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  • The Three Gorges Dam on a gloomy day
    The Three Gorges Dam on a gloomy day
    by Willettsworld
  • Lesser Three Gorges
    Lesser Three Gorges
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  • Yiling Park
    Yiling Park
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Yichang Things to Do

  • Yiling Park

    This is the main square in Yichang and is quite pleasant with some nice flower beds and grass. It is surrounded by shops, offices and restaurants.

  • Waterfront Park

    This is a fairly pleasant enough park, in Yichang, that runs along the side of the river and features some nice modern pavilions and garden areas.

  • Three Gorges Dam - Construction

    The Three Gorges Dam was once the world's largest single construction project. As part of my Yangzi River cruise, I got taken on a bus tour of the dam where we crossed over on a bridge to the south bank and taken to another park area which features various bits of machinery such as a bulldozer and digger used in the construction of the dam.

  • Three Gorges Five-step Ship Lock

    I found this to be more far more interesting than the dam. The locks work in both directions meaning that ships coming from downstream can navigate through the series of five lock stages at the same time as ships navigating upstream. The whole process takes around 4 hours in total. The locks are designed to be 280m long, 35m wide, and 5m deep (918...

  • Three Gorges Dam

    The Three Gorges Dam is located in Sandouping, about 30km from Yichang. It is the largest hydroelectric power station in the world and once the world's largest single construction project. With a long history of planning, the dam body was finished in 2006. When finished, it contained 32 main generators, each with a capacity of 700 MW. All of the...

  • Three Gorges Dam Model

    This scale model of the Three Gorges Dam is located in the Visitors centre which is located on the north bank of the river beside the dam itself. However, another scale model of the dam inside the Three Gorges Museum in Chongqing is much better!

  • Yangzi River Cruise

    The main reason to come to Chongqing is to take a cruise on the mighty Yangzi River down river to the massive but controversial Three Gorges Dam near Yichang. I booked a first class cabin (as I was travelling on my own and didn't fancy sharing with other Chinese travellers) at a hostel called The Mix Hostel in Chengdu for around Y1490. This...

  • The Three Gorges Dam - The Ming Steps.

    It is a real shame, but, the Ming steps are slowly disappearing as the water level of the Yangtze River raises to the targeted height of 175 meters.Standing for thousands of years, these steps were carved into the cliff face above the Yangtze River during the time of the Ming Dynasty. The steps and paths were used as a trade route for hundreds of...

  • The Chinese National Flag.

    A fellow traveler asked me, “What do you think the major industry is in China?” to which I replied, “Flag making!”It is amazing to see the number of flags that fly from anything that closely resembles a flagpole! If it is straight, it is a flagpole in China.Children play with the national flag, every boat on the rivers fly the flag, T-shirts have...

  • Yichang - Same copies as everywhere...

    Fake Rolex watches, brand name handbags, polo shirts, pens, birds and fake antiques are all on offer here. Being a regional area of China there are also a number of bargains to be had that represent "old China" or "country China."Umbrellas were all the rage with the ladies as most locals were using them to provide shade from the burning sun. It was...

  • Street vendors...dried lizards!

    Food stalls are everywhere in China, and Yichang is no exception. Anne and I frequented a number of these stalls on a regular basis to stock up on bottles of water and, Anne’s favorite, peach juice.Although some of the street food looked very nice, and the prices were even nicer, I kept thinking of those adverts on television about the traveler...

  • Visit the City of the Underworld.

    The City of the Underworld is a bit “corny” but, as a captured audience, Anne and I went to see what this was.A fleet of busses collected us from the dock and we were driven for less than one kilometer to the entrance of “the Underworld.”After “running the gauntlet” through the dozens of stall holders who were trying to sell us everything from...

  • People going about their daily lives.

    I find it interesting to see people going about their daily lives in a fashion that is so unfamiliar to me. From an elder of the community carrying a sack of rice with a young man, Men of all ages manually loading a large ship with bags of heavy produce, fishermen trawling the calm water of the Yangtze to sustain their simple way of life to the...

  • Ships on the Mighty Yangzte.

    The number of vessels that go about their daily business on this waterway is amazing.It seems that as you round every bend in the river there is another flotilla of heavily laden ships that are delivering their cargo to Ports up and down this majestic waterway.From car carriers, container ships, cruise ships, coal or wheat carriers to local...

  • Sail The Three Gorges.

    The Three Gorges are simply stunning.The huge peaks of this spectacular gorge and river system, that dwarf the large ships as they quietly go about their daily trade, are spectacular and the sheer cliff walls are something to behold.Each of the three gorges take between 3 and 5 hours to navigate and the sense of Mother Nature intimidating us mere...

  • Take a Yangtze River cruise.

    Anne and I actually took a three day Yangtze River cruise that actually started in Chongqing and ended in Yichang.The number one reason for visiting Yichang is the Three Gorges Dam project and the chance to see this magnificent series of gorges before they are flooded and lost to the world forever.Anne and I did exactly that and we decided to take...

  • The 3 Gorges Dam - The new cities.

    As I mentioned earlier, one of the most amazing aspects of this monumental project is the amount of infrastructure that has been built.The entire way from Yichang to Chongqing is dotted with the brand new cities that comprise mostly of modern high rise buildings, new ship docks, shopping centers, schools and office blocks joined together by new...

  • The 3 Gorges Dam - New Bridges.

    The reason that this is the most expensive project in the history of mankind, another Chinese claim, is the amount of new bridges, roads, cities and infrastructure that has been built to relocate the residents of the Yangtze River.As the water inches it way to the 175 meter target, all of the roads and cities will be underwater. For this reason...


Yichang Hotels

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Yichang Restaurants

  • OK food

    There was a large restaurant on board my boat (the Chang Hang Jiang Shan II) which luckily had a menu in English with about a couple of dozen dishes including various meat and veg dishes and rice etc. They also sold alcohol such as beer and spirits. It might be wise to take some snacks along with you for the trip such as crisps and biscuits etc. I...

  • Best Noodles

    A small little street shop near the Yichang International Hotel and across from the Bridge Park had one of my favorite meals. The flavor hasn't been surpassed. If you are a fan of Chinese noodles like me, this is a must stop. The owner of the shop makes the hand made noodles right at the entrance to the shop. There are 5 tables inside. My mouth...

  • Awesome food!!

    There are many local restaurants to chose from. We chose a localy style restaurant that had a few people in it as we figured that they wouldn't be there if the food was terrible. I think we just had a bowl or two of noodles. There's no way I can remember the name of it. But I'm sure it was pretty yummy. I don't remember eating a meal that I didn't...


Yichang Transportation

  • Yangtze (Changjiang) River Cruise

    Yichang is the main boarding spot for Yangtze (Changjiang) cruises. Our ship took us up the river to Chonqing in 3 days 3 nights. Along the way were many amazing sites both natural and man made. It was interesting watching village life as they slipped past on our journey up river.Here you see the river cruise ships and the landmark bridge that...

  • Boat from Chongqing

    I took a boat from Chongqing to Yichang. It was a 1½ day boat ride and cost a whopping 6 FEC or US$1.80 for 3rd class which was a 4 bunk berth. It was nice. The other 3 guys in my berth didn't speak English and my Chinese consited of counting and asking for a toilet!! LOL interesting conversation "Where are the 5 toilets?" LOL There was a Dutch Guy...

  • There are trains out of Yichang

    I took the train out of Yichang. I took the train to Louyang from here. I loved riding the trains as most people were very friendly. My story about the purchase of the ticket for this train ride is sort of interesting.Ger and I had a 4 person room on the ship down the Yangtze and one of the guys in the room spoke some English and was trying to be...


Yichang Local Customs

  • Manual labor is the way to do things in...

    The porters loading the ships along the river are amazing. Many are older men, since the younger men are better educated and getting company jobs. They carry loads well over there weight up and down long staircases made of cut stone.On the way to our ship a man with a stick and ropes hanging from both ends asked me if he could carry my bags for 8...

  • Saying goodbye...

    When it came time to say goodbye we each took a photo as we where going to get our train tickets. I'm sure the parents of the children were wondering where their kids were as they followed us around for a few hours. So this is our departing shot.........Great memories for me!!

  • Hand made charcoal

    We ran across this guy making charcoal. He was happy to have his picture taken and we thanked him. At first he wanted to go wash his hands I said it's ok just like that! I didn't want to slow him up. The kids made for great tour guides.


Yichang Tourist Traps

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    Keep clear-headed while travel in the...

    by bubblex Written Oct 15, 2003

    There are 5 steps of the whole shiplocks( navigation facility) For each step it will take you 40 minutes to go. What's more important is that the cement wall and iron doors bulitup all view while travel. If you never been here and feel it before it's OK! just do it. But if you are very tired of the long trip you've taken already, take care! Keep awake :)

    Unique Suggestions: Just taken a birds eye view at the high point of Dam area is Ok!

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Yichang Off The Beaten Path

  • Side Street

    This town had some character hidden it's Grayness! As I walked up the path after departing the boat the grayness was my first impression of Yichang! The gate might be part of the original wall as the city was at one time one of the great walled cities of China.

  • Can you still complain about your job?

    After looking at this picture know that these guys are not making much money will you ever complain about your job again? If you do I'd hate to see your boss. When I saw these guys working it made me appreciate what I have. My back hurt just watching these guys.

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Yichang Favorites

  • Checking the latest situation at the dam

    The Chinese website (http://www.ctgpc.com.cn/) has a status indicator. It's not real time, but it does provide the latest information on what is happening.At the bottom of the left-hand colum on the page, there are four figures. In roder, these figures are:Water flow through the Three Gorges Dam (in cubic metres per second)Water flow through the...

  • Leader of the pack

    This guy here was the leader of the pack of kids that followed us around all afternoon. He had such a power about himself that I'm sure by now he is a man of power somewhere in the area!! When he spoke all of the other children listened. So when the kids where getting too loud we motioned to him and he would bring the decible level back down. There...

  • Me and the Kids!!

    Meeting up with the kids was my favorite thing I did in Yichang. It made for an interesting day. I felt like the the Pied Piper! To have these kids follow us around so cool. It would've been great if we could have spoken more of the local language.


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