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  • Terra-Cotta Horses & Cavalier in Underwater Museum
    Terra-Cotta Horses & Cavalier in...
    by Adam-Yu
  • Ancient Residence Protection Area on the Hubu Hill
    Ancient Residence Protection Area on the...
    by Adam-Yu
  • The Terra-cotta Warriers and Horses and Cavalries
    The Terra-cotta Warriers and Horses and...
    by Adam-Yu

Xuzhou Things to Do

  • Xuzhou Concert Hall

    The Xuzhou Concert Hall holds concerts and performances featuring performers from all over the world. We saw a spectacular two-hour performance by a Russian dance company. Check out the events calendar on the web site below. This could be an excellent evening activity while in Xuzhou.

  • Xuzhou Museum

    During the Han dynasty, Xuzhou was the capital of the kingdom of Chu, the king being of the same bloodline as the emperor.Most of the important artefacts in the museum's collection are those from the Han dynasty, unearthed in or around Xuzhou.One of the most archaeologically and historically important artefacts unearthed in the tomb of the King of...

  • Baby Terracotta Warriors

    During the Han dynasty, Xuzhou was the capital of the kingdom of Chu, the king being of the same bloodline as the emperor. Along with the famous Qin dynasty Terracotta Warriors of Xi'an (the one that springs to everyone's mind with the phrase "Terracotta Warriors"), the Han dynasty Terracotta Warriors of Hanyangling (also near Xi'an) and the...

  • Han Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses...

    The Xuzhou Museum of Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses of the Han Dynasty should not be missed if you're coming to Xuzhou. Although not as famous as the Qin Terra Cotta Warriors in Xi'an, these figures were in relatively good condition when they were unearthed in the 1980's. But their sizes are much smaller than the life-size ones in Xi'an. Most of...

  • Tomb of the Chu King

    The ancient tomb of the Chu King of Han Dynasty is located on Xuzhou's east side, part of the attractions at the Lion Hill. You will get to walk into the excavation site, which is below ground where it is a little soggy and dark. You will see some large artifacts, tools, along with the tomb of the king. The excavation site is enclosed by a...

  • Xuzhou Museum

    This museum presents the history of the Xuzhou area, including lots of interesting things from the Han Dynasty. It has eight permanent exhibition halls and one temporary exhibition hall, in which over 1,000 cultural relies are displayed.

  • Yunlong Mountain

    Yunlong Mountain, which translates into "dragon in clouds", is popular attraction in Xuzhou. The mountain is actually made up of nine hills and looks like a dragon, hence its name. You will find some beautiful and ancient temples within this mountain. This mountain is not to be missed if you're visiting Xuzhou.

  • Traditional Houses, Yards

    In Xuzhou there are some preserved traditional Chinese houses with courtyards. These houses are open for tourists. You can see how people (not ancient people, but people from the 1800's to maybe as late as the 1970s) lived.

  • Huaihai Campaign Museum

    The Huaihai Campaign Museum offers a look at the history of the campaign. It has some old photographs, writings, as well as displays featuring Chinese tanks, trucks, soldiers at war. It also has some nice Chinese paintings.


Xuzhou Hotels

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Xuzhou Restaurants

  • Vogue Restaurant In Xinjiang?!

    Can't help but point out that the restaurant's English name sounds a little strange even if it's an accurate reflection of what it tries to be! :PThe restaurant's entrance is on the main street but dining area is on the 2nd floor. There're also booths which offer a bit more privacy if you're dining with a small group of friends. My friends and I...

  • Good-To-Eat Steamed Dumplings

    Hao Qi in Mandarin actually sounds similar to "hao chi" which means "delicious", or literally "good to eat". This is a franchise restaurant selling steamed dumplings, that first started in Xuzhou. Some say that the dumplings taste better here than in their franchise outlets in other cities, but I've only eaten them here so I can't compare.This is a...

  • Queue For Xuzhou's Hottest Breakfast!

    This must be Xuzhou's hottest (pun intended!) breakfast spot!To buy your food, first you go to the cashier and tell her what you want to order -- menu is on the wall behind her and in Chinese only. You then give her the money and she'll give you coloured slips of paper which are to be exchanged at the appropriate stations for your food. If you want...


Xuzhou Transportation

  • Xuzhou East Railway Station

    The new Xuzhou East Railway Station, not to be confused with the Xuzhou Railway Station which used to be called the East Station, serves the high-speed trains running on the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway. The station is situated in the outskirts of the city. Taxis and bus route #72 serve downtown. The facility is very modern with a handful of...

  • Xuzhou Railway Station

    If you are coming to Xuzhou by a slow train, this is the Xuzhou railway station (formerly called the East Station) located at the city center. Almost all the large train stations in China are similar: The second floor is the departure level; find your waiting hall and from there you enter the platform to get on the train. The lower level is the...

  • Long-Distance Buses

    Xuzhou has an airport, but it's small, not very accessible and with limited flight schedules. Other than train, most travellers will be arriving in Xuzhou via long-distance bus. The long-distance bus station is located in town, a couple of junctions away from Xuzhou train station. Most frequent departures to major cities are to Lianyungang and...


Xuzhou Local Customs

  • Special Xuzhou Dialect

    There is a special dialect of Chinese used in Xuzhou. The deviation from Mandarin Chinese is that the four tones (if you know what I'm talking about) are now changed. In general, anything that uses the first tone in regular Mandarin is now replaced by the third tone, the second tone is replaced by the first tone, the third tone is replaced by the...

  • Xuzhou's Hot Soup

    This is Xuzhou's Hot Soup. You won't find this anywhere else in the country. The soup is usually eaten for breakfast, and you will definitely sweat after your meal, because the soup is so hot. The spiciness comes from lots of ground pepper and ginger. The soup also contains small pieces of chicken or eel, and that's about it - you can also have...

  • Breakfast, Street Vendors

    Most Xuzhou locals like to eat breakfast from street vendors because they make some of the most delicious local food. Your typical Xuzhou breakfast consists of a bowl of hot soup (Xuzhou style), fried bread sticks or pan fried dumplings. If you're buying the food to go, at most places you may have to bring your own containers to hold the soup and...


Xuzhou Warnings and Dangers

  • Sleeper Bus from Shanghai

    Never, ever, if you value your sanity, take a sleeper bus from Shanghai to Xuzhou! We had a nightmarish, "squashy" ride to kick off our Qingming Festival holiday trip in April 2009.The bus took on a host of extra passengers by the roadside after we left the main long-distance bus station in Shanghai. Needless to say these passengers and the driver...

  • No English Spoken

    If you're visiting Xuzhou for the first time, you probably will find the problem of communication. Since Xuzhou is not a large city in China (and not as accessible to foreigners as Beijing or Shanghai), many locals do not speak English. It would be best to have a tour guide who speaks Chinese. If not, try your best to communicate to your taxi...

  • Xuzhou Hotels

    25 Hotels in Xuzhou

Xuzhou Off The Beaten Path

  • Xuzhou Normal University

    Xuzhou Normal University is one university in Xuzhou. Most of the students are from the local area. There is an old and new campus. The old campus is located near Yunlung Mountain, while the newer campus is a little more farther away from the city.

  • The only church in Xuzhou

    This is the only church in Xuzhou, the No.4 School church. The church does look a little strange to be a church (if you want to compare it to western churches). But in China it's hard to find good-looking churches, especially in middle-sized cities like Xuzhou.

  • Space rock

    This is a rock that fell from space that landed in Xuzhou's No.1 Middle School's courtyard. It is on display there.


Xuzhou Favorites

  • Learn about the Han Dynasty

    The cultural attractions at the Lion Hill offer a nice history lesson of the area. What is now present-day Xuzhou used to be Pengcheng, the capital of the State of Chu between 202 BC and AD 8 during the Western Han Dynasty. The ancient tomb of the Chu King at the Lion Hill is located below ground and the entire excavation site is enclosed by a...

  • Han Terra Cotta Warriors

    Although much smaller than the ones from the Qin Dynasty in Xi'an, the Terra Cotta Warriors from the Han Dynasty which were unearthed on Xuzhou's east side at the Lion Hill in the 1980's offer an interesting look at the culture and history of that period. These figures were in relatively good condition when they were discovered. The museum was...

  • Yunlong Mountain - Traditional Settings

    Lots of nice traditional architecture can be seen on Yunlong Mountain. This is also a great place to take a walk and relax.


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