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Chongqing Things to Do

  • Excursions along the Yangtze River

    If you have not navigated in the Yangtze River, in Chongqing you have the opportunity to do it.I had already been in that river during five days, from Woohan to Shanghai, that is why I disregarded this advertisment.

  • Dazu

    There are long distance buses from stations to dazu, we used CaiYuanBa station, ticket is 53 yuan, ride is supposed to be 2 hours, but due to the traffic, it took nearly 3 hours. From dazu bus center to the grottos, you would need to either take a public bus or a taxi, we shared a taxi with another couple, it was 40 yuan.. The admission is 120yuan.

  • Boarding the Yangzte River Boat

    After an afternoon visiting Chongqing it was time to board the boat for the Yangtze River cruise. The river was a long way down from the street level and you had to go down a lot of stairs along a steep wall. There I found that the boat is moored along way out in the river which was shallow at this time of year (April) and was approached over a...


Chongqing Hotels

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Chongqing Restaurants

  • Viva la Italia!

    This is a favourite with the expat population, usually just refered to as "Tinas" after the owner/head chef who is a local Chinese woman with an Italian boyfriend. Tinas is famous for the Pizzas, with expats making the trek from the far reaches of CQ city to sample her dishes. These are not American style pizzia with heavy doughy bases and stuffed...

  • Hot-Hot-Hot Hot-Pot

    There is of course a story for the origin of Hot-Pot (Huo Guo). Long time ago, some guys came from countryside to the town for making a living. Since they were busy at their business, they had few time to prepare their meals. One day, they just cooked a pot of water, adding many kinds of seasons such as spicy pepper, pepper, numb Bunge prickly ash,...

  • Try the chicken

    Chongqing is famous for its hot Sichuan cuisine and world-famous hotpot dishes. We got a chance to sample some of the dishes at lunch and it was pretty enjoyable. A cold beer is necessary to wash it down!!I liked the chicken better than the fish , The fish is prepared with all the bones intact and I don't have the skill to remove them!


Chongqing Nightlife

  • Eling Park, Yikeshu or any high place...

    At Eling Park, Yikeshu or any high place where you can have a bird view of the whole city, you will find its a fantastic idea to watch the beautiful city in darkness, with its scattering lights like stars sparkling under your feet. Intensively recommended! casual or whatever you want

  • Pub

    The Harp Irish Pub is a great place to visit in Chongqing.I found the staff to all speak English, and was surprised to see Guinness & Kilkenny on tap in the middle of China. Although you can drink the cheaper Tiger beer if on a budget.....The other thing that is great, is that there were actually 34 beers on the menu, and they were all served...

  • Nightview over downtown Chongqing

    This is the Nightview from Nan`An District over the ChangJiang to Yuzhong District, Downtown Chongching with JiefangBei. You can take the cablecar over the ChangJiang. On this riverside there is a boulevard full of restaurants and bars. Enjoy your fried snake along the Jangtse River with a beautiful nightview of Chongqing! Or try the typical HotPot...


Chongqing Transportation

  • Chongqing Airport

    The old Chongqing Airport - truly an open sewer, only worse - has been replaced by a brand new terminal constructed out of glass and corrugated iron sheeting.It is far larger than necessary, so is quiet and uncrowded. The west-facing eight-storey high glass wall doesn't seem to have any sun-flitering material as one might expect, so...

  • Light Rail

    The first part of Chongqing's new monorail system opened in June 2005. The current system is only somewhat useful for getting around in the city centre, but major expansions are under construction, including a link to the major railway station. It's very modern and clean and inexpensive with journey's costing between Y1 and Y3 depending on how far...

  • From/to airport to/from downtown

    Shuttle bus is available between Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport and Shangqing Si(about 3.25km away from Jiefang Bei, the downtown of CHongqing).From airport to Shangqing Si: non-scheduled shuttle service provided daily from the first flight arrival till the last one. Bus departs once it is fully seated and makes a stop at Chongqing...


Chongqing Shopping

  • Very modern

    Chongqing has a large pedestrian shopping area centre around Jiefangbei which is the central business district of the urban city and the centre of economic development of Chongqing Municipality. The Jiefangbei commercial Pedestrian Street centres this well-known shopping area. Clusters of modern shopping malls and exclusive shops line the...

  • JiefangBei is the place for shopping in...

    The best place to go for shopping in Chongqing is around Jiefangbei in Yuzhong District! You can find everything possible, even an Armani shop, if you like to burn some cash :-)

  • Antique Market

    The ANTIQUE MARKET is situated in Yuzhong District, downtown Chongqing, close to Jiefang Bei. From JiefangBei walk down the MinquanLu to the round about or rotary traffic meeting the XinhuaLu (10 minutes walking). From this traffic circle you take the second street on the right side, which is called ZhongxingLu and heads down to the ChangJiangWalk...


Chongqing Local Customs

  • Everything can fit on a bike

    Everywhere we went we were impressed with the amount that can be carried by bicycle!! The guy in the picture can't even be seen as he has so much loaded on.

  • Cute baby transportation

    Isnt this a cute way to take your baby/grandchild with you? Between all the fancy new skyscrapers there still is a traditional rural touch alive in Chongqing ;-)

  • Taking a bath to cool down in the...

    Especially during the rcord high summer heat of 2006 the people of Chongqing enjoyed a cool bath in the Jangtse River!


Chongqing Warnings and Dangers

  • Toilets at the Luohan Si

    Despite offering a kind of waterflush this is more the below-average style of public toilets. You get used to missing doors but this one doesnt get cleaned too often.Well, s**t happens!Oh, the cleaning broom on the left side is just for decoration!

  • Getting run over by a crowd of people

    Well this may not be a real danger but it surprised me. You can see the time on the clock in the picture which is 10:10 AM and about 2 minutes before this there were only about 5 people to be seen. I couldn't figure it out at first but I'm guessing that they are either going to work or going to their mid-morning breaktime. If anybody from Chongqing...

  • After extensive travel in...

    After extensive travel in China, the Chongqing McDonalds was the only place that I saw an attempted robbery.It was a purse snatch inside the restaurant. The thief was well dressed, and the purse was snatched from a group of local women who were not paying close attention to their property


Chongqing Tourist Traps

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    by gmanxue Written Aug 25, 2002

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    Along the Yangtz River there are lots of ships like the one in the picture. Travelers can spend a little and have a trip to the mini three gorges. It is a nice trip.

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Chongqing What to Pack

  • Packing List

    Chongqing is known as a one of the four 'furnaces' of China. When we were there July 2001, temperature rached 40 degrees celsius. Bring something cool, singlets and thongs for example. You can leave most of your jackets at home. Raincoats are way too hot for this weather too. Bring the disposable ones, or buy an umbrella here. They are about...

  • Packing List

    If you are into photography or anything that requires you to blend into the crowd, bring 'earthy-coloured' backpack. (e.g. green, grey, black, brown, sandy) If you are going in summer, do bring summer clothing. You won't survive in long pants. If you are into photography or anything covert, bring earthy-coloured cotton clothing, and a flappy hat...

  • Packing List

    Take everything you need because it's generally not available in ChongQing- unless Carrefore has it. And they probably don't.But you can buy a mobile phone for cheap here. If you don't want to, then you can always use the public phones. (see photo) Everything for all seasons except snow. Bring what you need. Developing is OK here but that's all...


Chongqing Off The Beaten Path

  • Love is in the air.....

    China is getting more and more liberal, not only in places like Shanghai, but also deep in the West. A Chinese told me that those selling machines in public would have been unthinkable five years a go.....well, love is in the air......

  • Dazu-Baodingshan

    If you step back from the beautiful relief of Baodingshan, you find a smal stair, which leads into the valley. After a few steps you'll feel completely alone. The green leafs of the trees will hide the tourist masses and even swallow the noices. And when you sit qiet for a while you'll discover beautifull butterflies and lovely small flowers.

  • Ciqikou - artists village

    Visitors to China quickly get used to Chinese culture being packaged and sanitised. Little is left to find its own way: anything interesting and anything that can be commercialised generally is commercialised as quickly as possible for as many people as possible.Ciqikou is just one example, but it has many redeeming features. It is a collection of...


Chongqing Sports & Outdoors

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    by tjstorck Written Jul 5, 2004

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    Football is huge here.

    If you ever get a chance to go to a football match is Chongqing- GO!
    The locals really get into it. The stadium is devided into sections and each section has its own crowd cheering mascot. The mascot is responsible for getting the crowd to cheer. He often has people on chinese drums to help him out. And he holds a big flag which he waves in time to the chant. It is loud and full of excitment.
    The game itself is normally very good. Most of the teams have import players from other countries. The games are never international. Normally Chongqing will play another province.
    When entering the stadium there are people selling newspaper. I suggest you buy some because the stadium seats are very dirty. Use the paper to sit on.
    That is about all I need to tell you. Try not to visit the toilets as it may not be as clean as you would like.
    Oh yeah I forgot about the army. The raid police also are present just in case something gets out of hand
    All in all a very good experience.

    Mascots and riot police

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Chongqing Favorites

  • Up, up , and up!

    Chongching is a huge city with a population of about 16 million...I only stayed overnight, but before catching my boat the next day I wandered around. This was nearly twenty years ago...and all I remember was its horrible 60's architecture, a grey gloomy place, and from the river it just seemed like steps upwards everywhere!

  • Climate

    Chongqing's weather is very warm. In winter it hardly ever gets below 0 C. In summer it is very, very hot and humid. Most of the year Chongqing is covered with fog, which is not so much from air pollution but from the humidity of the surrounding rivers and lakes.

  • Yangzi River Cruise

    Chongqing is the city, where you start your Yangzi River Cruise. There are now many modern and luxurious cruise ships. But the river is still mainly used by the local poeple for transportation. When you take a local ship that is still a big adventure!


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