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Hainan Dao

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  • Singapore Style Hainanese Chicken Rice

    Hainan Dao Restaurants

    Well, even the Hainanese themselves contend the mutated version is much better. This is a chain that was set up to sell Singapore style Hainanese Chicken Rice - the chip off the old block. The original version....well, I will just say, it's not comparable.But even that, there are differences. The chicken used remains as tough (skin-wise) and...


    Hainan Dao Things to Do

    "YELIN" means "palm tree". YELIN bay located among the tropical palm trees. The resort is set in a green tropical landscape that meets the fine sand coast and clear blue sea. We took a break from stress of hectic city life, lived in a log cabin or lay down on a hammock and watch the beautiful palm leaves. In this time, all the trouble things were...

  • night bar

    Hainan Dao Nightlife

    Allen Bar, which is located in Guomao Road, very famous in Haikou. Its indoor environment is really very good, but it's also a little expensive. Can try, but can't go there every day. : ) No requirement!



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  • Hainan Tropical Wildlife Park and...

    Haikou Things to Do

    Not a big collection of animals, in fact, quite a limited exhibition of regular beasts you probably see in any zoos around the world. One thing they are boasting about is the "Liger" or "Tion", which is a hybrid of tiger and lion, names are depend on which sides they appears more resemble. I view it rather a disaster of human experiment.The parks...

  • Sheraton Haikou Resort

    Haikou Hotels

    We stayed here from the 28th Sept to 2nd Oct 2008. 99% of the staff were superb and cannot do enough...

  • Chartered Van

    Haikou Transportation

    If you have a big family or travel with a private group, charter a Van is a good idea. Offers from rental companies are usually CNY 1000 a day, gas, parking and driver's meal are extra. I found a local driver who willing to go around for CNY 480 all inclusive. But of course he is taking rebate from box offices by driving you to the tourism...



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  • The mountain highlands of Wuzishan

    Tongshen Things to Do

    As with the mysterious disappearing cultural villages it can be difficult to find your way to Wuzishan because the whole area is called Wuzishan. Even the town of Tongzha is now called Wuzishan. Why? Is it a mountain? No. It's a town! Then why call it Wuzishan? What was wrong with the old Li name Tongzha?Anyway, Wuzishan is a series of mountains, a...

  • Cultural Village(s)

    Tongshen Things to Do

    We were hoping to visit one of the cultural villages in this area, but failed to find any of them. We actually spent a long time asking at hotels and even people in the street: some people said that there "was one" or even that there "is one" but talked about completely different places. As we had our own vehicle, we even travelled out on various...

  • Tongshi Ethnographic Museum

    Tongshen Things to Do

    The Tongshi area is actually a Li and Miao autonomous district, as the majority of the local population is from these two minority ethnic groups.I have put more on both groups on other pages, but the Tongshi Ethnographic Museum is a good place to find out a lot more about them.The Li are more populous, and this is their ancestral homelands. The...



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  • Chewing betel

    Yacheng Local Customs

    Chewing betel is popular all over South Eastand South Asia, and nobody seems to know how or why it started. The splashes of crimson phlegm on sidewalks and pretty much everywhere else is a sign that betel chewing is a local pleasure.The areca palm nut is wrapped inside a leaf from the betel pepper vine, which is smeared with lime. The leaf is tied...

  • The village in the coconut groves

    Yacheng Things to Do

    Just to the east of the river lies an old, forgotten part of Yacheng. Considering that Yacheng itself has long been forgotten as life and commerce has moved to Sanya, this is saying something.In a very traditional South East Asian setting, this south-eastern suburb of Yacheng is neither part of the city, not part of the countryside, merging...

  • The Confucian Temple

    Yacheng Things to Do

    I can tel you nothing about the Confcian Temple in Yacheng, which was presumably, in earlier times the city temple of Yazhou, when it was a bigger, grander place.In many places in China, I have felt that Confucian temples lack the spirituality and 'life' of Buddhist temples, and that Confucian temples feel more like museums than places of...



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  • Asian Customs Garden Village

    Xinglong Things to Do

    I haven't visisted this theme park, which lies at the northern entrance to Xinglong Hot Springs en-route for Xinglong itself.It attracts Chinese tourists by the coachload.The website suggests that it is just another typical Chinese theme park which shows costumes, music, dance all performed by Chinese staff. Everything will be explained in Chinese...

  • Treasure Island Hotel Xinglong

    Xinglong Hotels

    1 Hot Spring Road, Xinglong 571533, Xinglong, 5715

    Satisfaction: Terrible

  • Cocoa, coffee, tea and vanilla

    Xinglong Shopping

    As well as all the botanical research, Xinglong Botanical Gardens does a good trade in selling local produce and it is cheap here.The gardens specialise in coffee, cocoa, tea, vanilla and pepper, so these are all cheap.Note that to most Western tastes, Chinese chocolate is pretty dire stuff! There is a big sales area inside the gardens, near the...


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