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  • Fabulous scenery in Yizhou
    Fabulous scenery in Yizhou
    by sugarpuff
  • Guangxi mountains at 7am!
    Guangxi mountains at 7am!
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  • Different pools are used for drinking & washing
    Different pools are used for drinking &...
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Huangyao Things to Do

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    Come for a haircut!

    by sugarpuff Updated Apr 23, 2006

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    Walking down the main street in Huangyao Town, I came across this little beauty of a place! Literally a hole in the wall, with a chair, table and's a makeshift barber and hairdresser! I LOVE IT!!!

    I mean there isnt really much to say about it, but Im trying to give you a feel for the place..the destituteness, the squalor, the poorness, but yet the simplicity of it, and the ability to carry on living despite all this.....and that's what I love!!!

    So if you ever find yourself walking round Huangyao and need a haircut, I suggest you keep an eye out for this place!

    Need to shave your head? Try this place!!!

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    Take a walk through 'Old Town'

    by sugarpuff Written Oct 18, 2005

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    On one of the first days of shooting I decided to take my camera with me and take as many pictures as I could of typical things that happen in Huangyao. This town is over 1000 years old and it was a miracle that we actually found it when we were searching for a place to shoot about four months ago. When I say 'we', it's more like the royal 'we', because I wasn't involved in the film back then! I started about two months ago. Anyway, back to my point...the directer and co. needed to find a place that looked like it would have been around in the 1920s when this film is being set in, and they would have needed to have built a complete set had they not come across this baby!

    So off I set in search of the film set and came across all these wonderful paths along the way. People going about their daily lives oblivious to the fact that we had taken over the entire town with all our trucks and cars! So what I suggest you do, if you ever come by these parts, is take a leisurely walk along the lake or a boat ride and take a peek into the past.

    Sunrise over the Karst mountains

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Huangyao Restaurants

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    The 'Eat at your own Risk' Booth: Don't miss the fresh butcher

    by sugarpuff Updated Oct 18, 2005

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Well, where on earth does one begin when faced with this as one is walking peacefully down the road minding one's own business!!!!! Ha ha! Well if one is fortunate to have one's camera on them, one snaps away as if there's no tomorrow of course! And being a VTer, one ALWAYS has one's camera on them!

    Ok enough of that...let's get down to the real stuff.....

    I cannot imagine anyone in their right mind eating this when you know exactly where its been chopped up, exactly how many flies have landed on it and just how long its been sitting on that table waiting for customers to come buy it. Today's special offer is baby water buffalo! Weighing in at probably a few more kilos than myself, this young buffalo saw its fate at a rather early age Im afraid. I say it was young only because its legs were still intact and you could tell from its hooves that it hadnt tread down too many roads in its life. It was quite a horrific sight to be honest and even the local children stood there in utter amazement as the butcher carved it up!

    When i walked over to se the carnage, I was quite taken aback by the skin that was laid out on the floor, it had been skinned in one full go I think, just as if the skin had been pulled off in one go. You could see the shape of its head still...well i wont go into too many details for those animal lovers out there, but it was quite gross! In a separate basket were I presume all the bits and bobs that one couldnt eat, although I find that hard to believe because the Chinese eat everything...maybe it was the delicacies that were in the basket!

    And then the butcher had his animal up on a small table chpping off bits of it that the customers wanted to buy!

    As for me, well, Im not sure I ate that day.....!

    Dogs and chicks eating the remnants....tasty! Iintrigued children look on.Is this their first si The full skin and the precious basket next to it. Clean hygenic butcher with a cig hanging out his m
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Huangyao Local Customs

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    Sights around town...

    by sugarpuff Updated Nov 11, 2005

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    This is just an opportunity to show you some photos I took of how the ordinary people of Huangyao Town went about their everyday lives. So basic but on the same hand everything they were doing was an important part of their survival. I loved just walking around the new and old parts of town and seeing the local people and although I did take quite a few photos, there were so many I didnt take because I felt it was an invasion of their privacy. So for now and forever, those images will remain just in my mind.

    There are a total of five photos on this particular tip and I would really appreciate it if you could look at all of them to get a real feel for this small town I found myself in for two weeks.

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