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  • dulcineamr's Profile Photo

    Silk Market: Buying fakes in Silk Market

    by dulcineamr Written Feb 26, 2014

    Hello everybody. This is the list of stuff I bought in Silk Market in 2010.

    D&G bag - 100 yen
    Keapling bag ¥ 60
    A child tracksuit, a t-shirt and a nike shorts - 150 yen
    Adidas Adult tracksuit 100yen
    2 nike t-shirts adult 100 yen
    Nike short for girl 60 yen
    2 Belts 80 yen
    3 Pants (Common Brands ...) 400 yen
    4 shirts (Common brands) 380 yen
    2 shirts 100 yen
    Man jeans 100 yen
    2 t-shirts abercrombie & Fitch 40 yen

    Regards and enjoy shopping in silk market :)

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    Silk Market: Fighting against Frenzy...(or just giving in )

    by wilocrek Updated Jun 1, 2012

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The Silk Market is the most famous of all the shopping options in Beijing and for good reason. Its five levels of massive rooms filled to the brim with tightly filled aisles of shops, basically it looks like a Middle Eastern marketplace. The building is chockful of just about everything you can imagine and not just things made with silk. Without a doubt this is the best place to buy souveniers on your visit to Beijing, not only do they have the best selection but there are no price tags, you can bargain for everything. Which could also be a negative if your not only prepared to bargain but to bargain AGRESSIVELY! These people mean business and so should you. I have bargained for wares all over the world including the Middle East, and South America and by far this was the most intense experience ever! Most of the people you will be bargaining with are young woman and don't let their small stature fool you....they are immensely intimidating! Word to the wise, if your browsing they will eat you alive, they want you to be buying. So go in there with a game plan and be sure to stick with it, be as firm with them as they will be with you. I had a great time and ended up buying all of my souveniers there and it cost a fraction of what it normally would of cost. Do not miss out the fenzied experience of shopping at the Silk Market....and by the way... bring cash!

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  • Silk Market: Dirt Cheap

    by mdiarra Updated Jan 18, 2012

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    A Chinese bazaar

    What to buy: Counterfeit clothes and sneakers
    Chinese souvenirs

    What to pay: Chinese (but not hand-made) kites : 100 RMB for 4 units, after 20 minute bargaining
    Handmade letter stamps with red ink: 100 RMB for 3
    Chinese painted poster (size of a standard door): 50 RMB
    Wind-proof gloves - 50 RMB
    Bonnets - around 20 RMB
    Ears cover - 10 RMB
    Jack Wolfskin wind/water-proof jacket - 300 RMB
    Tailored shirts - 100 RMB each for standard model
    Non tailored shirts - 40/50 RMB
    Tailored suits - 1000 RMB on average
    Shisha (Narguile, hooka) - 150 RMB for the biggest model
    Small imported perfumed tobacco boxes - 20 RMB each
    Coal - 10 RMB a small pack

    The vendors are so numerous that it's very easy to bargain. Tell them your price (divide their 1st offer by 10 if you are not sure), stay firm, smile, be polite and frown a little bit, they'll eventually reach your price.

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  • Silk Market: Rest up!!

    by somuchtosee Updated Sep 29, 2011

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Indoor vendor flea market. Great buys. Be prepared to bargain like you never did before. Know what you want and what you are willing to pay. Beware- the are different qualities. note the differences before you leave the vendor.

    What to buy: You can buy an fashion item you desire.

    What to pay: 30% of original asking price seems about right. It wont be easy and it will take you 10 to 20 minutes.

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  • Neilzonwheelz's Profile Photo

    Silk Market: Beijing Shopping

    by Neilzonwheelz Written Jul 17, 2011

    Beijing is cheap,the Oz dollar was getting about 6RMB so the pound will get you more. There are plenty of markets to buy clothes, eg underwear $2 aud, GStar and other brand jeans etc $20 - $30 dollars at the silk markets and in the "new trendy area" of Beijing. If you plan on walking alot, get some vaseline for sweat chaffing. The subway is based on HK, so it is easy to get around and very cheap. Downtown backpackers do a tour of the great wall if you are interested, but be prepared for some hard yards!

    What to buy: Clothes and Pearls [Lattter from Pearl Market]

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  • jlanza29's Profile Photo

    Silk Market: Have a little patience with the vendors !!!!

    by jlanza29 Updated Mar 26, 2011

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    ok, first of all don't ever take there offer for the first price they give you on anything !!!!! Cut them by at least 80% and stay firm. They give you a calculator and tell you to put in your best price...but in your best price and stay firm, start to walk away and they keep cutting the price and don't budge, stay on your price and eventually they get there......if you don't have the time just walk away......It's a bit frustrating because when you start to walk off, they grab you and cut the price in half but nowhere near the price you want to pay, so that gets old, until you get the price you said, example: I wanted some hats at first he told me 240 RMB for 1 hat...I told him 10 RMB for 1, I started to walk away 4 times before he settled on the 10 RMB for each hat. it took more than 10 minutes to get this done !!!! why because dumb people still pay through the roof for items that aren't worth it. and as long as the vendors could get away with it, they'll continue doing it !!!!!!

    What to buy: You name it they have it there except the 2008 Olympics items, it seems the government has strict control on these items, and can only be bought at government stores !!!!!!

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  • Silk Market in Beijing: Silk Market

    by miriamms Written Jan 19, 2011

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    4th level of the Silk Market in Beijing offers a variety of jewelries. Abundance of pearls and other semi precious stones available. Bargaining is a must! Don't leave a store without at LEAST 50% discount.

    What to buy: Pearls

    What to pay: It all depends on your budget. I love shopping for myself and as presents to other people. Bring extra cash. I don't want to use my credit card - I don't feel safe.

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  • Silk Market: Cheap!

    by nobrain Updated Nov 2, 2010

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Being to Beijing several times in the past, however, no-one has ever told me about this place until now. Most natives do not shop here as they are able to obtain cheaper goods elsewhere (fake brand also but cheaper and shoddier fakes).

    Despite what some people say, the crackdown on counterfeit products have not stopped the flow of fake goods. Vendors openly display clothing with major brands (Polo, Armani, Tommi, etc.) and they are obviously simply branded (not "fakes" as they are not really copying anything). LV, Gucci, Fendi, etc. bags are hidden away, but shop keepers are more than happy to show you what they've got.

    What to buy: For us guys, simply skip the upper floors and focus on the basement and lower floors for bags, clothing and shoes.

    My bargaining is not great, but these are the prices I got, you should be able to do better:
    Polo - 40RMB
    Suits (Armani / D&G) - 300RMB
    Shorts (G-star) - 70RMB

    I was trying to get some quicksilver board-shorts, but I can't seem to get the price below 100RMB, so I skipped them, they might be real.

    The suits are highly recommended! Quality is OK, but a bargain compared to what you'll get overseas.

    What to pay: Go in the early morning (I think they open at 9). When the store is deserted, bargaining is a breeze. Likewise avoid the weekends, the vendors get extremely desperate when there are few shoppers in the building.

    I won't going to purchase of the "good stuff", but lets just say that the starting price offered by shop keepers is even more ridiculous. Just bargain store to store, all the shops stock similar goods.

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  • Silk Market: Barganing at the Silk Street

    by heretoday0045 Written Aug 27, 2010

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    A great and fun time, is the Silk Street Mkt. Don't take it too seriosly as the girls here are the best. I have been in sales for over 25 years and would take them as sales agents!!! Always bargain, and never except the first 5 prices (this is for you only; don't tell others...).

    Polo/Lacoste/Gant 25 - 35 RMB depending on quantaty
    Pants/Jeans - 35 - 45 RMB
    Shoes - be aware that most of them are not leather (the lighter trick does not work)! - 60 - 200 RMB

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  • Green_Frog's Profile Photo

    Silk Market: Silk... what silk???

    by Green_Frog Written Jul 26, 2010

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The Silk Markets is definitely not a man's place... it's girlie shopping heaven.

    We arrived by subway and the markets were there in the underground basement - everything is sold here from mobiles, DVD's, sunglasses, belts, jeans, shoes, handbags, luggage, jewellery, toys, you name it it's here. Then we crossed the road and discovered 4 more levels of shopping heaven!!!

    Adrian opted for a cup of coffee and a newspaper whilst the girls shopped till we dropped.

    What to buy: If you are into Diesel Jeans, Ed Hardy clothing, Gucci handbags (copies of designer gear) this is definitely the place for you.

    What to pay: Calvin Klein men undies 10rmbs a pair - sorry no photos!!!
    Gucci sunglasses 30rmbs
    Ed Hardy chuncky belt - see photo - 100rmbs
    Ed Hardy tops x 2 and jacket - see photo of jacket - 330rmbs
    Diesel Jeans - 120rmbs

    The more you buy the cheaper the prices - you have to bargain hard and be prepared for a lot of abuse, grabbing you to prevent leaving their store - it's mayhem but oh so much fun!!!!

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  • Silk Market: What would you get from the Xiushui Market?

    by ladeforbe Written May 26, 2010

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Silk/Xiushui Market and Yashow/Yaxiu Market = This is where all the knock-off shoes and bags are. Lots of knock-off clothes also but quality and design are not that good. Not that many choices for men. Initial price will be at average, 500-1000% of the real price, sometimes even more. Bargain extremely hard. Shoes for example costs around 50RMB on the average while T-Shirts cost around 30-40RMB. More choices in Silk Market. Believing that you can find the bargains of Rock & Republc jeans there.

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  • muratkorman's Profile Photo

    Silk Market: Shopping Heaven

    by muratkorman Written Apr 12, 2010

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Silk Market is a big building of 7 levels consisting of many small booths by local vendors. You can find clothing, shoes, bags, accessories, souvenirs, leather goods and much more. You won't find price tags on anything and you have to bargain for the price. Never accept the first price given to you, you are likely to get it to one third or one quarter of the first price. If you are good at bargaining you can even get it for less. I give you a list of prices which can be used as a guideline. Stick to the list and you will have great deals, but you have to bargain first.

    What to buy: Snow wear, ski jacket and trousers, T-shirts, polo shirts, sport shoes, boots

    What to pay: A ski jacket and trouser set (Spyder/North Face): 300 Yuan
    T-shirts and polo shirts : 30-50 Yuan
    Converse shoes : 60-70 Yuan
    Sport shoes : 80-100 Yuan
    UGG boots : 180-200 Yuan
    Wallets and bags : 80-100 Yuan

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  • Willettsworld's Profile Photo

    Silk Market: Counterfeit designer brands

    by Willettsworld Written Aug 9, 2009

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Silk Street is a large modern shopping centre that contains over 1,700 vendors who, mostly, sell counterfeit designer brand clothing and shoes. As well as this, their are stalls selling traditional Chinese handicrafts, antiques, calligraphy, carpets, table cloths, bed coverings, paintings, hand-knit dresses, toys, electronic gadgets, trinkets, and fine jewellery. Opened on March 19, 2005, and replacing the old alley-based Xiushui Market, the shopping centre attracts thousands of foreign tourists looking for counterfeit bargains. The place can feel very intimidating with vendors trying to attract you into their area. Remember to bargain as hard as you can and don't, by any means, accept their first price. It's all a 'game' and you remember that and that the items they sell aren't legitimate.

    Open: 9am-9pm.

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  • stamporama's Profile Photo

    Silk Street-Pearl Market: All the fakes here are genuine!

    by stamporama Updated Apr 21, 2009

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    1 more image

    Many merchandise nowadays are made in China. While one can certainly buy the latest and genuine luxury brand-name items, you could also buy any of their fake counterparts. Both genuine and fake products are made in China are they're so good in making both that it's so difficult to tell them apart.

    As mentioned by other posters, this store is so popular that more tourists go here instead of the luxury stores along Wangfujing St.

    Opens 9 am to 9 pm.

    What to buy: Name it, they have it: clothes, shoes, bags, cameras, MP3 players, videogames, sports gear, cellphones, jewelry, tea, souvenirs, Chinese calligraphy, silkwear, paintings, etc.

    What to pay: The rule here is haggle, haggle, haggle...

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  • bebejepang's Profile Photo

    Silk Market: have to know the price before bargain

    by bebejepang Written Nov 20, 2008

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    before going to bargain, it is better if you can guess the price.
    sometimes we afraid to bargain, because we didn't know the real price. but we can guess it from the usual price in our country and make it half for bargain. If the shop girl say goodby, means you cannot get it because it is too low...
    lucky that I have my chinese friends with me ^-^.

    I buy small plate in europe for 5 euro (about 45 yuan), so I bargain for 75 yuan for 3 plates. she didn't agree, so I left. but after see another place, finally I back to the shop and ask 100 yuan for 4 plates, and I got it.

    I read from VT that silk scarf should be 20-30 yuan. First price is 80 yuan for 1 pieces (100% silk), so I ask 60 yuan for 3 pieces, but the shop girl say good by to me. I back for 75 yuan, also cannot. finally I got 80 yuan for 3 pieces (3 times go back to the same shop).

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