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  • Kang Long - Dinosaur
    Kang Long - Dinosaur
    by gaolei
  • Henan Geological Museum
    Henan Geological Museum
    by gaolei
  • Things to Do
    by gaolei

Zhengzhou Things to Do

  • Henan Geological Museum

    This is a nice place to spend a morning. There is a good collection of dinosaurs, local crystals, and geological history. It is well organized and presented. The collection of bones is magnificent!

  • Chinese-Muslims Restaurants

    While strolling around the most crowded 27-Square >, I saw a few smaller streets that are crowdy enough, they are the street of Chinese-Muslims Restaurants. As I walk closer, I found out that these Chinese-Muslims women did not cover up their head with a piece of cloth, none at all. Customers sitting inside are drinking beer and liquor.Reading...

  • Railway Station (buy tickets)

    Warning to tourists, never go to the Railway Station to buy train tickets, you will regret. Buy train only at the TICKET COUNTER. The reason is, buying tickets at the Railway Station is the most HORRIBLE experience in the entire China, remember my advice. Queuing is hopelessly long, never try this, don't even think. You need to read Chinese, need...

  • MOST Populated city in China

    MOST Populated city in China, yes, take a look at my photo, no joke. Actually 9 years ago I came here by train but when I saw the crowd I said immediately to myself "do not go to this place". surprisingly after 9 years I visited Zhengzhou.

  • Shaolin Travesty

    What once was legendary for it's martial arts development is, today, little more than a pathetic excuse for a tourist spot. Kung Fu's history dates back a heck of a long time, but little of that history is visible. It's not really funny that something the Chinese have been trying to destroy for so many years, they're now trying to get World...

  • A big new pagoda

    The only thing of note in Zhengzhou is Erqi Ta or February 7th pagoda. It is a memorial for the workers who died during all of the big wars a while ago. It is important because it is something to photograph to say you were in this town and it isn't far from the main train / bus transit mess. Many buses from the train station pass here or you can...


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Zhengzhou Restaurants

  • braise noodle with mutton

    Yang Rou Hui Mian - braise noodle with mutton is popular food in He Nan province, you can't miss it.

  • Chinese Fried Chicken

    Several fried chicken places exist in Zhengzhou and I am sure elsewhere. The they are just little huts that sell only chicken. If you want a side, get it some where else. Go for wings, legs, or breasts. The pre-made sandwiches can be soggy and they use chinese sweet bread.

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Zhengzhou Nightlife

  • Nighttime hangout

    If you have ever been to the other Helen's bars in the other cities then you will most likely love this place. A nice place to hangout with friends and meet Foreigners in Zhengzhou city. Dress the way you like

  • western style bar/pub

    Western style bar,catering to foreign and Chinese customers. Reasonable prices, good atmosphere, variety of western music.Located on Jing Liu Rd. just south of Weisan Rd. Very close to the Zhengzhou Ramada Plaza Hotel


    HI, so I'm young love to go out and live in zhengzhou ....... Well that is crap ...... been living here now for a while and finally found some nice places , if you wanne have some fun with te chinese people go to CLESS CLUB on "Wenhua lu", if you wanne just hang out or listen to live music you can check out one of the bars on "Wei Yi Lu" (you can...


Zhengzhou Transportation

  • Taxi from train station

    When you get off a train, come outside of the station and want to get a taxi, you need to go to the taxi line, which is right across the sq., like almost everywhere in China, there are always so many people on the sq, you may not see the taxi line. the taxi from the taxi line are all having meters ON, if you just get a taxi from the road, you will...

  • Getting train ticket-window 18 for...

    If you HAVE to go to train station to get tickets yourselfs, like us since train tickets offices in the city may not sell tickets to foreigners, the ticket window 18 is for military, foreigners and etc.

  • Airport bus

    Zhengzhou airport is new and pretty far from the city, not sure how much would be to take a taxi, but we took the airport bus from train station to the airport for 15yuan per person, you can get the ticket from zhengzhou da jiou dang (zhengzhou big hotel), and it departs right in front of the building. It is right across from the train station (the...


Zhengzhou Off The Beaten Path

  • People's Park on Saturday

    Two words: Music Orgy. ON Saturdays, the park is crowded, which is great for people watching. All sorts of traditional chinese music is sung, played, and danced to. Some songs are about Mao, others r truly authentic traditional chinese folk songs. The park itself is...well...a diamond in the rough. You can ride a 30 second rollercoaster for 50...

  • Shang Dynasty Walls

    This is something to do if you have a lot of time or you are really fasinated by ancient ruins. These walls really are over 3000 years old. And they really just look like a pile of dirt now. The dirt once was the walls of the city here, but now are mostly useful as a nice park.They are located about a kilometer or two east of the train station. The...

  • Another 'People's Park'

    China is filled with places called the People's Park. I doubt this is a highly unique one, but it does show case the cities trees.The park is a strange mix of Chinese garden and amusment center. You can switch from pastoral peace to over-developement in about ten steps. If you would like to relax for an afternoon in this town this is a good place...


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