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  • Things to Do
    by apuleuis
  • Things to Do
    by apuleuis
  • Things to Do
    by apuleuis

Changsha Things to Do

  • Yuelu Academy est. 976 a.d.

    This academy is over 1000 years old. It has evolved into the modern Hunan University, but many of the old buildings still exist. Very cool old architecture and peaceful. Small entrance fee.

  • Yuelu Mountain

    Changsha's Yuelu Mountain is a nice, low-stress day hike that's fun to do with friends. Entrance to the mountain park is now FREE, and it's only about an our walk to the top. From the pavilion at the peak, you can enjoy a great bird's eye view of Changsha--both the "downtown" area on the east bank, and the developing Lu Valley as you look...

  • Shaoshan - Family tomb

    This family tomb is located up a small hill near Mao Zedong's birthplace and, I think, is the tomb of his grand-parents.

  • Shaoshan - Mao Zedong's birthplace

    Shaoshan is famous for being the birthplace of Mao Zedong. He is said to have been born in this mud-brick thatched house in 1893, and therefore, it's one of China's most visited sights. He lived here with his family until 1910 and came back briefly in 1921. The rooms have been largely reproduced with items that would've been there during Mao's...

  • Shaoshan - Museum of Comrade Mao

    You'll probably have to wait in a queue for some time before finally getting inside but it's well worth it just to see the once great leader's underwear! Other items on display include more of his clothes, towels and face clothes, his car, desk, chair, bed, photos and hand-written documents.

  • Shaoshan

    The town of Shaoshan is located about 130km (80 miles) south-west of Changsha and is famous for being the birthplace of Mao Zedong. He is said to have been born in a mud-brick thatched house in 1893 which still stands today, and therefore, is one of China's most visited sights. He lived here with his family until 1910 and came back briefly in 1921....

  • Xiang River

    The Xiang River is the largest river in Hunan and one of the largest tributaries of the Yangzi River at 856km in length. It originates from the Haiyang Mountain and empties into Lake Dongting where it connects to the Yangzi River. There's a small park that is located along side the river near the Juzl Zhou Bridge.

  • Old City Walls

    A small part of the old Ming dynasty walls can be found in the south-west of the city. The Tianxin Pavilion is the symbol of the ancient city and still remains along the remaining wall. Admission: Y18.

  • Hunan Martyr's Park - Cenotaph

    This large 58-metre high Martyr's Cenotaph is the main sight within the Hunan Martyr's Park. An epigraph "The Cenotaph of Hunan Martyr's Park" written by Mao Zedong can be found engraved on its body. The inside contains portraits of more than 90 Hunan revolutionary martyrs and more than 100,000 registered names of Hunan revolutionary martyrs from...

  • Hunan Martyr's Park

    This park, located to the north-west of the train station, was built in 1951 and opened in 1953. It is one of the ten largest parks in China, covering an area of 153.5 hectares, a key cultural relic under province protection and the base of patriotism education of the Hunan province. The park contains a couple of lakes, gardens, some nice pavilions...

  • Hunan CPC Committee

    This small building lies within the grounds of the Changsha City Museum and was the head-quarters of the Hunan branch of the Communist Party of China. Mao Zedong was appointed the secretary in May 1922 and lived here for a short while until April 1923. His wife, Yang Kaihui and her children carried on living here until May 1924. Inside you can see...

  • Changsha City Museum

    A youthful portrait of Chairman Mao is displayed on the red-tiled facade of this museum located about 1.5km west of the train station. There are some so-so exhibits on display here such as bronzes, pottery and calligraphy plus lots on Mao and his second wife Yang Kaihui. The former Communist Party HQ is located within the grounds of the museum (see...


Changsha Hotels

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Changsha Restaurants

  • Coffee bars in Changsha

    in the few coffee houses in downtown Changsha you can order a variety of coffee brands. Optionally you can order small snacks such as cookies, cake, dougnuts, pie or candy.Since coffee is considered a "rich" product in most areas of China, where the majority enjoy drinking tea, the quality of coffee is probably best in the restaurants.The coffee is...

  • Walking Street Restaurants

    Near the downtown Walking Street there is a large variety of American restaurants. We have McDonalds & KFC (of course). There is also Pizza Hut, Papa John's, Subway, Dairy Queen, Daylight Donuts and Haagen-dazs. Sadly there is still no Starbucks though.

  • Real apple pie!

    This is an American-run coffee shop. The prices are decent and they have a selection of desserts like banana bread, brownies and even apple pie on Saturdays. Friday nights have live music. They are open 2-10pm Monday - Saturday. I like the chai and the hot chocolate best.

  • World's largest Chinese restaurant

    This restaurant holds 5,000 people! It is split into multiple rooms, so each one doesn't really seem any different than a regular restaurant. Cool to say you went there though.

  • stinky tofu

    I liked the style of this restaurant. The waiters come around with carts and you take what you want. This is handy for me, since I can't read a menu. I was a little concerned because I was paying and was with two friends and so much looked good that we ended up taking a lot of dishes. But when the final bill came it was 65 RMB, or about $10. it...

  • A REAL Cafe Shop In Changsha

    A cafe shop with only real coffee and great decoration in Changsha,without any cook smell.Its boss could speak English and provide real coffee,who is from Taiwan. Espresso,coffee,dessert,tiramisu,sandwich


Changsha Nightlife

  • Best pub in Changsha

    Hooligans Pub has been in business since 2008 and has decided to expand so we will open the new pub on October 1st 2013. We will sell great pub grub such as burgers and fish & chips! We will have a larger selection of imported beers, wines, liquors and cocktails! We will continue to have great western music and have added a stage for live music!...

  • Westerners street, beer drinking &...

    Westerners street, beer drinking & nightlife, the Chinese name is Hualongchi 《化龙池》), is an alley somewhere inside and within the downtown Pedestrian Street off Renmin West Road 《人民西路》.Over here is like 100+ of beer drinking pubs altogether inside a small narrow zigzag...

  • Nightime Action

    This is where chinese and foreigners alike go to enjoy drinks and dancing. There are many clubs on this street, all of them have similar music and themes. The clubs are slightly expensive, but much cheaper than most european clubs. Most of the clubs are open until late, but it's common for certain clubs to empty out before 2am. The music is mostly...


Changsha Transportation

  • Changsha South railway

    At the morning we took taxi from our hotel Changsha downtown to the south Railway, it took about 30 minutes and I paid for 35 yuan. Railway was big, clean, modern and great. There were some shop selling dried fruit, also we can take breakfast in Mc Donald with its local menu food, we bought the Chinese bread with a coffee. Train schedule and the...

  • Bus to / from Wuhan

    I took a bus from Wuhan 60 Yuan 4 hours to Changsha, the bus to Changsha runs every 2 hours, big nice seat, no smoking, no spitting, no halfway stop, overall conditions of bus is very good. At the Changsha East Bus Station, take #168 city bus to central railway station, 2 Yuan only.

  • Electric Scooter

    They are kind of outlaw riders because they zoom at any directions they want, they often ride at the opposite direction to cut short the distance.Whatsoever they are, you can still use them especially when in hurry because they can really squeeze through the tiny alleys and also at impossible directions.They charge almost like taxi but it all...


Changsha Shopping

  • Shopping centre

    Changsha's shopping centre is pedestrianised and is located along Huangxing Lu near the river in the south-west of the city. Again, like most cities I visited in China, everything is very modern here plus very convenient with lots of western style shops.

  • Beside Changsha City Museum

    This antiques market is located just inside the entrance to the Changsha City Museum on the left hand side. For sale are many pots, ornaments, Mao memorabilia, jewellery etc.

  • a car-free area

    Also called Bu Xing Jie in Chinese. The street is walking traffic only and has shop after shop and a lot of food vendors as well. Good for people watching and there are a lot of statues. Most of the stores are teen clothing and shoes, the same types of stores and products as an American mall. There are also some large department stores and a...


Changsha Local Customs

  • Willettsworld's Profile Photo

    by Willettsworld Written May 19, 2009

    When I visited the old city walls, I looked down from them and noticed dozens of people drinking tea in a small park known as Tianxin Park.

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Changsha Warnings and Dangers

  • Drug Trafficking in Bars

    Foreigners will get locked up for buying/selling drugs in Changsha. Stay clear of the bars that deal drugs. Just say no!

  • Tickets for Hunan Provincial Museum

    Getting tickets for the Hunan Provincial Museum can be very difficult as I found out. I first tried to get in at 2pm one afternoon only to be told that all of the 5,000 allotted tickets for that day had already gone and to come back the following day. So, the following day, I arrived early at 8am only to find a huge queue that was about twice as...

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Changsha Off The Beaten Path

  • by mke1963 Written Mar 19, 2005

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    There is nothing special about this area, but I got totally lost and found myself wandering through a wonderful neighbourhood, south-west of the railway station. (The Rough Guide was wrong: I didn't find a single internet cafe on Chezen Zhong Lu. Where do they get their information?!)
    By turning right at the last street before the road starts descending slightly to a flyover, you enter a private world of streets and shops just for local people. None of these are intended for the masses erupting from the railway station or the offices on Wuyidadao.

    Multiple rows of 5 story blocks line up, running east-west. Along the ground level, every space is a shop, spilling out across the dusty, mangled pavement. Each shop, barely six feet across, must be like Pandora's box to close in the evening, so much is out at the front.
    Cafes and hot food stands serve up the daily fare cheek-by-jowl with seedy massage shops, barbers, DVD shops, grocery stores, fishmongers, bicycle repair shops, toy shops, newsagents, and too many other professions to remember clearly. Chidlren play out on the street, running wild and loud, and old men sit watching the world go by. A man sat waiting to tell your fortune; he knew I wasn't going to stop.

    Only 300 metres long, but plenty of side streets into the next, parallel row could provide a lifetime of exploration, eating, buying and wandering aimlessly. Nobody welcomed me, but nobody had anything but a nod and the occasional greeting. Much of Changsha seems like this: a courtesy, then life moves on. You are not unwelcome, but you are just a visitor.

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