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  • South facing Exit doors of the Mausoleum
    South facing Exit doors of the Mausoleum
    by PeterVancouver
  • Tour Scams
    by varky
  • The one in the grey suit is Rocky.
    The one in the grey suit is Rocky.
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Most Viewed Tourist Traps in Beijing

  • machomikemd's Profile Photo

    Souvenir Shops in Forbidden City

    by machomikemd Updated Oct 7, 2014

    0.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    what like I've said, you should know how to haggle or else you will get rip off here as the forbidden city is one huge area and along the various entrances to it, like the Meridian Gate is filled with tons and tons of souvenir shops selling virtually anything under the sun, from traditional touristy items like paper weights, fridge magnets, books, post cards, shirts, caps and the more zany questionable artifacts like old ceramic plates or terra cotta jars and a lot more.

    Unique Suggestions: you should know how to haggle when buying along the souvenir stores here or don't buy anything at all as you can find most of the items in the other touristy areas of Beijing.

    Fun Alternatives: have time to look around the different shops and compare the prices of the goods you want to buy and haggle a lot.

    the shops
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  • tchbeijing's Profile Photo

    Hongtue Village

    by tchbeijing Written May 15, 2013

    Hong Tuen located in the border of YANQING and HUANROU. It is an extremely beautiful hiking line. Here you can experience fresh air, beautiful valley covered by green plant, clear stream, waterfall, pools, rolling ancient great wall and marvelous scenery.
    Hong Tue village:
    Hong Tue village located in YANQING area, 60Km from City Center of Beijing, built in 1623.
    It is not big. It has been built along the hill. Dozens of houses are in a picturesque order. The path paved by gravel winds through the village. In the village you can find ancient well aged hundred years, stone roller and stone mill. All bring you the feeling of quaint and quiet.
    In this season, pecan, chestnut and wild jujube has disappeared. The trees become bleak and the earth covered by yellow leaves. Wondering along the crooked path, there will be one or two trees with golden persimmon come into your view. At the moment of reaching the top of hill, continuous ancient Ming Great Wall and Smoke Towers present historical vicissitudes in front of you. Choosing a sunny day, flee the noisy city, forget the heavy work, go there and enjoy your life.

    Unique Suggestions: Spend half day to go around the small beautiful village, taste rainbow trout and chestnut. Another half day, climb the wild Great Wall to feel the vicissitudes history of antient China and take some pictures.

    Wild Great Wall Beautifual Village Farm House Wild Great Wall Wild Great Wall
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  • Opondili01's Profile Photo

    Beijing Tips

    by Opondili01 Updated Apr 11, 2012

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Taxis - Make sure they have a meter box ,
    Market- always bargain as much as you can.
    Chinese are very aggresive when it comes to business rather walk away fast if you don't want to buy. Please when it come to electronics, Make sure it works and test it while you are in the shop before you leave and get a receipt too.

    Directions & Communication: If you are lost and can't find your ways, just keep shouting the word" english?" to everyone who passby , you will eventually bumb into one or two.

    You should read the signs and movement of people.

    FOOD; Don't just eat in the street, Rather visit the common restaurant. food can be anything and you are also likely to be changed fake money.
    so buy in a place where you can always return back and complain.

    BANKS; it is better to change your money at the hotel then in the bank. you can spent 1 hour just for that , they are very strict when it comes to foreigners.

    RESTROOMS; you are likely to find the Asian restrooms in local places, so be ready to squach.

    SPITING: Chinese spit and clear their throghts all the time, it doesnt matter where , so don't get annoyned just respect the culture.

    Traffic: If you have enought time take a bus, very cheap. a Taxi is much faster but could be expensive if you are going longer distance.....and during busy hours PLEASE take a bus. Taxis will charge you according to the time you spent on the road.

    Watch out for the bicycles not just the cars they also have their own road. I nearly got bumped by one :) . Some culture shock.

    Unique Suggestions: It was a great experience to be in China, Chinese are a bit cold, but when you get closer they are such lovely people.

    I managed to get cheaper items from the Market. I am such a shopholic that i finished all my money in the market ,so don't be like me.

    I love the great wall , The Beijing Zoo, The Pecking Duck , The Silk Market , The Market Opposite The Beijing Zoo, The Chinese Traditional Hospital. at least visit one of these places.

    The whole city is magic! very busy but peaceful spirit.

    Fun Alternatives: Foreigners are always taken advantage of when it comes to business, so be wise and make sure what you buy is quality and worth the money.

    In most of the Markerts there are no price tags. Get use to bargaining. Be a tough Bargainer!

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  • Tea House Scam

    by rgass1976 Written Jan 18, 2011

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I was in Beijing for a business trip and fell for the tea house scam. I arrived at Tienanmen square around 14:30. While outside the forbidden city, I was looking for a way to get in. I heard a woman behind me say "it is closing". At first I ignored her and then she asked if I was trying to get into the city. I replied and since she spoke English, I started asking about other sites. She explained that she had a college friend visiting from another town in China and that she was showing her the city. She then proposed that I come with them to the ancient city since I wasn't able to get into the forbidden city. I accepted since I didn't have much time to see any of the sites. While walking to the ancient city, we came across a small tea house. Since it was very cold, they suggested that we stop in to warm up and get a drink. I accepted and we were taken to a small private room. Another Chinese women entered and asked what we would like to drink. They told me that I could order whatever I want, but the tea was exceptional in this place and we should do a tea ceremony which consisted of trying 10 different teas. I agreed to the tea ceremony which was very interesting. They explained everything to me (how to hold the thimble size glass, sip it three times, etc). After trying all the teas, they asked if I wanted to buy 2 of my favorites. I selected two, which they told me would be 40 USD (a little expensive but what the hell) and we asked for the bill. The bill came and I said to the girls that this would be my treat (big mistake) since they brought me here and were nice enough to explain everything. I looked at the bill and it was for 475 USD! I immediately protested and people came in and out, a few more bills were presented to me, and then they brought one for 47.50, which was reasonable. The two girls that brought me in kept apologizing and saying that this never happens and they appeared to be fighting with me. We left and they brought me to a place for dinner. We had a nice meal, and during, I happened to take a picture of one of the girls. After I took that picture, they started speaking in Chinese a lot and they ended up paying for my bill. Since they did that(they told me they felt bad for what happened at the tea house), my guard went down and I believed that they were not scamming me at the teahouse. After the restaurant, they took me to a shopping center to look around and then asked if I wanted to go to a CTV place. I didn't know what it was, so they explained that it was a karaoke place. I hesitantly agreed and we went to a small place above one of the tourist places on Wangfujing Street. They again put us in a small room and I ordered 1 drink. The girls each had a drink and they also brought in a bunch of snacks. We stayed in that place for about an hour. I was ready to leave so we asked for the bill. During this time, one of the girls was constantly leaving the room. They brought the bill and it was for 260USD! I was now sure that I was involved in a scam (I am little to trusting and naive:(). Now when I started arguing, they brought in a bunch of bouncer like people. I said I wasn't paying and they brought different receipts. Once I got the value down to where I was comfortable (around 60USD), I signed the bill. As I was leaving, they asked me to sign another saying it was to revert the charges they entered already. I signed just because I wanted to get out of there and promptly went back to my hotel. The first thing I did was type "Beijing Scams" into Google, and of course, then the realization set in.

    I submitted a partial dispute for the amount, leaving some amount for what I consumed. However, the credit card company said that as long as I signed for any bill, there is nothing they can do. I think in the shuffle of bills, I ended up signing for the one they wanted.

    I hope people be careful while traveling and just have your guard up all the time. I also want to post their pictures to eternally have they faces known.

    Unique Suggestions: Don't talk to anyone! If someone is talking to you, they are trying to scam you. Listen to what your mother told you as a kid, "Don't talk to strangers"

    Don't sign the bill. If you sign the bill, you are liable for the charges.

    If you get scammed, ask your hotel if you can get the local police to visit the place with you.

    Get a receipt!

    Don't get scammed in Beijing Both of the scammers.  Very upset that I took this
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  • sanluipal's Profile Photo

    underground city

    by sanluipal Written Jul 20, 2010

    I read in a guide that there is an underground city that Mao had built in the 60s furing the Sino-Soviet dispute. It had an Hospital and even a call from the headquarters to the mountains. We look for the most popular entry in a neighborhood tricky, but it was closed. A pity! It seems to me that the city is renewing his face, trying to hide anything that is not so beautiful to see ...

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  • muratkorman's Profile Photo

    Fluent English speaking students

    by muratkorman Written Apr 12, 2010

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    You may be approached by young student couples (usually 2 girls) speaking fluent English. They will ask where you are from and they usually have some knowledge about your country, the continent and some cities in your country. They have the excuse to practice English speaking and they will invite you to drink something together. This is the point where you have to cut the conversation and leave immediately. Otherwise you may regret for the consequences. During my 5 days stay in Beijing, I was approached 3 times by this profile of people which I described above. Once it was on the snack street near Wangfujing, the next one was in Tiananmen Square during flag lowering ceremony and the third one was in front of a shopping mall in Wangfujing Street. I didn't believe in the sincerity of these people and I cut the conversation short. When we took a local tour to visit Great Wall later, we met with an American lady who was approached by similar people. She didn't suspect anything and she accepted their offer to drink something. Result : A bill of 900 Yuan (150 USD) for a tea tasting session. She was so sad to be tricked by these people and she had no choice but pay. I was also sad for her, but happy for listening to my insticts when I met with similar people. If you don't want a nasty experience like this, just avoid these people or report them to authorities.

    Unique Suggestions: If you are approached by these people, do not accept their invitations.

    Fun Alternatives: Avoid any invitations from these people having similar profile described above.

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    by tegusalam Written Nov 4, 2009


    Unique Suggestions: just dont talk to them and be strict to refuse,,,,better chose cheap gyms inside universities...

    Fun Alternatives: dont talk to them

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  • stevemt's Profile Photo

    The air pollution

    by stevemt Updated Jul 25, 2009

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Beijing has a very high level of air pollution. I do not have any chest complaints, but even I found it hard going at times, especially as there is a lot of walking to do in Beijing, and many stairs to climb.

    I drank more water in China during my 10 days there than I had in 9 years in Brisbane, thats how hot it is in the summer, add that to the air pollution and it can be hard work indeed.

    Unique Suggestions: Make sure you keep drinking water (or beer)

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  • stevemt's Profile Photo

    Credit Card Surchages

    by stevemt Updated Jul 20, 2009

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Be aware that the banks in China charge the merchants 4% or 5% of a credit card purchase for use of credit cards not issued in China.

    Some merchants/hotels pass this on the the purchaser.

    Unique Suggestions: If possible use cash, it could save you money.

    This is not always possible or convenient of course

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  • machomikemd's Profile Photo

    Jewel Factory Near Olympic Village

    by machomikemd Written May 26, 2009

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The Jewel factory is just beside the Olympic Station of the Beijing Subway. Why a tourist trap? well since I' am not into jewelry that's why but if your into it, they have really nice jewelries inside like jade, diamonds, gold, amethyst and others however no picture taking inside the shop area is allowed. Again, common among Beijing area factories, they have a restaurant which caters to the tourist crowd and more of the reviews of the food in my restaurant tips.

    Unique Suggestions: just look around, don't worry as they would not pester you here

    Fun Alternatives: none, most olympic village tours pass by here

    welcome jewel viewing area microscope inside the restaurant
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  • machomikemd's Profile Photo

    River Pearl Factory near Summer Palace

    by machomikemd Written May 25, 2009

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    why a tourist trap? again I am not fond of jewelries hence i would label this a tourist trap ok. This factory is about 500 meter south of the exit of Summer palace and what they sell is purely river pearls. River pearls are smaller the salt water pearls and are more irregular in shape, however, river oysters can produce more pearls, about 15-20 pearls per oyster than the salt water oyster which only produce 1-4 pearls per oyster.

    River pearls added into necklaces, bracelets, amulets, bangles, etc, about 50 rmb for the cheapest necklace to 3000 rmb for the most expensive ones. good gifts for girl friends or wives. No picture allowed inside hence no pictures of the jewelries!

    Unique Suggestions: just look around, they will not pester you

    Fun Alternatives: just look then go back to the tour bus

    River Pearl Factory Entrance demonstration Area
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    by tegusalam Written Nov 24, 2008

    never talk to the girls who try to approach you on street etc,, they usually wants to cheat you ,get free dinner and escape or take u to the places they cooperate with boss to scam foreigners

    Unique Suggestions: just be tough and shout to the girls tell them get away,,

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    by tegusalam Written Nov 24, 2008

    most gym s will scam you esspecially dont go BODY BALANCE,BALLY TOTAL,FUSION INSIDE BLCU..usually gym mebership for one year shouldnt exceed 2500 in NIRVANA FITNESS,1500 in body balance and bally..they will try to cheat you..dont fall in trap..,,just reject

    Unique Suggestions: dont talk with the girls trying to sell membership to you..

    Fun Alternatives: go to NIRVANA OR CALIFORNAI FITNESS again u must bargain a lot,,,

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  • JohanIsWeg's Profile Photo

    Take-away tricks

    by JohanIsWeg Updated Oct 16, 2008

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    My wife stopped off at a small restaurant in the hutong where we resided and ordered some dumplings as a take-away snack. When the waitress came from the kitchen with her order - and before she could write the correct price down - a women jumped up from a nearby table and demanded 80 yuan.
    Thinking that a young Caucasian women would lack confidence and be unaware of going rates, and therefore be easily intimidated, this person (unknown whether she was the owner, manager or just a customer) tried to gain a financial benefit by vastly inflating the regular price.

    Unique Suggestions: Because my wife had the foresight of gaining a basic knowledge of pricing structures, she immediately identified the crude attempt for what it was. Never lacking in confidence, she immediately declined the order and walked out of the restaurant.
    Shocked at this turn of events, the women grabbed the bag from the waitress and ran after my wife, following her all the way into the lift of our hotel. She offered the dumplings for 20 yean, but my wife declined: "No, you want to cheat me, do you think I'm stupid!"
    Having heard the commotion from our room, I opened the door and ended up agreeing to pay her 10 yuan for the dumplings.
    Thus, peace was restored.

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  • ValbyDK's Profile Photo

    Jade Factory

    by ValbyDK Updated Oct 5, 2008

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    A visit to a government-owned Jade Factory was included in a guided tour to the Ming Tombs. First you are guided through the factory and then you end up in the gift shop. OK, some of the carvings were beautiful (especially the big horses and dragons) but also very expensive.

    I could think of several more interesting places than visiting a Jade Factory in Beijing.

    Jade Factory

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  • HENRYDAM's Profile Photo
    Oct 28, 2013 at 2:19 PM

    I wish describe my experience in Pekin holidays in order to avoid any potential tourist to be cheated as I was, and, at the same time, reporting a confidence trickster Chinese gang.
    Tian´anmen Square, 2013 October 25 th.
    A couple of Chinesse women (con women hooks) came to me pretending to be tourists from North China and speaking in a fluent English and some Spanish as well.
    After a very good trained and practiced close up, they are getting my friendship and confidence.
    After a long conversation they proposed to have a coffee together in the way to the Forbidden City, as they are visiting this site and indicating you the way in.
    They get into a Bar with separated stances and had no even a bathroom. After ordering a coffee, one of then left and came back with three glasses of wine. They offer you one and, just when you drink a single gulp, you have just fallen into a con.
    A few minutes later a waiter (fraudster, member of the gang and promoter of the con) brings the bottle of wine and the order list. It is a label of French wine that even was not opened in front of you and the price is about 500 €.

    You advise you did not order it, the hook con women are apparently very surprised and they ask you to invite them, too expensive for them!.
    You cannot even avoid paying a third, as you have drunk (although a single gulp and by their invitation). Mafia waiter says you must pay at least a third, showing you the menu with abusive prices. It is possible wine had some additive according to the headache (may be this gang is also playing with your health).
    Waiter asks for your visa card. A nasty and dirty bar, even without a bathroom and serving wines over 500 € worth, could get about 150 € from you in this shared and improvised con-breakfast.
    The hook con women seemed very solvent, they pretend to be amazed yet. Afterwards, they leave the bar with you and get lost in a few minutes whilst you are wondering how a single gulp has damaged you so much.

    Waiter tries to avoid giving your visa card receipt, you will have to go and fetch it. After women come back to the Bar for their commission. If you refuse to pay something, as they are pure mafia, you will be obliged to pay anyway. Police do not understand you and avoid intervening, I imagine why.
    So, I advise tourists visiting this area, Forbidden City and Square, there are many hooks con women and thieves, pure mafia with the tolerance of Chinese authorities that avoiding even understand your complaints.
    I attach the gang member´s photos who broke my trip Budget. The business name is:
    Tian´anmen East Square. Close to the North-East corner
    hooks 1 y 2, bar and promoters of the comt.
    Please, avoid being stated, it is a pity nobody advised to me.

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