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Chengde Things to Do

  • Guandi Temple

    This small Taoist temple is located just to the west on the other side of the road from the main entrance gate into the Mountain Resort Main Palace. It was first built in 1732 during the reign of Emperor Yongzheng and is dedicated to Guan Yu. It's a delightful little temple and well worth a visit if you have the time.Admission: RMB20.

  • East Palace

    This palace ruin lies to the east of the Main Palace inside the Mountain Resort. It was originally built in 1754 and contained the Qingyin Chamber, Fushou Garden, Diligent-working Palace and Hall of Quan'e splendors. It caught fire in 1945 and was never rebuilt.

  • Putuo Zongcheng Temple

    The Putuo Zongcheng Temple complex was built between 1767 and 1771, during the reign of the Qianlong Emperor (1735-1796). It is located to the north of the Mountain Resort. Along with the equally famed Puning Temple, it is one of the Eight Outer Temples of Chengde. The temple was modeled after the Potala Palace of Tibet, the old sanctuary of the...

  • Pu You Temple

    Pu You Temple is located next to Puning Temple on its eastern side. When putting down the rebellion of the Hui tribe in 1760, Emperor Qianlong ordered the construction of this temple. In the temple there is a Hall of the Heavenly King, which is the main building.Admission: RMB20.

  • Puning Temple - Mayahana Hall

    This hall is the most famous within the Puning Temple as its here that the world's tallest wooden sculpture of the Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara (22.28 meters high and weighing 110 tons), is housed. The statue shows a thousand different eyes and a thousand different arms stretched out from its frame (in various sizes). The statue itself is made from...

  • Puning Temple

    The Puning Buddhist Temple was built in 1755, during the reign of the Qianlong Emperor (1735-1796 AD) to show the Qing's respect to the ethnic minorities. It is located to the north-east of the Chengde Mountain Resort, and alongside the equally famed Putuo Zongcheng Temple, is one of the "Eight Outer Temples" of Chengde. Much how the Putuo...

  • Mountain Resort Wall

    The entire Mountain Resort complex, all 5.6 km² of it, is surrounded by a wall that is over 6 miles (10km) long. It can be seen from the top of the Yongyou Pagoda.

  • Yongyou Temple

    This temple lies on the eastern side of the Mountain Resort with the resort walls. It was built in 1751 and means "Temple of Eternal Happiness and Blessing". The temple is dominated by a 9-storey, 67 metre-high octangonal pagoda which is modelled on the Liuhe Pagoda in Hangzhou and Baoen Temple in Nanjing. The Xiexin Hall on the temples western...

  • Mongolian Ger Resort

    Having just come back from a trip to Mongolian, I was quite surprised to see these Mongolian Gers lined up as part of a resert. However, they look far more comfortable than the ones I stayed in as they look like they have air-conditioning and proper front doors. They're also musch higher than the ones in Mongolia. You can stay here, if you so wish,...

  • Mountain Resort - Rehe Spring

    Chengde's older name of Rehe came from the name for the local river which translates as "hot river". The river was so named because it did not freeze in the winter.

  • Mountain Resort - Performance List

    Here's a list of musical performances that takes place at different scenic spots around the lake:At Canglangyu Garden - perform "Suzhou Folk Music" - 9:30-10:00, 10:30-11:00, 15:30-16:00, 16:30-17:00At Good Luck Island - perform "Peking Opera" - 9:40-10:10, 10:20-10:50, 15:30-15:50At a Rock to Watch Fish - perform Folk Music - 10:00-10:20,...

  • Mountain Resort - Moon and Lake Garden

    This garden features many courtyards and was built in 1704. Emperor Kangxi wrote its name on the horizontal inscribed board that hangs on its gateway entrance. The main building is called Jingji Shan Fang Hall (Silent Study) and was where emperors used to read books.

  • Mountain Resort - Wenyuan Lion Forest

    This garden was built in 1774 and modelled on a garden in Suzhou after Emperor Qianlong made an inspection tour in the south of the country that included Suzhou. He then ordered this garden be built here.

  • Mountain Resort - Lake Area

    The Lake Area lies to the north of the Palace Area. The lakes area, which includes 8 lakes, covers an area of 496,000 square meters and the lakes are called Cheng Lake, Mirror Lake, Ruyi Lake, Upper Lake, Lower Lake, Silver Lake, Half-moon Lake and Inner Lake. Cheng Lake is the deepest while Rehe Spring is famous for its crystal-clear waters. You...

  • Articles for daily use of Empress...

    In 1861, Emperor Xianfeng died at the Mountain Resort and at the same time a palace coup began. From then on, a young girl of 27 ascended on the Chinese political stage - known as Empress Dowager Cixi. This section exhibits some of her personal items.


Chengde Hotels

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  • Chengde Hotel Chengde

    We stayed here for two nights in July of 2009. Chengde Hotel is rated as a 4 star hotel by CTRIP (a...

  • JInxing Hotel

    We only spent one night at Chengde. Basically, most of the hotels in Chengde are 3-stars hotel so we...

  • Qi Wang Lou Hotel

    No.1 Bifengmen East Road North, Chengde, Hebei, 067000, China

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Families

Chengde Restaurants

  • Lots of food!

    I came here on the only evening I spent in Chengde and wasn't disappointed. This restaurant is located just over a bridge near the city centre. There are several large rooms to eat in upstairs. There's plenty of staff on hand as well. The food is good and plentiful, (I had tons of food - enough rice for 3 people)! I don't think they had any English...

  • Great food & service in Chengde

    Our hotel recommended a restaurant which we found to be fantastic. It's located on Nanyingzi Dajie, directly above the KFC Restaurant that's just down the road a few blocks and accross the street from Chengde Hotel. Chengde Hotel is located at 19 Nanyingzi. There are 2 KFC's nearby; you want to find the one that's accross the street from the...

  • Do not expect too much

    We were the only customers in this small restaurant. I would say it was a nice local eatery with decent food. I don't have the address (again) but at least I got the tel no. on the signboard!! :D I hardly eat cos the food were just too salty...only consumed enough to last me till dinner-time.


Chengde Transportation

  • Bus to Chengde

    Contorary to what Lonely Planet (May 2007) states, buses to Chengde depart from the Liuliqiao bus station in the south-west of the city centre and NOT from the Sihui bus station in the east of the city. I learnt this the hard way by going to Sihui first and then being told to go to Liuliqiao which happens to be on the other side of the city. The...

  • Taxi from the train station

    The hawkers around the train station were very aggressive trying to get us into their hotels, their illegal taxis, etc. The driver for the official taxi we took told us that the illegal taxis take you to the hotels and attempt to earn commissions from those hotels. For the official taxis, flag fall starts at rmb5, and almost every trip we took cost...

  • To Chengde from Beijing

    The train ride is about 4 hours long. The long distance bus which departs frequently from Dongzhimen station also takes around 4 hours. Both cost around 50 RMB.If you have not been to the Great Wall at Simatai/Jinshanling then I suggest you take the one way train to Chengde and then you can stop at the Great Wall by bus on the way back to Beijing.


Chengde Shopping

  • Willettsworld's Profile Photo

    Puning Street: Arts and crafts shops

    by Willettsworld Written Aug 29, 2009

    On the eastern side of Puning Temple is a Qing-style cultural and commericial street called Puning Street. Here you can find some arts and crafts shops housed in restored Qing dynasty shops.

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Chengde Local Customs

  • Puning Temple - Musical Ceremony

    These guys started playing some kind of musical ceremony everytime someone came up the steps to the Mayahana Hall and gave them money. I have no idea what the significance is, though!Open: 8am-5.30pm. Admission: RMB50Take bus 6 from the Mountain Resort.

  • Palace Performance

    I arrived at the main gate of the Mountain Resort Main Palace at about 8am and walked through, after buying my ticket, and saw a small crowd gathered inside a small courtyard watching some girls dancing in traditional costumes to loud music. I think the dancing was some kind a ceremony to welcome to Emperor to the Mountain Resort as a guy and woman...

  • Chengde Hotels

    27 Hotels in Chengde

Chengde Tourist Traps

  • greencargirl's Profile Photo

    Restaurants near the temples - just for...

    by greencargirl Written Jul 31, 2009

    We can't say this applies to every single one of them, but it seems that all the large tour buses stop at these restaurants lined up along the main road, a short drive coming back from the main Buddhist temples at the north end of town. We ate at one of them, and were disappointed with the quality of food as well as the high prices in comparison to some excellent food we ate in downtown Chengde. The shrink-wrapped dishes mean that the restaurant contracts out their dishwashing service to accomodate these large tour groups, we were later told. I think we would've done better to stick with the area in town where locals are on the sidewalk (none were present along this restaurant strip).

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Chengde Off The Beaten Path

  • Simple Life at Chengde

    One of the reason I like Chengde is it simplicity.People there are simple,leading a simple which could be a luxury for people living in the urban city.This picture was taken from the hotel room.

  • Chengde Street Scene

    This picture was taken from the hotel.It was an experience to see how the people live especially for people like me who live in a concrete forest.This picture was taken from the hotel room.

  • Hiking

    The landscape around Chengde is hilly with forests. So it is nice to wander around and discover even more temples and the landscape.


Chengde Favorites

  • Summerpalace

    A big garden is left of the former summerpalace. Chengde has a nicer climate than Beijing. So the Emperors with all their people went to Chengde for some months in summer in the 18th century.But after ashort time, Chengde was no longer used as summer palace, because one Emperor was killed in the gardens by lightning. So this place was considered...

  • Beefy's Chengde Page

    Chengde is a town north of the Great Wall and four hours train journey from Beijing. It is home to the Summer Resort, the retreat of the former Chinese emperors, consisting of an extremely large area of parkland, as well as the palace, through which most tourists enter.Also at Chengde is a Tibetan Buddhist Monastery (remember to say 'Tashi Delek'...

  • Temples

    The temples around Chengde resemble famous Tibetan temples like the Potala in Lhasa. Emperor Qianlong had a special liking for the Tibetian peeople and the Buddhism as one of his favourite wives was from Tibet. That is why he built this temples.


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