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Most Viewed Nightlife in Beijing

  • Little Britain: Quiz Night

    by Scottt103 Written Dec 9, 2013

    A great venue on the intersection of Jiangtai Road and Fangyuan West Road, Little Britain offers a lot of British warmth and hospitality, very friendly staff with an extensive range of drinks and a great British menu, every Friday night there is a great Quiz night hosted by Scott from London and with a prize for winner, come on down for a great night, And did I forget to say its happy Hour between 3 and 8 so come on early, grab yourself a seat and create you group name. Yes a great night

    Dress Code: Come as you are

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  • Propaganda and Xiu: Wudaokou

    by meworldwide Written Mar 20, 2012

    Hey!! I was making a course in Beijing at BLCU. I've liked a lot the area mostly because they have lots of young people, foreigners and bars; There is a place there in Wudaokou that is called Propaganda. You got to go there! On wednesdays is the best day! You pay only 30 yuans and you drink how much you want the hole night long. The other days you can go to the center of the city where you have great places to go at night, as for example the bar at the top of the highest building in Beijing,mix and vics next to the stadium and the unforgettable xiu.

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  • livfaith's Profile Photo

    Migas: Great outdoor terrace

    by livfaith Written Sep 19, 2011

    This is a bar in Sanlitun. It's a pretty chilled out place where it's easy to loss track of time as you relax and chat and both the times we went, we ended up staying several hours longer than we'd originally planned. It's on the sixth floor of a building with several other bars and has big windows in the inside part so you can sit and look down on the street. The terrace is great - both comfortable and stylish - and has a fantastic view over Beijing. Prices were not expensive: they had wine by the glass available at a good price (from 38 yuan). Beer started at 25 yuan for a small bottle of Beijinger.

    Dress Code: I wasn't aware of any particular dress code and we, after a day's sightseeing, certainly were not dressed up, however, it did seem to be quite a stylish place.

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  • SabrinaSummerville's Profile Photo

    The Red Theatre: Kung Fu Musical Spectacular

    by SabrinaSummerville Written May 22, 2011

    No visit to Beijing would be complete without a night at the stunning Red Theatre to see the musical and martial Arts spectacular that is the Legend of Kung Fu.

    We made a special night of it, dressing in our finest and going first for a pre-theatre Peking Duck banquet at a local restaurant.

    On arrival at the Red Theatre I was stunned by its incredible architecture and very redness. From a distance the building looks as if it has been costructed from matchsticks. It looks spectacular at night. Inside it's no less impressive with sparkling chandeliers and a definite aura of luxury.

    I'll write a seperate review of the show itself. Suffice to say, for now, that it is superb.

    Souvenirs such as CD's, DVD's, t-shirts etc are available to purchase at the lobby. After the show the actors pose for pics with the guests.

    One tip - the theatre gets very hot duriing the show and the aircon seemed non existant. Bring a little hand held fan.

    Also, no photographs are allowed during the performance. Those who dared had their cameras confiscated.

    Dress Code: No need to dress up, but we did and it made the night all the more spectacular.

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  • Club P Beijing - International Night Club & Lounge: International club celebrates the 2008 Olympics

    by meinhertz Updated Apr 4, 2011

    For the 2008 Olympics, Beijing's biggest night club TANGO is being given a major make-over and has come under new creative direction from a set of party-makers from Luxembourg and Scandinavian to make the place THE party set of the Chinese capital.

    Going under the name CLUB P BEIJING - INTERNATIONAL NIGHT CLUB & LOUNGE the event-based superclub opens with a ONE WORLD ONE NIGHT party on 18 July but the celebrations continues all through 24 August with a party nights in collaboration with PLAYBOY MANSION (New York), VIP ROOM (St Tropez/Paris) and NASA (Copenhagen) as well as a couple JAZZANOVA nights, a BLONDE PARTY, a MOULIN ROUGE PARTY and lots more.

    The upstairs CLUB P BEIJING lounge features DJ TOM MANNIX of NOBU & HAKKASAN (London) and exclusive live lounge artist TONE DAMLI, while the cavernous ground floor club presents an exhaustive list of international DJs.

    As part of the CLUB P BEIJING concept as an INTERNATIONAL NIGHT CLUB & LOUNGE, staff, including bartenders and hostesses, hail from across the globe, and they all speak English.

    Dress Code: Smart

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  • ArdaCetiner's Profile Photo

    Angel: Much better than expected

    by ArdaCetiner Updated Apr 4, 2011

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Angel is a popular, high end nightclub in Beijing. Even at the entrance to the club, you will see the difference. The door is unexpectedly welcoming. We were four guys, coming out of the office, very work environment dressed with plastic bags and got in in seconds. Bodyguards make a quick check and there is no entrance fee (unless you need a ticket for an event)

    Angel has a large arena, large square-like bar in the middle and a balcony on the back. The place also offers a lounge area for private parties.

    The atmosphere and the decoration was highly ranked, good music system, lights, videos and good air conditioning. Music was exceptionally good when we were there, catching up the latest beats for a trendy club. There is a large Chinese crowd, very well dressed and ready for a good night.

    Dress Code: As I said, we were not very fitting for the place but got in easily. Places in China likes foreigners and are very welcoming. But I would still prefer to wear trendy stuff, as you would see many more locals with similar outfits.

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  • violett's Profile Photo

    Gui Street: red light district :P

    by violett Updated Apr 4, 2011

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Actually this is a famous street with many restaurants and many traditional red lanterns. So...

    The famous dishes on this street:
    Xianglaxie (fragrant spicy crab)
    Shuizhuyu (boiling fish)
    Kaoyu (roasted fish)
    Yangxiezi (mutton spine)
    malaxiaolongxia(spicy crayfish )

    Don't go there before 20:00!

    one of the famous restaurants

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  • Shaolin Warriors: Shaolin Warriors

    by mke1963 Updated Apr 4, 2011

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The Shaolin Warriors will be loved by some, but not by others. We went with no particular expectations and felt that it would probably be a real highlight for many visitors to Beijing.

    The show provides an introduction to the annual cycle of the monks of the Shaolin Temple, home of the Chan (Zen) sect of Mahayana Buddhism. The show is mainly dance, with the monks showing their skills in balance and coordination. Don't expect to much high-kicking HK flick kung fu: this is the more accomplished meditative style, with plenty of controlled thrashing around of arms and tools.

    One of the underlying themes in the show is how the monks can defend themselves with their bare hands but also with everyday objects from their lives - staffs, sticks, even their begging bowl.

    The sound system is, unfortunately, far too loud and of poor quality. This lets down a stellar performance. I happen to know a young Shaolin monk (the son of an employee of mine) and this brings home the rigours of the monastic training at Shaolin. Two stars of the show are young - about 9 years old - boy monks, who are so serious and diligent.

    This is not one of those dinner shows, nor a cheap tourist charade. It is an excellent evening's entertainment.

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  • lalikes's Profile Photo

    Scarlett: Restaurant/Bar

    by lalikes Written Oct 28, 2009

    This is a happening restaurant bar filled with a lot of ex-pats. Friday night is ladies night. At the time of our visit, it was FREE wine for the ladies. I know they had one other free special but I was so excited about free wine, I can't remember now.

    Dress Code: Casual.

    Scarlett Scarlett Meeting people

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  • Willettsworld's Profile Photo

    Sakura Cafe: Great food, music and atmosphere

    by Willettsworld Written Aug 9, 2009

    I came here quite a few times and enjoyed the food very much. It's located in the Xuanwu district of Beijing, not far from Tiananmen Square, on a street that has other restaurants, hotels, hostels and shops, so the area attracts a lot of western tourists. This place, is therefore, very popular as it has a very western ambience with western decor and music. On several occasions, I spotted passing locals stopping outside to see and hear what was going on inside. The food menu is very good with a lot of western, Chinese and other Asian dishes plus a wide variety of drinks - both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. I particularly came here in the morning to have their excellent cooked breakfast (see photo) and enjoy the atmosphere in the evenings. There's a good place to stay in the same building (at the back) called 365inn where I stayed for a few nights (see my accommodation tips).

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  • nepalgoods's Profile Photo

    Laoshe Teahouse: Traditionel Teahouse

    by nepalgoods Written Jan 4, 2009

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Laoshe Teahouse was named after the famous Chinese poet Laoshe (Camel Xiangzi). It was opened in 1988. On more than 3.300 square metres it houses a Beijing style Tea- restaurant, a theatre, a courtyard teahouse and a teashop.

    The Laoshe Teahouse is a place to experience Chinese traditional culture with superb tea-cuisine and impressive performances. In the performance hall a Integrated perfomance will be shown every day containign Peking Opera, acrobatics, ventriloquism, dance, Kung Fu, tea ceremony and more.

    Even though you might not understand the words, the colorful costumes and the spectacular performances will impress you.

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  • CliffClaven's Profile Photo

    Hidden Tree

    by CliffClaven Updated Jun 16, 2008

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    For ten years the Hidden Tree was a well known watering hole in the Sanlitun embassy district of Beijing. But then the authorities went on a frenzy of demolition – everything must go! – and the Hidden Tree went. It has now re-opened simply as the Tree, but it is still hidden. You'll need particularly clear instructions, or a very sober guide, to find it. Old Cliffie came upon it by chance and, since he is never one to pass a pub, he went in to check it out. While he was there, two separate people told him it had the best pizza in Beijing. Okay, he hasn't tried all the other pizza places, but yes it was very good. But will he manage to find the Tree, as hidden as it always was, if he ever goes back to Beijing?

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  • kangningchang's Profile Photo

    Propaganda: cheap fun

    by kangningchang Written May 31, 2008

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    agh i haven't been back here since... well lets just say i had a pretty bad hang-over experience here...

    Propaganda, ahhh, the place where you will bump into many of your PKU, Qinghua, BLCU friends on any given night. this is one of the cheaper places to hang out if you like dancing, and i believe on thrusday nights it is unlimited drinks. cover charge is usually 30 for girls and 50-100 for guys (thus the usually, really they'll charge you whatever they want... but i think 70 is the normal protocol for guys)

    then drink away!!
    hint: tip the guy making drinks, after about 2-3 times when he recognizes you, the drinks will come SOOO much faster, but be warned, i think some of the stuff they serve is fake, be prepared to have a serious hang over.

    Friday is tequila night 5 RMB a shot

    Dress Code: well, nice is better, but you'll still get in either way.

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  • Sakura: Travellers bars

    by AmyKS Written May 19, 2008

    There are two Sakura's in Beijing now after the success of number one located off Meishi Jie on Dashilan Xijie just down from Qianmen, the second is just round the corner from The Silk Market on Dongdaqiao Road near the British Embassy. I found the Qianmen Sakura after staying at the Far East Hostel just up the road, the bar in the hostel was pretty dead and closed at midnight every day but after being spotted about to return to my dorm one night I was taken down to Sakura where the atmosphere was all there, the place busy with friendly people and the beer cheap and cold. A couple of nights later one of the regulars was playing with his mates there and much fun was had! The food was yummy and cheap (about $4 for a good homemade burger and chips), beer $1 a large bottle and as I was leaving Beijing a whole load of good quality English books had just arrived to set up a book exchange, all in all an awesome place, oh and free internet! The silk market Sakura is a bit quieter as less travellers and more people living in Beijing but I'm sure if Qianmen Sakura is anything to go by it's still worth a trip for lunch or a quick drink after some heavy bargaining at the market.

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  • Maowang's Profile Photo

    Many: General information

    by Maowang Updated Apr 29, 2008

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Here are some good links to find some fun in Beijing:

    Here is my favourite live music bar. You can almost sit on the stage and see some great acts from around China.

    Dress Code: You must wear cloths:)

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