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  • Me at Yun Shui Yao, Fujian
    Me at Yun Shui Yao, Fujian
    by cal6060
  • Tulou Building at Yun Shui Yao, Fujian
    Tulou Building at Yun Shui Yao, Fujian
    by cal6060
  • Other Tulou villages along the way, Nanjing County
    Other Tulou villages along the way,...
    by cal6060

Nanjing Things to Do

  • Yun Shui Yao: Huai Yuan Lou

    Huai Yuan Lou is located north of Yun Shui Yao. I walked from the south of Yun Shui Yao, and walked along the ancient path toward north to reach Huai Yuan Lou. It looks beautiful of this tulou house from far with the surrounding greens and mountains. This is one of the beautiful tulou houses in term of the main entrance decoration. I did not visit...

  • Yun Shui Yao: The Ancient Path

    This would be the first impression of Yun Shui Yao or the main entrance, the stone bridge that connects to the other side of the village, the river with a beautiful stream, and a roll of old shop houses with a theater stage toward the end. There is a famous Chinese movie filmed in this location known as Yunshuiyao, which means a song for cloud and...

  • Yun Shui Yao: Pu Shan Village

    The Pu Shan Village is a small village opposite He Gui Lou. It is inside Yun Shui Yao, away from the main river of Yun Shui Yao. This is an example of Fujian village that made of out of tulou houses of different shapes and sizes that has not been explored to be visited by tourists. I walked into the village, I could see the green vegetable fields,...

  • Yun Shui Yao: He Gui Lou

    He Gui Lou is the highest tulou house in Fujian. It has 5 storeys high. There are 15 protecting houses outside the Tulou and a private school in the Tulou, forming a flat layout of the protecting houses and Tulou embosoming each other. It indicates that He Gui Lou has more than 200 years of history as the traditional Chinese rammed earth...

  • Yun Shui Yao: The Farmer

    I had the opportunity to see one of the farmers managing their crops or vegetables in the morning. He carried those vegetables from his house to the open space by the river. He started to take out those vegetable pieces by piece and lay them out on the floor. He wanted to dry those vegetables under the sun, so that the vegetables would taste more...

  • Yun Shui Yao: The wooded bridge

    In the morning, I walked toward the south of the river of Yun Shui Yao. I saw this beautiful country side landscape of Yun Shui Yao. The beautiful scene includes the clear water stream, the basic wooded bridge, and the background of the tulou earth houses and mountains. The wooded bridge was nicely built to allow residents to walk across the river...

  • Yun Shui Yao: Tradition Bodhi Day

    I heard firecrackers in the morning. Residents started to have their traditional ritual to celebrate the Bondi Day in the village. I did not understand what they were doing, but the entire ritual was sacred and important to the local community. It was rare to see this ritual on Chirtsmas eve.

  • Yun Shui Yao: Good Morning

    I got up at 6am in the morning to get ready to explore the beauty of Yun Shui Yao. I started to see the sun to bright up the village around 7am. It was a Chirstmas eve morning, I thanks God to bring me here. The weather was cloudy and a bit of mist. It was amazing to walk by the river and the town without other tourists. I had a wonderful time...

  • Yun Shui Yao: Morning laundry by the...

    It is still very common to see ladies doing their laundry by the riverside in Yun Shui Yao. This could be part of their daily activities that they have been doing for many decades. Despite most of the residents here can afford a washing machine and having the convenience to have the tap water, but these ladies choose to do their laundry by the...

  • Ta Xia Village: Alley to De Yuan Tang

    There is a small alley that you should not miss as it leads you to De Yuan Tang. It is interesting to walk along the alley as you would see the local scenes of their dairy activities. The stone steps and earth houses along the way have significant historical value for the village. Some of the houses have been converted to shops selling souvenirs...

  • Ta Xia Village: Half Moon Pond & Stone...

    One of the great places to visit in the Ta Xia Village is outside the De Yuan Tang, the half moon Pond and Stone Pillars. The amazing views of the hill of De Yuan Tang looking over the roofs of the houses of the Ta Xia villages, and looking up the stone pillars made as part of the cultural elements of the temple. In front of the temple, the half...

  • Ta Xia Village: De Yuan Tang

    De Yuan Tang is located on a small hill in the Ta Xia Village. It is an ancestral temple for the Zhang (张)family, which was built during Ming Dynasty with more than 580 years of history. This is one of the historical ancestral temples that is still remaining standing as the original architecture in the country. It was listed as...

  • Ta Xia Village

    Ta Xia Village is one of the most beautiful villages that I have seen in China despite still unknown by foreign travelers. In 2003, this village is already listed as Fujian province's famous historical village. In 2007, due to Tienluokeng as important tourist spot, the district government started to beautify the village as one of the most beautiful...

  • Yu Chang Lou

    After walking 4Km from Tianluokeng, I finally reached the second attraction, Yu Chang Lou. Yu Chang Lou is located in Xia Ban Village (下坂村), under Shuyang Township, Nanjing County. The main attraction in this village is Yu Chang Lou, an amazing 5 storeys high tulou house. Each floor has 54 rooms, so total 269 rooms in the...

  • Tian Luo Keng Tulou Cluster

    Tian Luo Keng Tulou Cluster is located in Tianluokeng, Shangban Village, Shuyang township, Nanjing County. It is 10-15 minute bus ride from Fujian Tulou Tourist Center, situated under a mountain hill surrounded by local agriculture and green trees. I arrived at the top hill of Tianluokeng, where the main entrance for tourists. It was the spot to...

  • Tianluokeng: Wen Chang Lou

    Wen Chang Lou is located southwest of Bu Yun Lou. In 1966, Huang Families jointed together to build this Tulou house. It is oven shape. The overall land size is 1288 square meters, the buildup is 2210 square meters. It is a three storey building, 32 rooms on each floor, one main entrance, and one well. Some have said the structure of the Bird Nest...

  • Tianluokeng: Rui Yun Lou

    Rui Yun Lou is one of the round building in Tianluokeng. It is situated southeast of the Bu Yun Lou. This building was built by Hung Family in 1936. It has 1063 square meters land size, with three storeys high 11.3 square meters, wide 35 square meters. It has 26 rooms on each floor, add up total 78 rooms in the entire house. The built up of the...

  • Tianluokeng: Zhen Chang Lou

    Zhen Chang Lou was built in the year 1930. It is located west of Bu Yun Lou, round shape. It has a land size of 1222 square meters, three storeys and 26 rooms on each floor with the total of 78 rooms for the entire house. Unlike other two houses, the house's main hall is not directly facing the main entrance, reflecting the "rich not white" Feng...

  • Tianluokeng: He Chang Lou

    He Chang Lou was originally built in the late Yuan Dynasty and early Ming Dynasty (cs. 1354 year). It was destroyed during a war in last 30th centuries. It was rebuilt in 1953 as the current structure. It is situated in the northeast and facing southwest. It has 1268 square meter land size, 1658 square meter built-up and three storeys high. There...

  • Tianluokeng: Bu Yun Lou

    Bu Yun Lou translates as step cloud building. In Chinese, there is a saying "Bu Bu Gao Sheng" meaning getting higher with each step, or prosperity thru times from one generation to another generation until reaching the enlightened cloud or being successful. The building was built in the Qing emperor Kangxi year (1662-1722). It is situated in the...

  • Fujian Tulou Tourist Center, Nanjing...

    Either you are traveling alone or in a group, coming to Fujian Tulou Tourist Center will give you an idea where and how you can explore the Tulou villages that scatter around the county. There are many Tulou villages in the county, this organization will transport you to their assigned villages that will represent their best villages in the county...

  • Living in Tulou

    Sleeping and eating in the hakka earth house should be a great experience!At tianluokeng, can offer is better comparatively than others, A bed for a night would cost about RMB 30.

  • Yuchang building

    What's astonishing of this 5-floor building is that each floor is leaned but the whole building stands well and still has about 100 people living in. It's not far away from Taxia village and about 20 minutes from Tianluokeng by motorcycle.

  • stone dragon pole

    If you pass by Taxia village do take time out to the back of the village where stands their ancestral temple. On the square In front of the temple erect 21 stone dragon poles. These are to honor and memorize the person who did contribution.


Nanjing Transportation

  • Walking to Fujian Tulou Tourist Center,...

    When the bus arrived at Shuyang Town, the bus stopped in front of shop lots. It was not easy to locate the Tulou Tourist Center. I had to ask people along the way to find my way to the center. It is around 1KM, about 15-minutes walk from where the bus stopped. After passing thru the commercial area, I continued walking on a truck road surrounded by...

  • Bus from Xiamen to Shuyang (EY5198)

    I went to Hubin Long Distance Bus Station in Xiamen at 7:00am, and bought a bus ticket to Shuyang (书洋) . The bus departed at 8:00am. The bus ticket costs RMB 42 per person. The bus would pass by many villages and town and pick up passengers along the way. It was not a bad ride. They even played a Chinese movie inside the bus to...

  • Bus to Shuyang

    There are sereval bus in the morning to Shuyang, take the bus from Hubin South Bus Station, the bus will pass you at Shuyang, around Shuyang, rent a moto drive to take you to neclear base......The bus price should be between RMB20-50. 4-5 hours to Shuyang. Moto rent is about 70-100 RMB for one day tour or 2RMB per kilometer.


Nanjing Off The Beaten Path

  • River outside Yu Chang Lou

    Other than the building of Yu Chang Lou, the river outside the building is beautiful and reflects the beauty of Yu Chang Lou. It is common for the local to build their house by the river or creek because they relied the clean water in the river to cook, drink and washing their clothes.

  • Other Tulou villages along the way (Part...

    Walking along the way to Yu Chang Lou, whatever I saw and experienced was really out of what I could have imagined. There are more tulou houses, more villages, more other local communities, off-beaten path landscapes than what I saw on the internet. If I had more time, I shall have gone to visit more villages. I was running out of time, so could...

  • Other side of Tianluokeng (Part 1)

    When I was out from the main entrance of the Tialuokeng, I could not catch any tourist bus. So I decided to walk about 45-minutes to reach Yu Chang Lou. The first part of the walk, I could see Tianluokeng Tulou Clusters from another angle. The view from far to see the terrace of the hill with the structure of the five houses of Tianluokeng. I...


Nanjing Favorites

  • cpim2004's Profile Photo

    Why visit Tulou?

    by cpim2004 Written Jan 15, 2006

    Favorite thing: Literally translated as "Earth Buildings??, Tulou is like a fortress, with distinctively circular or rectangular forms, and high earthen walls. Clans living inside utilize every square inch of space for their domestic use, so that they do not have to leave the buildings. Generally considered a wonder of ancient architecture.

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