menu is fairly repetitive.Particularly recommended for food are the Arun Rea II, the Prich Kiri and especially the Prich Chida. See Guest House listings for details of location. At Prich Kiri, there is a nice terrace – spoilt only by the begging of the family’s collection of dogs – and the Prich Chida...


Prasat Preah Vihear


    Prasat Preah Vihear Things to Do

    I visited this place back in 1992 but approached it from the Thai side, but i am sure that the site still offers a wonderful view over the plains of Cambodia. Phra Viharn (Thai) or Prasat Preah Vihear (Cambodian) is an old Hindu Temple constructed during the Khymer Dynasty and sits on top of a 500m cliff offering one of the best views in the...

  • Visit Khao Phra Wihan

    Prasat Preah Vihear Things to Do

    This is part of the Khao Phra Wihan National park that covers 130 squre kilometers.Within the national park are many waterfalls,rock pools and rock carvings and the Prasit Don Tuan as well as some amazing viewpoints.Near the temple there are pleanty of shops ,souveniers and kids running around with postcards here so buy some early to get some peace...

  • 2004 - Back of Level 2 Temple

    Prasat Preah Vihear Things to Do

    The picture is looking north from the Level 3 Temple along the causeway back to the Level 2 Temple. It is hard not to get a vendor in the scene when you take pictures of the temples. They are basically everywhere.


Phumi Banteay Srei

Kampong Chhnang

  • Explore the countryside around Kampong...

    Kampong Chhnang Things to Do

    We visited and learned about local pottery production throughout the village of Ondong Rossey, enjoyed the views of the amazing farmlands, and spent some time at peaceful Wat Santuk. You can hire a motorcycle driver to take you around for a half or full day. I can confidently recommend the drivers we had - Channy and Sary (077357361) - very...

  • Floating villages at Kampong Chhnang

    Kampong Chhnang Things to Do

    Atmospheric and fascinating villages of Phoum Kandal and Chong Kos on the waters of Tonle Sap! We hired a boatman and he paddled us through the villages for a couple of hours. Hot and sweaty under the midday sun but so interesting! Make sure to pack water and hats and cover up.More info and photos at:...

  • Moto tour outside Kampong Chhnang

    Kampong Chhnang Transportation

    The town of Kampong Chhnang itself is ok but the real attractions are the outside the city. Amazing floating villages, interesting local pottery production, beautiful scenery, a lovely Wat with a peaceful hill-top temple. We got lucky and ended up with two moto drivers who were terrific guides. Easy going and interesting to talk with, Channy and...



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  • Tic Tuk Tour

    Kampot Things to Do

    New mode of transport expect to see more of them around Kampot Norm has the first one. Three cylinder one for each passenger more comfortable than Tik Tuk.Takes you everywhere you want to go Bokor mountain to Kep pepper plantation,and all places in between.Local English speaking tour guide.

  • Rikitikitavi

    Kampot Hotels

    A small lovely inn by the river. Run by a friendly Dutch lady, there are about 8 rooms. This...

  • Best Ribs!!

    Kampot Restaurants

    Great little restaurant. Everybody goes for the ribs and it can get quiet busy, but its worth the wait. They are the biggest, nicest, leanest ribs in SE Asia, and a full rack is more than enough for 2. The other menu items are just as good quality and quite large serves. Beer is served ice cold, great place. Sharing a full rack of ribs with baked...


Kampong Cham

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  • Take a horse-taxi along the Mekong

    Kampong Cham Things to Do

    When walking along the Mekong River, your are breathing fresh air, without noice, no cars, trucks nor motobikes, (or some) , and you are living another life then in Phnom Penh. Everything is quiet and peaceful. A wooden ferry boat is going slowly to the overside of the Mekong.Then, when you have some time to spend, just take a horse taxi for making...

  • Mittapheap Hotel

    Kampong Cham Hotels

    Veal Vong Commune, Kampong Cham, Cambodia

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Solo

  • Another good cause restaurant.

    Kampong Cham Restaurants

    The title of this tip may be misconstrued as being slightly dismissive, believe me it is not. In Lao and Cambodia, it is quite possible to eat almost exclusively in restaurants associated with various charities, and I am all in favour of that, although I do sometimes wonder as to the effect it may have on hard-working private entreprenenurs trying...


Phumi Tonle Sab

  • Chnong Keas Daily Scenes 2

    Phumi Tonle Sab Off The Beaten Path

    Part two of my off the beaten path tips on Chnong Keas Daily Scenesthis off the beaten path tip is a compilation of assorted daily scenes that you see the local people at the floating villages in Tonle Sap and at the banks of the Tributaries Going to Tonle Sap Lake. You will see assorted scenes like children taking baths, women washing clothes,...

  • Chnong Keas Daily Scenes 1

    Phumi Tonle Sab Off The Beaten Path

    this off the beaten path tip is a compilation of assorted daily scenes that you see the local people at the floating villages in Tonle Sap and at the banks of the Tributaries Going to Tonle Sap Lake. You will see assorted scenes like children taking baths, women washing clothes, shopping for goods in between boats, people riding boats and...

  • Cat Fish Farm at Tonle Sap lake

    Phumi Tonle Sab Things to Do

    Catfish is one of the major fishes that you can catch at the huge tonle sap lake besides another favorite local fish, called the snake fish. Cat Fish can literally live everywhere as their are tough hence is a favorite of Cambodians. There are several cat fish aqua culture farms in the tonle sap lake and there are mini cat fish farms at the...


Ruines d' Angkor

  • Baksei Cham Krong

    Ruines d' Angkor Things to Do

    Baksei Cham Krong means, The bird that shelters under its wings. The legend is that during an attack on Angkor, the king was sheltered by a large bird that spread it's wings and saved the king.Baksei Cham Krong is only one temple. It is constructed out of different materials you see at Angkor Wat. Not many people take the time to pull over and walk...

  • Ta Prohm - The Temple Swallawed by the...

    Ruines d' Angkor Things to Do

    Ta Phrom is, with Angkor Wat and the Bayon, one the most-celebrated temples of Angkor, definitely a must-see site as part of the trilogy above. If Angkor Wat impresses by the grandeur of its architecture, and the Bayon does it by its enigmatic symbolism, Ta Phrom impresses by its romantic atmosphere due to the astonishing merger of nature and...

  • The Bayon - The Temple of the...

    Ruines d' Angkor Things to Do

    Broadly known as "The temple of the face-towers", the Bayon is one of the most enigmatic and astonishing Angkor monuments, rivaling in greatness with Angkor Wat. While Angkor Wat impresses with its majesty and geometrical perfection, the Bayon does it with its feeling of mysterious and fantastic. Built by the Khmer at the peak of their civilization...


Angkor Thum

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  • Phimeanakas Temple

    Angkor Thum Things to Do

    Phimeanakas is found within the walls of the Royal Palace. Directly north through the palace walls from Baphuon Temple. Phimeanakas is a three tiered temple constructed in the 10th century. The original structure had a tower on top. Legend states that a serpent spirit with 9 heads lived in the tower and would appear disguised as a women. The Khmer...

  • Baphuon Temple

    Angkor Thum Things to Do

    Baphuon is situated just northwest of Bayon Temple. It was built in the 11th century and was initially a Hindu temple but by the 15th century it was converted into a Buddhist temple. Baphuon was built upon a sand base. Because of this, it suffered many collapses over the hundreds of years. A major restoration project started in 2005 by French...

  • Bayon Temple

    Angkor Thum Things to Do

    Bayon Temple was built in the 12 century and about 100 years after Angkor Wat. Bayon is in the exact center of Angkor Thom. It is famous for it's stone faces that highlight the magnificence of Bayon. In Bayon's current state, it has 37 towers. Each tower has four faces point in four directions. It is very impressive. Entering from the direction of...


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