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  • entrance of chikhen tower tainan
    entrance of chikhen tower tainan
    by hanspeter_W.
  • near chikhen tower tainan
    near chikhen tower tainan
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  • street scene near fort anping
    street scene near fort anping
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Tainan Things to Do

  • visit Anping Fort

    In 1624, Dutch built the first fort in Anping, Taiwan, called "Fort Zeelandia", now known as Anping Fort, where has been the administrative center of the Dutch regime, and the hub for trading. The building was originally constructed in square inner fortress and rectangle outer walls. In 1661, the fort was renamed as Anping to commemorate his home...

  • visit chikhan tower (Provintia tower)

    Tainan ChikanlouiChihkanloujis built by the Dutch in 1652. It was originally called Provintia. In Dutch it means eternity. The Chinese called the building "ChikanlouiChihkanlouj", "Fanzailou" or "Honmaolou". Although ChikanlouiChihkanlouj has gone through Ming Dynasty, Qing Dynasty and the Japanese Colonization Period, it basically still...

  • confuzius temple

    The Tainan Confucius Temple, also called the Scholarly Temple was built in 1665 when Cheng Ching, son of Koxinga approved of the proposal by Chief of General Staff Chen Yung-hua to construct the Temple on the right side and the National Academy(to be called "Guo Xue" hereafter) on the left side of a hill, with both of them facing the south. On the...

  • visit anping treehouse

    Abandoned for many years, a gigantic banyan tree has taken over the warehouse in various ways, including its aerial roots and trunks that have became part of the architecture. The brick walls of the warehouse have faded and collapsed which allowed roots and trunks to take over walls, windows, doors and ground forming an extraordinary scene.


    The Ta Tien Hou (Great Queen of Heaven) Temple was built in 1684 for the worship of Taiwan's most popular deity: Matsu, Goddess of the Sea. Matsu is the patron deity of fishermen, and her birthday on the Z3rd day of the third lunar month (it falls in April or May) is celebrated each year with frenetic explosions of colorful activity. The goddess is...


    This temple, along with the Confucius Temple, is known as one of the oldest and best-preserved temples in Taiwan. Just when it was originally built is not known, but according to legend it was during the Ching dynasty's Yungli reign, in the mid-17th century. During the Ching dynasty, this is where government officials offered sacrifices to the god....


Tainan Restaurants

  • Thai and more!

    This place is packed with atmosphere!!! Cool music, great asian food and decent prices. English is minimal but do-able, menu is english so shouldn't be too much of a language barrier. The decor is great - something asian jampacked in every nook and cranny. I enjoy this place and frequent it with old and new friends. All love the place. I'm in love...

  • Pub and Grub.

    This place is frequented by foreigners - especially engineers. The service is friendly the servings generally too big for me and the prices decent. Food served is a mixture but lots of that Chimichanga and Quesidilias etc kinda food.A nice place to sit at the bar and catch up on the day's events with friends and a beer. There's also some regular...

  • Tainan Hotels

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Tainan Nightlife

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    AD: Need to Release Da Energy

    by Gwendolin Written Nov 21, 2004

    There are only really 2 choices here in Tainan with regards to nightclubs where most foreigners will go.
    There's AD and LaSight. I prefer AD - plays my kinda music for most of the night (R&B, hiphop, rap). Rather small place but has just been redone so all is looking nice - bathrooms cleaner then sum i bin to and dont smell...much.
    Nice staff, enough seats but go at 10.30 latest on weekend if you wanna get a seat. Dancefloor is big enough but gets busy so I tend to enjoy dancing near my seat! Drink prices are good - not too dear.

    Dress Code: Dresscode - mmm, dont know really. I always dress nice. Have seen people with slippers and shirts so I guess there isn't really one. Oh yeah and at times people will get up on the speakers and take of their shirts and show a bit of underwear - boys and girls alike!!

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Tainan Transportation

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    Transportation to Tainan

    by kaoshui Updated Apr 4, 2011

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    By air
    TransAsia Airways, China Airlines, Far Eastern Air Transportation, and Great China Airlines operate daily direct fights from Taipei and Makung to Tainan.
    The ticket price is about NT$1,300-NT$1,500

    By railroad
    Most trains on the Wesr Coast Line stop at tainan. Ticket prices for Taipei-Tainan are approximately NT$420-NT$630; for Kaohsiung-Tainan the price is about NT$60-NT$90 .
    By highway bus Taiwan Motor Transport Co. Kuang Hua buses and United Highway Bus Co. buses depart Taipei and Kaohsiung for Tainan each 30-60 minutes. The cost is about NT$450 fro, Taipei and NT$150 from Kaohsiung Taiwan Motor

    City bus T
    ainan City Bus, Hsing Nan Bus Co., and Tainan Bus Co. buses depart from the airway station. The cost is NT$15 per sector .

    Taxi Taxi
    fare in Taiwan city is NT$60 at flagdown and increases in NT$5 increments. Fares from the airport must be negotiated .


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Tainan Local Customs

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    Snacking in the City

    by kaoshui Updated Apr 4, 2011

    Because of the culinary culture that has developed along with this ancient city, a tour of Tainan not only brings brand-new mental experiences but offers priceless opportunities to satisfy the palate as well
    Among the many Tainan snacks that are known far and wide are Coffin Cakes, bread in the shape of a coffin which has been hollowed out and stuffed; nutritious Passing the Lean Months Noodles, which were developed by the fishermen of former times to help them get through the slack fishing periods; Pot-side Pancake Soup, made with rice dough spread on the side of a hot wok and scraped off in pieces; Rice Dumplings; Rice Pudding flavored with various sweet or savory ingredients; Eel Noodles; Sweet Potato Pork Dumplings; Rice Cakes; Crystal Pork Dumplings; and Milkfish Congee. These delicacies can be savored wherever snack vendors congregate, such as the Hsiaopei Night Market and the Chinatown marketplace.

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Tainan Off The Beaten Path

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    by kaoshui Written Sep 17, 2003

    This narrow and winding street, the oldest one in Tainan- - therefore in all Taiwan- - and commonly known as" Taiwan Street" is rebuilt now. Nearby is a historic building named Haishan Hall, an interesting structure with an even more collection of implements and charms designed to expel evil. The building today has been transformed into the Anping Local Culture Hall and is open to visitors free of charge.

    Location of Anping Local Culture Hall: 3 Hsiaochung St., Lane 52

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