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  • Benxi City photo taken from PingDing Mountain
    Benxi City photo taken from PingDing...
    by Miipanda
  • Benxi from the top of PingDing Mountain
    Benxi from the top of PingDing Mountain
    by Lemoncactus
  • Streets of Benxi... ubiquitous taxis
    Streets of Benxi... ubiquitous taxis
    by Lemoncactus

Benxi Things to Do

  • da shi hu valley

    just one day trip from shenyang to da shi hu. it have beautiful mountains and valleys with cool water and nice bridges. it is the best place for hiking and camping, also delicious bbq. and because not most people know about it, you will be one of few lucky visitors to enjoy a quiet scenary.

  • Water Caves

    The ticket office for the caves is near to the main road. As of January 2005, admission costs 85 RMB for the caves alone (student 45 RMB) and 2 RMB for the "insurance". If you don't buy the ticket here, you'll have to walk back about 1 km from the cave entrance later, so be warned!A tour guide costs 80 RMB. Oh well, it was worth it for me -- I got...

  • Climb PingDing Mountain

    PingDing Mountain is in Benxi (about 10 mins walk from my flat) and well known because it is the tallest hill/mountain at around 900m. It has an unmistakeable flat top. There are many routes up and in the summer it is a great place to go to have a picnic at the top. Offers views of all the city and beyond... usually hampered by smog, but if you're...

  • Climb GuanMen Shan

    GuanMen Shan or Closed Door Mountain is a forest park. It is famous for its maple trees which every autumn turn dazzling shades of red. Autumn is the best time to go to see the maples in their finery, but it also sees the most tourists, especially at weekends. It's nice to visit during the summer, for its pleasant pathways, streams and wooded...

  • Benxi Water Caves

    Located 30km from Benxi are the Benxi Water Caves, a natural wonder that features a 3km-long river inside stalagmite and stalactite-infested caves. The entry ticket to the caves is Y85 plus Y5 for a buggy cart ride from the main gate to the entrance. Apart from the 45-minute boat trip visitors can first walk through the caves to get a feel of the...

  • Benxi Water Cave

    Located about 30km outside the city, you can visit the Benxi Water Cave. It is said that you can make the longest underground boat ride in the world here. Although I have seen other places claiming the same already, I have to admit that this was the longest for me so far with a length of about 5km.The start of the tour first leads through some fake...


Benxi Restaurants

  • Hebei & Henan Food

    Splendid looking restaurant with big glass windows and glass stairs inside. Clean and comfortable. Staff are friendly. All menus in Chinese but there are pictures. The staff don't speak English. The food here is great and most of the dishes come from Hebei and Henan Provinces. There's a great dish of lamb in red sauce named after Chairman Mao...

  • Western Food in Benxi

    Mmmm, what a shame there's no category for Chinese Western food... this is what this place is. To be honest it's overpriced and not very good, but I'm not sure of any other place where you can buy a pizza or pasta dish in Benxi. [That's not entirely true, one of the greasy fast-food places here sells very greasy pizzas...] The menu is in English...

  • Cheap & Quiet Hotpot Place

    I like this place because it's small, quiet and relaxed but still keeps itself clean. The staff are polite and friendly though there's no English spoken... this IS Benxi! The food is great. Hotpot consists of a bowl of boiling hot water (flavoured with various herbs and spices). You order dishes of meat, seafood, vegetables, tofu and egg which are...


Benxi Nightlife

See all 2 Nightlife in Benxi
  • Pub with English speaking owner

    This is Benxi, English speakers are rare... this is my favourite bar in the city, they deserve a mention. Quiet with six-seater booths or glass tables and comfy chairs in the middle. Interesting parasol roof decorations. Owners and staff are fantastic and, as mentioned, speak English. You can get light snacks, tea and coffee here too. They also...

  • Nightclub & Floor Show Combined

    At 9pm the floor show starts for approximately 2 hours. This includes: dancing, singing, children doing acrobatics, a transvestite and a sword swallower. Definitely one for ADULTS! At 11pm you can start dancing, for approximately an hour, before the 'club' closes.You can buy a table for 100RMB which includes 5 free beers (small bottles of something...

  • Benxi Hotels

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Benxi Transportation

  • ellyse's Profile Photo

    by ellyse Written Sep 11, 2007

    Take a Shenyang -- Benxi minibus (15 RMB) from Shenyang's long-distance bus station.
    Then take one of the red buses going towards Xiao3 Shi4 (8 RMB) and tell the bus driver you want to get off at "shui3 dong4". There's a petrol station with a red roof at the turn-in to the caves, on your right.
    If you end up on a bus like mine, the driver will be playing one of those irritating gun fight movies and you can't hear the driver yelling the destination. Or even if you can hear him, chances are that you won't understand what he's saying. So try to sit in front near him and be on the lookout!

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Benxi Shopping

See all 2 Shopping in Benxi
  • Underground Markets

    Benxi has many underground markets which are massive and easy to get lost and wander around in for hours. Look out for steps heading underground around the railway station. They're a great place to head to in winter when it's freezing cold outside. Anything cheap and cheerful especially clothes and shoes are in massive supply. Just remember you...

  • Nice Big Supermarkets

    Yeah, what makes it special... ha ha! that it's almost like a Western supermarket in Benxi. Clean, big and carry some imported goods... but don't get too excited... Great Wall Dry Wine at 28rmb or 58rmb. They also stock some Western beers/largers. Ready roasted chickens are good and the meat here is refridgerated. (I'd never buy fruit or...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Benxi Tourist Traps

  • imaturnip's Profile Photo

    by imaturnip Written Aug 6, 2004

    A small mountain overshadows the city, there is a cable car to the top and a viewing spot, but all the real attractions are furhter into the hills. at sites like Tian Shan or the Benxi caves, or better a long trip to the Wunu mountain and hot water pools.

    Unique Suggestions: bring some refreshments and sit in the viewing area

    Fun Alternatives: Tian shan is a good spot to visit lovely old buildings amongst the trees

    old monastery building
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Benxi Off The Beaten Path

  • Lemoncactus's Profile Photo

    by Lemoncactus Written Aug 2, 2006

    Take a bus from DongFen Bus Station in Benxi to Xiaoshi town, then from Xiaoshi to Tanggou. Perhaps 2 hours plus. Tanggou is a single street in the middle of typical Liaoning countryside villages, fields of sweetcorn and ranging pine-green hills. Hot spring water is pumped up from somewhere underground and fed to numerous dodgy looking hotels/hot spring 'outlets'. You can sit in pools in ugly white tile clad rooms and see if you can stand the seering heat... an excellent experience... a nearby mountain park and wandering the market stalls also provide interesting distractions... as does having your skin cleaned by fish. Go to the large outdoor swimming pool (you can't miss it!)

    Feet-Eating Fish The (only) Street of TangGou Hot Spring Water
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Benxi Favorites

  • Lemoncactus's Profile Photo

    by Lemoncactus Written Aug 3, 2006

    Favorite thing: Take the time to wander anywhere and you'll find everyone from a little old lady with a white box selling bread or corn to huge street-long markets. Yes, they're seasonal, but fruit and vegetables are available in huge quantities and very cheap. If you're not sure about a fruit ask to try it before you buy. Also, tofu, eggs, noodles, steamed bread, baozi, rice, herbs, spices and even baijiu can be bought from these markets. Never buy your fruit or vegetables at the supermarket, instead take in the atmosphere of the bustling street markets and help out the people who run them, they're brilliant!

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