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  • The Hong Guang bridge,Liuzhou
    The Hong Guang bridge,Liuzhou
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  • Li Yu Feng Scenic Area
    Li Yu Feng Scenic Area
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  • Liu River
    Liu River
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Liuzhou Things to Do

  • YuFeng Gongyuan - Fish Peak Park

    YuFeng Gongyuan or the Fish Peak Park is a pleasant park in Liuzhou. This is also where the YuFeng Shan (Fish Peak Mountain) is located. Next to this park is the Ma'an Shan (Horse Saddle Mountain). To get to Ma'an Shan, currently there are cable cars running from here up to Ma'an Shan. YuFeng Gongyuan is a popular site for lots of elders and kids -...

  • Liuhou Gongyuan

    Liuhou Gongyuan which was constructed in 1906, occupies about 15.52 hectares in area. This park was built to commemorate Liu Zongyuan, a governor of Liuzhou, who was a renowned writer, thinker and politician.Within this park, lies the ancestral temple of Liuhou and also the tomb where his "dress " was buried. There are many tables and stools set...

  • Ma'an Shan (Horse Saddle Mountain)

    Ma'an Shan or the Horse Saddle Mountain is just next to YuFeng Shan in YuFeng Gongyuan. We did not climb up this mountain as the view from this mountain will be the same as from YuFeng Shan. There's a little pavilion ontop of Ma'an Shan which you can get to it by sitting the cable cars which are stationed at YuFeng Gongyuan. During the night, Ma'an...

  • Sanjie Rock Cave - on YuFeng Shan

    On the way up YuFeng Shan, you will pass by a cave called the Sanjie Rock Cave, where lots of nice figurines on the story of Liu Sanjie - the movie that epitomised the love story of a songbird, Liu Sanjie and Ah Niu, which is so popular among the Chinese. At the entrance, you will hear the ongoing hillsongs being played and inside the cave you will...

  • YuFeng Shan - Fish Peak Mountain

    YuFeng Shan or the the Fish Peak Mountain is located inside YuFeng Gongyuan (Fish Peak Park). I would think it more like a hill than a mountain as it's not really high. The name "fish" is given to it, is because the "hill" looks like an "upright fish". Though the mountain is not very high, going up is pretty steep and if there are a lot of people...

  • Scenery at Liujiangda Qiao (Liujiang...

    At Liujiangda Qiao (Liujiang Bridge), a bridge across the Liu He (Liu River), you can view the beautiful scenery of the Liu He and the other bridge on the opposite. The lightings that change colours on the bridge across and the reflections on the waters make a beautiful scenery. At Liujiang Bridge, you can also see Ma'an Shan (Horse Saddle...

  • Square (Guangchang) at Jiefangnan Lu...

    At Jiefangnan Lu (Road), there is a Guangchang (Square), where there is a pedestrian walk for shoppers. Lots of shoplots selling plentiful of clothings, shoes and sportswears. The shops are lined on both sides of the Square. Besides the stalls/shops, there are tall malls around this square. During the evening, lots of people will hang out in this...

  • Liuzhou's Wet Market

    Liuzhou's wet market is within walking distance from the Liuhou Gongyuan. There are lots of stuff sold here : vegetables, fruits, meat and also dry sundries. There are also some stalls selling food.

  • Lake near Liuhou Gongyuan

    The lake next to Liuhou Gongyuan is a nice place for you to relax and enjoy the city scene and also the Liuhou Gongyuan. There are steps and big boulders for you to sit. Lots of children love to gather around this lake to feed the shoal of koi fishes. The lake is clear as "boatman' row the boat around the lake and uses a net to "fish out" any...

  • 3rd Liuzhou International Fantastic...

    The 3rd Liuzhou International Fantastic Stone Festival will be held between the 5th and 10th of November 2004.

  • Li Yu Feng Scenic Area

    This park is named after a hill that resembles a standing fish! It has a cable car that whisks people up the hill.

  • a great man in the city

    LiuZhongyuan,who is a famous poet was sent to Liuzhou,a poor city in ancient times.because he just wrote a poem and the first name of the king was appeared in the poem.In Liuzhou,he built the first school for poor people and did a great many good things.


Liuzhou Hotels

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  • Liuzhou Grand Hotel

    No.2 Longcheng Road, Chengzhong District, Liuzhou, Guangxi Zhuang, 545001, China

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Couples

  • Lijing Hotel Liuzhou

    No.32,Longcheng Road, Liuzhou, China, 545001, CN

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Families

  • Liuzhou Hotel

    No.1 Youyi Road, Liuzhou, Guangxi Zhuang, 545001, China

    Satisfaction: Very Good

    Good for: Business

Liuzhou Restaurants

  • Double boiled soup - Delicious and...

    If you love soup - you should try these Chinese double boil soup. There are of different variety. Some are herbal and medicinal while some are just normal soup. Prices vary from 5yuan to 20+yuan, depending on the type. For normal soup, it's usually cheaper. Ask the vendor to explain to you what's inside the soup. The small pots of different variety...

  • Fast Food - Chinese Style

    Fast food in China is basically the "economy rice" . You get to choose the dishes which are all ready cooked and displayed in the glass panel. There will be an array of veggie and meat dishes. Usually, the price ranges from 4yuan to 7yuan. It could be 2 types of veggie plus one meat or 1 veggie plus 2 meat dishes or any combination. The set comes...

  • Muslim food - fried "La Mien"

    This shop is opposite the Train Station - ground floor of the Railway Station Hotel. It's a family run little shop. They served all Muslim food. There is a Menu with English on it. Place is neat and clean and all the attendants wear white with little muslim caps on their heads. They speak like any Chinese locals - they are infact Chinese Muslims....

  • A dessert - the Green Peas soup

    A small shop that sells a couple of eats. It was already late afternoon when we were there. They were already like washing up the utensils and was about to close the shop. Anyway, they were kind enough to serve us our orders.See photo attached on the frontage of shop. Ordered a bowl of green peas soup . It was really delicious as it was nicely...

  • Rice Noodles - "Loh Sze Feng"

    A small shop that sells a couple of eats. It was already late afternoon when we were there. They were already like washing up the utensils and was about to close the shop. Anyway, they were kind enough to serve us our orders. We ordered the rice noodles or more appropriately called the "Loh Sze Fen". The lady will put some rice noodles (should be...

  • Local water melon

    If you love melon (as i do, and my father does, and his father, etc) this is the place for you! just 1 RMB pre slice served chilled of a back of a bike. YUMMY!


Liuzhou Transportation

  • Buses around Liuzhou

    The buses that move around Liuzhou are efficient and clean. Most of the places of interests are accessible by this mode of public transport. Most of the buses are with AC. Some of the buses are double-deck. Fare is cheap. Shortest distance is usually about 1.20yuan one way. It is best you have the exact change as you need to slot your money into a...

  • Liuzhou from Nanning

    We took the train for Liuzhou at the Nanning Main Train Station. As usual, train station is packed with lots of locals with huge baggages. Everyone seems to be going somewhere even on a weekday. The train departed at 11.16am and we reached Liuzhou at 2.15pm which is about a 3hours ride. The fare was 41yuan. We arrived at Liuzhou's South Railway...

  • Liuzhou to Guilin

    From Liuzhou, we boarded a double deck long distance train which passed through Liuzhou at 1.12pm. The train ride was comfortable as the tickets were numbered so each will have a designated seat. We sat at one 3-seater seat. I got to sit next to window of the train so it was really fun as i can see the passing views. There's a little table for us...


Liuzhou Local Customs

  • Shoe Shine, Anyone?

    Don't worry about dirty shoes - you can get them shine along the pathways or walkways in Liuzhou. Simple shoe box containing of shoe shine, brushes and cloth - does the job. It is usually the ladies who shoe shine for you. All you need to do is to sit on the wooden stool and place your feet with the shoes on, on the slanting metal/wood shoe rest...

  • See the Future - Chinese Crystalball

    Want to know what lies ahead for you .... you can get this told by fortune tellers who can read the "crystalball" if you give them your name, date of birth, time of birth and sometimes by looking at the lines on your palms. They will usually ask whether you would like to know about your career, marriage, family, fortune, studies, sickness and...

  • Doggie Specialty - Common

    Well, not really a lover of dogs or the cats but somehow to try this specialty of doggie meat not my idea of blending into the local customs. There are so many of these doggie meat shops along the streets, especially at night. Most of the shops will be crowded - of course with the locals. Walked past , saw on display really roasted...


Liuzhou Warnings and Dangers

  • Going up YuFeng Shan

    When going up YuFeng Shan during peak season ie weekends and eve of holidays, be extra careful on the steps. The stone steps are nicely done but some are slippery (after the rain) and lots of people going up and down the steps may cause you to miss a step and slipped. Also be extra cautious of those ladies who open their umbrellas to shade the sun....

  • Lets monkey face beer

    Lets brand beer, a local beer. be beware, it might give you or your new found drinking buddy "monkey face"

  • Liuzhou Hotels

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Liuzhou Tourist Traps

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    by honurox Updated Mar 19, 2007

    One of the well know spot is the market the sell rocks that looks like......monkey........turtles....and rocks

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Liuzhou Favorites

  • Hawkers and Pedlars

    Lots of hawkers and pedlars carrying poles with 2 baskets of their goods at each end of the pole to be sold along the streets of Liuzhou. Most of the time, they sell fruits and nuts. They will usually have a small weighing balance with them as most the fruits are usually sold in weight (katis). They will place the fruits on the little pan and then...

  • Have wheels will travel..

    It does not matter how many wheels you have .... two wheels, three wheels or more.... the load has to be transported. Incredible huge loads are moved here and there by all means of transports. Lots of 2 wheelers and 3 wheelers are used to carry heavy and bulky stufff - a common sight on the street.

  • Go Bananas!

    If you love bananas, Liuzhou has the cheapest bananas. It comes in katis and 1yuan of it is enough to make you full! Sold usually in pushcarts along streets. The bananas here are fresh and sweet in taste.


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