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  • sensuous fushun scenery
    sensuous fushun scenery
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  • Fushun
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  • Fushun
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Fushun Things to Do

  • Gao'er Shan

    Gao'er Shan is a largish hill north of Fushun centre. On the top is a 9 tiered pagoda supposedly built in the Liao Dynasty. Athough it has obviously been renovated since it still looks reasonably original.On the climb up to the Pagoda there are pavillions and temples and a rather nice wooden "cloister" with lots of calligraphy engraved stone...

  • Fushun Prison

    Apart from the prison itself, which they won't let you in to (unless you kick the guards, but then they won't let you back out again), there is also the former prison where they kept Pu Yi, the last emperor. It is now open to the public (for 20Y) and is the closest you'll get to the inside of a chinese prison while being able to walk out again...

  • Yong Ling Tombs

    These Qing dynasty tombs contain the remains of the first Qing Emperor's ancestors. The tomb was built before the Manchu entered and took over China proper. It is located in Fushun county, Xinbin Manchu Autonomous Area. One must travel by bus from Fushun city for two hours, and this is a pain, but interesting from the point of getting to see some...

  • Yong Ling Tombs

    These Qing dynasty tombs contain the remains of the first Qing Emperor's ancestors. The tomb was built before the Manchu entered and took over China proper. It is located in Fushun county, Xinbin Manchu Autonomous Area. One must travel by bus from Fushun city for two hours, and this is a pain, but interesting from the point of getting to see some...

  • coal mine near the downtown

    go through the busy commercial street, at the end, you will suddenly find a landscape that may surprised you. that's the coal mine!

  • the reservoir

    If you do happen to find yourself in Fushun, make sure you head out easty to the reservoir. I'm told its the largest reservoir in China, but I don't know if that's true.In any case its a beautiful place togo for a walk and get away from it. You can also stay in a hotel up here


Fushun Hotels

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  • Friendship Hotel Fushun

    Pretty nice hotel. The staff there was friendly to me. The front desk employess could speak English...

  • Tianbao Mansion Hotel

    No.2 Xiyi Road, Xinfu District, Fushun, Liaoning, 113008, China

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Couples

  • Meidu Hotel

    No.1 Yingbin Street, Xinfu District, Fushun, Liaoning, 113008, China

    Good for: Business

Fushun Restaurants

  • American Fare

    If you are looking for a good Western place to eat you try this place. Great service agood food. reasonably priced. We had 4 in our party and the total cost was about $32.00 USD. Good Steaks and deserts.

  • Korean Food in Fushun

    We were hungry and ready for lunch. Mr Guo (from the art shop for carvings at the intersection shown elsewhere) told us there was a very good Korean restaurant nearby that had just opened. We persuaded him after much coaxing to come with us. As you can see we didn't leave over much. This was one of the best Korean restaurants I've been to and I...

  • Want to eat a dog?

    I love dogs. If you love them too you will want to avoid the dogmeat restaurant sector in west Fushun. We unfortunately happened upon a skinned (dead) greyhound strung up in a tree beside the main road, and turned our heads away in disgust as the vendor roasted the dog with a blowtorch, while hungry patrons looked on.Still, this is what cultural...


Fushun Transportation

  • by Marty17 Written Jul 20, 2009

    The most common taxi is the three-wheeler, one in front, and two in back and very crowded for any tall American. I generally tried to avoid them, except maybe during rush hour. Anyway, folks told me avoiding those were OK as they were also a tad tip able! I should use the luxury three-wheelers. OK, the difference between the regular and the luxury, four instead of three wheels. I felt so much safer. It is like driving a motor scooter among twelve wheelers on I-95!

    The biggest road joke in China? The road sign with the no symbol over a horn sign!

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Fushun Shopping

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  • Well made Chinese ethnic clothing

    This shop sells high quality traditional style clothes from all over China, specialising in products from Yunnan.It's no more expensive than Department store "Tang Dynatsy" clothes but a lot more original.They also sell other examples of handicrafts for decoration,Some negotiation is possible, but the prices are reasonable and you probably won't...

  • where you can buy amber?

    near fushun friendship hotel, there are tens of amber and jet store which sell beads, padent, statue......

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Fushun Local Customs

  • Qing Ming Jie

    In April, people go to visit the graves of their relatives and leave fruit, buns, lit cigarettes and flowers on the gravestone for them, as well as fake (death) money, chopsticks, incense and small cups of alcohol. Then they take half of it home with them to eat themselves, and tell themselves it gives them long life. And fair enough. I don't think...

  • Dumplings

    THE food in northern china is the dumpling (or Jiaozi). They are delicious and you can put pretty much anything inside. One of the first things that I had to do on arriving here was learn how to make Jiaozi. It's a very sociable activity - the whole family chips in with rolling or stuffing!This is a picture of me learning to make Jiaozi with some...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Fushun Warnings and Dangers

  • Learn to smoke

    Almost every man in china smokes tobacco (unlike in Australia where it is mainly a young women's pursuit). There are no regulations governing smoking in enclosed public spaces. So get used to it. Buses, taxis (the driver), restaurants, EVERYWHERE, you will find cigarette smoke to satisfy even the most compulsive passive smoker. No use asking them...

  • Leave your baby at home

    People love babies. If you are not a tourist somuch as a resident, and take your family with you, you will find people here will gush and drool over your "foreign baby" (waiguode baobei). Literally. He or she will be patted, grasped, kissed and generally wiped upon by a multitude of germ-carrying middle-aged women, with no thought of asking first....

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Fushun Tourist Traps

  • Begging

    Begging is an artform, one of the few truely imaginative career paths for those of a creative bent in China. Certainly there is no welfare system to speak of and being down and out is a serious business. You will, in your travels, meet with many strategies to convince you to part with your small change. You will see people in various contorted...

  • An old Manchu city, Hetuala.

    This Manchu City, Hetuala was really quite a boring place to visit. Expensive, 50rmb entrance, there was virtually nothing inside, and almost no information as to what th place was supposed to have been. It is just down the road from the Yong Ling tombs, which though small, are worth visiting. People usually do these two places together after...

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Fushun Off The Beaten Path

  • Yso's Profile Photo

    by Yso Written Jan 14, 2004

    The school that I work in is on the eastern end of town. Just behind the school are some hills where I like to go walking. I found this pavillion, where people go to play Majong in the summer....

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