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  • Tour Scams
    by varky
  • In the 'vip' room. Con artist in action
    In the 'vip' room. Con artist in action
    by CharissaO
  • In the briefing room
    In the briefing room
    by CharissaO
  • machomikemd's Profile Photo

    Framed Pictures

    by machomikemd Updated Oct 8, 2014

    whether you are on a big tour bus tour or in a small van tour or even a private car tour of all the attractions in Beijing, the tour guides have enterprising friends who happens to pop up at one of the attraction you go to and snap a picture of you and after two hours, he will go back to another attraction that you are going and then offer to sell you the framed pictures of you and your friends at the attraction for a high price.

    Unique Suggestions: just don't buy ok

    or haggle for the price if your really want the framed picture, they cost from RM 40 if you would haggle and up to RM 70 if not.

    Fun Alternatives: just don't buy if you are not interested

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  • National Tour Service Beijing

    by varky Updated Dec 30, 2013

    Day 1:
    We were in Beijing on 25 Dec 13. We were approaching to the entrance of Forbidden City and one lady named "Lucy" approached us. She said, she is from some university in Xian and she is volunteering a Water Paint exhibition of her university. She asked us to visit the place. We followed her to see the exhibition. On our way to the place, she asked us whether we are planning for visiting the Great Wall. We told her we already have some arrangements. She then said do not go with any tour package they will make you to visit some factories and ask you to buy stuffs from there.
    She was talking nicely and was telling us in such a way that she is just a volunteer of the exhibition. We were coming from Guilin and until that time we never had any issues from any one from China and she was able to convince us to think about another tour option.
    She put it as follows. "This is the off-season for many taxi drivers here, I can help to arrange taxi for you to visit the Great wall. It cost you only 400 RMB and unlike other tour operators this taxi driver wont ask you to visit the factories and you can utilize it based on your interests.
    We were impressed about it because we can go to Great Wall and spend time there. So we agreed to take her taxi and she said the English speaking driver will call you in the evening and make the arrangements.
    In the evening the taxi driver "Peter" called us and told he would pick us from our home next day morning 8:00 AM.
    Day 2:
    7:45 AM
    We got the call from Peter and he said he is waiting near our apartment. We met him at 8:05 AM and started the journey to Muttiyanyu.
    10:30 AM
    We reached Muttiyanyu and Peter said he will wait in the car and he said he will call after 2 hrs. (We were bit puzzled, why he has to call us?)
    Peter called in my mobile and asked us to come back to the Parking lot. We didn't give much attention to it because it is not Peter who should decide our vacation. We went back by 1:15 PM and by that time he called me 4 times.
    We went back to the car and Peter was looking very angry. We didn't give a *** to it.
    He brought us to a silk factory !!! Asked us to go in and see. We went in an saw the place and returned back to the taxi without buying anything. Once we reached at the taxi point he asked us why we didn't buy any silk. We said we do get same thing in our hometown and we don't to buy this from here.
    3:00 PM
    He told us to visit a tea factory (Dr. Tea), we went and saw the place and tasted some tea. We purchased a dry fruit tea for 200 RMB and returned to the taxi.
    When we got in taxi Peter said the following
    "You have to pay me more because you are not purchasing anything from these places or whatever you purchased until now will not get me much money"

    I was very pissed of with this statement and told him clearly that we took the taxi just for seeing the Great Wall and not for any tea factory and it is what we agreed yesterday. He then called up Lucy and told all these. Then Lucy talked to us and asked for more money. We said we are not going to pay a penny more and we wont give any tip to him because of his arrogance.
    Since we had this experience our energy also lost and we decided to go back and asked him to drop at our place.

    We as tourists are visiting the country only for 2 or 3 days and the treatment by the people like this will make the entire interest or happiness in the trip.
    It is a gentle reminder for everyone that not to take these kinds of crooked tour guides.

    Following are the details of the tour agency

    National Travel Service
    National Travel Service Building,Fuxing Men Street
    Mob: +86-13021062038

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  • They have one branch in Zhu Hai! Don't get scam!

    by Daevian Written Dec 27, 2013

    I joined a company trip to Zhu Hai a week ago. One of the shopping stops was this shop. The shop is located in a very isolated industrial area. Before we reached there, the tour guide had explained that this Jewelry shop was reputable, many branches in Beijing and around China. He gave us the assurance that the purchases in the shop are guarantee genuine and quality assured.
    When we reached the Jewelry shop, we were ushered into a room to hear the promoter promote their products. The promoter came in and talked like very inexperienced and made herself a clown.

    The promoter went out a few times to find a manager to help explain the Jade and Pearl but she always came back and said all managers were engaged with other customers. Then, not long came in a young man. The promoter showed fear and subservient when this man walked in. He asked the promoter to go out and he continued from where the promoter stopped. He also showed inexperienced and could see he was very nervous. My group laughed at him and made fun of him until he claimed himself was the son of the Company owner and he was very reluctant to do marketing. He related his lifestyle as a spoiled brag and the family not really happy with him for not helping the business. The father decided to send him far from the HQ which is Beijing to operate in Zhu Hai.

    My group was very fascinated with the story and changed their attitude towards him. The group asked for free gift and he was quick to agree and went out then came back and said he could only give us each a ring. The ring was embedded with low grade pearl and made out of cheap materials. However, the Group was charmed by him when he tried to build rapport and friendship with us more than selling the products. He even could provide emails, facebook and whatapps, for us to add him. His acting was really convincing and further convinced by various reactions from the staff too.

    Then, he brought us to VIP room. Inside the room stored many kinds of jade which exceeded RMB1000. He said those price tags for other people but for friends, he willing to sell to us at cost. He started with promoting jade pendants with gold horoscope animals embedded on them. The price tag showed RMB3800 each and he could give discount until RMB1000 each. Many people bought the pendants. I was near to buying the pendants until the sale person diverted my attention to another type which has dragon and phoenix. The sales person said these two were more suitable for couples or parents. She knew who I wanted to buy for. The price per piece priced at RMB6,800 and the son said he could give the discount up to RMB3,000 for a pair. I decided to buy and when I went out to make payment for it, I realized outside hall was empty. I just felt strange where all the people have gone.

    When I got back to the VIP room, I somehow shown another pair of pendants. My first impression was nice and liked it. The promoter kept trying to sell the pair to me for RMB30,000. I declined. The Boss Son then approached me and said for friendship and he was happy today, he sold for RMB20,000 and less out the purchase earlier, net at RMB17,000. I told him I couldn’t afford since it has exceeded my credit limit. He then looked at me with very sincere eyes and said not about money but more about friendship and I owed him big for this. So he sold the pendants to me at RMB8,800.

    I was like Ok, convinced that this would be a good deal and bought it. The jade is a black jade which I rarely see and I thought was uncommon.

    After leaving the premise, I talked to another friend who bought over RMB20, 000 worth of jewelry. Then, I realized this could be a scam. I wasn’t confirmed until I read all the postings here. Knowing it is a scam, I couldn’t do much. I just think that if they could come out with such elaborated scam, they could also well prepared for countering a refund. Alas, I have to accept this as an expensive lesson learnt when shopping in China.

    Unique Suggestions: Don't buy anything. Walk away. Don't let them convince you that you get a bargain. This will never happened. Too good to be true is always a scam.

    Fun Alternatives: Spread words around to prevent another tourist get victimized.

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  • Pearl at Bird Nest Beijing - ridiculous price!

    by kikie08 Written May 14, 2013

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I've visited Beijing last week with other 15 people accompanied by the local tour guide who can speak Bahasa so good. He brought us to silk factory, jade factory, bamboo factory, tea house, massage herbal factory and pearl factory. I didn't shop a lot as I only brought 1200 RMB to Beijing. Lesson learned, as we stepped into pearl factory at the bird nest stadium.
    We have been brought into a room where the trainer introduced us all about pearl. She takes 10 minutes explaining about the lotion which made from pearl that can smooth our skin. She said another trainer will take over her place but after waiting for another 5 minutes, she said all trainers are busy at the moment and the son of the factory owner will guide us. So a cute and handsome guy pertaining as 'son' of the pearl owner came in. He said that it is his first day working and he just graduate from University. He have 3 siblings and other 2 brothers runs another pearl factory. He got a BMW car with driver and his mom drove Ferrari to work. I was like..wowww! He's so lucky! He wanted to visit our country and need us to entertain him so we treat him as a friend. SInce that day is mothers day, he gave us pearl ring for free but in return, need us to pray for his mother's health. I was biggie, good son.
    So he brought us to VIP room and show the pearl bracelet.The price is 2280 RMB for a bracelet! Since he already treat us as his friend, he marked down the price to 300 RMB! We're shocked! The staff also gasping and murmuring like...'damn..our boss is crazy giving very low price!'. So other group members roughly grab the bracelets without any delay. I was like...something wrong instead. So I didn't pick any.
    After that we had lunch at restaurant and other tour group from Indonesia saw I'm wearing the pearl ring. He get closer to me and ask me about the pearl. His group went there yesterday. I was like....Damnnn!! yesterday? Same story: first day working, got BMW, treat as friend. Ok, so we have been fooled. I think the market price for original pearl bracelet is around 100 RMB. But I'm not sure wether the pearl is fake or not. Hmmm... Lucky I didn't buy any.

    Unique Suggestions: Show no intrests at all. Don't get influence by the marked down price!

    So-called little boss

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  • CharissaO's Profile Photo

    De Run Jewellery at Bird Nest Stadium (Rocky Scam)

    by CharissaO Updated Jan 2, 2013

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I was a victim just two days ago. Apparently this 'Rocky' and his fellow subordinates think they have a full proof scam plan that could potentially be a long term money earner. I have never been so furious! Given the link to this site and re-reading the exact same things Rocky told us just last Saturday made me even more frustrated as my tour guide, 'Ricky' was in it as well. Although I was safe, as I did not purchase anything from the scam, my tour mates spent a bucketload of money on low quality jades!

    It was definitely not right for him to be selling jade to us in a pearl factory aint it? I think, the pearls are probably just a cover up. The tour guide took us to the Derun at the last day I was in Beijing as well.

    He also gave us that 'I believe in fate and you are all my friends' bullcrap as well. He tried to impress us by wrapping a jade with a piece of plastic and then burning it. Then taking us to this 'VIP' room where he gave us discounts of jades that were priced from 8000 Yuen to 500 Yuen. This is just too ridiculous!

    Well its a good thing I was all touristy with my camera at the shop. I took a close up of his grey suit ass.

    He seems pretty confident when he talks. Exclaiming that he would be the CEO his father's jade mine and shop and how he had ties with the Olympic stadiums and medal making. His conditions when we were to buy his discounted jades were:

    1. You must never tell anyone of the price he gave you.
    2. You must not resell them.
    3. Advertise his 'shop'.

    I have read all the other reviews and concluded that there are multiple 'sons of the boss'. Some doing it more than once. Gosh, Rocky might have been to the factory for the first time for who knows, 20 times already.

    I was under Reliance, Subang branch. I bet they are accomplices to this scam as I read in previous tips on this page, they too followed a Reliance tour. Not too reliable after all.

    Unique Suggestions: Leave, or at least show no interest.

    Fun Alternatives: DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING.

    Inform other tour mates of this.

    Other fun alternatives: Sue their sorry ass / expose them in public or flash this site at their faces if you have 3G.

    The one in the grey suit is Rocky. Outside of De Run In the 'vip' room. Con artist in action In the briefing room You could see this when you enter the shop
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  • Derun Jewellery at the Beijing Olympic Stadium

    by arcticlover Updated Jan 1, 2013

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Having seen so many reviews regarding Derun right before I went for my Beijing trip, I would have never thought that one of my tour stops included this scam store as well. The modus oprandi remained the same as all the fellow reviews below.

    Firstly, we were brought into a room with a lady explaining to us the benefits and uses of pearl powder. Not before long, she claimed that an expert will arrive shortly to educate us with knowledge about authentic and imitation jade. The expert never came, and instead came a fair-skinned, fairly good looking young lad dressed prim and proper. He appeared nervous and told us he was an intern at Derun and would be doing the explanation instead. After an extremely long-winded explanation, it was obvious by now that he was trying to forge a fake friendship by telling us his "real" identity : the son of Derun's owner and the fact that Derun has many stores all over China, and that Derun also used to be a distributor for the famed jeweller Chow Tai Fook, which was all nothing but ***. I didn't discover something was wrong until I saw the store's name and he started giving out free gifts.

    He then offered us a free gift which was a pearl ring each, and then chatted it up with us while trying to convince us of his identity and make us let our guard down by emphasizing his intent to make friends. After that, he brought us to a so-called "VIP room" which had a remote-controlled door with all sorts of jade and items inside. After constant emphasis on how he simply "wanted to make friends" with us, he then showed us a piece of jade pendant with plated gold in the middle. He told us that its original price was 8202RMB, and now he was going to sell it to us simply for 1000RMB. He also told one assistant to simply send the purchase bills of our group straight to his office and bypass the finance department.

    After that enormous slash in price, he also brought us around to see the various sections of jewellery, and I concede that he had put up an extremely convincing act that it would have been difficult to see through his act had I not read virtualtourist before I visited the store. I left the store without buying anything and spent the few hours simply sitting around and taking a rest. It was also very unethical on the tour guide's side to have stopped at the store for the entire morning since time could have been spent on other non-scam attractions and landmarks. For fellow tourists visiting Beijing with a local-based tour agency, please be beware of Derun and other shopping stops included in the tour itinerary, a vast majority of these stores offer tourist-based prices and locals do not ever patronize them.

    Unique Suggestions: If Derun or any other scam shops are already unfortunately included on one of your stops, please hold a firm stand and resist any thought to purchase something despite it's seemingly attractive price and various discounts. Do NOT say yes or even think of buying anything, not even the cheapest thing in the store. Making up an excuse works sometimes as well, such as visiting the restroom or simply staying outside of the store til the entire group has exited the store.

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  • Singkid's Profile Photo

    De Run Jewellery at Bird Nest Stadium

    by Singkid Written Oct 8, 2012

    I was a victim as well. All the earlier accounts of their modus operandi are true. The staff will say that the son of the boss will serve us personally. The so called "son of the boss" is a big time con artiste. Boy is he good! I really must hand it to him. He reeks of Andy Lau charisma. He will try to convince you about making friends and offering 90% discount in his VIP room. The supporting act by his staff to look in disbelief added the cherry on top to complete the performance. I must admit i was an idiot at that time to fall for such a scam. But i must also defend myself, the whole act is a Golden Horse Award winner.

    But God is good. Luckily i paid using my credit card and disputed the claim through the tour agency and kicked up a big fuss with my local agency. It's a long story of overall bad services coming from the tour guide, the driver and the hotel. Everything was terrible for me.

    The good will always triumph over the evil. Just got my money credited after waiting for 3mths. Always use credit card to pay for purchases overseas my friends. Haha.... see who gets the last laugh. The so called "son of the boss" of the jade company must be thumping his fists on his chest. All his Andy Lau charisma and acting gone to waste. What a douche....

    Unique Suggestions: If it is too good to be true. It is a scam!

    Fun Alternatives: .........

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  • Derun Jewellery Beijing

    by poeaun Updated Jun 9, 2012

    I was a victim of Derun scam as well. The shop is located at the"bird nest" shape Olympic stadium. Unfortunately didn't read previous articles prior to my trip to Beijing in May'12 and to add salt to the injury, my 8d/7n Beijing tour was with Reliance Travel Malaysia at Sungei Wang Kuala Lumpur, a supposedly reputable tour company. Their China counterpart was Beijing Tour Company and local tour leader name was Serena (pic attached). Bought pearl and jade pendants at very exorbitant prices. Story line same as what was mentioned in other articles ie. briefing by young boss son then 80-90% discount offer as friendship.

    Careful not to buy expensive items as the unscrupulous tour companies and or their agents collude with the shops at client expense. Most disgusting! Chinese authorities should put a stop to such scams and these people behind bars !!

    Beijing Tour Company Tour Leader
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  • Derun jewelery near beijing olympic stadium

    by gtfan Written May 6, 2012

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Any malaysians who sign up for beijing local tours, please be aware of all this side stops especially the one at beijing olympic stadium.

    Our group got con by this artists too claiming that he is the owner son and today is his special day and he will give us good price on the the supposedly Grade A jadeite. That guy is such a smooth talker. The modus operandis is the same as what dot_dot had mention.

    You can see there's a lot of smart young boys in suits claiming either he is the manager or he is the owner son.

    Our group purchased more than rmb30k of jade where they thought they got a good deal but in fact, after reading the story here, their jade could have been just a few hundred rmb worth of B, C grade.

    I hope with my posting and thanks to internet, any folks who's planning for their trip to beijing and signing up any local tours, please be wary of all this con artists. They sounded so real and genuine that it is all lies.

    You are better off buying jade from shopping mall instead where the local patronise.

    The other con artist is the herbal medicine where a group of mens in lab coat will diagnose you and claim either you have kidney or liver issue. They will target those men and will persuade your wive/gf to buy the medicine if you want to cure your loved one. The price of some the medicines runs into thousand of rmb which in fact, you could get it for less than 100 yuan outside.

    Their acting is so good that when they touch your hand, you will feel a jot of static when his hand touches yours.....the con doctor says, it is chi power. He will spray something on your stomach areas and when he rubs your stomach, you can see red patches which he claims is toxin from your body.

    I didn't buy the acting and just smiled and told him, i only believe in western medicine. Left the room.

    So, with my input, i hope those who read will try to advise their friends who is planning a trip to beijing, just be wary of all this side stops. No matter how good a deal is, just walk away. Afterall, china is a land of con and fake.

    Unique Suggestions: just pretend to be bored and look not interested.

    Fun Alternatives: Dont' buy.

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  • Derun Jewelry Factory (Durun)

    by syfc Written Apr 16, 2012

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    My experience was the same as many here have described. This place is a complete fraud. Some dude who calls himself 'rocky' will pretend that it's his first time in the factory and that he's checking it out for his parents. He'll tell you over and over that he is your friend, and that he's not trying to sell anything to you. Then eventually, he'll take you to a 'VIP' section where he'll pretend to mark down a 3000 RMB product and sell it to you for 300 RMB. A pathetically bad actor colleague of his will pretend to be outraged. These guys are complete scum and slimeballs. Rocky will give you his phone number and ask you to advertise for him in the US. I recommend that you take his number and post it everywhere so people know who to call if they want to speak to a con artist.

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  • Derun Jewelry: Scammer of all time

    by sapphire81119 Written Apr 11, 2012

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    OMG! Those Derun scammers are really good!!! We had a similar experience with others here but this time the guy (a.k.a "Kenny") pretented that it was his birthday as well as first day as the manager of that particular store. We were taken by his story of wanting to make his parents proud and bought the huge discount crap because they owned the mining company. Anyway, it was a blessing in disguise that our tour guide let us get dinner for ourselves (she was pretty pissed since we didn't buy anything for the first few days). We already bought 7300 yuan worth of jade and only found out that we were scammed during dinner. It's really their MO to bring the tourists on their last day so that there wouldn't be enough time to take action. In our case, we called the embassy and reported this shameless practice. Our flight was the next morning and we were ready not to go home yet if need be. The embassy was willing to give us police backup but due to time constraint, we opted to go to the store and demanded the tour guide to go with us. It was obvious that the travel agencies are in on it. Don't know if you guys were able to pursue with your complaint but even if we were able to retrieve our money, our embassy will still push through with the complaint. Our incident report is complete with pictures so it'll be easy to support.

    Unique Suggestions: Do not make small talk with the sellers anymore. Before entering into the store, tell your tour guide that you are not buying anything. If possible, let the guide come with you. This way, he or she will be the one who's put on the spot. You have complied with your compulsary tour so it's ok to go.

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  • Mall next to Grand Hyatt Hotel

    by cq1131 Written Mar 29, 2012

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Women posing as "students" who "want to practice their English"

    Unique Suggestions: Last week, I was stopped by two women who asked me if I was American and if they could practice English with me. This took place in the shopping mall next to the Grand Hyatt Hotel. I had heard of this scam before, but they seemed sincere. They asked if we could have coffee so they could "practice English." I was suckered because I'm an ESL instructor!! Also, I was alone. I agreed, but instead of a coffee house, they headed down a sidestreet near the mall to a Chinese tea house. They ordered tea and wine for the 3 of us. We chatted, but they were more interested in discussing me than themselves. Finally, it was time to pay. They produced a menu that listed each pot of tea at 750RMB! They passed the bill to me. The total bill was 3000RMB, or $500!It was obvious that they and the tea house were working together. They kept saying, just use your credit card. I realized by then it was a scam to bilk me on my credit card. Scared to death, I threw 300 RMB on the table and ran.

    Fun Alternatives: I was a fool and ashamed that I believed them for one second. What can I say? If two women in this mall stop you and ask to practice English, the answer is "no!"

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  • KTV Bars

    by lastcallofday Written Feb 28, 2012

    Scam #1 should now be KTV.

    Whether you enter on your own or taken by a Chinese “friend.” You are in for a major screwing, not literally. It looks like a karaoke place, but wait. You enter the room to sing a few songs and have a few beers. Suddenly girls appear and want to drink with you, “No Charge.” You feel it looks like fun and you say okay. Suddenly a cart appears with lots of snacks and a six pack of beer. The snacks are NOT free and they are expensive–but more on that later. The girl wants a brandy and you say okay; brandy is 130 rmb [later it turns out that is per ounce--the drinks obviously turn out to be three ounces each].

    The waitress wants to drink and you say, NO. She says no problem she will buy her own drink. When she finishes it is placed on the table. The girl will play you and rub up against you and dance for you. She can really drink, [though you notice she leaves the room after each drink {only to find out later she spits it in a can or vomits it up.]

    Each time the waitress buys her own drink she places it on the table.

    When you have drunk too much and know you need to leave, the waitress says you must tip the girl and the waitress as they live on tips only, they do not get paid. What is normal tip? 600rmb a $100 each?????? Oh, and they must get tipped before bill. Why? Because they know there is no way in hell you will tip them after the bill comes.

    When the bill comes it is over $2000 for four of us!!!! Interestingly all the waitress’s drinks got counted on the bill. They merely count all the bottles and glasses on the table many of which the waitress or the girl escort were going to buy for themselves!

    You ask to see the manager and he agrees to lower the bill to $2000 but no lower. You explain you do not have that cash. No problem–one of there big guys accompanies you to the ATM conveniently located right outside the bar. On the way back to the bar you poke your head inside a room and tell some college kids to watch out they are going to get fleeced, you are ushered out so fast your head is spinning.

    After too many beers you are not thinking to just not pay, hide your credit cards in your shoe, run away, or call the police, they are counting on too much alcohol and not much clear thinking.

    Once outside I meet four young guys from America who had each been ripped off for $300 each. In talking to other people anything marked KTV and you are going to get fleeced.

    I am meeting with the Chinese consulate to see what can be done.

    But Scam Number #1 should be avoid KTV bars!

    Unique Suggestions: Call the police!

    Fun Alternatives: Go to karaoke only where it is all Chinese

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  • Derun Jewelry; Tong Ren Tang

    by chungjo Written Feb 15, 2012

    OMG! i regret to have not done much research online, had the same experience as dot and dot,
    I am so disgusted with Chinese!

    Unique Suggestions: Don't buy anything and be determined not to be swayed easily.
    Do research online to check any complaint about the shop.

    Fun Alternatives: Decide what you want to do in China, and stick to it.
    If you really need to buy, reference from other tourists tip and make wise decisions to think through and analyse, be ruthless in your negotiations since they were never honest seller to begin with.

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  • Derun Jewellery Shop in Beijing Olympic Stadium

    by applie Written Feb 13, 2012

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I had the same encounter as Dot_Dot. He called himself the "Shao Dong", young boss. Exact same story and I brought the 3800 jade bangle from him! Dot_Dot, who do u complain to? Any chance of getting back our money?

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  • Jul 3, 2013 at 2:20 PM

    i would suggest not going on a cheap tour if you going to place blame....Buyers beware, but sellers beware also. I find the tour was pleasant as there was 3 meals a day (wonderful dishes) and 4-5 stars hotel everyday with return airfare all for under 800USD... (which does not include BS. 50% GOV tax ; if another country besides canada , it would be good).But being that said, To all the other Chinese from other countries : BEING CHEAP DOESN"T MEAN YOU WILL GET GOOD SERVICE.So if you are cheap, and want extra services (as i seem to feel with other Bendi chineese from HK, MAL, and SING, for example) don't go cause you will whine and complain like the blokes above. Its CHina for goodness sake, It just became what it is in less than 15 years..> I wish it to be even better in the next 50. So you cheap chinese out there (and basically the entire race out side of China), don't whine, this is YOUR country!!... So either help it or just don't come back....

  • Dec 24, 2012 at 8:07 AM

    Guys please help me how to get back my money using credit card rmb60k at herbal medicine centre today for buying stupid herbs medicine for 6mths n 3mths supplies. Plssssssssssss, i'm going on the 27th dec, so please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nov 29, 2012 at 9:38 PM

    Nowdays there is a new scam going on. With my last visit to china they are using new tactics to force us to buy things. The tour guide would tell you that your tour fees is too low, too cheap not enough to cover their expenses, so iti is compulsary to bring you to those shopping areas to buy silk, jade, tea house and a free massage where they sell herbs.

    As this is not my first trip to china , i agree cause using tour agent it is compulsary to got to such places, you can still choose not to buy anyway which what i think. I also already know all of their scam.

    When i went to the first place visit , they bing me to a tea house.... the sales girl there pushing us to buy things .. all of us are very firm not to buy anything .. we escape from the so call shoping. We next proceed to the next shop .. in the bus the tour guide started to tell story that our country tour agent has agree to them that we must spend at least a feww hundred per person in each of the shopping area. He could not proceed to bring us anywhere if we do not buy anything like it or not you must at least buy something to cover their expenses for your trip as this shop also provided for your tour and your stay as your trip here is too cheap. which could not cover even the 4 star hotel stay and food they provide.

    We got no choice buy to buy something in the shop. We choose the cheapest thing to buy and go away.

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