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  • Foshan at night
    Foshan at night
    by graphics1976
  • Foshan museum area
    Foshan museum area
    by graphics1976
  • Si shan temple
    Si shan temple
    by Citko

Foshan Highlights

  • Pro
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    JoseMonteiro says…

     The quantity and quality of ceramics you can buy. 

  • Con
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    tangymp says…

     polluted air, confusing traffic 

  • In a nutshell
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    Confucius says…

     These weapons of crass destruction remain hidden from UN inspectors 

Foshan Things to Do

  • Shiwan Ceramics

    visit the Ancient Nanfeng kiln, i firat viaited in the early 90's and again in Feb. 2010 the latter with my cousin who live in Shunde District (顺德区), this kiln has been used continuously for 500 years.Growing up in an era, whee the little Shiwan figurines were incorporated into miniature garden,the details in these 1-5cm...

  • Liangyuan Garden

    1796-1850, beautiful old furniture and old buildings. (said to be one of the 4th most famous gardens in guangdong)

  • Foshan's Zumiao Temple

    No tour to Zumiao Temple, no tour to Foshan. The Zumiao Temple, located at the central area of Chancheng District, at it was said, was founded during Yuanfeng period of North Song Dynasty (1078-1085), wherein Emperor Yuantian in north China was worshiped by the Taoists.With an occupying area of 3500 sq.m, the Zumiao Temple is composed of such...

  • Farmer's house

    Some farmers in Shunde live in this kind of house. The house is built on the side of the rearing pond, and has a small road for entry.See the bubble in the rearing pond? They use a machine to make it in order to increase oxygen for the fish.

  • Flowers

    Wild flowers of the field have their own fascination... Who said wild flowers aren't as beautiful as home-grown flowers?! I don't think so.8-)

  • Fishing boats...

    "One little, two little, three little boats..."(I have told you that I am a good photographer, see this production!! Now, believe me? haha...);)))

  • Fisherman

    We drove through the dam after lunch and I took the pics adroitly while Ivy was driving (I believe so, haha...)...

  • Shunde, Long Jiang

    My friend Ivy told me that there are lots of stories that happened in Long Jiang before, miserable stories and romantic stories...

  • Traditional...

    Wu Long (Wielding dragon) is a great program in Chinese tradition. And the program is always played during the important feast day.

  • Foshan

    Questions:1)What is famous in Foshan?2)Who is famous in Foshan?3)Which subject matter in cinema has been filmed with the highest frequency in the world?Answers:1)Zu Miao.2)Huang Fei Hong.3)The story of Huang Fei Hong.Explanation:1) Zu Miao, built in Bei Song (1078---1085), rebuilt in the Ming dynasty (Hong Wu fifth year, 1372), at that time, it...

  • Traffic

    See, there is a beautiful moon in the dark sky! ;))))In fact, no meaning to this pic for you, I show it here just to share my experience with you --- yes, I lost my way here two weeks ago, when I went to Shunde, because I fell asleep on the bus. :-(When you go from GZ to Foshan city center, you must be cafeful on the road when you taking the bus. I...

  • Traffic

    From GZ to Foshan, the distance is no more than 1 hour.This time, I missed the last direct bus to Shunde (The last bus from GZ to Shunde is in 7:30pm, if I remember it right!), so I have to go to Foshan first, and then change to the other bus to go to Shunde. I don't think it is a good way for me...See here, the GZ Fang Qun bus station. You can go...

  • Hall of Huang Feihong---Martial Art Show

    The hall also features daily performance of martial art. Master Huang believed that martial art was not just physical exercises, but also served to retreat our soul.

  • Hall of Huang Feihong

    Foshan is the home of great martial art master Huang Feihong. Master Huang is one of the most well known chinese boxer and medical doctor, thanks to the widespread publication of mass media, he is now become another icon of Chinese Kung Fu, and this hall is dedicated to praise his contribution.

  • The Temple

    The Temples appear everywhere in China, especially in countryside. In the temple, there are some burning fragrant candle, it's for the gods, and it's said that something burn that the people in heaven can receive it.

  • Zhu Temple, Qinhui Yard, Walk Street

    One of the most famous place that shouldn't-missed-outlooking. It can show you the foshan's culture, it's in the centre of Foshan.The China temple, just like the church in western, you can see everywhere in china especially in countryside.There's Baolin Temple and Xishan Temple are famous as well in Shunde. If visit Shunde, of course, you shouldn't...

  • Boat trip in Boamo Yuen

    You can enjoy a nice boat trip in Boamo Yuen for $5 rmb. The trip last for about 15 mins and the scene is quite emjoyable.

  • Fish Pond and Willow

    The Fish Pond in Boamo Yuen is habitat of thousands of fish, once you feed them, they gather and create a beautiful scene with willow nearby.


Foshan Hotels

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Foshan Restaurants

  • Seafoods, Banquets, Birthdays

    Being in the Shunde region, Foshan City which is famous for its gastronomic skills, and that i was there visiting family during the Spring Festival / Lunar New year gave me the advantage that nobody was working, rather, they were preparing for traditional rites, sharing meals that included many dishes with symbolic dishes that calls for blessings...

  • Food Street restaurant inside Foshan...

    At first I expected a run of the mill 5 star fancy restaurant inside a fancy 5 star hotel with cloth napkins and piano music. Well, it looked that way from the outside. (upstairs from the main floor)But once you go in you are surrounded by two walls full of cooks behind food counters. It's just like a big food mall - just walk around and bring your...

  • The food

    Eating, is most important for man, have the local food let you enjoy and appreciate the local culture.When in foshan, the best place for eat is Shunde District. There are some special food you shouldn't miss.Bengsha. It's a fried food, the most famous is Daliang Bengsha, but recommend you don't eat too much, be course it's too oily.Shuangpinai....


Foshan Nightlife

  • Nightlife in Foshan

    What a great night out we had in a new bar that I am told has only just opened November 2012, its called 'The Old English Bar' located just next to the famous Rave Party Night club. It is run by three lovely English Speaking girls who made us all very welcome, and even threw in a few free beers and cocktails for the ladies, great music and believe...

  • Joshua Tree - bar/cafe, the place to be...

    I just came back from a business trip to Foshan recently. The place has changed so much since I last went there. In one of the nights, I chanced upon a newly opened bar cafe - Joshua Tree. Nicely decorated and warm staff. It has open-air rooftop for those who wish to enjoy the night breeze. Good selection of beverages - coffee, wine, etc. Decent...

  • Daliang and Ronggui Town or Chanchen.

    If you wanna have you night life, dont' go to Chencun, you hardly can't find a store for a drink after 12 pm.The best Choice is go to the Centrial part--Chancheng or go to Daliang and Ronggui Town. May be you will have a good time.


Foshan Transportation

  • DanzaoKid's Profile Photo

    by DanzaoKid Updated Mar 22, 2008

    For those of you needing transportation to or from the new Baiyun Airport (code CAN) there is indeed a scheduled bus. At the bottom ground level of the airport, in both terminals A and B, they have 8 bus lines. Most go to Guangzhou. On the very bottom of the signs = look carefully is a small "Foshan" bus #9 that is currently (2007) $28 rmb one way. It is not a hotel shuttle but a city shuttle. It goes to the main bus terminal in downtown Foshan. The bus terminal is perhaps a mile north of the Foshan Hotel.

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Foshan Shopping

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    by JoseMonteiro Updated Oct 4, 2002

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    All over the city of Foshan you'll find a lot of places where to by the ceramic products of this well known place in China.
    One can buy things at: Ancient Nanfeng kiln; Shiwan artistic ceramic company; The Foshan Folk Art Research Institute, among others.

    What to buy: There is a big variety of articles in ceramics, in many stiles, for everyone's preferences.

    What to pay: For a "non chineses" standard things are very accessible.

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Foshan Local Customs

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    some of the immediate Family members 4 more images

    by kenHuocj Written Apr 22, 2010

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    This being my first visit to my Grandfather's Village, and the first time i'd be meeting many relatives, it becomes obligatory to host a dinner for ( blood ) relatives. But being outside the big urban cities, 8 tables of 11 per table cost about 9$ pp with drinks, and it was a 10 course dinner

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Foshan Favorites

  • Confucius's Profile Photo
    The Cotton Candy Twins in Foshan

    by Confucius Updated Aug 5, 2005

    Favorite thing: The nice thing about going to some of the smaller towns in China is seeing things done the old fashioned way. Once you escape the modern city shopping malls and industrial parks, glimpses of days gone by can be appreciated for all their simplicity.

    Foshan is not exactly a village in the countryside, but it still maintains a certain small town atmosphere making it worth the short bus ride from Guangzhou.

    Fondest memory: These two fellows are wearing similar clothes and seem to be performing some kind of synchronized cotton candy making demonstration using a pedal powered contraption.
    The only difference one might perceive between them is the red and blue colors of the signs advertising the cotton candy's flavor, yet both say "pineapple".
    Too bad; I wanted hami melon. (I actually had green hami melon flavored popcorn once in Shenyang.)
    I'm always baffled in China when seeing rows of touts selling the exact same thing with no different price; whether it's eggs, batteries, shoe insoles or cotton candy.

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